Let the Obsession begin. Again. This time, the entire forces of the netherworld have overrun Earth. To save her, you must descend into the stygian depths of Hell itself! Battle mightier, nastier, deadlier demons and monsters. Use more powerful weapons.
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發售日: 1994 年 05 月 5 日




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包含 4 個項目: DOOM II, Final DOOM, Master Levels for Doom II, Ultimate Doom



"If there's one FPS I could play from now until the end of time, it's this. An undeniable classic that still revs my engine in all the right ways. Rawr!"


Let the Obsession begin. Again.
This time, the entire forces of the netherworld have overrun Earth. To save her, you must descend into the stygian depths of Hell itself!
Battle mightier, nastier, deadlier demons and monsters. Use more powerful weapons. Survive more mind-blowing explosions and more of the bloodiest, fiercest, most awesome blastfest ever!
Play DOOM II solo, with two people over a modem, or with up to four players over a LAN (supporting IPX protocol). No matter which way you choose, get ready for adrenaline-pumping, action-packed excitement that's sure to give your heart a real workout.


    Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system
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張貼於:01 月 28 日
this game is so brutal and epic that it caused columbine apparently

buy it
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 16 日
This is my favourite FPS of all time next to Heretic - Shadow of The Serpent Riders, DooM 2 is a multi-layered FPS game which is the purest example of how the genre should be, fast paced, challenging and meticulously well designed. The levels in DooM 2 are absolute masterpieces, each their own puzzle and often require good navigational skills as some are extremely elaborate and focus on non-linearity and good resource management.

As like the original DooM, the visuals in this are a work of art, each and every texture feels in place, the concept couldn't get much better, the atmosphere is evil and consistent and the architecture is flawless. DooM 2's gameplay is incredibly fast-paced and requires you to maneuver skillfully through hordes of monsters and causing 'in-fighting' between monsters to conserve ammunition.

Each and every slight detail of design this game has was put into consideration; monster placement, switches, the way you progress, keys scattered around the map, secrets, traps, FPS has only come downhill from here, regardless of all the flashy cutscenes and graphics presented in todays games this offers a far deeper experience than pretty much every FPS to date.

DooM 2 is the definitive FPS experience showing how great gameplay and level design work hand in hand with each other and how important that combination is in creating a flawless masterpiece, this is one game I complete atleast 3 times a year from start to finish and have more fun in it with each playthrough, I recommend you play this on Ultra-Violence as that is the way its meant to be played and without saving throughout the levels as that takes away a lot of the challenege.
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張貼於:04 月 25 日
Behold the glory that is Doom 2.

The end all, be all of first person shooters.
Let's be honest, this can be reviewed in one word: Perfection.

This game has all you will ever need:
- A BAD-A$$ selection of Weapons.
- Legions of Monsters, Demons, and Zombies to slay.
- Mazes, Secrets, and Rewards o' plenty.
A game that has yet to be surpassed in over 20 years.

If Steam vanished tomorrow and I only had one game to play for the rest of my life, this would be it.

DO NOT play this using DOSBOX.

There are several emulators that run Doom 2 perfectly.
They add many new features that weren't available in 1994 like high resolutions!
I personally use Zdoom and fully recommend it.
Go to Zdoom.org and grab this legendary title!
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張貼於:03 月 28 日
Absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend it.
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張貼於:2014 年 12 月 26 日
(Ignore my time on record, I've done my hundreds of hours of DOOMin' in sourceports outside of Steam)

DOOM 2 is a game. It is THE game. It is a berserker-packin' game and a half!
I can't say wether I prefer DOOM 2's vanilla content over DOOM 1 or the official expansions, but if you want to take advantage of all the weapons/items/enemies classic DOOM has to offer, engine/gameplay that lends itself to good level design that'll make you smile, and over 20 years of mods and WAD's, giving you a game you can play for the rest of your life, you're gonna want DOOM 2 (or at least its files when loading up your sourceport of choice).
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張貼於:02 月 3 日

:D :D :D Do not tell me you do not know it !
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張貼於:04 月 29 日
This is my all time favorite game! The game that really started the FPS era. I have been playing this game since 93-94 (Doom & Doom 2) and i never get sick of it. Brutal monsters and insane weapons! Really good maps and a lot of variety in them as well. So check out this classic game from id software. (If there are any doom mappers around here like me, give me a buzz) Later!
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張貼於:01 月 20 日
buy this then go get brutal doom and splater some brains on the wall.
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張貼於:05 月 18 日
How to play doom:
Download brutal doom V20 (beta atm)
Download the rock music version of the classic music.
Type bloodammount 4 into the console.
Then start shooting.
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100.1 記錄時數
張貼於:02 月 13 日
This is probably the best of doom series-immortal classic game full of action-everyone who plays 3D action games must have this title.

Rating: 87%
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張貼於:01 月 2 日
My 1994 GOTY.
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7.8 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 11 月 25 日
The game is dated graphicly for sure, but the gameplay holds up pretty well to this day (unlike games like Golden Eye 64). Basicly its fun, cheap, and anyones computer can run it. If you haven't played it yet, you owe it to yourself to drop five bucks on this exceptional game that Single-handedly made the FPS genre a big deal.
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6.0 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 12 月 30 日
A classic.

I recommend installing ZDoom, as it is far superior to DOSBox, which comes with the game.
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3.8 記錄時數
張貼於:01 月 4 日
Another Great MS-DOS Classic from my Childhood.
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張貼於:02 月 7 日
Great. Really a take-back to the old days.
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張貼於:04 月 13 日
Best childhood game ever. <3
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張貼於:02 月 16 日
Fight your way threw waves of monsters invading earth in this PC cult classic. Doom II has set the way for PC gaming since the 90's and it's still one of the most if not THE most cult classic PC game ever made.

Game play: 9 out of 10

Being a game from the 90's doesn't stop this game from having some of the best game play for it's time. It may not be Call of Duty, or Half-life but it has really solid game. Doom II is the “Guns! Guns! Even more guns!” kinda of game play. Doom II is a simple a first person shooter, you move, you shoot, you get keys, to unlocked doors and find hidden stuff. Nothing over the top. However back in the 90's it didn't matter. It how many guns can I use to take out these monsters.

While Doom has it fair share of weapons, It has a great design of monsters monsters and more monsters! Everything from your basic zombie soldier, to huge ♥♥♥ cyber demons ready to rip you apart at a moments notice. Each monster has there own style of game play. Some has simple things like a shot gun, or a melee attack, Some have more magical powers like fireballs or setting you on fire, while some are Cybernetic enhanced demons using rocket launchers or having a spider body with a chain gun on it. Whatever the case maybe this game doesn't sell you short on the fun factor.

Doom also uses the color key/door system. Meaning you have to search around from room to room finding these keys to advance in each level. In Doom II you do not have to really Aim at the targets it pretty much aims for you by using an auto aim system since you can't really look up and down and such. Pretty much means you can be standing on top of something and shoot something below you and not even be aiming or looking at it. There are ways to change this of course but please read blow for more info on that.

The maps are very well design, with each one having a different theme to them. However unlike games now of days one level leads into the next which leads into the next one Doom doesn't really have a set “level” design on how you go from one map to the next map. It's pretty much like an episodic tv show where you have the “flavor” or “theme” of the day. Here it's more so the “Flavor” or “theme” of the map.

There are a decent amount of power ups, You have Berserk mode, Radioactive suit, full map, and more. Each adds a little bit more to the game play element which adds even more fun to the game as it is.

Story: 5 out of 10.

Doom it's self has a good story... if you read the novels and such however the game it's self gives you a more simple smaller version of the story. There isn't much there to really work with. It's mainly about demons and monster that have came from hell that are invading earth and it's your job to stop it. Short and simple. This game isn't about the over all story as it is. It's mainly about kill everything that gets in your way.

Graphics: 9 out of 10.

Of course the graphics are pretty bad compare to games now but for it's time they where amazing. It's a 3D game with 2d rending sprites. Every NPC and items around the maps them self’s are 2D sprites that “follows” you. Pretty much whenever you step left or right it will turn and keep looking at you. While there are times when the graphics of NPC's and items can look flat by the way you are looking at them, but doesn't effect the game play.

The over all graphics are set to be more Gorey/ Horror themed with a dark gloomy setting. While a lot of maps focus on a certain theme for each one, you can get the over all feel they where going for.

Music: 10 out of 10.

This music in this game is amazing. For being midi files it is top notice. The music is midi version of song like Master of Puppets by metallica to other big named bands. The sound track will have to coming back for more. Doom has one of the best sound tracks in history for video games.

Extra: Mods and such:

Til this day Doom is the most modded PC game ever. People are still making maps, skins, game mods, movies, and more much. This show you have much love this game has gotten over the years.

Now there are some mods that I personally use that i recommend to people to enhance your game play better if you so choose.

The mods I use are as followed:

Brutal Doom
Zandronum (single player and online).

Brutal Doom takes the game and makes it even more Gorey and well brutal. This enhance the game play by adding more weapons, Alt fires for every weapons, Finishers, Harder mode settings, and much more. If you looking for one of the best mods out there for doom check out Brutal Doom mod. After installing this mod I can't go back to the basic doom game anymore.

Zandronum, is a mod that allows more enhanced game play to let you have free camra look, to allowing you to aim and not use auto aim. Allowing online play with friends or random people you meet or find on servers. There are a lot of different one like this out there. I use this one because it was recommended by Brutal doom for a better game play.

Other mods:
Skin mods
Power Ups
Game modes

These are some of the thing you can find, Skins for weapons, or NPC's. Maps from doom style maps to playing inside walmart or McDonalds. Guns, so when you get tired of the normal guns you can just add more! I mean who doesn't want the Rick Roll BoomBox gun Mod? Anyone? Anyone? Even more power ups and more game mods. There are so many mods out there that there are web sites dedicated to just that.

Cheat does:

There are a decent list of codes that can be use to give you powers like God mode, All weapons, Noclip and such. I don't recommend using them unless you have play this game so much that you're looking to spice things up a bit.

Cheat Engine:

This is a bit off for what I am reviewing. However I have used cheat engine to enhance my game play allowing more than what you can do in the game it's self. There are options in game that allows faster monsters, and respawning monster which is can be hard enough as it is. However I like to turn speed hack on and give myself x2 speed while giving the monster even more speed. It adds more of a challenge to the game and I don't recommend this to everyone unless your looking for a challenge.

I know when I started playing doom back in the 90's for the first time. 5 year old me had so many nightmares because of this game but I couldn't put it down and ever since then I have forever loved doom. Doom was my first ever FPS game and because of doom, FPS games have become my personal favorite style of video games.

Overall score: 9.5 out of 10.

Despite not having much of a story being there is. It makes up with everything else. If your looking for a story based game I wouldn't recommend this game to you. However if you want something insanely fun that's mindless then I recommend this game.

If you are new to Doom or never heard of it, You SHOULD do your self a favor and play this game.
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3.3 記錄時數
張貼於:03 月 6 日
Screw this modern games this ♥♥♥♥ right here is classic.
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張貼於:03 月 6 日
DOOM II HELL ON EARTH i recomend this game
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5.7 記錄時數
張貼於:2014 年 12 月 17 日
Doom was the successor of the Wolfenstein series, and the second in its series was released in 1994 and will run on any computer system on the planet - unless you're exceptionally unfortunate.

Doom 2 is a fun, action packed monster slaying journey. The game has spawned an entire series and several variations have been officially made along with a still-active modding community similar to the still-active modding community of the original Wolfenstein games from id software.

In a twist of fate for those of us who understand it well, the story is that Earth has been completely invaded by the monsters of Hell and any survivors were sent into outer space to preserve the human race. Working his way through the hordes of Hell, Doomguy comes to fight the Spider Mastermind, Cyberdemon and finally the Icon of Sin. The icon of sin is the interesting twist, where the icon of sin represents John Romero - the games artist who was disinterested in the games art style and subsequently left id software. There's an easter egg for if you use no clipping and go to the right place, you can see the head of John Romero on a spear and even has animations for when being shot.

There are epic fights with countless monsters, and the fun and challenge is nostalgic, undeniable and instantly classic. It should be noted that many of the difficulties of the array of mods and releases feature difficulties intended to be impossible to complete - where some people have actually achieved victory. I find these victories quite impressive.

It's cheap, fun, nostalgic, action-packed and runs well on any system, have you any reason not to play Doom at least once in your life?
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