Let the Obsession begin. Again. This time, the entire forces of the netherworld have overrun Earth. To save her, you must descend into the stygian depths of Hell itself! Battle mightier, nastier, deadlier demons and monsters. Use more powerful weapons.
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リリース日: 1994年5月5日


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"If there's one FPS I could play from now until the end of time, it's this. An undeniable classic that still revs my engine in all the right ways. Rawr!"


Let the Obsession begin. Again.
This time, the entire forces of the netherworld have overrun Earth. To save her, you must descend into the stygian depths of Hell itself!
Battle mightier, nastier, deadlier demons and monsters. Use more powerful weapons. Survive more mind-blowing explosions and more of the bloodiest, fiercest, most awesome blastfest ever!
Play DOOM II solo, with two people over a modem, or with up to four players over a LAN (supporting IPX protocol). No matter which way you choose, get ready for adrenaline-pumping, action-packed excitement that's sure to give your heart a real workout.


    Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system
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I just completed two Terry WADs. I feel like an abused housewife who keeps on coming back.
投稿日: 10月12日
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The classic FPS just got better! With new enemies, a new weapon, new music, and new everything, DOOM 2, while a bit shorter than its older brother, is still a great game that is the basis for most mods in the community.
投稿日: 10月13日
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Super Shotgun= Lots of dead demons
Exorcising since 1994...
投稿日: 9月27日
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Doom II Love this Game BUY IT NOW
投稿日: 10月6日
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srsly ♥♥♥♥ dis ♥♥♥♥ 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10-ign

(also honest review this is a very good game, buy it!)
投稿日: 9月25日
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No option between mouse, keyboard, and game pad. So, you're stuck using the mouse fo rmovement. Mouse movement is too award for me, so I'm disappointed.
投稿日: 10月19日
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Great gameplay, amazing soundtrack, powerful weapons, deadly monsters and fun level design. What more do you need?
投稿日: 9月24日
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In my opinion, Doom 2 is even better than the first. Yes, theres only 1 new weapon, but the game makes up for this by including a ton of new enemies. These new enemies make the gameplay different and keep the game from getting stale. And just when I started to get a little tired of Doom 2, I got to the 3rd last level and the game got me completely back in my headspace.

The game is also significantly harder than the first Doom. Playing on Ultra-Violence in Doom wasn't to hard of a challenge for someone who's played a few old school FPS. But Doom 2 is hardcore. The way they introduce you to a new enemy, is by throwing like 8 of them at you all at once. And then after that, you get 10 or so more of a new enemy! The 2nd half is a little bit more bearable, but the 1st half of the game actually had me forcing myself to run past enemies, because I had no ammo! Beating this game feels like an amazing accomplishment and I'm glad to have done it.

If theres anything to complain about, I guess it would be that the levels aren't divided into episodes. This is perfectly fine with me, but in the first Doom, you could start from any episode and just play to the end of that set of levels, where Doom 2 doesn't have that. It doesn't give you the drop in and out option like the first does. But that really isn't a complaint at all, since console commands allow you to go to whatever level you want.

If you haven't played Doom yet, I would definitely recommend playing it first, as it gets you ready for Doom 2's difficulty. Doom 2 is one of those classics that no matter how good a sequel is, people will still prefer the original just because of how fondly they look back on it.

If you want a definitive collection of the old Doom games, get the "Doom Classic Complete" pack, as it also give you the Master Levels for Doom 2, which don't add anything new, but are altogether well designed and great fun to play.

Long Story Short: BUY THIS GAME!
投稿日: 10月1日
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10/10; would game again.
投稿日: 9月27日
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Purchase this game and download Brutal Doom. Best mod ever made.
投稿日: 10月12日
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Ah yes, I remember when I first set my eyes upon this game. Without Doom, There would be no call of duty or battle field. Without Doom, I wouldn't be able to rip and tear my way through Hell. This is probably on of the most fast paced shooters there is to offer. Once you've installed Brutal doom, It takes Doom to a whole new level.

A level that will kick your ♥♥♥ so hard that you'll ♥♥♥♥ diarrhea out of your ♥♥♥♥.

投稿日: 10月5日
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As awesome and bodacious as DOOM truly is I highly reccomend the BRUTAL DOOM mod which is probably one if not the best DOOM mod ever created. It makes the graphics a tad better and adds moar gore. But if you buy this soley for DOOM II it's still a very fun game. DOOM
投稿日: 10月10日
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At the time of writing there are over 400 positive reviews and about 30 negative ones. This game is still good after 20 years! Yes it shows it's age but the gameplay and level design (not to meation the kick @$$ soundtrack) all made up for the graphics. Even then the graphics are appealing to look unlike the gray, unispired modern day shooters.
Weapons are easy to switch between and like in Serious Sam and Duke Nukem (That were inspired by this game) you'll find yourself switching weapons on the fly. Use Shotgun on the Imps, chaingun on Picky demons, BFG on cybor demon, etc. And with many types of enemies you'll have to learn what gun works best or'll you'll have a bad type.
The story is almost non-existant with John Carmack thinking that stories in games weren't important (Oh John we would not have been friends) but like the graphics can be forgiven for the great gameplay overall.
So should you buy? Sure. You might need to fix a few files because of DOS box but the steam forms have many a soultion for you. So what are you waiting for? Buy it and kill some demons all ready!
投稿日: 10月11日
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DOOM II is DOOM with bigger, more complex level design, new enemies, and one new weapon. It keeps everything that made DOOM phenomenal, and makes it even better including a new soundtrack which is just as amazing as the first game's.

The bottom line is that if you liked DOOM, you'll definitely like DOOM II.
投稿日: 10月13日
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ただ、そんなに深く遊びたいわけではなく、FPSの歴史を気軽に味わいたいだけなら「DOOM3 BFG Edition」に、今風FPSの操作感に改良され、グラフィックスも高解像度化されたDOOM1&2が、オリジナル要素も付いてお手軽に遊べるので、そちらを購入するのをお勧めします。
投稿日: 8月10日
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投稿日: 5月21日
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ハメ2 地上の四国
投稿日: 7月7日
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This is the best game ever. I could play this forever with all the mods/WADs that the fanbase has made. And while it doesn't have the biggest community, there's one, and it's still active to this day. This game is pure fun, I recommend this game to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Play this.

Miskude's rating: 10/10
投稿日: 5月16日
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Quick review - One of the best FPS games of all time.

With the Brutal Doom mod installed.
投稿日: 5月25日
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a kickass classic shooter from the mid-90's with tons of replayability!!!
投稿日: 6月9日
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