TrackMania² Canyon will let you experience the fun and adrenaline of racing stunning cars on sensational tracks in a major enhanced sequel to Nadeo Studio’s online racing phenomenon TrackMania, already enjoyed by millions of players.
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发行日期: 2013年2月27日


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"A game that captures that rarest commodity in gaming: joy."
9.0 - Eurogamer

"Refined, hard to put down, and worth getting into for first-time players"
9.0 - Destructoid

"Trackmania 2 delivers a thrilling sense of speed"
8.5 - IGN

Dive in the game engine!

Customize or create skins, car models, horns, tracks, campaigns, replays and game modes. Create your own flavor of TrackMania and share it with the community.


TrackMania² Canyon will let you experience the fun and adrenaline of racing stunning cars on sensational tracks in a major enhanced sequel to Nadeo Studio’s online racing phenomenon TrackMania, already enjoyed by millions of players.

TrackMania² Canyon goes far beyond traditional driving games with racing in a fully customizable world of tracks generated and powered by players themselves! With loops, wall rides, ramps and a multitude of other stunts, you’re in for the ride of your life.

Key Features

  • INCREDIBLE NEW GRAPHICS: Race in a stunning Canyon environment with infinite possibilities and optimized to run on most PC’s
  • UNIQUE THRILLING RACING EXPERIENCE: The car feels more realistic and the handling is more precise than ever.
  • INTUITIVE AND ACCESSIBLE GAMEPLAY in both solo and multiplayer modes. TrackMania² Canyon brings back the ease in gameplay that was seen in the TrackMania series and intuitive creative instruments.
  • ENHANCED CREATIVE FREEDOM on tracks, cars and scripts. More design elements and programmable parameters than ever before.
  • EMBEDDED COMMUNITY INSTRUMENTS: Share amazing creations and video highlights with people from all over the world.
  • IN-GAME VIDEO STUDIO: Edit TV-quality highlights of your best races.
  • A VERY ACTIVE COMMUNITY which provides incredibly numerous and diverse user generated activities. TrackMania² Canyon offers in-depth customization and distribution system.
  • FUN AND CRAZY MULTIPLAYER: 100+ players can challenge each other at once on the same track!
  • OFFICIAL RANKINGS in both solo and multiplayer modes.
  • A VERY SOLID INFRASTRUCTURE, robust dedicated servers which enable more than 200,000 players to play daily. Thanks to this, TrackMania is still the most played online racing game worldwide as well as at E-Sports level.


    • OS:Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor:1.5Ghz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:256 Mo, Pixel Shader 2.0 / Intel HD 2000 / Nvidia ION / AMD HD 6310
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:15 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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Let me explain something about this game. This game has a multiplayer that is NOT for the casual gamer. It is quite competitive, and it likes to display this competitiveness all up in yo' face. You WILL see that one dude (or multiple, I mean, they're everywhere) that can finish the track in half the time it takes you to finish it. I see this every other time I go onto this game.

The game has a steep learning curve that requires at least an hour or more in order to learn the basic physics of the game. After that, there are tricks that, once learned, can help you set better times in the multiplayer. (i.e. Left-CTRL braking & using a controller.) The tracks in this game play a major role in shaping your skills, as they are user-created. They can go from being pretty basic to being some of the hardest tracks you'll encounter on your time here.

I know very well that time makes all the difference in the multiplayer. In fact, it MEANS the difference. Times are what determine your position in a round, and the time is calculated in thousandths of a second, making photo finishes seem like nothing. You can set a record time in a single round, only for someone to beat you by .002. It really can be that close. There IS the odd tie, but it doesn't happen that often.

Now, you should go into this game knowing that you're not gonna win your first race by a long shot. Practice makes perfect. It blends in the arcade-style driving physics and fantasy environment with a competitve multiplayer that stands with some of the best. I've never been so involved in a racing game that isn't a sim. Trackmania 2 also has its own ladder system, which determines how well you do amongst other players worldwide. And we're not only talking worldwide, either. It can track official progress to as close as your own state (if you live in the US, that is). You have a number for everything, from server rankings, to single player rankings, to country rankings. The better you do, the more the number goes down, and the more accomplished you feel.

I recommend this game, because it makes the $20 you'll dump on this game worth the cost. Now, do mind, this was a game that was made BEFORE the UPlay era, so it doesn't require the UPlay launcher. Instead, it has its own launcher for launching titles, although it still is in need of serious revision.
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96.0 小时(记录在案的)
Dear Riolu,

I hate you and your ghost.

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471.3 小时(记录在案的)
1̶5̶0̶ 350 hours in, improving the entire time, and I still suck at it.
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Hey there little Jimmy, do you like cheezy fast past electronic music in multiplayer. Yes? Do you like, fast high pace in yo face speeds and loops, jumps and hoops Yes? Do you like sometimes inconncistent but awesome player created multiplayer tracks, OH my Jimmy! Then this is the game for you.
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32.4 小时(记录在案的)
A racing game dreamed for decades finally here.
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3.2 小时(记录在案的)
Such a quick paced game my hair set on fire while driving... only afterwards did I remember I was at home...
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9.1 小时(记录在案的)
Игра клевая, только одного не понимаю, зачем эту часть нужно делить на 3 игры?
Могли бы тогда запихать в одну часть и назвать, например TrackMania² United, или TrackMania² Complete Edition, потому что это переключение между играми, иногда бесит...

И да, помимо этого, существует еще и ShootMania², которая тоже разделена на 3 игры...

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111.3 小时(记录在案的)
Stadium is better IMO because it has more population, more community generated content, and more persistent playerbase than this game.

Racing gameplay here is largely based on drifting. Note that car acceleration is very high, but handling and grip is poor; you literally glide across the road like wet soap on ceramic.

This was the first of the TM2 series, and its also the least polished. Other games fully exploit the features and such that Trackmania 2 has available.

Note that environments are canyons, dirt roads, and sand. That's it. There isn't much concrete or manmade aesthetic blocks you can use to create custom, beautiful environments. As such, its a bit harder to create custom maps for this game.

However, this game is beautiful and its fun to play. It comes 3rd in my recommendations of the Trackmania 2 franchise.
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13.3 小时(记录在案的)
I reccomend this game, mainly because when you play it, it's not too complex to learn, but not so simple you get bored in 5 minutes. And there's always new tracks to play, since you can download community made maps.
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2.7 小时(记录在案的)
The reason I bought this game is because this website, GaiKai, had a streaming service which would let you play demo's of the most popular releases in your browser. Kind of like NVidia streaming. I used to play this game every time our class went to the computer lab, like the naughty kid I am. Maybe this review will be kind of biased by my nostalgic feelings, or maybe it'll be biased the complete opposite direction, because I dispise the early years of my middle school. Enough about that, now about the game.

TrackMania is basically a take on Mario Kart's Time Trial system. No other racers on the road, just you, your ghosts and the ghosts of whoever you downloaded. Get to the end as fast as possible. Unlike Mario Kart, however, you can do barrel rolls, ride on walls, jump ridiculous heights and all kinds of stuff like that.

//NOTE: I know Mario Kart 8 fixed the whole wall-riding stuff. You get my point. MKWii didn't have this guff.

So, what about the game itself?

  • This game is absolutely gorgeous
    This game is amazingly well-looking, even in resolutions as high as 2560*1440, this game really looks amazing. Maybe the quick racing-thing blurs my vision of the textures and shadows, but if it makes you feel like it looks okay, it's all right, isn't it?
  • The game has an excellent difficulty ramp-up
    Among other racing games that are either way too easy (Burnout paradise) or games that make me want to rip my hair out (F-Zero GX), I feel like TrackMania (not just Canyon, the entire series) have done an astounding job at making the buildup enjoyable for everyone. The higher flags being the easiest, and the black flag being the very hardest.
  • The track unlocking system is not annoying
    Any game that has a track unlocking system always gives me this sense of "Why the hell do you have this?". Even in, yes this game again, Mario Kart, I find it frustrating that I can only select the first two cups and have to beat the squishiest AI in existence to go on to the next four tracks. In TrackMania, Silver feels rewarding from time to time, and unlocking those tracks is a challenge. It's not a chore, but it's also certainly not something that takes hours of effort. It's not like you'll feel happy about unlocking those next tracks, but you will be curious as of what will be next in the line.

I really only have one bad thing to say about this game.
  • The value of this game isn't as good as Nations Forever.
    What do I mean with this? Basically, €20,- for this game is absolutely wonderful. I'd be glad to dish out €45,- for each of the Trackmania games (but seriously, Gabe, do not raise the prices). The issue is, there is not a massive amount of difference between this and Nations Forever, and that game is free. This game is marginally better, but I don't think it can outvalue its free counterpart. This is especially the case for players with a not as strong computer, as those will have a hard time running this game on decent settings, whereas Nations Forever has run on every computer I threw at it (with the exception of one with a soldered on graphics chip. It had 128 MB Vram, go figure).

Overall, this game is excellent. Don't let the negative factor stop you from buying it, at all. If I had to rate this game, I'd give it a 9.8 / 10.

With tax calculations it'd be a 10/10.
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8.9 小时(记录在案的)
It's like dust II but really fast, and sometimes upside down.
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33.6 小时(记录在案的)
The TrackMania² games are some of the best racing games ever. Endless tracks, endless fun.

Get this one if you love drifting.
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9.1 小时(记录在案的)
Really Awesome Game for Racing games Lovers.

If you like Time Attacks and wish to have alot of fun, buy this game :)
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94.3 小时(记录在案的)
trackmania is a have to for all arcade racing gamers.

funny, nippy, crazy. :)
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36.3 小时(记录在案的)
Out of all the TM2 games, this one is probably my favorite.
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34.1 小时(记录在案的)
You race against you replays and Other peoples Replays on both Normal Tracks and Insane off the wall tracks. has a paint editor and a great track editor. it seems the workshop has a pretty decent amount of stuff and is still active. Lots of fun and has endless replay value.
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253.4 小时(记录在案的)
Sight and Sound: 8
Controls: 8
Mechanics: 9
Fun Factor: 10
Overall: 87.5%
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19.1 小时(记录在案的)
A great comeback from the team behind the TrackMania Series.

Any person who has spent a lot of time playing games from the franchise will immediately recognize that this is still the same game engine as the one behind the previous games, but with a completely reworked Canyon mod, much fancier graphics, new music and a new car that is so amazingly pleasing to drift with.

Some may say that this is just an upgrade from the previous games sold at full price. Well, this is what TrackMania fans asked for. And they got it.

10/10 can't stop playing
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9.0 小时(记录在案的)
This is the counter-strike of racing games. It is highly competitive and sees you racing as fast as you can on a huge number of tracks (plus Workshop Content to expand on this number) to score the fastest time! Gladly, though, it also caters to a more casual audience, allowing many fans of arcade racing games to pick this game up and enjoy it :) It looks great, feels great, and provides hours of entertainment! Enjoy :)
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