O aclamado jogo que colocou o mundo em chamas. Mais o novo Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed. Os demônios vieram e os navais morreram. Exceto um. Você é a última defesa contra estas hordas vindas do inferno. Prepare-se para a mais intensa, mutante e sanguinolenta ação já vista!
Data de lançamento: 30 Abr 1995
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Inclui 4 itens: Ultimate Doom, Final DOOM, DOOM II, Master Levels for Doom II

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O aclamado jogo que colocou o mundo em chamas. Mais o novo Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed.
Os demônios vieram e os navais morreram. Exceto um. Você é a última defesa contra estas hordas vindas do inferno. Prepare-se para a mais intensa, mutante e sanguinolenta ação já vista! O mundo virtual feito de texturas é tão real, que você não apenas joga DOOM - você o vive.
The Ultimate DOOM te leva além de qualquer coisa que você já tenha experimentado. Primeiro, você obtém os três episódios originais - São 27 incríveis níveis, com muitas explosões. Então ele realmente te leva longe com o mais novo episódio: Thy Flesh Consumed.
Agora você está morto. Justamente quando você pensa que está ficando bom em DOOM, você é acertado por Perfect Hatred, Sever the Wicked e sete outros níveis expert nunca antes vistos! Eles são tão difíceis, que os primeiros 27 níveis vão parecer uma voltinha no parque!

Requisitos de sistema

    Minimum: A 100% Windows XP/Vista-compatible computer system
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8/10 game is aright
Publicada: 19 maio 2014
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Doom: One of the few first person shooters to make you feel smart after mindlessly killing hordes of zombie aliens.

When you first start playing doom you are simply given a pistol and a room from which you will start your adventure. Depending on the difficulty you selected, you might face enemies right off the bat, but for the sake of the review I will base my experience on the “I’m too young to die!” difficulty (very-easy in layman’s terms). Playing through the game on such a level allows me to casually stroll through the levels, while appreciating the atmosphere provided.

The first level set on Phobos, one of Mars’ moons, where aliens have come through the portals and killed all of your friends. Every single one. You’re the only man left and you’ve made it your duty to take revenge on every last living thing on this moon. You soon find out the scientists working on the moons were working with portals and attempted to link Phobos and Deimos together. One thing lead to another and the events of this game slowly unraveled from there.
It’s time to delve into the designs of these levels.

These new stages in the game are well thought out, with new weapons before tougher enemies, and secrets that reward you with powerful weapons (Ones that you wouldn’t normally get for a few more levels). Key cards are used to open doors with the corresponding color, and are normally accompanied by health and ammo, because it sure as hell wasn’t easy to get to them. Some maps use dark rooms to set the tone, which work to the games advantage, especially when you’re facing those invisible ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s which can take huge chunks of health with one swipe. Some maps use maze like configuration to add a level of difficulty, and you can bet that each dead end is guarded by an enemy.

Each level set is finished with a challenging, yet rewarding boss battle. Again, the level design was superb for setting the tone. A long hallway which provided ammo, health, and armor, told me that I was in for a treat when I entered the elevator. For the difficulty I chose, I was given two CyberDemons to face, which were new to me, allowing me to see how they attacked and how much ammo I would be using to kill each one. After defeating the glorified demon at the end of that trek, it truly feels like the levels you played through were just a training match before the final showdown.

To sum it all up, you should really buy this fantastic, innovative game. The enemies are challenging, the boss battles are rewarding, the setting of the game is revolutionary, and the levels are creative and enjoyable. The game has great replay ability, and finding new secrets with each play through enhances the game play even further. For the $5 price tag, you are getting a game that will keep you occupied for hours to come.
Publicada: 20 junho 2014
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Just got this game, I didn't grow up in the 90's, most of my fps gaming experience doesn't go far from Halo or CoD and let me tell you, this game is amazing, I am more involved in this game just 10 minutes in than I have been in almost any other game with up-to-date gaming mechanics, however, I do have to make a complaint about the controls, using my mouse to try to look to the left and I end up moving backwards can get annoying after a while, but other than that, this game is much more than worth the $5.00
Publicada: 15 fevereiro 2014
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I just beat DOOM,and i must say...just...Wow. This game....is just too great. Its a classic,a great game still by todays standards,ahead of its time,revelotionary and almost every second is addrenline filled fun. This is the Ultimate version,so it has a new 4th Chapter,so thats a pretty nice additon.Their are only 2 downsides,sometimes you will be searching though the deserted map looking for the color keys,and the mouse.....not only does WASD move DOOM Guy (Arrow keys if you chose the 1993 Classic Controls....),but the mouse does too.In unisine they make DOOM Guy sprint,but there more of a small annoyance thoughout the entire game.The only way of geting rid of them is though Modding,but other than that,i HIGHLY reccomend this game.


(Forgive me for my bad typing/grammar)
Publicada: 12 julho 2014
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It's a bit tricky to get this game to actually work in Winows 7/8, but it's worth a bit of trouble to do so. Why? Because it's Doom! THE Doom.

It's a classic, it's not easy, and it was the big bad boogeyman of its time. And it actually holds up pretty well today, thanks to its action-packed levels and varied enemies. So if you're in the mood for some old-school action or just want to see what all the hubbub was about, I can easily recommend Doom. It's one of the old greats, and it has aged like a fine wine.

And if glorious a 320x240 resolution turns you off, there are compeporary engines that you can use to load the game in, instead of using DOSBox as it comes packed with here. But I kind of prefer the autentic giant pixels for this one.

Publicada: 12 maio 2014
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The best FPS ever made.
Publicada: 23 outubro 2013
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