Venezia era all'apice della sua potenza durante il Rinascimento ed era vista come una città decadente, intrigante e meravigliosa. Considerata il centro civile e culturale d'Europa, rappresentava lo snodo commerciale più importante tra l'Europa Occidentale e la parte orientale del Mediterraneo, ma era anche teatro di corruzioni politiche...
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“Players who engage in get a wonderful and in depth game that will occupy you for months. Ranking up, making money from trade, the detailed 3D-graphics – all that simply motivates to play on.”
83% – PC Games

“If you’ve never tried Port Royale or Patrician, but are looking to explore a truly engaging “period piece” that will provide hours of entertainment, take Rise of Venice for a spin.”
94 – GamingTrend

“Rise of Venice is a bit like a new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s. It is new, exciting and heartwarmingly familiar to anyone who has tasted the other flavors before.”
83 – Hooked Gamers

Riguardo questo gioco

Venezia era all'apice della sua potenza durante il Rinascimento ed era vista come una città decadente, intrigante e meravigliosa. Considerata il centro civile e culturale d'Europa, rappresentava lo snodo commerciale più importante tra l'Europa Occidentale e la parte orientale del Mediterraneo, ma era anche teatro di corruzioni politiche e loschi affari.

Qui inizia la tua storia. Nei panni di un giovane in cerca di successo, potere e ricchezze, potrai contare sull'appoggio della tua famiglia per creare un impero economico nelle principali città del Rinascimento, tra cui Genova, Tripoli, Roma, Alessandria e Costantinopoli. Scalando le gerarchie della società veneziana e aumentando il tuo potere con strategie commerciali di successo e con qualche occasionale aiuto, più o meno lecito, avrai modo di assemblare la tua flotta personale e di costruire nuove strutture produttive, metterti alla prova in battaglie navali contro i pirati e i tuoi nemici politici fino a diventare il Doge di Venezia.

Caratteristiche principali:

- Vivi una storia coinvolgente piena di intrighi e tradimenti nella Venezia del Rinascimento.
- Scambia svariate merci nelle più importanti città dell'epoca, come Roma, Alessandria, Costantinopoli e Atene.
- Interagisci con i membri della tua famiglia attraverso il tuo albero genealogico, assegna loro missioni e osserva il potere della tua casata aumentare nel tempo.
- Incontra altre famiglie importanti che governano Venezia e influenza tu stesso le decisioni politiche.
- Costruisci le tue strutture produttive e stabilisci nuove rotte commerciali.
- Diventa artefice del tuo destino e metti alla prova le tue capacità in frenetiche battaglie navali.
- Modalità multigiocatore fino a un massimo di 4 giocatori in rete locale o su Internet.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo-Prozessor or similar
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible, 512MB
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
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Pubblicata: 15 febbraio
In principle, this Game adds a very nice spin to the well known The Guild/Pirates!/Patrician/High Seas Trader/A.D.1602/Port Royal... settings. It enables you to build up a grand empire from zero up, advance to political honors and get filthy rich.

Graphics: Nicely done, do their job. Nice zoom-in/zoom-out function. 8/10
Sound: Not groundbreaking, but OK. 7/10
Mechanics & Gameplay: One of the strong sides of the game. Nice trading system, OK combat mechanics with some tactical depth. Interface works very well after a brief learning curve. 9/10
Long-term motivation: Here is the point that I found weak. After some hours the game got repetitive. I felt as if I had achieved enough money to get more or less what I wanted. Only I couldn't motivate myself to do it anymore, as it now felt pointless. In contrast to other "endless" building or build/fight/think games, such as the Guild, SimCity 4, X3:AP, I didn't have any goals that I badly wanted to achieve then... 4/10

So, do I recommend this game? Yes, I still do! It's a well balanced, atmospheric sandbox. I would not recommend buying it at the current standard retail price, though. Wait for a sale and then grab it up for 15-30 hours of playing (or maybe more, who knows).

Buy this, if you like
- Port Royal
- Patrician
- The Guild
- Pirates!
and maybe
- A.D. 1602/1503/1701...
- X3
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Pubblicata: 11 maggio
Well, this is simply the worst game in the honorable Patrician/Port Royale series. After being a long-time fan of the Hansa Tycoon series which were the Patrician games, I'd expect some flavour in a Venice-centered sim. Nothing but disappointment is what I found.

Pros: .Simple to play (if you like to play extremely simple games, it's a positive value)

Cons: .Economy ridiculously simple. Being a game of economic management, I see it as a major design flaw. Goods have the same standard prices all over the mediterranean; it doesn't matter where you buy them. The prices tend to stabilize as time goes by (and some occasional events like fires, etc). Offer and demand have little to do, other than on the very moment of buying/selling
. Naval combat is simplistic and absurd. Yeah, I know these are "arcade" battles, but there was no need to implement such an inefficient interface and commands. And OMG, those annoying voices during combat...

I'm sad to see where is gone such a promising and entertaining series of games. Keep your bucks to any other game.
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Pubblicata: 8 ottobre 2013
Più simile a Patrician che ad Anno, ha il suo punto debole nelle battaglie navali che non riescono ad essere gestite al meglio. La Campagna è un po' lenta e le rotte commerciali funzionano solo tra magazzini. Si tratta, comunque, di un buon gioco che vale il biglietto di ingresso a patto di essere degli sfegatati.... Per altri... astenersi.... VOTO 71!
Localizzato egregiamente in ITALIANO, Completamente (non solo parzialmente come in ROME II) merita sicuramente l’apprezzamento nell’affollato panorama dei Gestionali, considerando anche il fatto che è l’unico a rappresentare l’affascinante teatro del Mediterraneo per le proprie scorribande. Più orientato alla Serie Patrician che non alla serie ANNO, Rise Of Venice ricalca i clichè della serie citata, proponendo una Campagna molto interessante e articolata oltre a una serie di scenari che è possibile giocare On line per confrontarsi nel punteggio. L’Add On Beyond The Sea aggiunge soltanto nuove città da aaffrontare in modalità libera ma non aggiunge nuove sfide se non qualche achievement. Il voto rimane sostanzialmente immutato! 71!
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Pubblicata: 25 novembre 2013
Don't even bother if you have Patrician and/or Port Royale. Yes graphics are better than those but that doesn't matter when you are not even looking. This is a "trade simulation", not an rts, fps or something like that which requires any graphics after all. A few cities (excluding dlc, because i don't have it), a few items to trade the game becomes nothing of a challenge after 3 hours or so.

Price is damn too high also. I pre-ordered it for 40$ which i can easily say that it was the worst gaming decision i have ever made in my 18-19+ years of gaming. Maximum amount i would pay to this game after knowing what it really is is about 10$ and it is a "maybe".

BUT if you don't have Patrician or Port Royale (Patrician 4 was better for trade i think) and have the money or this game is on sale, go for it. It is quite okay. But don't expect you will play it 2-3 hours a day for months or you will go back to it after 3-4 months. You play it for a few days, a few hours a day and game manages to bore the ♥♥♥♥ out of you.
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Pubblicata: 25 luglio 2014
I'm a big fan of the Kalypso titles. I played most of the economics titles with the exception of tropico which i will try someday. As for Port royale and Patrician , RoV follow the logic of the economy of Kalypso titles with enough difference to have its own title, you don't place building or expand your city size like Patrician or Port Royale. Everything takes place in the wolrd map , which is not a bad things as it saves tons of loading screens. RoV requires you not to play in '' God mode '' meaning if you scale back too much the map you will miss everything froms teachers to black market or chests floating around. With the DLC the map get a decent size, still much smaller than Port Royale but bigger than a Patrican map. In short if the others titles i mentioned pleased you in the past, RoV is for you. HOWEVER, and i must warn you all, there is a massive crash bug regarding Nvidia cards which as of July 25 2014 is not yet solver at all. Yes friends almost a year out and there is still a major crash bug unresolved with no news as of we are working on it.... If you are the kind of people getting angry at stupids bugs AVOID this game at all cost. The only thing that keep me going is my addiction to the capitalism system Kalypso titles gives us. Because of this i will not recommend this game to anyone. A TDR bug with one of the most popular 3d cards of the decade means a broken game that should not have been released.
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