Explorez les donjons, les ruines et les villes. Partez, avec vos guerrriers, à la découverte du secret de Demon’s Forge.
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Date de parution: 30 mai 2011

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À propos de ce jeu

Developpé avec le moteur Unreal 3 Hunted: The Demon’s Forge™ est un jeu d’action en coopération inoubliable, qui vous plonge sous un déluge d’ennemis terrifiants. Sous les traits d'E’lara, spécialiste des armes à distance, ou de Caddoc, maître épéiste, vous devrez recourir à un large choix d'armes, de sorts puissants et de tactiques d'infiltration pour vous frayer un chemin à travers des donjons menaçants, des ruines recouvertes de végétation et de villes tyrannisées. Levez le voile sur des secrets et complétez des énigmes en coopération, tout en explorant ce monde sinistre, pour finalement révéler les mystères les plus sombres du jeu. Venez dans le monde de Kala Moor... vers les secrets du Demon’s Forge.

Caractéristiques :

  • Un monde fantastique et sombre : développé avec le moteur Unreal 3, le monde sombre d'Hunted revient à la vie en tant que jeu à la troisième personne qui a l'intensité d'un jeu de tir moderne. Hunted comprend des graphismes incroyables et des mondes fantastiques.
  • Coopération à distance : Combinez les attaques à distance d'E’lara’s avec les attaques au corps à corps de Caddoc pour faire des ravages puis, soignez-vous mutuellement. Les différences de stratégies entre les personnages feront varier l'expérience de jeu.
  • Descendez dans les profondeurs du Donjon: Coopérez avec votre partenaire pour découvrir des chemins cachés et résoudre des énigmes. Explorer des donjons menaçants, des ruines recouvertes de végétation et des villes tyrannisées afin de découvrir des trésors.
  • Deux façons de combattre : Frayez-vous un chemin au cœur de l'action en utilisant vos capacités corps à corps, ou tactiquement en envoyant des hordes de créatures armés d'arcs et de sortilèges. Utilisez la magie pour améliorer les capacités de combat de vos partenaire ainsi que la chance pour combattre les ennemis.
  • Créez vos propres niveaux : Créez et partagez votre propre donjon réalisé avec The Crucible, un éditeur inclus dans le jeu qui vous donne la possibilité d'explorer un monde sans fin avec vos amis.

Configuration requise

    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processeur : 2.0 GHz dual core ou meilleur
    • Mémoire vive : 2 Go de RAM
    • Espace sur le disque dur : 12 Go
    • Carte graphique : 512 Mo ou meilleure (GeForce 9800 GTX ou meilleure/Radeon HD 4330 ou meilleure)
    • Son : Carte son compatible Windows
    Recommandée :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows Vista/7
    • Processeur : Intel Quad Core i5 ou équivalent
    • Mémoire vive : 3 Go de RAM
    • Espace sur le disque dur : 12 Go
    • Carte graphique : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / ATI Radeon HD 5830
    • Son : Carte son compatible Windows
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
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Posté le : 13 mars
A surprisingly good game. It's not amazing, but I would say it's very competent. It succeeds at accomplishing exactly what it aims to: Create a cool game with an interesting world and compelling co-op mechanics. The characters are intriguing and often funny. The game doesn't hand-hold much, especially on side quests. The game is difficult, punishingly so. This game will kick both your asses, and you will be so tempted to drink the sleg. I recommend against it.

Also wins the award for having a completely meaningless title. This game has nothing to do with being hunted or a demon's forge.
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Posté le : 8 mars
the negativity at this games release hailed from people expecting something neither the dev-team nor the publisher of this glorious dungeon-crawler-pearl never promised. people expected another open-world-rpg ala Fallout or Eldar Scrolls.
people saw "Bethesda" and simply jumped to conclousions.

that out of way:

Hunted is an amazing game.
it's visual quality holds up pretty good, even today. the art-direction is more a dark/gritty type of fantasy which looks a) fantastic and b) gives this game a more mature touch. in some aspects the art-direction reminds me of Gears of War...yes sounds strange...
Talking about Gears of War -> Hunted is pretty much a fantasy version of said game with more rpg-elements and loot.
Combat feels great, no matter if you're takin cover and shooting enemies from a distance, blasting them with spells or hacking/blocking in melee range controls are always responsive and feel fluid. which is a good thing, cause apart from solving some simple puzzles or listening to great npc-dialogue you will be fighting most of the time.
Inspite of the end-of-days Gears of War setting Hunted does feel like a classic dungeon-crawler come to live.

But what sets this game realy apart from a simple action-game with steller production quality is the way the game is set up. Your basicaly never alone, the premise is two people and the game sticks with it. the great thing about this is that the AI doesn't suck, yes sometimes (realy seldom) there's a little path-finding issue, but in general you "feel" like playing with a another person, no matter if it's combat, exploring or a riddle your team is solving.

The story centers on those two and is actualy not that bad, it's not the grand scheme of things which is important, but their relationship. you will chuckly hearing some their pockin at each other, you will feel attached to both after some time. especialy when playing singelplayer this game provides an amazing expierience simply from the fact of your companion. i've never played a game where my ai-companion felt that much alive/real and that is taking never Bioware games into account.

-still realy good visuals
-fantastic soundtrack, great voiceover (english)
-tight controls, polished combat
-an interesting story, which is more suited for mature players, both mainchars are not "heroes" and they show a real lack of empathie for anyone but themselves (which is a fantastic setup and i did love it, but not suited for minors)
-an interesting gameworld and a great sense of exploring/dungeoncrawling
-in general a great sense of polish and budget
-one of the best integrations of an Ai-companion
-creat two player co-op (but since game-spy is down you will have to read up on gettin co-op started)

way underrated simply cause people expected something completly diffrent than the dev always promised. Hunted is like one of those great old-school arpgs, immersive stroy and gameplay but not sporting a open world setting.
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21.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 21 mai
Hunted has its flaws and bugs, but what lies beneath is a great hidden gem of a game. For the best experience play this game LAN Coop.

Hunted currently does not support online mode due to Gamespy shutting down, however it is available through LAN.

I only bought one copy of this game and I was able to play with my friend on LAN, by using one of the computers in offline mode on the same account.
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Posté le : 20 juin
They finally made a rpg for stupid people like me. There's something intriguing about this game butt I can't put my finger on it.
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5.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 12 juillet
Great game by Bethesda! It's not like TES so don't buy it if your looking for an open world game simialr to Skyrim. This, however, is a great linear dungeon crawler!
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