Xenonauts is a strategy game in which you control a multi-national military organisation defending a Cold War-era Earth from alien invasion, using small squads of persistent soldiers to eliminate the extraterrestrials and recover their technology in turn-based ground combat.
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Release Date: Jun 16, 2014

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"With deep strategic systems, omnipresent dread, and clean turn-based combat, Xenonauts is a triumph of rebooted game design."
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October 23

Xenonauts V1.09 Fix & V1.5 / Steam Workshop Testing

Xenonauts V1.09 was meant to be the final version of Xenonauts, however we have decided to add Steam Workshop support and do one last update to the game to celebrate our successful launch!

The first thing to mention is there's been a very small patch to the current version of the game to fix a bug in the final mission where it was possible to damage the final door so badly it could not open. It is now entirely invulnerable and this can no longer happen.

Onto Xenonauts V1.5 and Steam Workshop support. Both of these are in testing mode at the moment and will hopefully arrive on the main branch in the next month or so - although anyone that wants to test them immediately can also do so!

V1.5 will not include additional content like new levels or new units, but it fixes a number of interface issues and minor issues in the game - basically it just cleans up the gameplay experience and also adds better mod support (the biggest change is an improved line-of-sight system that fixes some of the sight issues in V1.09, but there are plenty of others).

If you want to take part in testing V1.5 or Steam Workshop, please follow the links here:

Xenonauts V1.5: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/12291-Xenonauts-V1-5-Experimental-Released%21

Steam Workshop: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/12312-Steam-Workshop-Testers-Needed%21

We'll keep everyone updated as both of these things close in on being released on the official Xenonauts default branch!

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July 31

"Extras" Update!

The update today does not change the game files at all, it just makes available a new folder called "Extras" in the root directory.

This contains our Kickstarter rewards - the game soundtrack in a zip, the developer post-mortem article, the game novella and some wallpapers. Feel free to check them out if you are interested.

We've also updated the compatibility version for the Mac version of the game. This is in a new zip in the Mac Steam game folder called Xenonauts_compatibility.zip and it should help if you have blurred text or have white tiles / periodic crashes on the larger maps.

It won't affect many people, but should make troubleshooting smoother for those of you having game issues on Mac!

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“The result is a deeply engaging, indie version of an alien invasion that stands toe-to-toe with X-COM—the classic and the reboots.”
85 – PC Gamer

“Xenonauts is a faithful modernization of a classic. It retains the features that made X-COM such a tense and memorable game, with base invasions and a gigantic open-ended campaign of depth and freedom. If Firaxis' revamped take on the series felt a little too directed and linear for you, then Xenonauts is likely to delight.”
80 – Strategy Informer

About This Game

Xenonauts is a strategy game in which you control a multi-national military organisation defending a Cold War-era Earth from alien invasion, using small squads of persistent soldiers to eliminate the extraterrestrials and recover their technology in turn-based ground combat. A detailed strategic layer allows you to co-ordinate the defence of the planet, using your interceptors to shoot down UFOs and researching captured artefacts to learn about your foes and unlock new combat equipment to use on your missions.

Xenonauts is a spiritual successor to the classic X-Com strategy games from the 1990s. We aim to improve the graphics, add new content and streamline the interface whilst still retaining all of the key mechanics of the original games. Devoted fans should love this game, but we're also keen to introduce the joys of old-school grand strategy to a whole new generation of players who might not otherwise experience it!

Key Features

  • Ground Combat: Xenonauts delivers tense turn-based combat across realistic, varied and fully-destructible battlefields, against almost fifty different variants of enemy. Missions range from capturing crashed UFOs or alien bases to defending cities (or even Xenonaut facilities) against alien attack. You'll experience the chill of encountering a new alien for the first time and the joys of test-firing a new weapon for the first time. Deeply asymmetric combat keeps the battles interesting - after all, you're fighting intergalactic invaders with 1970's ballistic technology!
  • Strategic Management: You will also be managing the defence of the planet, dealing with the invading alien UFOs with your customisable interceptors. You need to balance the needs of your funding nations with your own. Your funds are limited - are you going to spend them on battlefield equipment, more scientists, or expanding your coverage of the planet? Your priorities must be balanced carefully if you are to win the war.
  • Research Tree: Xenonauts has an extensive research tree with almost a hundred projects to unlock, each with its own unique description and painted artwork. It slowly reveals the intentions and origins of the invaders, while also unlocking new battlefield equipment, aircraft and vehicles for you to use as you harness alien technology and turn it against them.
  • Persistent Soldiers: Soldiers in Xenonauts are persistent from mission to mission, improving their stats and gaining ranks with combat experience - but their deaths are always only a single bad move away. You will grow to care about the brave men and women under your command as they slowly grow from green rookies into hardened veterans, but that only makes it more painful when their heroic tale is cruelly cut short by a burst of plasma fire...
  • Detailed, Emergent Simulation: Xenonauts contains no scripted missions, just broad rules setting the pace of the invasion. As such, no game plays out the same twice. If you shoot a Scout UFO down over a polar area, you get a Crash Site mission where you can capture a crashed Scout UFO in an Arctic tileset. Commence a battle at night and you'll be fighting the mission in the darkness with reduced sight range. If your base is attacked, you fight the defence in a perfect replica of your base. A lot of time has gone into weaving the two very different halves of the game together into something that feels both natural and enjoyable.

System Requirements

    • OS:Windows 8 / 7 SP1 / Vista SP2
    • Processor:Intel 2 GHz
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Integrated Graphics
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:Integrated
    • Monitor:1280x720 pixels minimum
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB DirectX 9.0c Compliant Video Card
    • Hard Drive:Solid State Hard Drive
Helpful customer reviews
14 of 16 people (88%) found this review helpful
1.8 hrs on record
X-Com not X-Commy enough for you?

We're going back to our roots here. No fancy 3d graphics hogging your resources. Ain't no voice actors here, just 100% pure, uncut, grade A tactile turn based combat.

Hire people based off stats, Assign them based off stats. Equip them with stolen alien tech to improve their stats. Build up your base to increase stats. Stats everywhere.

There isn't really a whole lot to say here, you know the formula and these guys executed it well. Great combat, music and graphics... just an all around stellar title. Be sure to pick this one up.
Posted: October 17
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6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
33.8 hrs on record
Xenonauts is amazing! If u're a fan of the original XCOM or even the XCOM Enemy Unknown/Within, then u'll love this one. Especially if u're looking for more of a challenge compared to XEU. Xenonauts definitely offers the player more control over what/how u can spend and allocate your funds, as well as more randomness in terms of ground combat and enemy placement.

If I had to pick a negative, I would say that the game doesn't necessarily have a random map generator like the original XCOM did/does. Xenonauts has more of a semi random map generator, in which u may come across a similar map, but the layout in terms of what's on the map may be different. For example; instead of a crate being placed in a particular part of the map, there may be a set of parked cars or debris of some kind etc. Of course in the forums, u can always download custom maps ppl design, and add em to ur game to spice it up, and keep the game fresh as well. I would imagine (if they hadn't already or are already in talks) they would possibly put up a patch as far as implementing a random map generator.

Other than that, the game is absolutely Amazing!!! I still haven't even seen all the maps nor all the enemies as well. If I were to pick a number, I would definitely give this game a 9/10, 4/5, B+/A u name it..
Posted: October 5
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6 of 7 people (86%) found this review helpful
1.0 hrs on record
This game is a sort of spiritual sequel to the original Xcom games that I think is a bit more faithful to the original then Enemy Unknown and despite the fact that I enjoyed Enemy Unknown I definately recommend this to somebody who is looking for a more traditional Xcom experience.
Posted: October 11
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
140.4 hrs on record
Brutal, old-school xcomesque with a nice retro look. My only criticism is that it can become a bit of a grind as the game progresses.
Posted: September 29
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
109.2 hrs on record
Highly enjoyable and even unforgiving. The only thing I didn't like was the outcome of the last mission, but it was bad decisions on my part, not the game's fault. Worthy of the money and with great replayability.
Posted: September 30
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
86.9 hrs on record
A great remake of the original X-Com. Use strategy to defend Earth from invading alien ships by building bases, radars, aircraft, and weapons. The success of your defense efforts determines how well your program is funded as the game progresses. Research new technology to keep up with the increasing intensity of the invasion, and to understand the aliens' plans. Secure landing/crash sites of alien ships using your Xenonaut team(s), which plays out in a turn-based tactical style.

This game has a lot of deep strategy elements to it and is done in a cool retro art style. Not graphically the greatest game ever, but it is well executed and has compelling gameplay.
Posted: October 3
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
29.3 hrs on record
Great remake, of a great game! love it :)
Posted: October 12
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
98.0 hrs on record
Best X-COM spiritual successor you can get.
Posted: October 12
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
60.9 hrs on record
As a die-hard old strategy XCOM fan, I was impressed with this game. It brought all good memories and got me playing this game until the very end (not a lot of games kept my attention during last few years). In this state, I would give this game 9/10 points, as it "can" get better with bug-fixes and further development.
Posted: October 14
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
110.8 hrs on record
Exceptional game with both depth and replayability.
The level of detail in the game is really enjoyable, as is the novella that comes with the extra material.
It's a very worthy revamp of the spirit that one might have feelt playing the original 'UFO - Enemy Unknown' (XCOM) in the 90s...

It's a lovely game and I both hope (and imagine) would be enjoyable to play even 20 years from now.
Posted: October 4
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
29.7 hrs on record
This game rocks. It's a reimagining of the old xcom and it definitely lives up to it for me. Can't get enough of it.
Posted: October 5
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
68.8 hrs on record
A wonderfully well made remake of the original X-com: enemy unknown.

Apart from some minor UI grievances this is a very solid squad based tactical figting game. The maps are varied enough to not feel like too much of a repeat (especially compared to Firaxis' remake, where you constantly fight on exactly the same maps).

One jewel, that I feel immensely improves this game compared to the original is the introduction of the shield units (a person who carries a heavy shield and therefore can carry almost nothinng but a hand gun). It makes those "what is hiding around the next corner"- and "breaching the space♥♥♥♥"-situations so much less random since you have troops designed to soak a bit of damage.

Very recommendable.
Posted: October 6
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55.3 hrs on record
Totally Addictive!
This game is in many aspects a clone of the original XCOM.
Which is a good thing!
Few games offer this kind of tactical gameplay: Jagged Alliance comes to mind, the rather crappy UFO Afterlight series, Silent Storm .... Of course there is the Firaxis XCOM, which is a really good game and I really liked it. But it is different from the original XCOM in many ways, and this is not.
Xenonauts gives you the basic XCOM experience with a graphical update and an improved interface. The game is very playable and it does not suffer from any crashes whatsoever.
There is mod support and a lot of mods are available.

One word regarding the difficulty level: When playing on veteran and above you will probably get your ♥♥♥ kicked. Basically after the first month it becomes very hard to do missions without losing men. Unless you are really experienced with the game and you know how to raid the larger UFOs.
Posted: September 28
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
52.1 hrs on record
To put it simply, Xenonauts is an oldschool remake of the classic X-COM. And that means it retains the brutality of the original while still being incredibly fun to play.
The graphics, while somewhat cartoony in places (notably cars) serve the art style well and convey the message of grimness throughout the game.
Sound is fine, but some noises I found hurt my ears with headphones. Other than that not much of note aside from the good soundtrack.
UI is somewhat complicated but easy to learn, while providing most of the vital information to keep your guys from not dying a horrible, awful, painful, and plasma-y death.
Gameplay, the big G.
It feels like X-COM. Not in a shoddy knock off way, but in a "The devs knew what they were doing when they made this glorious game graced by the almighty Gaben himself" way, complete with Time Units, Panics, and a boatload of potential ways for your poor plasma sh-err great soldiers to die. This includes fully playable air battles (which I recommend autoresolving for the most part), terror missions, abductions, and my love/hate favorite, the classic base defense.
Have I mentioned how hard the game is? It is pretty difficult, but if you have played X-COM style games before, you will know what you're doing, but still get completely and utterly pimp slapped if you act like your soldiers are Rambos and Rambas.
All in all, get it, or get plasma-ed.
Posted: September 28
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
65.7 hrs on record
If you were a fan of the old Xcom series, you will find this a excellent step in the series.
I liked how they chose to steamline the purchasing of some of the smaller stuff. (No more having to buy every clip of ammo and every flare.)
The only downside is that the missions can become a grind. (But they give you a option to skip them and still get some reward)
I personally found the air combat hard to grasp, simply sim'ing it was easy enough though.
Posted: October 18
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
60.8 hrs on record
This is the best XCOM. ♥♥♥♥ all others. ♥♥♥♥ Firaxis. We have the Anthrax America. You cannot stop us.
Posted: October 5
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2 of 3 people (67%) found this review helpful
29.1 hrs on record

On the face of it Xenonaughts is a high quality 2D planetary defense game with stratergy and minigame elements with a little story telling all thrown in and mixed with a heavy influence from the Xcom Series and perhaps a bit of a steep price tag for an indie game attatched.

What the store doesnt tell is that the actual gameplay is a fantastic weave of impeccible timing, forced strategic and tactical improvisation and improvement, and delightful frustation when your elite squad wipes out for no apparent reason other than "better guns" which will often cause you to swear vengence upon the alien scu- "liberators" the developers have done a fantastic job with this number which i shall go into further detail below, fair warning though.

You have been warned

The Guts:

Simply a fantastic game, I have been gaming for a little over 10 years now and I almost exclusively play stratergy and/or survival games, and of all the stratergy games I have played this has to be the most perfectly timed and tailored one fo them all at no point are you ever truely able to outgun the enemy your often outnumbered and if you turtle up one grenade or well placed lizard thing and your squads dead forcing you to rethink and restratergise without overwhelming you add the fact that if you dont plan and execute your stratergy and tactics right or do something stupid you cna lose your entire squad (and the alien victory conditions) adds an element of survival which automatically triggers the "KEEP EVERYONE ALIVE!" switch in me keeps me coming back after a rage quit form losing my entire squad (and not saving :P hey i refuse to accept a wipeout!).

the Pacing is also fantastic at no point are you ever really given too much to handle if you know what your doing (excluding the terror missions I failed everyone because of those *Censored tangent* reapers, the fact that both you and the aliens can build and attack bases also just putrs the cherry on the cake for me simply amazing the thrill i get when i discover an alien base, the first time i did i literally shouted out YEA I GOT YOU NOW YOU ALIEN MOTHER *censored* ... course it was 1 am and i got told off but still xD

to be fair there are a couple issues, 1 would be the graphics BUT it IS an indie game but if your into the more modern games it may not be summin you can get around, personally? i loved it, simple but detailed enough to let you know whats what and tell the differance between an alien lizard and a rock and perfectly fits the top down stratergy feel for me, the second is bugs there are a couple which are frequent such as aliens shooting through walls or the psionics unnerving your men from start to finish regardless of location and distance BUT both of those and much much more are covered in the community edition which i have started playing and that just adds that extra little something to really finish off the game.

The Meat of the matter:

the game itself is split into 3 distinct parts, the first is the tactical display, a screen with a selection of tabs ranging from geoscape (live view of the planet) to base planning, research military assests such as squads vehicles hangers etc all the way to a alien encyclopedia (did i spell that right?)
the 2nd part is minigames which in itself is a novel but entertaining little piece fo frustration that i have never been able to pull of yet (but that may have something to do with the single fighter in use at any given time) where you cna either auto resolve or play yourself,
the third is the meat of the game for me, ground combat a classic top down view of the map where you can use the terrain to your advantage and i reccomend you do some fo the enemies only think 2 dimensionally which is fantastic for the sniper up on the third floor but terrible for the heavy round the corner from him about to be eaten alive


I cannot praise this game enough the developers have done a simply fantastic job that i havent seen anyone else do so far and the fact that they are putting some community mods into the next patch as official parts of the game just instills so much confidence in them i am really excited to see what they do next.

my advice to anyone who loves stratergy, alien invasion, or base defense there WILL be something for you here, if your a fan of indie games or high quality design this is DEFINATELY something for you.
Posted: October 20
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3 of 5 people (60%) found this review helpful
51.7 hrs on record
Play balancing has a long way to go in this game before it will be worth playing. Don't buy it until they have released a few patches to fix it. Alien psychic abilities are way too powerful and you have no way to defend against them. Expert marksmen will miss more often than not, even with a high % chance to hit. And the worst (possibly a glitch, I'm not sure) is loading a saved game only to have the situation different than when you saved. The worst example, in my own experience, was when I had cleared an alien base. All except the last room. (the command room) Decided to take a break, saved my game and exited. When I came back and reloaded, suddenly my troops were surrounded by aliens that hadn't been there when I saved. I couldn't continue the fight because my soldiers were automatically killed every time I reloaded. This and a number of other balancing and glitch issues make the game no fun to play. A perfectly good playthrough can quickly and easily be ruined by bad code and balancing. Hopefully they fix these things soon because the game has promise, it's just not where it should be yet.
Posted: September 28
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1 of 3 people (33%) found this review helpful
77.9 hrs on record

Xenonauts: Xenonauts is a turn-based combat, alien defense simulator. You play the role as the commander of a special military force designated Xenonauts, who are tasked with the defense of earth from extra-terrestrial invaders. You’ll manage multiple bases you place on the globe, build ground and air forces to combat the alien threat, and defend humanity. Research technology gathered from shot down UFOs, and craft advance weapons, armor, vehicles and aircraft to keep toe to toe with the aliens as the get progressively tougher. Xenonauts is a fantastic spiritual sequel to X-COM UFO Defense, with the entire game playing out almost exactly the same. With that come some very odd choices.

You can’t rotate the map and there are many situations where targeting becomes an issue, and a great irritation. Aliens also like to use the open and close door tactic; during the alien’s turn, they can open doors which close for them after their turn ends, this means they will stay glued to the other side of a door, come out the on their turn, take shots at your soldiers and retreat back to safety, however, when attempting this tactic yourself, the door stays open the entire round, meaning the aliens are free to shoot back during their turn. Aliens even seem to know this tactics as many times they are often waiting right behind doors, making it very annoying to advance through bases or UFOs without a guarantee of losing at least one solider along the way, the only real remedy I found was blowing the doors to high heaven.

The other unfortunate, and boring part of the game is the aircraft combat. The aircraft combat is a top-down view where you set waypoints for your ships to travel, it isn’t easy to change the flight path on the fly and the whole experience feels very slow and unbalanced, I almost always resorted to the auto-resolve, which has its own problems. When auto-resolve is at 100% it’s a guarantee victory, however, if you engage in the real time combat you can actually lose all of your fighters. On the flip side, there have been battles with an auto-resolve 0% rating but, when I engaged in the combat I was able to win. Also, alien space ships seem to have unlimited ammo while you have a very limited amount for your own fighters. The whole thing felt messy and unrewarding, you don’t get to see your ships engage in the combat other than green radar blips you see all the time, so auto-resolve seemed the best and most convenient way to deal with the aliens, this is a pretty big part of the game aside from ground combat and it’s a shame it isn’t more exciting or balanced, there’s also no way to take down aircraft without damaging it.

The other major complaint I have is the lack of mission variety, crash sites are won either by eliminating all aliens or capturing and holding their ships for 5 turns, alien bases are won by either destroying the power core or eliminating all aliens. Those are the only two varieties and couple that with small map variety and the game can start feeling very tedious. Some other things felt missing like a graph for finance and approval ratings from the various countries and just some minor graphical bugs I’ve experienced.

I’ve enjoyed my time with Xenonauts, and would like to see it expanded upon, with more maps, missions, added tools and utilities, and better combat and varied environments. I could go into more detail, honestly, I’m seriously happy with Xenonauts despite my gripes with the combat aspect, I want more and always have and will and the game here is very well crafted with great visuals, music and atmosphere. Thankfully there is a great modding community who may add all that I could think of in a Xenonauts game, but, in the future, I wish for the game to be successful and for more to be added on by the creators.

TL/DL; Xenonauts is a great spiritual sequel of the X-Com series. If you like those games remotely, you’ll love this one. It’s heavy with atmosphere, mostly great combat, the thrill of progress and the feeling you get when you nail a tough mission with flying colors.

-Thumbs up from Royial

Video Reviews can be found at: www.youtube.com/user/RoyialNetwork
Posted: October 20
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0 of 1 people (0%) found this review helpful
23.9 hrs on record
Excellent turn based tactical squad game. If you like XCOM you'll love this.
Posted: October 18
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