Feel the excitement of flying the Su-25T "Frogfoot" attack jet and the TF-51D "Mustang" in the free-to-play Digital Combat Simulator World! DCS World is a vehicle combat simulation game created by an inspired development team. DCS World uses a powerful engine that delivers realistic gameplay.
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"This is a quality piece of software. Even without the extra modules, this is simply amazing. The SU-25T is one of my favourite jets of all time, and it is brilliantly realised here, with so much content you feel guilty for getting it for free.

This only goes to show the confidence that DCS have in there Digital Combat Simulator, that they would give you so much for free. Stop reading this and go and download it now!." – Hubpages

"DCS World is a must-have for simulation enthusiasts who want as real as you can get in their home PC." – SimHQ


Feel the excitement of flying the Su-25T "Frogfoot" attack jet and the TF-51D "Mustang" in the free-to-play Digital Combat Simulator World!

DCS World is a vehicle combat simulation game created by an inspired development team. DCS World uses a powerful engine that delivers realistic gameplay. The battlefield includes a spectacular mission area - the location of the Georgian conflict in 2008. Fly the Su-25T in a massive, semi-dynamic campaign to achieve dominance in the skies over Georgia! Experience the amazing flight dynamics and interactive cockpit of the TF-51D and understand why the Mustang is often regarded as the greatest fighter of the Second World War.

The huge variety of aircraft, land units and warships are included from countries such as the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, German Spain and others. Units are controlled by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and they have an amazing levels of detail. This all allows for the creation of engaging, real-world combat missions in this flashpoint region. DCS is a true "sandbox" simulation that can and will cover multiple time periods covering many types of combat and civilian units.

Your exhilarating experience will be extended through additional DCS modules available through Steam. Such modules include the A-10C Warthog, Ka-50 Black Shark, the P-51D Mustang, UH-1H Huey, Mi-8MTV2, and ground combat control with Combined Arms.


    • OS:64-bit: Windows Vista, 7 or 8
    • Processor:Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
    • Memory:6 GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB RAM card
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:10 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX 9.0c - compatible
    • OS:64-bit: Windows Vista, 7 or 8
    • Processor:Core i5+
    • Memory:8 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Shader 3.0 or better; NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 / ATI 6950 DirectX 9.0c or better
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:10 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX 9.0c - compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
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張貼於:06 月 30 日
At my current level of skill with this remarkable simulator, all I can say is the Ka-50 Black Shark has a surprisingly large portfolio of warning indicators, usually experienced just prior to death.
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張貼於:10 月 25 日
*Starting engines*

*trying to take off*


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張貼於:10 月 17 日
It's the best SIM on the market, but you need equipment like HOTAS and TrackIR !

Patience and training is needed a lot, to be effective (~3 weeks for Ka50, more than ~1month for A10c) <--- my opinion

BUY DLCs at SALES every 1-2month, usually up to over 70% sale.
Also this SIM isn't finished ~every 1/2 year DCS get a new plane (109K is next 1)

and sry for my broken english
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張貼於:10 月 26 日
The most accurate combat simulation by far, with a very, very steep learning curve.
Just give it a try, or watch some videos first, before disliking DCS World.
It's a simulation, no arcade nonsense.

*Like I mentioned above, watch tutorials for your specific Plane and/or Heli on Steam or Youtube, it helps a lot!
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張貼於:10 月 10 日
This is not a game, but a flight simulator, and a damn good one at that.

Constantly updated, has alright variety, somewhat stable and extremely realistic in it's flight dynamics simulation.

I highly recommend this if you're into the military flight simulator genre, it's free and it doesn't hurt to try, plus it's constantly updated and is getting new content rather frequently if you consider simulation time is akin to valve time.
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張貼於:11 月 2 日
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張貼於:10 月 21 日
Stalled after flying for 2 minutes becuase I was carying too much payload.

It has been worth the weight!
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張貼於:10 月 30 日
This game, or more accurately, simulator, is one of the best games I have played in a VERY long time. No matter what your taste in aircraft or flying may be, there is fun to be had in DCS.

You can purchase aircraft from a wide number of time periods, from WWII, The Korean War, and even modern battlefields. There's also some very nice helicopters to purchase, but I can't comment on those, as I don't have any.. ;-;

If you like CAS, BVR, Dogfighting or just screwing around with friends in fast aircraft, DCS World is most certainly worth trying. The free aircraft you get, the SU-25T and TF-51 give you a pretty good feel for what you can expect in DCS, but I definitely reccomend picking up a full fidelty module if you like it, great fun learning what all the alarms mean... ._.

One quick note though, getting the game directly from the developers is a better choice than Steam, as the version from ED's site gives you earlier access to new modules, updates, and let's you buy modules from sales on ED's site AND Steam, which cannot be done with the Steam version ;D

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張貼於:07 月 27 日
DCS world offers quite a few modules that really add variety to the game. The engine and flying dynamics are a sight to experience just by themselves. I didn't really know what I was jumping into when I bought this game. I've played Microsoft Flight Simulator x, X-Plane 10, Wings of Prey, and IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 for a few years now. But all of a sudden had an "itch" for a modern military flight simulator with an up-to-date game engine. If you're in the same boat, or unsure if whether or not you want this game, then please keep reading.

Flight dynamics- Easily one of the coolest features in this game. Every aircraft has a different "feel" to it. It's still a bit of a shock to fly one particular aircraft for so long, and then swap to another. DCS offers view modifiers when flying this aircraft. The player can experience positive and negative G forces (in the game of course), while straining their body to turn in on a MIG for an air kill. But be careful, straining the aircraft too hard can cause aircraft issues from instrument failures, to having it's wings/rotors completely ripped off in a realistic fashion. I can't tell you how many times I've been "downed" for blacking out pulling hard G's.

Engine- What first caught me off guard starting this game was the engine limitations. At first I thought the map size covered a very small section of Georgia, then after learning how to pull up the map...I was in shock. It covers roughly 80% of Georgia, spots in Turkey and Armenia, and approximately 150NM into Russia...and yes, this is all one map! Not only is the map pretty large, but the graphics themselves are stunning. Not the "best graphics I've ever seen", but it's probably one of the best that you'll get for a combat flight sim.

AI- The complexity that goes into how the AI handle ground vehicles and aircraft are simply amazing. And you're not stuck on a single difficulty setting, You can tune EACH INDIVIDUAL aircraft/vehicle,infantry, or whatever to suit your abilities! The AI will react to whatever you do near or at them accordingly. You spin up your GAU and lob a few rounds near a tank, they'll get the hell out of there. You see enemy AIs flying over a friendly SAM, the SAM will prioritize air threats and act based off of threat level. They see a wingman go down, they'll probably buzz out for the day. Just one of the many things you'll encounter against AI.

Custom missions- I was so excited to see that I had the option to create my own missions/campaigns. The ability to make the combat environment more dynamic by the minute really adds immersion to the game. I can't say that I've found an online game so far that was playing a default mission from the game. I can't say that I wasn't excited to have the option to watch a bomber drop 16 Stand-off munitions against a single SAM unit.

Attention to detail- Usually when it comes to flight sims, there's one thing that lacks from anyones expectations, and that's the detailing. I'm defining attention to detail as a graphical representation of minor details within the engine. Details within the cockpit are phenomenal! The glass on the Instrument panels reflect the surroundings, the sun beaming into the cockpit reveal microscopic scratches on the outside of the cockpit as well as the metal panels surrounding the pilot. The heavy breathing of the pilot when making difficult maneuvers. The list goes on!

Active developers/community- The devs update this game to FIX known issues within the games, before they consider adding anything new, and this is a big thing for me. I'm tired of seeing other devs pushing updates that focus on new features without fixing the previous features of the game. So far updates have been rolling in between 1 and 2 month intervals, which honestly is a good pace for this game. Aside from the devs themselves, we have the community. The user downloads page on DCS's website is full of downloadable content, whether it's a new skin, texture mod, or a whole new
campaign for the players to enjoy. There's also tons of multiplayer servers up-kept and ran by the community as I write this. A polite and professional group of individuals to say the least.

Complex- I would honestly not recommend this game to someone who has NEVER played a flight simulator before, UNLESS you want to experience a challenge of reading tons of pages of information on how to fly the aircraft. However, there are ways around this, such as having automatic start-ups, and basic controls for flight. If you just want to learn how to do maneuvers in an aircraft, then you can always revert to the mission editor and create your own mission to start in the air...without air or ground threats if you prefer that. This game would also be impossible for newer players if they don't have a joystick of some sort. Playing using only your keyboard and mouse, or a standard gamepad controller will not do you any good.

New Aircraft- I'm not saying new aircraft themselves are a bad thing, it's just how they release it. For some reason whenever a new aircraft goes beta for DCS, they start by selling it on their website, and not steam. Before they had the option to redeem keys bought on their site to steam, but has been removed since then. This puts the DCS community at a slight disadvantage, because now there's less DCS enthusiasts testing a new feature for it's main release. Which in turn, may hold the slight potential of having bugs slip through the cracks for release. But that's just my opinion.

Terrain- Yes the world is huge, and has endless flying space, but my main snipe is that the hills/mountains are too "sharp". They don't even have a gradual incline/decline to them. It's hardly noticeable from a higher altitude, but CAS aircraft/Helis would be able to notice it quite easily.

Final verdict:
All in all, DCS: World's pros easily outweigh the cons when it comes down to playability. I have no doubt in my mind that flight simulator enthusiasts who crave a modern day flight simulator will get to experience a game that will fulfill that satisfaction of Air superiority.

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張貼於:11 月 21 日
It is a SIMULATOR, not arcade bs

If you like arcade shootout plane GAMES like war thunder with mouse aim, and have no experience on real simulators, don't waste your time and complain how bad the game is, it's a simulation, you need to know exactly what you are doing and spend time learning the basics of flying the plane!

Now, let's get to the point.
This thing is pretty much as real as it gets. you can control every aspect of planes in DCS just like they would work on a real plane. there are hundreds of actions and options that you need to learn, and when you figure out how to use different type of weapons for example, i find it really rewarding. it will take A LOT time to master this game (like every real simulator)

only negative thing I have to say about this, is that the in-game radio system doesn't always work properly in multiplayer, which really doesn't stop you from playing it, but it's a neat detail when you can communicate with the flight control and the ground crew like a real pilot would.

i really like DCS and recommend it to anyone interested in real flight simulators.
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24.4 記錄時數
張貼於:10 月 31 日
Best flight-simulator I have experienced on the PC yet!

Flight-dynamics beats all the other sims I've tried on the PC.

Visuals (from cockpit to the world environment around you) beats all the other sims I've tried on the PC.

Flight-control menus (the setup system) give a brilliant ability to setup your joystick (in my case just a simple Logitech joystick) and fine-tune it so you have the feeling of control over the aircraft/helicopter you want (joystick zones)

I can't really find much that could be better with this sim, except (as a simmer mostly interested in civil aviation) full world-coverage and larger/civilian aircraft.

DCS (with the aircraft I've tried on it) is an amazing piece of software :)
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張貼於:09 月 25 日
Ok, so, many of you will discount my testimony knowing that I am an actual aviator with nearly 6000 hours, over half of which is in combat helicopters.

This simulation is the bomb! I just finished my first successful ground attack mission. I've never felt a better sense of accomplishment after a computer game than when I taxiied to the parking ramp, shut down, got out of my P51D Mustang, and walked around to look at all her bullet holes suffered as we took out the entire platoon of BMPs.

Just take your time to set up the controls, learn to use the views, and learn to fly the aircraft smoothly and safely before you start taking on harder tasks. The reward is definitely worth the commitment.
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張貼於:11 月 30 日
The only difference between this game and real life is the respawn button.
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張貼於:11 月 24 日
Start Mission
Get yelled at in russian
Random Beeping noises
More Russian voices
Beeping intensifies
I ded
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87.3 記錄時數
張貼於:11 月 23 日
0/10 IGN "Not as good as Call of Duty and too much water"
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2.6 記錄時數
張貼於:11 月 9 日
Just bought it today, I don't have the slightest clue what I'm doing, but the game is great in just about every way from what I've seen of it.

The learning curve is very high in this game, but it's well worth the time and effort!

It even comes with an ARMA style mission editor! Though this one is a bit more complicated, there is so much potential!!

The fact I have work in the morning makes me sad.
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張貼於:11 月 7 日
This game is amazing. Here's why:

1. I don't know how to fly an aircraft. This game made that clear very quickly.
2. It's free.
3. It's awesome how much fun you can have all by yourself.

A video that exposes the joy that this game creates:
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7.4 記錄時數
張貼於:10 月 1 日
Absolutely brilliant. The Dev team have done a brilliant job with this game, everything falls into place with what i excpected of this game. In my opinion one of if not the best flight sim out there
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67.7 記錄時數
張貼於:10 月 30 日
its taken me a very long time to get the hang of the basic things in this but its very rewarding when you learn how to fly the right way and actually know what in the hell your doing...

update*i dont have trackir or the real hotas stick but i have a thrustmaster hotas and i can munipulate the games controls enough to be fine without track ir so my viewing is controled by the stick and i can zoom from the throttle (a10) the other jets are extremely easy to use compared to the hog... dont let the "need" for other equipment scare you. you would do good with just a joystick for starters.
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張貼於:10 月 26 日
One of the best combat flight sims out there!

DCS World is itself is framework for different modules (on Steam it will be classified as DLC, but it's not really DLC as in the traditional sense). This part is free to use and you get the Su-25T with it, a Russian ground attack aircraft thats really fun to fly.

The additional modules/aircraft you add can be classified as "Medium Fidelity" and "High Fidelity". For a quick example, the Su-25T is a mid fidelity aircraft, to start the aircraft on the parking lot you press Shift + L to turn on the avionics, Ctrl + L to turn on the navigation lights, Alt + Home and Ctrl + Home to start left and right engines and then you are ready to taxi adn take off. Hi fidelity like the Ka-50 and A-10C on the other hand you start the aircraft up by following the actual, real-life procedures with clickable switches and buttons in the cockpit. This will require a lot of study and practise.

The Flaming Cliffs 3 module includes the aircraft from Lock On Modern Air Combat, updated to work with DCS World. These are of the "mid fidelity" type aircraft and contain some awesome fighter jets.

Another module is Combined Arms. The main feature of this module is that you take control of almost any ground unit (tanks and stuff!), and coordinate in strike missions with other players in aircraft, BUT, you can also drive around and shoot your cannon, surfice to air missiles, artillery, rockets and it is awesome fun in single player too (albeit not simulated very realistically). There are also rumors that you may also be able to control sea units sometime in the future.

If you like aircraft, like to study how machines work and like fire laser guided missiles and drop GPS guided bombs this is the game for you!