FLY’N è un gioco di piattaforma per PC nel quale è possibile incarnare quattro personaggi.
Valutazione degli utenti: Molto positiva (258 recensioni)
Data di rilascio: 9 nov 2012

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“Fly’N is filled with potential to be the next great indie game”

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FLY’N è un gioco di piattaforma per PC nel quale è possibile incarnare quattro personaggi dai poteri complementari, guardiani degli Alberi-Mondo: i Germogli. Solo le azioni alternate o combinate di ognuno permetteranno di trovare la strada, anche quando sembra che non si possa proseguire...

Salva gli Alberi-Mondo dagli artigli di Dyer, il folle asciuga-capelli che vuole privarli delle loro Helyc! Per riuscirci, incarna quattro personaggi dai poteri complementari, guardiani degli Alberi-Mondo: i Germogli. Ma attenzione, la loro strada sarà costellata di insidie! Solo le azioni alternate o combinate di ognuno ti faranno uscire dalle situazioni più pericolose...

Fra gioco di piattaforma, di riflessione/puzzle, e il divertimento allo stato puro, FLY’N colpisce nel segno!

Caratteristiche principali

  • Destreggiati fra i 4 Germogli dai diversi poteri per salvare gli Alberi-Mondo.
  • Fly'N canta per interagire con il suo ambiente.
  • Lyft può incollarsi a quasi tutte le pareti.
  • Ywok, una volta gonfiato, è invincibile e rimbalza dappertutto.
  • Nylssi irrigidisce e poi si lancia in aria.
  • Alterna fra due visioni diverse per trovare la tua strada anche quando sembra che non si possa proseguire.
  • Ridistribuisci le Helic per giocare con gli sfondi e libera gli abitanti dell'arcipelago cosmico di Helicia.
  • Metti a dura prova la tua destrezza in più di 40 livelli.
  • Raggiungi la cima delle classifiche di Steam e confronta i tuoi punteggi con quelli dei tuoi amici e degli sviluppatori.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP 32 Bits
    • Processor: Single Core 2.4 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon 2400 Pro or Nvidia 8500 GT, Shader Model 3, 512 MB of video memory
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1500 MB HD space
    • Sound: Integrated Sound Card
    • Additional: Controller recommended
    • OS: Windows 7 32 Bits
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.4 Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon 4850 or Nvidia 9800 GT, Shader Model 3, 512 MB of video memory
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2000 MB HD space
    • Sound: Integrated Sound Card
    • Additional: Controller recommended
Recensioni utili dai clienti
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Pubblicata: 8 agosto 2014
At first when I saw this game, I though this must be that cute little platformer game.
Jumping here, jumping there, solve easy puzzle.
But I'm wrong.
The challenges in this game ain't that easy to deal with even the boss fight need skills.
There's also a time-trial level where you must race with time and you must not die.
If you die you have to restart the level.

As an Indie Games Enthuasiast, I could say this game is a great platformer game.
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15.0 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 17 settembre 2014
I love FLY'N it's a very cute game, the sound affects are adorable and the art is so beautifully done. But be WARNED this game is very challenging and difficult as you progress further through it. I got about Quarter way through and had to give up, just got to difficult for me. But if you do like a challenging beautiful and cute platformer game, then i do recommend picking up this game, even though it was difficult for me, i have absolutely no regrets having it in my library.

Believe me it's a very cute and colourful game, besides being difficult of course. And at 75% of it's a very good deal. :D
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13.7 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 21 agosto 2014
Fly'n is a puzzle platformer that delivers a delightful amount of platform and puzzle gameplay, on top of a richly designed world.

In Fly'n, players control small, cute looking creatures called Buds. There are four different kinds, which all have the same ability to double jump, glide, and switch states of the level. Each Bud has a unique ability that is used to solve certain puzzles in the game. The levels range from run and jump platforming to solving puzzles using a certain character. While things may seem easy at first, the levels get harder to be actually quite challenging. The puzzles grow to involve using more characters together in one level and more challenging level layouts. The normal levels have no timer, except for certain levels that are more linear in nature and involve outrunning a rising sea of junk. These speedrun kind of levels are the harder levels in the game, due to the strict time limits and higher bar for platforming skill. A boss battle occurs at the end of each world, complete with more puzzle platforming to navigate through and win. The levels are all fun to play through and try to solve, with levels tending to take around 5-10 minutes or maybe more depending on the pace of play.
Controling the characters feels natural and responsive at times. Sometimes, moving the Buds around feels not as refined as they might sometimes move too fast when not needed to be or don't jump as high enough. Still, the controls are solid and work well with only a few quirks that may pop up when playing the game.

The art style of Fly'n is very, very well drawn. The characters have a simplistic design with solid colors and simple shapes. On the other hand, the worlds are highly detailed with lots of color and intricate designs on the surfaces of each level. The world styles range from natural inspired designs with foilage, to more abstract designs and mechanical parts. Changing the state of the level turns the world to silhouettes or a more tinted color. The animation is also really well done both ingame and in the cutscenes. The characters themselves are simple in design, but are animated so smoothly that it feels natural. The cutscenes are also of high visual quality, owing in part that both the ingame and cutscene character data are both from the same source material. With high details with great animation and drawing style, the art style is very pleasing to look at and play with.

The music in Fly'n adds a nice backdrop to the graphical design. The songs tend to be relaxed in nature or more frantic depending on what level is going on. There is a fair variety of tracks present in the game, ranging from light, instrumental pieces to faster paced rock or electronic styles. The music does its job in adding to the style of the game, and they do sound great to listen to as well.

Fly'n does have a story, albiet a weird one. Basically, a hair dryer collects garbage and dumps them everywhere. The hair dryer dumps it on the worlds where the Buds are. It's up to the Buds to stop the hair dryer from dumping more garbage on their worlds. Anyway, the cutscenes themselves tend to be silly in nature and a little bit weird in terms of storytelling. The story isn't amazing, but tends to silly and help drive the game.

Fly'n gives a full 10 hour game with fun and challenging puzzle platforming, set in a world that looks and feels great with the art and animation quality. This game is definitely a joy to play and does provide some great puzzles, all wrapped up in very well done style for the game's setting.
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14.5 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 18 ottobre 2014
Fly'n is a platform game with some puzzle elements (but not much). The graphics might look a bit childish, but this game is not. It is really challenging and a lot of fun to play. I recomend that you play this with a controller since playing with a keyboard can get really difficult because of the various button combinations you need to press.
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17.9 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 29 settembre 2014
This is one of the most enjoyable platformers I have ever played.
It takes place in a beautiful, surreal-looking world that is being corrupted by red trash which is being deployed by a weird metal creature with haird-dryer for a head (um...yea).
You take a role of one of 4 Buds, creatures native to the afforementioned world, all with a unique ability. All of them can double jump and glide, but the blue one can sing, green one can turn to a lettuce that sticks to any surface so he can climb walls and stuff, the black one can turn into a bouncy ball and the red one can dash multiple times being able to cross large distances even vertically.
The goal is to reach the end of the level while collecting as many floating seeds that simply give you score and weird glowing balls that you use to solve certain puzzles. There is also a timer and leaderboards so if you like going OCD over collecting everything and getting the best time and score possible, this game's got you covered.

There are 2 kinds of levels. In most of them, you have infinite time to finish and collect everything but once in a while the game throws the other kind at you, where you must rush upwards as fast as possible because there is red garbage rising from below that kills you if you touch it. So the pace of the game kinda alternates between slow (not if you are speedrunning, but you CAN go slow), methodical gameplay and frantic mandatory speedrunning which is something I liked, it kept me engaged.
There is also a bonus available when you don't die on those speedy levels which I found absolutely rage-inducing because some of the later ones are VERY difficult, but it does give you a reason to try and master the game so I still consider it a good thing.
Overall, I find this game great. Great visuals, interesting gameplay mechanics and the price is almost suspiciously low. I certainly recommend it.
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Pubblicata: 5 gennaio
Beautiful and challenging.

I've played a lot of 2D platformers and I can say that this one is unique and stimulating. You can play as 4 characters, each one with a different ability: one can activate objects and open ways, one can stick to surfaces, one can bounce and pass through lethal obstacles and one can dash in the air. Also, all of them have a dream ability that makes the level switch to an alternate "dimension" where some objects appear and others disappear: jumping from one to another while switching repeatedly will require precision and reflexes, and in the last levels the game will get intense. Several levels are nonlinear and there's a bit of puzzle solving. There are many hidden collectibles and some bonus levels. The game lenght is 5-7 hours for just finishing the story and around 40 hours for completing it at 100%.

The art is gorgeous, the music is engaging and the style is charming. The story is very simple but cute and has imaginative characters.

The flaws of the game are the bouncing ability which is quite unpredictable and a few collectibles that are too hard to find or get (remember to notice the "flowing sparkles").

I give it a 8.7/10.
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Pubblicata: 16 agosto 2014
nice game :D
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Pubblicata: 17 settembre 2014
This game is very charming and very hard. I have yet to finish it but i love what i have played!
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Pubblicata: 14 settembre 2013
Adocchiato fin dalla sua prima apparizione su Greenlight, questo titolo mi ha colpito sia in quanto platform sia per il suo aspetto grafico estremamente curato.
Il progetto é stato sviluppato da una software house francese specializzata in MMO, la Ankama; Per il team di sviluppo, questo FLY'N ha rappresentato un tentativo verso un nuovo genere e, sebbene non perfetto, posso anticipare che in titolo merita sicuramente attenzione.
Sono cresciuto con i platform e ne ho visti veramente tanti, ma rimango sempre colpito quando qualcuno, in un modo o nell'altro, prova ancora a reinterpretarne i suoi vecchi assiomi.
Una delle particolarità di questo FLY'N risiede nell'assenza di veri e propri nemici durante le fasi di gioco (se escludiamo gli ostacoli ambientali ed i boss di fine mondo), ma non vi sfiori l'idea che senza nemici sia tutto più semplice, perché vi sbagliereste di grosso.
La seconda particolarità é la coesistenza di due realtà parallele, una "normale" e l'altra, a quanto pare, onirica, tra le quali traslarsi in qualsiasi momento in base alle esigenze del gameplay.
Tra una realtà e l'altra noteremo differenze circa la posizione di alcune piattaforme che bloccheranno o renderanno accessibili alcune zone del livello e la possibilità di interagire o meno con determinati elementi da raccogliere.
Il level design attinge fortemente dal concetto delle due realtà dando vita ad eccezionali passaggi dove ci troveremo a saltare da una piattaforma all'altra cambiando realtà in volo ed al volo nella speranza di raccogliere tutti gli elementi e non finire nel contempo in una voragine…
Ma andiamo con ordine, il titolo narra la storia di un non meglio identificato fetentone che si diverte ad inquinare pianeti su pianeti mediante una altrettanto non meglio specificata porcheria "liquido-meccanica" di colore rosso.
Il titolo non da spiegazioni dettagliate circa la storia, questa viene infatti narrata con filmati e disegni senza il minimo uso di qualsivoglia idioma, ma state tranquilli però perché, i grafici e gli animatori di FLY’N vi faranno comunque capire cosa succede, grazie alla loro maestria. (Peccato che questa tecnica renda difficile spiegare ad altri quello che si è visto, ma sono seghe mentali mie…)
FLY'N é sostanzialmente un platform in cui dovremo partire dal punto A ed arrivare al punto B, ma la vera sfida non risiede nel giungere alla fine del livello data la presenza di "vite" infinite, ma nell'elemento collezionistico.
Il gioco è composto da otto pianeti i quali ospitano una serie di livelli, divisi tra normali, a tempo e scontri con il boss; Sparsi per i livelli troveremo degli oggetti da raccogliere, in particolare fiorellini, sfere di nessuno sa cosa e dei simpatici mostri-amici, la raccolta di questi elementi non é obbligatoria, ma é la vera e propria sfida proposta dal gioco e vi porterà, alla fine, a nutrire una irrefrenabile voglia di appicciare al muro i level designer per la loro cattiveria nel nascondere le cose.
Ad aiutare nella ricerca di tutti i collezionabili troveremo la già citata fonte infinita di vite, questa libera il giocatore dal timore di perdere tutto ciò che faticosamente si é trovato fino a quel momento ed apre alla esplorazione selvaggia di ogni anfratto, io personalmente mi sono buttato più e più volte nel vuoto sghignazzando, e nello stesso momento mandando a cagare i designer, per aver trovato una stanza segreta in ♥♥♥♥ al mondo.
Per trovare tutti i segreti sarà indispensabile sfruttare a pieno e con destrezza i movimenti dei nostri alter ego i quali, oltre a poter zampettare a destra ed a manca, saranno in grado di effettuare un doppio salto, una planata ed ad alcune caratteristiche specifiche per ogni singolo personaggio...
Trovate la recensione completa qui:
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Pubblicata: 19 dicembre 2013
Unfortunately overlooked by many, this gem should be in the collection of any puzzle-platformer fan. While its core element of 'collect stuff and get to the end of the level' doesnt bring a ton thats new to the table, it still has plenty to entertain with. The visuals are quite lovely to look at, the soundtrack is very well composed and always fits, and piloting each of the 4 different characters and their unique powers keeps the game from getting stale. With the press of a button, the world around you shifts color, appearance, music and objects which you interact with. Navigating through the maze-like levels can be confusing at times due to this, but Ive never gotten stuck to the point I had to refer to a walkthrough.

Dont let its pretty facade fool you though- this game can be obnoxiously difficult later on, with plenty of areas requiring split-second timing as you run, glide, stick to walls, fly, bounce in an invulnerable balloon, shift dimensions and try not to hit those glowing red nasties that youll be plenty familiar with in the first few levels. Fortunately, you have unlimited lives; when you die youre immediately zapped back to a checkpoint, and you can even avoid death by pressing a button that LETS you go back to your "spawn".

All in all, a great independent title that should amuse for a good ~20 hours, and at a cheap 10 bucks (currently $3.39 on holiday sale thru Steam) youre not going to feel ripped off even if you somehow DONT like it. Just look at the demo videos, they should say enough!
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Pubblicata: 23 settembre 2013
Here is another game I grabbed for $2.48 during the Steam summer sale. You won't find many cartoonish platformers prettier than this one. The graphics, gameplay and mechanics all were smooth and gorgeous. I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 hours of this campaign. Although the final boss was a bit drawn-out and tedious. This game was one of the first to come out of Greenlight. I can see why Steam showcased it.
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Pubblicata: 24 maggio 2014
If you fancy yourself an innovative and bloody adorable platformer/puzzler than this might be the game for you. Its got a bit of a challenge to it but it definitely kept my attention and gave me a bit of enjoyment. :D I can't say anything for the bonus levels, I am not quite skilled enough to 100% the game...or maybe I just don't have enough patience haha. That's what you might want to bring to the table when you have a sat and play this game >.> Anyway, it's a good one. 8/10
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Pubblicata: 19 dicembre 2013
This is what most indie games dream of looking like. Fast-paced, really strong platforming with puzzle elements, and just a huge amount of personality, which makes a big difference.
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Pubblicata: 26 dicembre 2013
What a fantastic platformer! Gorgeous graphics, lovely music, slick and responsive controls, my only regret is not playing it sooner! Definitely one of the best games I've ever played!
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Pubblicata: 19 dicembre 2013
fantastic indie puzzle platformer... YES I KNOW HOW FREAKING PREDICTABLE THAT SOUNDS! but its true, very enjoyable game with some honestly gorgeous 2D graphics, tons of personality and a very acceptable level of challenge

playing this game simply makes feel good, a mix of great 2D art, calm soundtrack and a very forgiving gameplay

you control a little bug(?) with the ability to swift between 2 dimensions as well as many other acquired abilities like sticking to walls, dash through the air and bouncing around, the objective is to reach the end of each stage with some collectables along the way, the levels are non-linear and the puzzles are very well designed, it can be tricky at times, but the checkpoint system makes sure it doesnt take long to get back in the action

my mayor complain is i guess, the fact the first half of the game is much better than the rest, the first power you get, sticking to walls, is much more interested and better implemented than the dashing and bouncing you are able to use later, bouncing can be specially problematic since it lacks finesse and precision

overall very enjoyable and quite a bit long, it took me 12 hours to complete and i havent even checked any of the secret levels, indie puzzle platformers are a dime a dozen nowadays, but this is one of the few actually worth your time and money
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Pubblicata: 25 dicembre 2013
you ever played one of those games that when you metion it to someone, they look at you weirdly and do not even know if that game even exsited. Well Fly'N, to me, is one of those games that took a lot of effort in the design and stages making it quite challengeing and yet have this spark inside that calms you down from your rage with it's music and the way the characters look. As I try to explain Fly'N to my friends, they really take a good intrest on what is it about. I guess it's one of those games that you need to experience it first hand to get caught in it gamplay.
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Pubblicata: 30 giugno 2013
Fly'n is a beautiful game and in this context beautiful is referring to the visuals of the game. No matter how you look at the game and even if you don't like platformers you have to admit that the complete game is looking fantastic.

The story is told fast: A hairdryer called Dyer is attacking the world trees in order to rob their energy the "Helys". To prevent this, the world trees have created the buds to stop Dyer polluting the trees even more.

Fly'n is a platformer. You are trying to reach the top of the different trees and fight the specific world boss there. Every world consist of 7 levels plus one boss level and three bonus level (exception is the last world with only one bonus level) so there is a lot to do and the game is gradually getting harder. You have four different buds and every bud has its own special ability. Fly'n can sing and activate the Helys and revive the inhibitants of Helica, Lyft can stick to any (unpolluted) surface and crawl on them, Ywok can transform to a ball and bounce around and Nyls can propel himself (up to three times). And all Buds can jump, double-jump and glide. You can not change the buds freely everywhere, only in the specific checkpoints which is a good thing because you don't have to think too much with whom you have to solve a specific part of the level. Additional to all the abilites the buds can also change between two visions which may make different parts of the level solid and/or accessible.

As for the difficulty: If you only try to reach the exit it should only need patience since you may die as often as you "wish" and you will restart from the last checkpoint. But you should notice that the game has been tagged as "hard" so keep that in mind. It may look cute but you need to know what you are doing. For those looking for a higher challenge there are different options: You may try to "complete" the levels which means you explore more and collect all the Helys and pollen which are hidden. If you are still not satisfied you can try to play the levels without dying. And for the motivated there are the Leaderboards where you can compare your points to the rest of the playership.

All in all I think I can't recommand this game enough. I bought on the first day and never regretted it. I put more than 100 hours into this game which says a lot. The buds are lovable and each world has a different beautiful design. If you like platformers you have little to no reason to not buy and play Fly'N. All this is rounded up with a beautiful soundtrack which you can and should buy aswell.
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Pubblicata: 30 dicembre 2013
Great game with fun characters that all have their own special features. Absolutely beautiful graphics and sounds!
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Pubblicata: 1 gennaio 2014
This game looked like it had an interesting art style so i bought it during a sale. I was very impressed with the look and feel of the game, it plays very well. Very reminiscent of old platformers and a lot of fun.
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Pubblicata: 12 febbraio 2014
Fly'N is by no means a bad game. There is a lot to praise if you take the time to have a look. and I would reccomend giving it a try. Its just not my type of game.

It has absolutely brilliant artwork and a fantastic soundtrack to go with it. It has a simple narrative which makes you want to play more, and it has some very innovative mechanics which I found very interesting to play with. Its essentially a puzzle platform type of game but done in a different way. If you want a challenge when you get further into the game then I would reccomend this. The difficulty curve is perfectly fine.
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