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Miasmata is a first-person survival/adventure game, developed from the ground-up by brothers Joe and Bob Johnson. You play as Robert Hughes, a plague-stricken scientist on a journey to discover a cure. Your adventure begins on the shores of a remote and mysterious island.
Release Date: Nov 28, 2012
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About the Game

Miasmata is a first-person survival/adventure game, developed from the ground-up by brothers Joe and Bob Johnson. You play as Robert Hughes, a plague-stricken scientist on a journey to discover a cure. Your adventure begins on the shores of a remote and mysterious island. Long ago, the island was inhabited by a group of indigenous people, whose extant monuments still decorate the island landscape. The island is now home to a scientific research outpost and it is your hope to reunite with your colleagues working there. Unfortunately, you'll soon discover that something has gone terribly wrong.

During your adventure, you will encounter a mysterious and deadly creature. This creature can stalk you for miles, lurking behind grasses and vegetative cover. By treading carefully and with stealth, you may be able to elude the creature. If you are careless, however, you will be forced to confront the creature head-on.

Key Features

  • Experience: An engine built from the ground up, featuring voxel-based volumetric clouds, advanced water reflection and refraction, volumetric light-shafts and atmospheric scattering simulations.
  • Explore: A lush and incredibly detailed natural world. The island landscape is covered by forests with lush canopies. The terrain surfaces are blanketed by tufts of moss and grass. The forest floors have thick undergrowth and are littered with fallen leaves, rotting logs, stumps and sticks.
  • Discover: Dozens of camps, outposts and ruins. Find maps, notes and clues that lead you on your adventure.
  • Survive: A deadly world. Discover plants and fungi and synthesize them into life-saving medicines. Find water and shelter to stave off fever, dehydration and exhaustion. Use stealth and cunning to escape the deadly creature.
  • Create: A map of the island using an innovative cartography mechanic. Use a true-to-life triangulation system to pinpoint your location on the island and construct a map of the its boundaries, contours and landmarks.

System Requirements


    • OS:Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo, AMD Athlon64 x2, or better
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:NVidia Geforce 8600GT, ATI Radeon 3670HD or equivalent
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible sound card


    • OS:Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor:Intel Core i5/i7, AMD equivalent or better
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia GeForce GTX 280, ATI Radeon 4870 or better
    • DirectX®:11
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible sound card
Helpful customer reviews
36 of 39 people (92%) found this review helpful
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15 reviews
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This game is amazing. It's ♥♥♥♥ing brilliant. There's almost nothing i would complain about in this game.

To start off, the concept is amazing and the execution is spot on. You are on an island, probably alone (yet to complete). And you are plague stricken for which you have to find a cure. The entire island is yours to explore. There are survival concepts such as thirst and fever. There is crafting and such with which you can make medicines and some perma-upgrades.

Now, the three things i loved the most about this game. First, the mapping system. You have to explore the entire map but it's not that simple. You have to use triangular cartography by using landmarks which is just awesome. And when you run, it actually takes time to stop because of your momentum which i think is a great idea for a realistic survival game. And the graphics are amazing as well. Beautiful when admired and scary at night.

This game is amazing. I like it because of it's reality aspect. Perfectly created and delivered. 10/10.
Posted: April 5th, 2014
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15 of 15 people (100%) found this review helpful
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Miasmata is a game with a great sense of adventure and exploration. Majority of the time is spent just exploring with no fear of danger leaving you to plot and map out the island as you go. The mechanics for taking notes on landmarks you see and using them to get your bearings around the island to fill out the map more is great fun and very rewarding. It is quite unique and I have never seen it in a game before. By using buildings, statues, and stone formations you can use triangulation to check your location and add your surroundings to the map you create.

The creature that roams the island can be a positive or a negative for many people whether they are looking for some slight horror and suspense of hiding from it, or if they just don't want to be bothered by it. The creature isn't a constant threat and holds a good balance to appease either type of player. When the creature draws near your heart pounds and you do your best to stay hidden and hope it passes.

The game works very well with exploration and filling out the log book and looking for specific plants to be used in antidotes and medicines help drive you to explore more. Though you will want to keep exploration to the days as much as possible making your way to camps to rest through the night. The night time is extremely dark and after losing track of time and getting stranded in the middle of the night you will never want to be left out again stumbling through the darkness hardly able to see what lies ahead.

If you enjoy the slower pace and exploration which you most likely do if you care enough to look at reviews and recommendations about the game then you won't be disappointed. This game draws you into the world and makes you want to spend time in it seeing what lies just over the next crest.
Posted: March 17th, 2014
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8 of 9 people (89%) found this review helpful
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I've got a two-prong test on whether you'll like this game or not.

a) Did you like Far Cry 2? If yes, get it. If no, see b)
b) Are you intrigued by the idea of a world where you're a sickly researcher with a plague trying to discover what wiped out a quarantine colony/cure yourself? Because that's what you're getting here.

It's fantastic but challenging, and my biggest gripe is this: the game's engine is a MESS (so, Far Cry 2 comparisons continue). It takes a good deal of time to load, and it's very... the first night especially I could not figure out what happened because I woke up in pitch blackness and I guess my character pulled out a journal or something? But I couldn't see ANYTHING and so didn't know why I couldn't move/interact with anything or light a lamp.

It's strange and janky and explorationy and I love it. I give "Suffering from a horrible disease and being stalked by an unknown beast" 4 stars out of 5.
Posted: April 13th, 2014
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6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
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Botany/Mycology/Pseudoscience/Cartography. The best game you've never heard of.
Posted: May 15th, 2014
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
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Miasmata is a game that will test your perseverance and patience. Initially, this came across as a tedious and boring - I wasn't crazy about the game after spending thirty minutes in it, so I put it down and played other games.

Eventually, I came back to give it another try.

After 9.1 hours of play, I can safely say that this game surprised me, and I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Exploring the island in search of remedies for Robert Hughes' ailments was astonishingly fun and rewarding; although, this game remains one that had room for improvement.


- Fantastic exploration
- Learning curve that makes succeeding that much more rewarding
- Beautiful environment (most of the time)
- Unexpectedly strong sense of isolation and survival
- Very realistic
- Beautiful music (during the few instances that you are able to hear it)
- Touching plot
- Being stalked by the creature was actually terrifying


- Very awkward animations
- Bizarre physics when falling down hills (falling down hills is not advised)
- Lack of sound effects during synthesis
- Pretty buggy (the two devs acknowledged that after five years developing Miasmata, they were exhausted and stopped fixing bugs)
- Some mechanics may only be learned the hard way (either never explained or poorly explained)

All in all, I will reiterate that I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Miasmata. I needed some time to warm up to it, but once I gave it that luxury, I became immersed in the world and my surroundings. The astonishing sense of isolation and survival kept me on my toes and kept me efficient throughout my in-game experience. It was a rewarding endeavor, and I would recommend this game as long as you are willing to give it the time it deserves.

We just had to keep up, and we became the story.
Posted: June 11th, 2014
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-- this review is lengthy and i would advise you take a gander at it in full --

A very fun and emotionally gripping experience. Unlike other games that shoehorn survival elements in, or simply can't take the leap to make it pure survivalist, this indie game made by two brothers pulls it off.

And how.

If you read the store page description of the game, you'd know that you are a plague stricken scientist, reuniting with your colleagues on an island.. but, as in any video game, something has gone horribly wrong. You find a blood soaked page, which details the cure's formula. And off you go..

As a pure survival game, there is no hunger mechanic, but there is thirst and fever. Thirst naturally accumulates and you must rehydrate from clean water sources or canteens regularly. Fever occurs from injury{falling from heights and getting scratched by a kittteh - more on Milo later} exertion (swimming, walking about), and ambiently, and you must take medicine that you craft from plants you find to offset it. Or take a nap.

You see, throughout the game, and exploring the island, you can pick up various plants and take them to camps where equipment is located to refine it and synthesize various medicaments and drugs that you take. These range from simple aspirin to drugs that permanently increase your physical attributes - as well as the cure, which you learn about from the Bloody note that you find from the beginning - detailing three agents each made from two rare plants.

Navigating the island is a challenge - you have no arbitrary minimap and you must fill in a map using triangulation. Which basically means that you must take your map out and get line of sight with two "known" landmarks to fill in an area - simply going there does not suffice... You can also triangulate distant landmarks by triangulating your position as normal, and then selecting said landmark as a third - you must do this from two different positions. They even give you a compass.

The actual mechanic of saving your game is quite interesting as well - you must sleep, select a candle, lantern, or put a log into a fire to save.

Oh, and the graphics are pretty too. The island is beatiful and has many different environments, from swamps to boreal forests to a mountainous japanese style bamboo forest. They managed to put all hud elements from the game into immersive 3d meshes - the journal is actually a 3d object that you turn 3d pages in and read text right off the texture. The map is the same deal.

Now, onto my favorite part of the game. The creature. Well, that and the notes you find that add backstory - but more on that later.

The creature is nicknamed Milo by the community, because it is based on the brothers' pet cat, MIlo. Milo is a strange leopard-lion-elk thing that stalks you through your adventure. He is very unique looking and can kill you with two swipes of his paws. You must fend him off with a torch, throw rocks at him(Which may or may not just ♥♥♥♥ him off), or break line of sight to get him to go away. You cannot fight back, and I wouldn't suggest running, as he'll catch up to your plague-ridden ♥♥♥♥ in seconds and anjoy a pre cooked meal, courtesy of fever. His eminent presence can be detected through upgrades to your stats and a heartbeat sound that grows more rapid as he gets near. Beware the Milo, for you cannot fight back.

The story is introduced through the notes you find in the camps throughout the game, ranging from journals, letters, and newspaper clippings, to your colleagues and your own's research notes. I assure you, if you invest the time into collecting some of these you will not regret it.

To top it all off, the satisfying and inspiring ending and final cutscenes, as well as the musical tracks and environments make for such a great indie experience that I cannot recommend this enough for those that have the patience - and if you don't well there are decent guides out there. And even then there remains the experience of exploring and avoiding Milo.
Posted: December 30th, 2013
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