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Datum vydání: 9 list. 2012
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Bug Fix + Russian localization

13 března 2014

Hello and thanks for playing Puddle,

A change in the code has created some bugs, that you've kindly reported to us and they are now fixed!
Sorry again for those problems and thank you for your patience.

Problems solved:
- Apollo level freeze
- "Divided by Zero" error
- Kieselguhr level liquid explosion at start

It should be fixed, but tell us if you're still experiencing troubles.

By the way, we added the Russian localisation with this update. ;)

Neko team

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Náročný, ale přesto elegantně jednoduchý hlavolam.



Tuto skvostnou nezávislou hru si zamilujete.


Hra Puddle nabízí vše, co byste očekávali od nezávislé hry: originální koncept, jednoduchou a přesto bohatou hratelnost, skvělou realizaci a pořádnou výzvu.


O hře

Ponořte se do hry Puddle – hry, ve které musíte navádět louži kapaliny tím, že nakláníte prostředí doleva nebo doprava! Při hraní pečlivě berte v úvahu tření a gravitaci a využívejte unikátních vlastností každého typu kapaliny (vody, oleje, nitroglycerinu, roztavené lávy, …) v řadě originálních prostředí. Snažte se zachovat co největší množství kapaliny, zatímco překonáváte řady překážek, jako jsou horké průchody, masožravé rostliny a elektrická napětí!

Klíčové vlastnosti

  • 49 úrovní
  • 2 úrovně obtížnosti: normální a extrémní
  • Žebříčky: sledujte skóre hráčů z celého světa
  • Medaile: porovnejte medaile, které jste vyhráli, s těmi, které vyhráli Vaši přátelé
  • Laboratorní režim s desítkami objektů, pozadí a tekutin!
  • Podpora pro herní ovladače s USB a Bluetooth.

Systémové požadavky (PC)

    • Operační systém: Windows XP 32bits SP3
    • Procesor: 2 GHz Dual Core
    • Paměť: 1024 MB RAM
    • Grafická karta: Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT, ATI Radeon 4650, Intel HD Graphics, 512 MB Shader model 3
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Pevný disk: 650 MB volného místa
    • Zvuková karta: kompatibilní s DirectX 9
    • Operační systém: Windows Vista, Windows 7 nebo 8
    • Procesor: 2 GHz Dual Core a vyšší
    • Paměť: 2048 MB RAM
    • Grafická karta: Nvidia Geforce 8800, ATI Radeon 4800, Intel HD Graphics 512 MB
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Pevný disk: 1024 MB volného místa
    • Zvuková karta: kompatibilní s DirectX 9

Systémové požadavky (MAC)

    • Operační systém: MacOS X 10.7
    • Procesor: Intel Core Duo 2,16 GHz
    • Paměť: 2 GB
    • Grafická karta: Nvidia Geforce 9400M, ATI Radeon 2400XT, Intel HD
    • Pevný disk: 700 MB
    • Operační systém: MacOS X 10.7.x/10.8.x nebo novější
    • Procesor: Intel Core Duo 2,4 GHz
    • Paměť: 2 GB
    • Grafická karta: Nvidie Geforce 8600 GT, ATI Radeon 2600 Pro, Intel HD
    • Pevný disk: 1024 MB

Systémové požadavky (Linux)

    • OS:12.04, 12.10, fully updated
    • Processor:2 Ghz Dual Core
    • Memory:1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT, ATI Radeon 4650, 512 MB Shader Model 3
    • Hard Drive:650 MB HD space
    • OS:Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10 fully updated
    • Processor:2 Ghz Dual Core and above
    • Memory:2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics:Nvidia Geforce 8800, ATI Radeon 4800, 512 MB
    • Hard Drive:1024 MB HD space
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18 z 21 osob (86%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
61 titulů na účtu
1 recenze
11.8 hodin celkem
Fun game but frustrating, I did not finish the last episode. Each map should have at least one check point so you players don't have to start all over again. There should also be the ability to move the camera to look around what's coming next instead of doing trial and error every 10 seconds. The difficulty in the maps is very not linear. Some are super hard while others are fair. The ability to skip a few maps is vital for the game.

The most fun liquid was the molten metal but there was too little usage of the hardening property. Nitroglycerin was fun too but should have more use of it's unique property. The scrap yard maps and the body maps were the hardest.

If there was to be a sequel I would like to see acid that corrodes stuff, water that needs to be frozen to ice at certain sitations, magnetic liquid, mercury and non-newtonian liquid. There could be maps with other liquids on which the player's liquid floats upon like oil on water.
Přidáno: 10 března 2014
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31 z 47 osob (66%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
153 titulů na účtu
6 recenzí
1.9 hodin celkem
This game was entertaining for the cost until a game breaking event.

After about an hour of playing puddle, it looks like I am stuck. Good thing the devs allow me to "whine" to get past the hard parts (bugs).
Přidáno: 4 června 2014
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15 z 20 osob (75%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
85 titulů na účtu
7 recenzí
10.6 hodin celkem
It is a fun puzzle game that involves liquid physics.
Each chapter portrays different scenarios with different liquids and each one makes an interconnection to the other in somehow. This makes an interesting story to follow.

The game has several kind of liquids, each one with different characteristics like viscosity and velocity over different surfaces.
A negative point is the lack of controllability. You can only tilt your screen to the left or right and this give you low control of the fluids.

Some levels can be very frustrating because you have to memorize the entire level in order to complete it. But that's not so difficult to do it.

There are very interesting achievements to unlock. The most difficult one is to earn all 48 gold medals. This requires you to finish all levels carrying as much fluid as you can on the lowest possible time.
Přidáno: 9 dubna 2014
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9 z 9 osob (100%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
98 titulů na účtu
21 recenzí
6.2 hodin celkem
Puddle is a puzzle-platform game that makes clever use of advanced physics to let you move all kinds of liquids through different obstacle courses. While the idea itself sounds rather straightforward, the execution is certainly not. The first levels, using water as a liquid, are not too difficult and I thought "tihs game is going to be a piece of cake". But how wrong I was (am actually). Difficulty goes up steeply and the developers have really thought of all kinds of possible liquid and obstacles to make life ever more difficult. Water, oil, goo, fertilizer, nitroglycerine, all pass the review and all ask for a different approach. This keeps the game interesting, since the visual context changes accordingly to the liquid being processed. And since the visuals are really outstanding for an in essence static background, the developers have done a good job.

But after a couple of hours, my interest in the game diminished since I got tired of the trial-and-error which seemed to be necessary in some of the later levels. So I let the game rest for a couple of weeks, and picked it up again recently. Now I pick up some levels ad random and try to get more of the Steam achievements, which are a clever addition to the game. All in all, this game is a nice sideway away from any larger-scale gaming projects, but don't expect anything more really. If Steam reviews would have a "neutral" option, this one would get one. But in the end I give it a "thumbs up", if only for an original idea being well executed, with a lot of love for the project being involved.

Gameplay: 17/30 (interesting at first, but too difficult after a time)
Graphcis: 16/20
Sound: 5/10
Longelivety: 5/10
Technical/stability: 16/20
Personal appreciation: 5/10

Overall: 64/100
Přidáno: 20 srpna 2014
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12 z 16 osob (75%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
173 titulů na účtu
1 recenze
3.2 hodin celkem
Interesting game. I've already finished nearly half of the levels in a little over two hours (and I am sure some of that was time away from my computer or watching something momentarially-as lately I have been watching YouTube in the background.
I say 'finished' half of the levels because some, if not many of them I didn't even rank in. I have more copper than silver and more 'check marks' (i.e. finished, but did not rank) than gold (and likely silver).
But the poor 'what exactly do I need to do to rank copper, silver or gold, isn't really the problem... anyone can figure that out after playing a level a few times... no, the problem I found is that in the labratory levels, specifically playing Nitroglycerin, if you start the second level of without directly beating the prior-and even then sometimes-your will immediately explode, restart the level and repeat. Even that can be a simple error in coding, not spawning the liquid correctly, or the game assuming the liquid is moving too quickly as it 'jumps' into existance... but when you get to the Body levels, and specifically the blood levels I constantly get a divide by zero warning. This doesn't crash the game, but it does freeze it until I 'windows key' out and click 'ok'.
I haven't gotten past these levels yet, as I fet it inportant to add this to a review. If you are programming anything you really NEED to make sure you don't have code divide by zero. Usually it will completely crash software (ah, the blue screens of old), and I'm not entirely sure how this software is able to cope with it.
The game looks finished and even polished, until you reach the bugs that clearly show it is not. It is still fun to play, and for those who feel the need to get gold on everything you'll have a challenge... but they really needed to go over their software and make sure things worked correctly, each time, for all hardware.
(A FYI, I'm on an HP Pavillion 7000, with Intel I7 and nVidia GeForce 630M, running WIndows 7--so it isn't like I'm trying to run the game on obscure hardware or software).

EDIT: So, I've had to 'skip' some levels... Space is hard, and the level just before also has the divide by zero error...
Přidáno: 5 března 2014
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71 z 94 osob (76%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
426 titulů na účtu
42 recenzí
1.7 hodin celkem
Simply amazing.
It's a puzzle game, you play as a puddle.
Of coffee. Or water. Or weedkiller. And so on.

Each liquid has its own unique property, and all you do is tilt the screen, and let physics do the rest!

Great presentation style, the science-y background music is awesome, and the puzzles are good with a fairly reasonable learning curve, so even total newbies can master the concept of the game.
Přidáno: 27 září 2013
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