Zeno Clash es un juego de acción/combate ambientado en un mundo imaginario. Se juega desde la perspectiva de una primera persona. Los combates se hacen de cerca y son brutales. Vive una historia emocionante ambientada en un mundo imaginario.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 21 de Abr, 2009

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18 de Junio

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15 de Mayo

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"... It feels refreshingly original and completely compelling."

8.4 of 10 —IGN

Acerca de este juego

Zeno Clash es un juego de acción/combate ambientado en un mundo imaginario. Se juega desde la perspectiva de una primera persona. Los combates se hacen de cerca y son brutales.
Vive una historia emocionante ambientada en un mundo imaginario. Juega el papel de Ghat, un hombre desterrado por sus propios hermanos y forzado a vagar, en la desesperación, hasta el desierto prohibido y hasta el confín del mundo.
Premiado como 'Excellence in Visual Art' durante el Independent Games Festival. Con efectos visuales que usan las características de la Source engine. Estos elementos llevan novedad al género del juego. Las dinámicas de combate también se distinguen del género tradicional en primera persona. Por lo tanto, este juego será novedoso tanto para los jugadores expertos como para los novatos.
  • Peleas emocionantes en primera persona

    El nuevo sistema de combate en primera persona permite a los jugadores hacer una cantidad de movimientos como desviar o eludir, dar puñetazos o atacar agarrando. Aprende nuevas tácticas de combate según vayas progresando por el juego y enfréntate a enemigos formidables.
  • Efectos visuales fantásticos basados en la Source engine

    Los jugadores estarán sumergidos en un mundo fantástico, hermoso e inquietante a la vez. El estilo artístico sin parangón, da un enfoque más novedoso al género de juego en primera persona. Los ambientes surrealistas y los personajes harán que los jugadores quieran descubrir más.
  • Retos en modo Survival

    Salta en medio de la acción en las "tower challenges". El jugador tiene que superar hordas de enemigos para progredir hasta los tower levels. El juego evaluará al jugador según distintos criterios como velocidad y rendimiento. Un sistema te evaluará en comparación con tus amigos, por lo tanto, el reto no se acaba nunca.
  • Historia emocionante

    Los jugadores harán el papel de Ghat; el hijo de una imponente criatura hermafrodita llamada Padre-Madre, cuyos hijos forman el clan más potente en la ciudad de Halstedom. Ghat tiene que huir de su familia y empezar un increíble viaje con su compañera Deadra, que lo ayudará en las peligrosas tierras de Zenozoik.
  • Armas extrañas

    El jugo contiene un insólito arsenal de armas raras que se han construido con chatarra y basura. Martillos y palos serán las armas más eficaces cuando se combate con personajes grandes que pueden ser abatidos solo con la fuerza extrema.

Requisitos del sistema

    Requisitos Mínimos
    • Sistema Operativo: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / Vista64
    • Procesador: Intel® Pentium® 4 3.0 GHz
    • Memoria: 1 GB RAM
    • Espacio Disco Duro: Al menos 3 GB de espacio libre
    • Tarjeta Video: 128 MB, Shader model 2.0, ATI 9600, NVidia 6600 o superior
    • Tarjeta Sonido: Tarjeta sonido compatible con DirectX® 9.0c
    • Versión DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c, DirectX® 10
    Requisitos Recomendados
    • Sistema Operativo: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / Vista64
    • Procesador: Intel® Core 2 Duo a 2.4 GHz
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 3 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: Shader Model 3.0, nVidia 7600, ATI X1600 o superior
    • Sonido: Dispositivo compatible con DirectX® 9.0c
    • Versión de DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c, DirectX® 10
    • Controlador: Soportado
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@#$% Mother-Father
Publicado: 15 de Octubre
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This game is weird, really weird. When you pay attention to the plot it's even weirder. And because of the weirdness it's awesome. And is on Source engine so my wooden deskopt is able to run it nice and smooth.
Publicado: 28 de Septiembre
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Best hand-to-hand system I've ever seen in a game, if you can get by some of the poorly handled gun mechanic parts.
Publicado: 16 de Octubre
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Regardless of some of the games shortcomings, this game is highly enjoyable with a very pleasurable 1st-person brawler experience makes for some very solid gameplay that is refreshing to enjoy.

I want to get right into things and talk about the combat first. The combat is great. It is really fun and is surprisingly fluid. Probably one of my biggest issues with the combat system is the enemies invicible times. Enemies can always override your attacks but there's a lot of times when enemies will commit to a attack and are completely invincible. Making it so you take unncessary damage and it kind of ruins the flow of the game I found. Sometimes you can't even dodge their attack when executing a perfect dodge to counterattack. But overrall the combat is fair game.

In the combat you are either using your bare hands to beat the living snot out of your enemies in a awesome intense fashion, or you're picking their health off with a gun from afar.

The combat keeps it very simple with the controls but also makes for some intense fighting. It's really hard to explain how the combat controls work via text over doing a live commentary for example and talking about how they work in the game itself. But the game has a what I'd say fair learning curve with a stiff challenge you may not be prepared for in skill yet. But ultimately you'll learn how to conquer your foes even if it has you going back a chapter or two to do some training. Which really isn't that big of an issue since the fighting in this game is fun as heck. You'll give your old enemies the one-two-puncharoo and you'll pick up some knew combat techniques (skill specifically, the game locks some advanced combat early game. But all results in combat are based on your skill and use of the controls) and be trained enough to learn how to take out tougher enemies.

I wasn't ready for how good the soundtrack was going to actually be. It was actually pretty good and I can remember a few specific tracks that fit my fancy. They fit the fighting scenarios well and they really helped you get into fights, I give them credit for making soundtracks that pumped me up some in a lot of these battles and levels.

The art directive was really strange, I wouldn't say it was memorable or enjoyable persay. But it was interesting to look at and look forward to for their next environments and people. Though I had an issue with the level designs. In the sense of the backgrounds. Everything a little above level eye sight which would be the middle of the screen was sickingly blurry. It was like this in pretty much every level. I had to keep my eyes on the ground and the middle of the screen or I felt sick.

The voice acting was poor in it's own right, but that doesn't really matter. Same with the story, the story was kind of weird and didn't really make any sense besides your were just running away from your home because of your actions. But the story and voice acting and art and some of the blurry vision in the levels really pale in how significant the action in this game was.

I know I didn't do a good job at explaining the combat at all, i'd definitely suggest watching a video of it on youtube. But the action brawling in this game is really good fun. It was an experience I was happy to partake in and i'm glad I played this game.

I got this game through trading for it, for it was in a bundle. I heard the game was good and I gave it a try and i'm now here to tell you that is indeed the case. I'd suggest getting it price cut of at least above 5 bucks. Anything below that is just criminal. Though this game is priced at $9.99 or your regional equilivalent and I'd say this game is worth the full price. It's very good and I can't say i'd feel bad if I dropped ten bucks on this game. Because even after beating the game there's a challenge mode in-which you beat the crap out of people for numerous amounts of floors. And that's jolly good fun too.

So anyways, Zeno Clash. If you don't mind a game that is highly action-oriented and with great combat and that's very fast-paced and alive. Get this game, it's really enjoyable.

Anyways, thank you for reading my review. I hope you found it helpful for considering if you want to purchase this game or not, have a good one.
Publicado: 18 de Octubre
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I could not stand to finish this game sadly
Publicado: 16 de Octubre
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No sabría bien como describir este juego ya que es bastante extraño, se sale de lo común.
Tiene unos personajes, ubicaciones y armas un tanto originales y una forma de pelear en primera persona algo extraña (y también lenta y cansina).
Solo por el soplo de aire fresco merece darle una oportunidad.

La duración es algo escasa, unas 3-4 horas.
Publicado: 28 de Septiembre
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6.1 h registradas
Zeno Clash is strange. There it is. I said it. You're totally surprised.

Not only is it strange, but it's awkward. Honestly I couldn't tell if I was enjoying it until I completed it in one night. The concept is great. The melee combat is innovative and challenging. The story is so different that you'll spend most of the game being confused and wanting to know more.

The story is one thing, but the scenery is astounding. It's like being shoved into someone's nightmare and battling disfigured humanoids and being afraid of the environment. I see 'Surreal' in the game tags now, which hits the nail on the head.

Zeno clash is all over the place with the scenes that take place. I don't want to get into details - mostly since it's been a bit since I've played it and don't want to be 'that jackass', but the story is pretty much the entire game to me. I can't go around spouting out spoilers, right? ;b
Publicado: 28 de Septiembre
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Short (about 2 hours) but sweet. Punch stuff and look at lots of weird creatures and environments. Laugh at some of the poor voice acting and wonder if the main character really IS voiced by Elias Toufexis.

Sometimes the controls seem a bit unresponsive.

The plot twist at the end, upon reflection, was a bit predicatble, but it still threw me a bit.

So yeah it's good play it if you want.
Publicado: 13 de Octubre
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Weird pseudo first person shooter/beat-em-up with exceptionally strange creatures in it. Not a patch on Bulletstorm for beat-em-up-fpsness but still worth a punt.
Publicado: 4 de Octubre
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This game has vivid and imaginative visuals going for it.

But is otherwise let down by a boring, uninspiring and pretentiously written story.

That and the game is a chore to play, with little satisfaction to be had from vanquishing your foes. The tedious fights feel like a punishment and distraction from the not as unpleasant cut-scenes.

It's worth a look for its originality but has little redeeming value otherwise.
Publicado: 4 de Octubre
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6.2 h registradas
Really cool game. Very surreal.
Publicado: 10 de Octubre
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Publicado: 14 de Octubre
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I bought this game in a bundle about a year ago, I figured I would never end up playing it but I was going through my games and decided "Why not, how bad can it be?" after two minutes into playing it I found out it was far from bad, the game is truly amazing, the story is great, the graphics are great, the combat is truly amazing and even though it may be short it is an amazing game. I also own Zeno Clash 2 and I will write a review on that but if it's anything as good as the first one I will be leaving another good review.
Publicado: 15 de Octubre
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2.9 h registradas
A strange world that is fun to be in with game mechanics I've never encountered before! Refreshing at the start, but it gets old fairly quickly. Luckily, it's not a long game. The plot is laughably stupid and most encounters don't make any sense. All in all, there's enough cool stuff for this to be worth the playthrough. Try to not get frustrated with the combat mechanics.
Publicado: 18 de Octubre
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21.2 h registradas
A fun, memorable, and one-of-a-kind game. Definitely worth $10, and a must buy when 75% off.

-Memorable story and characters
-Unique and fun first person melee gameplay
-Unique, bizarre, and fascinating visual style throughout the game
-Optional range and melee weapons are aesthetically interesting and fun to use
-Well optimized for PC
-Arena 'climb' and 'decent' levels are fun

-Story campaign only has replay value for achievement hunters
-The "Street Fighter" achievement is poorly explained, and can be frustrating to attempt
Publicado: 9 de Octubre
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PROS: Artwork of the level designs is SURREAL and otherworldly (no wonder it was nominated for an award); good ability to fight with hands and feet as well as use of crossbow slingshots, "pop guns" and melee; voice acting is generally good; music generally good (although I turned it WAY down for most of the game).

CONS: Poorly-written story makes no sense; tries to be some kind of Aesop's Fable, only without the fable (i.e. no moral being taught); somewhat repetitive fighting, as the same enemies you just KO'ed over a half a dozen times or more already keep showing up again and again throughout the game (gets tiresome).

This Source-Engine-driven game's fantastic environment makes up for its weak, nonsensical story. It had the potential to be something a LOT greater than it turned out to be. Without disclosing any major spoilers, let me just say that once you get to the ending, you'll realize that the whole game takes place in some sort of endless time-loop, with Ghat (the protagonist) being the victim of a false accusation...

You'll also realize that the creature called Father-Mother is being "outed" (which is the game's sole redeeming aspect)...

And if all that brawling was still not enough for you, there are post-game Tower levels (multi-level arenas) where you can duke it out to your heart's content. Personally, after two playthroughs, I had had enough already...

Overall, it's a "refreshingly-unique" kind of game, and a recommended play. Check it out.

Additional note: For all you other "discerning" gents out there who prefer to see beautiful women in games dressed a little more "interestingly", there is a mod available for Daedra that accomplishes just that quite nicely. Without giving the links, do a search for "Zeno Clash - Deadra Mod" (found on Fileplanet dot com), then run it with the free Texmod app (dmcmods dot com). Works well. (Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with either Fileplanet or DMCmods).

Enjoy. ;-)
Publicado: 19 de Octubre
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Si, lo recomiendo, ES UN GRAN JUEGO. Ostias crudas y una aventura muy divertida, unos paisajes muy llamativos, compre el 1, compre el 2, y comprare los que saquen.
Publicado: 20 de Junio
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6.2 h registradas
Un juego muy fresco y divertido. El modo de juego ,principalmente combates cuerpor a cuerpo en primera persona, resulta muy inovador. A parte los escenarios y personajes son de lo mas originales. Con una historia que engancha desde el principio
Publicado: 26 de Junio
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Peleas en primera persona, con armas y tetas NOT BAD

Publicado: 17 de Septiembre
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5.7 h registradas
This game is a strange ,unique and most of all a fun to play game. The first person view combat was a new experience to me and I really liked it. Although, the game felt a bit short than I was expecting. And the plot seems a bit in-complete. The additional challenge modes are fun as well. And best of all it is well optimized for my low end pc, which all source engine games do. The game is totally worth it and I will rate it a 8/10.
Publicado: 27 de Mayo
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