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Çıkış Tarihi: 20 Şub 2013
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Bu içeriğin çalışması için Zombie Driver HD oyununun Steam sürümüne sahip olmanız gerekmektedir.

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Yayınlanma: 3 Kasım
You need to know this DLC is a totally optional cash grab by the devs. You get 2 new possibly overpowered cars selectable immediately in all game types including story mode, and a new map for slaughter mode. Both of these cars are fun as hell to drive, especially in slaughter mode. The Auroch has the highest ramming in the game by far and rolls through packs of zombies like a hot knife through warm butter. The monster truck, Chaos 126p, has obscenely good acceleration and turning and is quite fun once you get used to it. You also get 'military base', a fairly open medium sized arena map for slaughter mode. If you've played through this game and still find yourself coming back for more, pick this DLC up during a sale.
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Yayınlanma: 25 Kasım
This is a pack I might buy again...but other than having the Auroch as a vehicle, its kind of pointless. The game will provide you with cars anyway, these are just two extra.

The first is the Auroch, which is one for plowing through enemies with armor and ramming, while sacrificing speed. The other, as you might guess, is the Chaos 126pher which is built for speed and lacks armor and...well it's just too fast to enjoy really. It's still a cool vehicle, but there is no way i'm using it again unless i can up its armor...but i think you have to drive them to do that!

This DLC goes over mixed with me. I like the Auroch...it helped me with a level or two, It is touch and brutal and a cool truck. I'm going to RECCOMEND CAUTION when thinking about buying this. Know the vanilla game first. I bought it because i was into this game and i thought "DLC!, Yes!". This pack only let me down 50% because I only dig the Auroch. You can modify it to have the same speed as the Limo (which you have almost from the begginning).

You need not buy it unless you're into this game that much, or maybe you have a controller that will make it easier to drive than on a keyboard. Either way, the Auroch is awesome, the Chaos is strange. But I'm sure there are some people who like to go fast in the game. SO! I'm going to...

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Yayınlanma: 28 Haziran, 2013
Oh man, I was wondering where those cars came from. Yeah, you have absolutely no reason to actually buy this.
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