Downloadable Content for Zombie Driver HD

Released: Nov 8, 2013

Download this additional map for the Slaughter mode and kill zombies in a beautiful, burning garden. The action takes place in a big garden, flames are everywhere. Earn a lot of points and have fun gunning down zombies amongst the trees.


Released: Aug 29, 2013

Download this additional tourney for the Blood Race mode and race with your opponents on islands, bridges and in ruins of an ancient civilization. The pack includes an additional tourney for the Blood Race mode consisting of six races in a new scenery as well as a new drivable military truck and additional car paints for the bus and sports car.


Released: Feb 20, 2013

Experience two apocalyptic, insane vehicles along with a new Slaughter mode arena that will test your driving skills to the maximum. The pack includes a monster truck named Chaos 126p and an armored truck named Auroch, drivable in all game modes. The military base arena is a bonus addition to the Slaughter mode map arsenal.


Released: Oct 17, 2012

Zombie Driver HD original soundtrack, created by Pawel Stelmach, featuring 20 compelling music tracks. TRACK LISTDeadly Overture (2:14)Run You Fools (3:39)The Tree (3:27)You Gonna Die (3:30)Your Time Is Up (2:00)End Line (4:22)First Step (2:52)Too Fast (3:36)In Pain (4:49)DIPRIP (3:56)Night Vision (2:52)Perfect Protection (1:46)Toxic (2:44)Get The...


Released: Aug 27, 2014

Download this pack of 7 awesome skins for the classic Zombie Driver cars.