Bienvenue dans le monde de MapleStory, où un ensemble de personnages uniques est impatient de vous rencontrer et où un portail pour l'aventure se cache dans chaque poubelle et cabine téléphonique.
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Date de parution: 9 août 2012

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"MapleStory is an MMO where the mixture of cuteness and a serious RPG feel has harmoniously mixed itself into one interesting game."
"MapleStory continues to break its own records as more and more players continue to fall in love with its vibrant art style, exciting action-themed gameplay and compelling lore..."
Gamers Daily News
“MapleStory is hands down one of the best free-to-play MMORPGs of all time.”

Black Heaven: First Chapter

Introducing the first chapter of Black Heaven, all-new content featuring updated graphics and new gameplay mechanics, including avoiding treacherous obstacles as you escape a threat, deciphering a difficult entry password to gain access to a heavily-guarded base where an ally is being held, and other intricate puzzle-solving. Black Heaven tells the story of an epic struggle between the Maple Alliance and the Black Wings, and delves into the previously unknown story of Orchid and Lotus. The content is split up into multiple Acts, which are unlocked as you progress through each one.

For more information on Black Heaven: First Chapter visit
For see the detailed patch notes visit

À propos de ce jeu

Eons ago, six brave heroes defied the Black Mage and stopped his conquest of Maple World, sealing him away for millennia. Now the fiend has awoken, and a new breed of hero must take up the call.

Choose from over 30 characters, including mages, archers, pirates, ninjas, even time travelers! Customize your hero with countless cosmetic options and craft your own play-style with robust skill trees. Explore Maple World's mountains, deserts, jungles and more, or travel to the alien world of Grandis for even more intrigue. With millions of players to meet and countless adventures to be had, MapleStory is the MMO that lets you unleash your wild side.

Key Features:

  • Customize Your Skills
    Choose from over 30 playable classes, each with distinct personalities and abilities. Level up your hero and specialize your skills for the perfect play-style. Every Maple hero has a story, and they all need players like you to guide them. What will your story be?

  • Unlimited Style
    No two Maplers are alike. Pick from hundreds of cosmetic options to craft the perfect hero. Choose from hats, cloaks, gloves and more to create a look that matches your personality. Crave substance over style? Collect weapons and armor to become the greatest warrior Maple World has ever known.

  • Fight with Friends
    MapleStory is one of the most social MMOs available. Bring along your buddies and create a guild, or make new friends as you join forces with millions of other players. Exploring Maple World is better with an ally by your side!

  • The Fun Never Stops
    MapleStory is always evolving, with new quests, new locations and new events added on a regular basis. Whether you're enjoying a new mini-game or taking on a new boss, there's always something to do, and someone to do it with.

Configuration requise

    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP ou ultérieur
    • Processeur : Pentium 4 ou équivalent
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : Carte comportant au moins 128 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • Disque dur : Au moins 6 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX
    • Autres prérequis : Connexion internet haut débit
    Recommandée :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP ou ultérieur
    • Processeur : Pentium double-cœur ou équivalent
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : N'importe quelle carte avec support Shader model 2.0 ou meilleur, GeForce FX5000 / ATI Radeon 9600 ou meilleure
    • Disque dur : Au moins 6 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX
    • Autres prérequis : Connexion internet haut débit
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Posté le : 6 novembre 2014
This game is like that really easy girl in middle school. You played with her for a while and got bored with her, but you hear her call your name and for whatever reason you go back to see if anything has changed, and every time you go back, nothing has ever changed. Now, almost 8 years since you've met her, and you two still meet up every once and awhile to diddle. This game, man.
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Posté le : 23 octobre 2014
For claification sake, I've played this game since Beta and I love the overall animation and playstyle imaged as a 2D platformer. I guess this really hit a nostalgia nerve for me and my yearning for the old Mario Brothers mechanics. And while I hate to bash something I fell in love with, this is no longer the game that I use to know.

Back in the early days of MapleStory, you had your 4 standard classes: Mage, Warrior, Archer, Thief. Mage and Warrior had 3 subsets each; Archer and Thief had 2 subsets. Finding equipment and hanging out with friends was easy because there was just a few servers and not that many maps. The level cap was set as a crazy 200, but the mindless grinding wasn't so bad, cause you could easily be with your friends and if you found an equip you couldn't use, one of them could and vice versa.

But Maplestory grew. On the surface, you would think this is a good thing; more people = more friends = more equips. True, but Nexon saw this as an excellent opportunity to milk its players through microtransactions.

As the game grew, Nexon built more servers and maps, creating virtual spacial rifts between players. It became more and more difficult to get to the same map as a friend without using a teleport rock (a microtransaction item) or wasting a bunch of time. Nexon created pets, vanity items, world transfers, shops; all for real money. When that wasn't enough, they created more character types, those who couldn't share the cash shop items with the original characters, essentially urging players to rebuy cash items. The new characters also lead to the nerfing of some of the original characters under the guise of "improved" for rebalancing issues. Nexon raised the level cap to 250, milking players for even longer. They created a lottery system called gachapon for in-game items using real money, not to mention special event "lotteries".

Don't play Maplestory. It's not what it use to be. The fun is sucked out of it. Don't waste tons of time and money on it like I did.
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Posté le : 12 décembre 2014
Review as follows: Simple version up top, detailed on "read more". Note: I have played this game for well over 2,000+ hours over the years, and long before it was released on steam; how I ever racked up that many hours I will never know, but the game is not worth even 1 hour of your playtime.

The good:
  • A classic 2D action platformer
  • Many character classes
  • Many areas to explore
The Bad
  • Character classes are horribly balanced
  • Classes do not particularly stand out from each other (their niche's all blur together now)
  • There is a huge problem with botters and hackers (people using cheats)
  • Traveling is a serious pain, and they draw it out ALOT to make you want to spend $$ money to make it easier.
  • Items purchased with $$ have a time limit (usually 90 days)
The Worst
  • The game is so horribly coded it takes approx 2+ minutes to start even on high end computers
  • it will often take several attempts to start the game in order to start up properly (you will be getting lots of errors)
  • The game crashes FREQUENTLY you could be playing for 5 minutes and it will crash so hard you must force shut down your computer
  • The game servers frequently need extended maintanence (often emergency maintenece; occurs several times a week)
  • They force you to pay $$ real cash to have or upgrade abilities your character should have to begin with (such as the ability to hit criticals with magic attacks; which is INVALUABLE)
  • They make quests and grinding require so much travel you are essentially forced to purchase teleport rocks or other timesavers
  • Dying is exceptionally easy at higher levels, even the best gear can get you killed in as little as 5 hits (which you can get hit about every second), if you want to avoid the 10% exp loss you have to buy consumable "charms" to negate the 10% exp loss (which is many hours of work at higher levels).
  • Looting is atrocious (essentially requires spending $$ to get pets and items to have them loot for you.
  • They create artifical demand

On to the detailed and truely abominable things that make this game horrendous, almost beyond words.

Fundamentally flawed
The simple act of looting is to push the "loot" button which is both "Z" and the numpad 0. As you progress through the game the method for fighting "mobs" is at the bucket loads, you will be killing 4~12 monsters within every 5 seconds. Each monster drops 2~4 items which are money, a misc monster drop, a potion, and a "ticket fragment" of sorts to do a special instance run that is always dead (no one does them.). So for every item you want to pickup, you must push "Z" and you will find that you will quickly be pushing that key hundreds if not THOUSANDS of times every few minutes. And if you dont loot those items you make essentially no money. The entire economy is seriously inflated to begin with too. If you want looting to be convenient be prepared to shell out about $30~$40 every 90 days for a pet and its "gear" to make it run around to loot things for you.

You are forced to struggle with inventory space. At first you may think that you have plenty of space, but you quickly find out that the "Use" items and "misc" tabs will quickly be overlowing from NECESSARY items (the several hundred or THOUSAND potions you will be carrying, and have to replace every few hours or so). while the ETC slot will be filled with quest items, materials for crafting, and of course the hoards of monster drops you will be picking up (which usually only stack up to 200).

Items you buy with $$ are NOT account-wide. They use a nonsense "cash inventory" system which is only shared with other characters of the same class (except in some rare caes like the "adventurer" series of classes or the "cygnus knights." However after the addition of the resistance they have their own shared cash inventory as well. You may think that is good enough but it IS NOT! because there are 2x of all that combined in classes that have a cash inventory shared only with other characters of the same class (which is POINTLESS because then you would be leveling up the exact same thing all over again; as each class only has 1 build, a special exception is made few 2 or 3 classes which can be either 1 element or another). Please note I am not talking about how a magician splits off into ice/lightning or fire/poison, I am referring to how a single class with a single skillset can have skills you wont want to invest in because they have no real part in the only effective way to create your character; which can be ever so important as there are skills in future advancements that require some certain skills to be Maxed.).

They purposefully make things that should be everyday and easy access functions, exceedingly hard. For example, if you want to sell ANYTHING to ANY players, you want to go to the "free market" with about 50 other people, all spamming trying to sell things. If you want to sell ANYTHING as easily as it should be, you have to spend about ~$5 to buy a shop that your character has to man (lasts 90 days) just to sell things, which is horrendous in itself because you cant play the game, and it has a tendency to CRASH FREQUENTLY, and so hard you will have to FORCE SHUTDOWN YOUR PC!. So if you want to sell things as effectively as it should be, you have to spend $10 USD+ just to setup a store that will sell things for you (you set prices), and those can last 1 day to 7 days (getting more expensive for longer, up to $30 USD.)

Character balancing is pitiful
They come out with new character classes OFTEN! I swear, whenever you start getting your character to a high enough level to be happy with it, they release something that will outclass you in EVERY WAY! and you will essentially be forced to play that newest class since the monsters only get stronger to keep competing with the newest classes. And dont expect your old class to get revamped any time soon! it took them well over 3 years just to update the adventurers ONCE. and over a year for most anything else. In some cases the skillsets even change so completely you wont even recognize what to put your skill points into! but it gets WORSE! because if you make a mistake you will have to spend the $5+ USD to reset your points and hope you get it right the next time. It used to be that you had to spend about that much to reset a SINGLE POINT! and most skills require 20 or 30, im sure you can see how atrocious that is (the complete reset is only a new addition too, if you wanted reset you had to wait until they revamp your class again, because customer service WILL NOT HELP YOU!

Customer service from Nexon is essentially non-existant, in fact, 99% of any and all messages you will get from them are automated. And no matter how large or small your problem is, nothing will be done. Your account getting hacked, or a broken quest (some havent been fixed for 2+ years), maybe even missing items/progress from a rollback, you will not get any help.

There is no acceptable passive regen's (% or fixed numbers) for being in or out of combat, the only class that had one (the Jett) was removed with their revamp. So of course you must rely on potions ENTIRELY for you healing (unless you are a healer of sorts). The only passive regen you do have is 10hp for standing still for 10 seconds, and at higher levels (something you quickly reach) you have 7,000+ HP easy. while mana regen's at 3, which your mana is easily over 2,000 regardless of class (mages can go up to 30,000).

There are countless more horrible things I can tell you about, but i feel I have made my point, and I beleive this is enough reasons why this game is among the things you should never play. Comments and likes are greatly appreciated! lets get the word out on why this is an awful game!
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Posté le : 9 novembre 2014
cc pls
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Posté le : 20 novembre 2014
After I have experienced SO much about Maplestory, from playing it since 9 years ago plus on various private servers, I think it is time to hit delete key and post a caveat for curious 12-year-old like you to see. This game does not hurt if you play with some friends. Honestly, being playing with friends is the only good way to play this game since they serve as a reminder that you still have a real life. Without such link to the reality, it is too easy to be sucked into the scheme of Maplestory that is deliberately, fundamentally created to exhaust both your mind and wallet
Because remember: the philosophy of any MMORPG is to encourage competition between players strictly on the level of vanity and facile values, being how beautiful you look, how much money you have, how high damage can you hit...... Especially when you are lonely in the game, this emotion is easily ellicited because the game encourages so in any aspect. But the trick is, we all understand there is no ending to beautiful cash shop items and the amount of currency you possess, why can't we/I keep from not coming back to torture ourselves in the grinding and trading that ultimately lead to no real satisfaction?
Because those game developers(e.g. Nexon) understand how pleasure works in us. What human desires is not a specific, final object, but a differential value through a growing experience. That is to say, pleasure is only gained through change; and after you arrive at a threshold, being it posed by the game or your brain, you are only left with emptiness. And this is when you want to start the loop again, again, and again. This is precisely why we only want to make MORE money, why we want to spend MORE cash items, and get MORE levels/damage without it ending at a specific number. This is why Nexon created so many new types of characters and jobs: they want to give you the pseudo-novel feeling each time you restart the experience, while in fact, nothing has changed about how your pleasure works. It's an everlasting loop.
So instead of clicking the "Play Game" button. Why not think about something more valuable in your life? Whether or not you are willing to participate in this collective subconscious hell of pleasure looping is your own choice. If you really want to play, play it with friends. I am lonely, I don't have friends. Since I understand all these, I decide to quit.
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Posté le : 2 novembre 2014
Has become way to much of a Pay to win game... I've been playing on and off since beta version 0.16, when getting to level 30 was a challenge...

Hackers everywhere, regardless of the constant patches...
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Posté le : 26 octobre 2014
I like maplestory because the endless grinding and repetitive gameplay makes me forget that I don't have a job

Play it if you also like data entry and making spreadsheets for fun
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Posté le : 21 novembre 2014
Me and my friends have played mapelstory since 2006 when hacking was a bit abundant. We've gone through thick and thin with this game and i even won my first major event item Nekomimi back then and i treasured it with all my heart. Sadly i can't say nexon treasured me at all even though i've spent quite a bit of money and give or take 7 years on it. One day I came back to my account with my items missing and my scrolled untradeable gear reset to 10 slots and basic stats. Personally i could've cared less about all my other items but my Nekomimi's were missing. I spent years collecting the few that Bellocan had in its server and treasured the pair i won for myself. So naturally i opened up a support claim asking if they could help get my Nekomimi's back. Almost 2 months went by up until i finally got a response asking if i checked all my characters .... which you know.... all of them being nekkid and the fact that i did check all my characters and their inventories and storage means it wasn't there. So i sent a reply saying that they weren't there and then the GM put a stamp on my claim saying it was solved and put me on my way. So there my characters sat being nekkid and all minus any untradeable gear locked to them. From that day forward i went and bought some NX and sent another ticket specifically for the Nekomimi's that were taken and the hacked account report and they didn't even bother looking at them. I sent about 3 more over the course of 2013 and gave up. I used the NX to get meso's and then try and find some more nekomimi's but being an item from 2006-2007 there were none for the weeks i spent in Free Market spamming buying Nekomimi's.
*Edit* Opened another ticket after retrying maplestory and got a gm response. Basically he's unable to help because "hacked accounts" are a touchy subject and they can't actually verify that you were hacked and that the items were yours and not just transfered to another account. This bit of info would have helped me in the first ticket but i can understand where the verifying it's yours can be a horrid downhill subject. So bellocan's pretty much dead so no chance i'll get another but the gm's aren't bad.

Nexon destroyed drop rates when they did the big bang patch and changed the Exp tables to make leveling up easier. Nowdays you're expected to either use NX to get more gear, merchant, or craft some gear which isn't always possible seeing how the use of Nx to buy meso has sky rocketed free market prices making the crystals needed to craft a bit pricy. Party quests were basically dumbed down over the years. Ludibrium party quest was turned from a 30min+ quest into a 10min+ quest. Guild rankings were taken down for no apparent reason and guild quest was made useless because of it. Guild questing was used to get points to rank up your guild and had to be coordinated with the group with certain classes and skills were a must in order to finish. Some of the party quests were even taken down with the big bang revamp like ludibrium maze, Carnival party quest, and some others. Nexon now also guts any decent way to get exp from grinding or party quests. Most of the old party quests give crap rewards and crap exp. Grinding gives moderate exp and have very low drop rates. I've seen a good chunk of new players resort to begging because when doing certain party quests for levels they'll be booted because they don't have strong low level gear or the gear will be out of date and party leaders won't accept them into the party.
Nexon also has a habit of gutting any places you can grind for exp.

Nexon has slowly ruined maplestory over the past few years by making it short and sweet instead of a long savory flavor. Also nexon's customer support basically can't help you if you're hacked for mutiple reasons.
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Posté le : 8 novembre 2014
This game is crap why can't I stop playing it.
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Posté le : 5 décembre 2014
Socialize with 12 year olds in your favorite kawaii middle school simulator
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Posté le : 4 janvier
It's like Masturbating with sandpaper while pouring bleach down your urethra. 10/10
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Posté le : 22 janvier
please kill me
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Posté le : 28 octobre 2014
Played since beta in 2003.. even got all my screenshots from back then.. 10 years ago it was a great game! 10 years later the game is just horrible:

Pay 2 Win: If your very high leveled and dont have a single piece of cash shop items or hairstyles, you will get mistakenly banned for being a botter, or treated like ♥♥♥♥ by the community.. oh and for the people who do spend money on the game you would be spending $15,000 USD or more to get the results you want.. (cubes and all) while spending $50 on the game wouldnt get you anything except a pet and all its lame accessories

Hackers Everywhere: Now i don't care how secure your account info is, or how many antivirus scanners you got, or even if you use that anti-keyloggable steelseries keyboard, YOU WOULD GET HACKED.. skilled people know how to manipulate nexon's database, exploit the pando downloader, or even right through the cash shop and gain access to your character and pin.. NOBODY in that game is safe.. best way to be safe in that game is not to brag about your gears or show off in youtube videos

Lame Economy: The in game Meso currency cap used to be 2.1billion but with so many complainers they finally increased it to 10billion.. though 10billion couldnt even buy you a decent weapon in that game.. since very great or even godly equipments cost about 60bill~120bill a piece..

1. purchasing equips that cost more than the meso cap (which is pretty much everything in the game except pots) will require you to have a voucher.. you are 200.1% likely to get SCAMMED

2. large trades through the trade window violates nexons TOS, your likely to get mass perma banned for having fradulent meso or even trading with illegal website farmers

3. by the time you buy all the equips you want, you WILL GET HACKED.. nexon wont compensate you at all

Botters Everywhere: The reason why everyone bots in the game is because the economy is so jacked up and expensive, no legit person can even afford a decent equips set.. alot of people resort to botting to accumulate alot of mesos

Cocky Players: Alot of the players in that game are self centered losers with 2million damage range or higher, if your damage is lower than theres they would either kick you out of partys and raids, or killsteal the map your training on.. oh this happens very often during 2x exp events unless you play on one of those underpopulated brand new servers but they even started to do that over there too

Wrongful Bans: This happens ALOT and a good 85% of the people never do get their accounts back.. they have to start all over, some never play again.. you might be strolling through the free market, or henesys townsteet and walk into a map with a vac hacker, well your gonna get banned for hacking too not just that person, and nexon doesnt investigate nothing they just hellban everybody as they see fit, and when it does happen to you, their customer support takes great pleasure in refusing tickets and appeals

I would recommend La Tale instead of Maplestory.. to anybody who plays it.. you've been warned
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Posté le : 9 janvier
nuck fexon
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Posté le : 7 décembre 2014
Been playing for 7 years, and to be honest I enjoyed it up to a few days ago. For an entire week the game has been completly broken to the point where 1/3-1/2 of the playerbase can't even load. No actual fix has been released, and no anouncement by developers. Tech support and customer support don't help either. They've just ignored us and ran away with our money. To add salt to the wound they also had a double xp event when no one could log in. I've given up on this game and you shouldn't waste your time on it.
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Posté le : 25 décembre 2014
I've played this game since 2008.
After the Big Bang update, the game was ok, but you could tell it was slowly turning into a P2W game.
Not that.. It wasn't already before, but it just became more "necessary".
The community after that dropped, so you'll often find more ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s than nice people, unless
You're terribbly lucky.
IMHO, horrible game, don't play it. Save yourself.

I still play it somewhat, and it's like a drug I can't run from. ; - ;
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Posté le : 4 janvier
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Posté le : 9 décembre 2014
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Posté le : 21 février
It's like cancer. You get treated for it but then it creeps back to you slowly. Also expensive.
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Posté le : 26 novembre 2014
Ø♥╬¶→╚! 漢字月意字 / 會意字假借字 转注字 / 轉注字 very good must buy and waste all ur money so u get a item for a month then u lose it and look like a homo
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