The Dark Eye - Demonicon is a thrilling action-RPG set in the extraordinarily popular universe of “The Dark Eye”, a richly crafted fantasy world beloved by fantasy gamers across the globe. The Dark Eye - Demonicon tells the tragic story of a brother and sister who become pawns of sinister forces in a world of cruelty and depravity.
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Mixed (434 reviews) - 69% of the 434 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Oct 24, 2013

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“… shaping up to be a fantastic game”
Gaming Excellence

“Demonicon may well be the RPG that both gamers and Dark Eye fans have been waiting for”

“Demonicon will get a lot of gamers excited”
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About This Game

The Dark Eye - Demonicon is a thrilling action-RPG set in the extraordinarily popular universe of “The Dark Eye”, a richly crafted fantasy world beloved by fantasy gamers across the globe.

The Dark Eye - Demonicon tells the tragic story of a brother and sister who become pawns of sinister forces in a world of cruelty and depravity. In this bleak yet magical world, their affection is both a blessing and a curse. Both are constantly threatened by mortal danger and demonic temptation, and must find a way through their tortured lives by facing serious moral decisions. Their common destiny will determine that of the entire continent, and will be decided by the choices they make. Hordes of fiends block their way to freedom and peace, and only through battle and magic they will truly become free of the darkness.

  • A third-person action-RPG featuring brutal melee attack combos and dazzling magic spells
  • Powerful storytelling with an elaborate narrative rich with twists, as well as believable conflicts and ethical decision-making opportunities
  • Action-packed battles, where pin-point timing and clever tactics play important roles
  • Unique magic system: a dark talent grants the player devastating mystical powers and changes his physical appearance
  • Comprehensive crafting system allows for creation of potions, poisoned blades and enchanted armor
  • State-of-the-art 3D visuals using the powerful Havok Vision engine
  • A richly detailed game world embedded in the extensive fantasy world of The Dark Eye

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3 (32bit), Windows Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: 2 GHz Dual-core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 512MB VRAM and Shader Model 4.0 support. ATI/AMD Radeon 3800 series and higher, NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT and higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible
    • OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 (64bit)
    • Processor: 3 GHz Quad-core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Dedicated DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 1GB VRAM and Shader Model 5.0 support
    • Additional Notes: Best played with Xbox 360® controller for Windows
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18.3 hrs
Posted: September 22
a lot of good ideas with a rather rough execution

the gameplay is pretty strait forward, i found it fun in the beginning but, at least for me, when the end drew near it was getting a bit tedious

the story was intriguing, even if the beginning was a wee bit confusing, its a bit grimdark which can sometimes be assosiated with The Dark Eye, and i persenally enjoy that

choice are very simple, one or the other in the moral greys, and the sidequest are completly pointless exp grind

i enjoyed my time, but doubt ill play through a second time, but all in all good for the price
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0.4 hrs
Posted: September 16
The animation sucks and makes it non-emersive
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21.1 hrs
Posted: September 7
It's an interesting game. The graphics aren't all that great, the story is average and the gameplay is okay.

If it's on sale, definately pick it up for a fun diversion. Replayability isn't on the radar, this is a play until you beat it then uninstall game.
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22.1 hrs
Posted: August 21
An unexpectedly great game. Reminds me a lot of the Gothic trilogy.

A dense dark atmosphere, consistently well done. Graphics are a bit outdated, but the combination of graphics, music and effects still feels very real and immersive.

The story is the strongest point of this game. It's original, well-paced, and has a lot of depth to it. Especially interesting for players with a background in the Dark Eye (whether from other games or the tabletop RPG), but also works fine on its own.

Recommended for anyone interested in a story-driven RPG that's a fair bit darker than usual. Strongly recommended for any Dark Eye fans.
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The Crown
17.8 hrs
Posted: August 14
An excellent game and an absolute steal when it is almost always on sale. Heartily recommend to anyone who enjoyed the playthrough and style of the 1st witcher, with it's dark fantasy, nihilistic choices and adult, not teen pandering storyline. I hereby name it The Witcher 2.0.
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Not Recommended
1.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 25
I simply can't compel myself to carry on with this game. It's boring. That's all there is to it. There's nothing interesting about the game.

No manual saving, poor optimisation, nonsensical mechanics, mind numbingly boring narrative, lifeless characters, and ♥♥♥♥ combat.

I'm not even sure if God knows what's going on in this game, or the motivation behind why certain mechanics and systems exist as they do. Want to pull a lever to deactivate a trap? Prepare to waste a tonne of experience in smithing, for some odd reason.
You can't do anything without investing ungodly amounts of experience into passive skill trees - the same experience which you also need to increase other attributes. It's not as if a single point of experience equals a single point in an attribute\skill, either. Nope! That would be too simple. You have to pour your experience into unintuitive gauges which, once filled up, increase your level in that skill. However, until you do fill up these gauges then you will see no change in those abilities.

The combat involves nothing more than spamming the attack button. It claims you can dodge, parry, etc, but you can't. Well, not effectively, anyway. Try to dodge? Your bumbling protagonist only does so after getting hit by every enemy near him, and only after a painfully slow animation plays out. Want to parry? Only if the RNG gods decide you're worthy. What's the point of a parrying button if parrying itself doesn't always work, or the command to make it happen doesn't always appear?

The characters and dialogue are probably the worst aspect of the game, though. It's like watching wooden mannequins in a soap opera. The dialogue feels unnatural and just plain tedious. For the first time in my life I was glad there was a way to skip through dialogue in an RPG. The terrible dialogue is made even worse by the poorly animated, badly designed, characters which spew out this crap. Unblinking eyes, stiff movement, and uninspired design simply add to the tediousness of the game. The main character neither looks, nor sounds, interesting. His face reminded me of those old Action Man figures.

I wont talk about the graphics, because in my opinion they were pretty good. I've certainly seen worse. The game was kinda laggy, though. It's strange. The actual game wasn't lagging (button input and what not was fine) it just looked laggy.

Some of the environments look quite nice, it's just a shame you're given no room to explore them. Everything exists along linear paths (and I do mean linear) with nothing of interest to break up the monotony. There were a few interactable points here and there, but it's just junk fluff which doesn't serve a purpose beyond simply existing. It rarely, if ever, plays a role in the events which happen in the game.

The game does have some minor choice and consequences, but I'm really not sure if said consequences have any real effect beyond a few new bits of dialogue here and there. To be honest, I didn't have the will to find out.

Now, I did enjoy the non-animated cutscenes in the game. Well, the few I've seen, anyway. It has that whole Dragon Age vibe, using nicely drawn images with a voice over.

Oh! Did I mention that you can't manually save, either? You have to wait for checkpoints. No idea why this system even exists in an RPG, but it does, and should you decide to pick this game up you'll have to screw around with it. Enjoy.

I don't recommend this game at all. It's nothing but a chore to play.
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Not Recommended
3.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 17
I launched the game, changed the graphics settings, and it crashed. I had to do it again. Waste of time. Then in the boss fight with the cannibal, he froze at 25% health and I could not inflict any damage on him. Game-breaking bug and supreme waste of time fighting for something I could not fix. I could relaunch the game and try again to see if he will not freeze, but the game is clearly unstable and not worth its full price. I do not want to play only to encounter more errors along the game.

I got this game in a bundle, and even then, it is not a good idea. The animations are wonky (they cut suddenly from one dialogue to another) aside the instability. One can buy Dragon Age (for the animations) or Shadow of Mordor (for the hit streak system) with a discount and pay a similarly low price for a much better experience.
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14.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 30
if you can look past the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t voice acting you will enjoy this game.

Great story, gameplay and skill system

Overall a decent RPG

9/11 IGN
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
13.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 9
Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Choices matter and the story doesn't shy away from taboo subjects. It is certainly a dark world, and it takes a particular type of person to truly enjoy and appreciate the story.

It's a niche game, for sure. But I do recommend it to people that enjoy topics of dark magic and necromancy.
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14.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 22, 2015
Is the game worth $40? Hell no? Is the game worth around $10? Well that depends. Many gamers today aren't willing to invest into games that provide a mediocre experience. They only want to play games that are highly recieved. Gone are the days of going to the store and just picking out a game because the cover art looked cool. With reviews everywhere, gamers are more wary of their purchases. So I will say this, the game will not woo you. It will most likely be a forgettable experience. The controls are somewhat clunky and the animations are subpar. But is it worth your time? I say yes. Games like this reach towards the stars and fail poetically due to a lack of budget. IF you are looking for a decent Action RPG with an OK story to pass time, then I reccommend this game. If you only concern yourself with the highest quality of game out there, then I suggest you move along.
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29.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2013
I've given this game a 'Yes' recommendation, but only if you can find it going really cheap in a deal or a sale somewhere.

So - Demonicon. It's not the worst game you'll ever play, but it's not terribly well designed, and it's kind of 'obvious' that it worked to a budget, which is a shame because it's got some nice visuals and as an RPG it manages to hit some of the right notes. It's got a lot of obvious bugs and half-finished elements, it's kind of clunky, and the story isn't amazing, and isn't really developed entirely well. I think the game tries to rely too much on the background The Dark Eye lore, which will appeal only to fans of that pen & paper RPG. The first couple of areas as well are a bit cumbersome, and it's not really that enjoyable a game to begin with.

But eventually, after about 10 hours or so, maybe? Towards the latter half of the second hub, suddenly you get a sense of... moorishness. By this time Cairon should have some better abilities & equipment, and should be levelled up to a point where he's actually slightly ahead of the curve for that area. This makes the fighting easier (but not boring), which stops some of the sluggish battles you may have had before this. Keep on top of things and this advantage can last you the rest of the game, and all in all it makes you feel like a little bit of a badass.

As an example, in a later hub section, I found myself confronted by three or four demons in armour, wielding some pretty nasty looking weapons. I was preparing myself mentally for long and difficult fight, and I ran at the first one and did that stabby move that's kind of like what Brad Pitt does in the movie Troy. The demon knight fell instantly - recovering from my momentary surprise, I repeated the move on the others, and then the fight was over. I felt like a total BOSS, and that's something that this game is kind of good at, especially in the later half.

So – all in all, if you find it cheap and are willing to put up with a rather poor start, this is one of those one-shots that can entertain you for a while. I finished the game in 26 hours, so it’s not short by any means, but it’s fairly linear for an ‘RPG’ so the story can only go on for so long.

For more information, especially about the specific mechanics of the game, check out my full review at Strategy Informer:
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11.0 hrs on record
Posted: April 11, 2014
Demonicon reminded me a bit of Dragon Age 2 because of its repetitive and dull environments. But it's a game that's understandable, a game that anyone can play. It's actually fairly good for an action RPG. Until it becomes very repetitive as far as the quests are concerned.

The character and skill upgrade systems are refreshing. They aren't perfect, but at least they allow for a lot of customization, even if half of these upgrades aren't used all that much. You earn AP by finishing quests, killing enemies, you name it. These points can then be spend on upgrades. Each skill requires 4 blocks of points before it is entirely upgraded and there are about 10 skills in total. You can also spend these points on stats like strength and you also unlock a magic system early on that uses GP which can be earned pretty much the same way, but you have to use magic while doing things.

Quests consist of kill and fetch quests and halfway through the game this becomes rather repetitive. This is also thanks to the not-all-that-exciting combat, which is real-time, by the way.
The graphics are sharp and pretty good, but the framerate drops in villages and I have no idea why. The villages aren't overly crowded and there aren't any spectacular visual effects in it either. Weird. Otherwise, the game runs well.

The voice acting isn't all that bad, even if some of the voices don't match the personalities of the characters. But then again, this is no AAA title so if we take that into account it isn't all that bad.
Demonicon didn't disappoint me because I didn't really have any expectations so if you feel the same way give it a try. But if you want a quality RPG that isn't too repetitive look further.

[Rating: 74/100]
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31.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 23, 2014
I bought this game at a pretty hefty discount before it was released after watching trailers and reading previews. I like the game quite a bit, not at all disappointed with the purchase. I played it pretty consistently until I finished it. Overall I'd rate it a 80/100

The story is dark, set in a world plagued by demons and monsters after some sort of cataclysmic magical apocalypse. The decisions you make have very real consequences both for those close to your character and for the city where you spend most of your time.

The game system works well - clearly heavily influenced by the Witcher 2. The combat is pretty good, but slightly rough around the edges.

So should you buy this game? Depends on how much you like RPG's with dark stories, and whether or not you are willing to excuse the combat for not being as good as Witcher 2, Skyrim, Dragon Age or KOTOR 1&2.

Finally I'd like to address the "incest" thing. Clearly people were not paying attention as your character is not actually a blood relative of the possible romantic interest.
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83.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 30, 2015
The Dark Eye Demonicon is a third person action-RPG set within The Dark Eye series, a German tabletop role-playing game that outsells Dungeons & Dragons in the German market. You play as Cairon, a young man who suddenly acquires demonic powers when his blood is mixed with the blood of his sister. Some people begin to take an interest in you, and events unfold from there. It is a fairly straightforward tale, with plenty of twists and turns that are less than shocking along the way. But it is an interesting story, and it features one of the most often used tropes in role-playing games today: moral choices.At certain points throughout the story, you have to make choices that will affect how others will view you. Standard stuff, but the best part is that you will often have no idea how your choices will impact you in the future.As Cairon explores the world, he has a few methods with which he can dispatch his enemies. Attacking with your weapon and using whatever physical skills you have is the first method, alongside throwing weapons which he can use to attack enemies at a distance. And then there is magic, which is comprised of four spells with multiple unlockable variations for each spell. Both play well, and I used a mixture of the magic and the mundane as I journeyed through the game.Alongside your combat skills are your non-combat skills such as lock-picking and legend lore, which are used to acquire and unlock additional opportunities. If you upgrade your fast talking ability for example, you will be able to obtain greater rewards for quests or avoid fights entirely in some cases. But a key detail to all of this is the way in which you use experience, or in Demonicon, AP and GP. AP is used for physical oriented skills, non combat skills and primary stats, while GP is used to upgrade your magic abilities. This is an interesting feature, as you now have to choose between upgrading your skills and upgrading your stats when you obtain experience. In theory you could turn Cairon into the least capable warrior in all existence, but in practice you will have increased everything at least moderately by the end of the game. You’ll want to level up everything at least somewhat equally, but the non-traditional character progression forces one to make careful decisions as you progress through the game.If there is one major problem that I can pinpoint in Demonicon, it would be the technical issues that pop up time and again.Textures would pop in and out when I entered conversations, the camera would often move by itself to the worst possible place imaginable during a battle and plenty of other technical glitches and bugs occurred during the 19 hours I spent with the game.With Demonicon being far from flawless, I found myself wondering whether or not I enjoyed it enough to give it a positive recommendation. Honestly, I did. Despite its issues, The Dark Eye: Demonicon remains a fun adventure that, while lacking polish, is an enjoyable journey through The Dark Eye setting.
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