In the world of Rune Midgard, it was a time of strife between the Gods, Humans and demons...Battle weary from the long war's carnage, the factions entered into an uneasy truce. The truce grew into a fragile peace that lasted for a thousand years.
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Udgivelsesdato: 1. jun 2003

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Spil Ragnarok Online

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27. juni

Livestream Today: Sneak Peek at RE:START!

Tune into at 5:00 PM PDT TODAY for a special livestreamed sneak peek at Ragnarok RE:START, our brand new progression server!

To register for Ragnarok RE:START, head over to our RE:START Registration Page!

To download the Ragnarok RE:START client, head over to our Client Download Page!

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23. juni

Patch Notes - 6/23/2017

  • Low: Elder/Injustice
  • Mid: Walwak/Draco
  • High: Dolomedes/Gajomart

  • 100% EXP + 50% Drops Bonus Event
  • Mad Bunny Ore Boxes return
  • Happy Egg Vending Machine is in for one more week
  • Refine Event continues

Verus, Juperos, Magma, Juno Fields

  • The next new Headgear quest, the Leo Crown, is available. Speak to Frank in Morocc (156, 194). Certificates can be found in the treasure caches. To create this headgear you'll need the following once you've obtained a certificate:
    • 5 Gold
    • 50 2carat Diamonds
    • 250 3carat Diamond
    • 15 Peridot
    • 1000 Zeny
    • 1 Leo Crown Certificate

  • 100% EXP + 50% Drops until the end of the month!
  • Rock Ridge themed event continues for one more week:
    • Cow Raiders and their Coyotes are invading Hugel!
    • These monsters will drop items and coins that will become useful starting next week, so hold onto them!
    • Dropped items can be exchanged for Rock Ridge Coins at the Waco Kid. He can be found at the dock of Hugel.
    • Coins can be exchanged for powerful items. Sheriff Bart will handle this exchange. He's also standing by the dock.
      • The Sheriff has the following available for trade:
        Glorious Suit for 500 Rockridge Coins
        Glorious Popularized Suit for 500 Rockridge Coins
        Glorious Shoes for 500 Rockridge Coins
        Glorious Popularized Shoes for 500 Rockridge Coins
        Glorious Mass-Production Shoes for 500 Rockridge Coins
        Yggdrasil Berries for 100 Rockridge Coins
        Yggdrasil Seeds for 50 Rockridge Coins
        Bubble Gum for 50 Rockridge Coins

  • The first portion of the Treasure Cache system goes in!
  • The Recyclatron and Hank (A forger) can be found near Frank's hat hut.
    • The Recyclatron takes unwanted Headgear certificates and gives Forgery Tokens in exchange. Speak to it for more details.
    • Hank takes Forgery Tokens and, in conjunction with a Blank Certificate, will forge the desired Headgear certificate. Speak to him for more details.
      • At this time the Blank Certificate will only be available in the Kafra Events Store for 100 KP. When the full Treasure Cache update launches they will also be available there.

Formless monsters, specifically the following:
  • Alarm
  • Ancient Mimic
  • Apocalypse
  • Aqua Elemental
  • Beholder
  • Beholder Master
  • Bloody Knight
  • Breeze
  • Clock
  • Cobalt Mineral
  • Constant
  • Cruiser
  • Touch of Death
  • Death Word
  • Eggyra
  • Taoist Hermit
  • Executioner
  • Gajomart
  • Gemini-S58
  • Golem
  • Greatest General
  • Heavy Metaling
  • Hell Apocalypse
  • Horong
  • Ice Titan
  • Mi Gao
  • Karakasa
  • Kasa
  • Kraben
  • Lava Golem
  • Magmaring
  • Megalith
  • Metaling
  • Mimic
  • Mineral
  • Myst
  • Mysteltainn
  • Noxious
  • Obsidian
  • Phylla
  • Rhyncho
  • Rideword
  • Rotar Zairo
  • Salamander
  • Seeker
  • Siroma
  • Sleeper
  • Snowier
  • Stalactic Golem
  • Stapo
  • Sting
  • Teddy Bear
  • The Paper
  • Ogretooth
  • Venomous
  • Waste Stove

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Om dette spil

In the world of Rune Midgard, it was a time of strife between the Gods, Humans and demons...

Battle weary from the long war's carnage, the factions entered into an uneasy truce. The truce grew into a fragile peace that lasted for a thousand years.

As the memory of that great war faded into legend, the humans began to fall back into the corruption, selfishness and arrogance that they had once risen above.

Breaking this time of tranquility is the sudden strange howl that tore through the boundaries dividing the Gods, Humans and Demons. Once peaceful creatures began to attack villages, and violent earthquakes ripped whole continents apart.

Sinister corporations to the north engage in twisted genetic experiments and the recent discovery of a pan dimensional portal has opened up amazing new adventures.

With the Ragnarok threatening to destroy Rune Midgard, adventurers are needed to step up and battle against the forces of Chaos. Join your friends in exploring the world and build your own legend in RO!

*Steam login designed for new accounts registered through the Steam service.

Key Features

Hybrid 2D/3D Graphics
One of the first things noticed about RO is that the character and player models are sprite based while the towns, fields and dungeons are polygonal. This gives RO a unique visual style that hearkens back to the golden age of console RPGs.

Extensive PVE and PVP content
Whether you want to hunt down the toughest monsters in Rune Midgard or engage in our bi-weekly Guild vs. Guild War of Emperium, Ragnarok Online has over 10 years worth of content, including new maps, new classes, challenging instanced dungeons and PVP arenas and Battlegrounds.

Extensive class system
Every player starts out as a novice class character, from there you choose a class. Multiple branching paths when you level up adds up to a total of 32 classes, each with their own specific abilities. From the hard-hitting Monk to the Robot riding Mechanic, there is a class for every type of player.

Make your character your own
Character's skills stats are completely customizable with each choice ultimately changing the direction a character will take. Combinated with many different job choices this allows characters to be unique adventurers in the world of Ragnarok Online.

Forge, brew and sell
Merchant class characters can open shops, and put items up for sale in a totally player driven economy. In addition, certain classes can craft high level equipment and consumables.

Weekly events and updates
RO is updated every week with fun new things for players to do, and we have major quests and events added every month.

Passionate Community
The RO fanbase was established in the early 2000s and we have many players who have been with us since the game's early days. We have quests, in-game art and events that come directly from our extremely creative community.


    • Styresystem: Windows-based (with administrative ability to install and patch)
    • Processor: Pentium II, 400MHz (or better)
    • Hukommelse: 128 MB RAM
    • Grafik: Any with 3D Acceleration & at least 16MB on-board RAM
    • DirectX: Version 8.1
    • Diskplads: 2 GB tilgængelig plads
    • Lydkort: DirectSound (or compatible with 3D Sound Effect Support)
    • Yderligere bemærkninger: May not run properly on integrated laptop graphics cards
    • Styresystem: Windows 7
    • Processor: Pentium Dual Core or Better
    • Hukommelse: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafik: Nvidia GeForce 8000 or better
    • DirectX: Version 8.1
    • Netværk: Bredbåndsinternetforbindelse
    • Diskplads: 3 GB tilgængelig plads
    • Lydkort: DirectSound (or compatible with 3D Sound Effect Support)

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