In the world of Rune Midgard, it was a time of strife between the Gods, Humans and demons... Battle weary from the long war's carnage, the factions entered into an uneasy truce. The truce grew into a fragile peace that lasted for a thousand years.
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Дата выхода: 1 июн, 2003

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25 ноября

Maintenance 11/24

Due to the thanksgiving holiday, we had our weekly miantenance on Tuesday, November 24

Announcement: After the closure of ruRO, we have received word from Gravity Korea that we are able to open registration for RO1 to players from that region! We are requesting that steam remove any previous restrictions on registrations from there. Unfortunately we have not received word if any data can be carried over from the Russian server.

If you didn't receive VIP from the compensation event last week, we'll be distributing the rest tomorrow in time for the long Thanksgiving weekend!
We will be adding a special Black Friday box on both classic and renewal as well as a special Cyber monday box that will only be available on Chaos only on the 30th.
On Classic we are adding NPCs to the Asgard village map that will warp to the monster turn ins and the current spotlight
On Renewal we have an update to the TIs:
Low: Red Novus/Yellow Novus
Mid: Hodremlin/Centipede
High: Salamander/Kasa
Next week, Jumping Janeway will be departing on Thor server so get your characters leveled up before then!

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18 ноября

Unexpected Downtime 11/18

Starting at 9:25pm Pacific Time, we encountered a failure of the hardware unit connecting our sites and servers with the rest of the net. This added to the amount of downtime we've had this week including the server hardware move on Sunday. With the help of our ISP we were able to restore connections as of 1:30 this morning. We will have details on our compensation plans posted on our main warpportal page as well as Facebook tomorrow. Thank you very much for your patience.

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Об этой игре

In the world of Rune Midgard, it was a time of strife between the Gods, Humans and demons...

Battle weary from the long war's carnage, the factions entered into an uneasy truce. The truce grew into a fragile peace that lasted for a thousand years.

As the memory of that great war faded into legend, the humans began to fall back into the corruption, selfishness and arrogance that they had once risen above.

Breaking this time of tranquility is the sudden strange howl that tore through the boundaries dividing the Gods, Humans and Demons. Once peaceful creatures began to attack villages, and violent earthquakes ripped whole continents apart.

Sinister corporations to the north engage in twisted genetic experiments and the recent discovery of a pan dimensional portal has opened up amazing new adventures.

With the Ragnarok threatening to destroy Rune Midgard, adventurers are needed to step up and battle against the forces of Chaos. Join your friends in exploring the world and build your own legend in RO!

*Steam login designed for new accounts registered through the Steam service.

Key Features

Hybrid 2D/3D Graphics
One of the first things noticed about RO is that the character and player models are sprite based while the towns, fields and dungeons are polygonal. This gives RO a unique visual style that hearkens back to the golden age of console RPGs.

Extensive PVE and PVP content
Whether you want to hunt down the toughest monsters in Rune Midgard or engage in our bi-weekly Guild vs. Guild War of Emperium, Ragnarok Online has over 10 years worth of content, including new maps, new classes, challenging instanced dungeons and PVP arenas and Battlegrounds.

Extensive class system
Every player starts out as a novice class character, from there you choose a class. Multiple branching paths when you level up adds up to a total of 32 classes, each with their own specific abilities. From the hard-hitting Monk to the Robot riding Mechanic, there is a class for every type of player.

Make your character your own
Character's skills stats are completely customizable with each choice ultimately changing the direction a character will take. Combinated with many different job choices this allows characters to be unique adventurers in the world of Ragnarok Online.

Forge, brew and sell
Merchant class characters can open shops, and put items up for sale in a totally player driven economy. In addition, certain classes can craft high level equipment and consumables.

Weekly events and updates
RO is updated every week with fun new things for players to do, and we have major quests and events added every month.

Passionate Community
The RO fanbase was established in the early 2000s and we have many players who have been with us since the game's early days. We have quests, in-game art and events that come directly from our extremely creative community.

Системные требования

    • ОС: Windows-based (with administrative ability to install and patch)
    • Процессор: Pentium II, 400MHz (or better)
    • Оперативная память: 128 MB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: Any with 3D Acceleration & at least 16MB on-board RAM
    • DirectX: Версии 8.1
    • Место на диске: 2 GB
    • Звуковая карта: DirectSound (or compatible with 3D Sound Effect Support)
    • Дополнительно: May not run properly on integrated laptop graphics cards
    • ОС: Windows 7
    • Процессор: Pentium Dual Core or Better
    • Оперативная память: 2 GB ОЗУ
    • Видеокарта: Nvidia GeForce 8000 or better
    • DirectX: Версии 8.1
    • Сеть: Широкополосное подключение к интернету
    • Место на диске: 3 GB
    • Звуковая карта: DirectSound (or compatible with 3D Sound Effect Support)
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86.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 12 июля
Диск с игрой попал мне в руки в 2005-2006 году, как сейчас помню это была тоненькая коробка с диском, внутри была брашурка с описанием классов, и картинками с ветками прокачки, и картой еще далекого эпизода где только добавили Кунлун, Амацу. Тогда было самое открытие руофа, raggame. Тот самый старый, добрый, ванильный. До сих пор могу сказать, что лучше того коммьюнити именно тех годов, я не встретил до сих пор не в одной из игр. Тогда еще было всего два сервера Loki & Chaos, помню своего первого чара арчера, которого в дальнейшем я все же апнул в ханта, а позже морфнулся в снайпера. То что было тогда, уже не вернуть, увы. А это был самый расцвет игры, самое золотое время. Что касательно игры сейчас, если вы не графодpoчер, хотите сбалансированную игру, с интересными квестами (что в наше время редкость, в нынешних мморпг), то вы не пожалеете, если потратите N-ое кол-во времени, в эту прекрасную игру и погрузитесь в этот сказочный мир. Пару слов о релизи в стиме, для ру сегмента сложно играбельно, из-за пинга. Что касательно ру офа сейчас, то он ужасен на данный момент, это отвратительная позиционка, фризы которые убивают любое желание поиграть на руофе. Но фришек, достойных - даже сейчас в 2015, не мало. Эта игра моего детства и юности, могу смело сказать что лучше в жанре ММОРПГ за все это время, ничего не было, мои критерии это не графика а начинка. Так что, все кто думает но сомневается, смело к употреблению!
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2.2 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 27 августа
Я начинал играть на Рагнарок еще на Оскоме (одна из самых первых пираток ро), потом перешел на Мотр, Лаггейм и т.д, побегал на очень многих серверах, последним моим домом был Люми... но он умер, как и все сервера.

Что насчет американского офа могу сказать... реневал это ужас, лаги аццкие (но лучше чем на лаггейме), онлайн для нас более менее высок только ночью (Москва 23:50 - Онлайн 3003 на Хаосе, это включая мерчей и прочую нечисть), кириллица не поддерживается вообще, в чат прошу писать транслитом как в кс-ах 1.х xD Не советую играть тут, но на наших серверах вы больше не поиграете.

+ потому что РО.
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157.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 8 ноября
Это игра моего детства, хоть я был нубом и сейчас не сильно лучше, но она самая лучашя MMO и не ипет
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1.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 14 июня
After 2 weeks of coming back, it is obvious that this game is cashing out on its old legacy. It used to be an amazing game I admitted. But if you're looking to come back for the good old days, there's not much iRO can offer here.

1) Pay2Win system:
It is against term of service to purchase in-game gold (zeny) using real cash. Yet it is ok to sell your warp portal energies into zeny ( which is obtained by cash). So the only way to cheat is to give money to WarpPortal.

Cash shop items also rendered many other in-game gear useless. And the only way to upgrade safely to +9 is to choke up $20-$50 in game cash for it.

2) Cheaters
There are so many bots in this game. Honestly I only see around 100-300 active players in game, and the rest are either bots, vend bots, or afkers. Worst part is some bots are actually ok, I see them roaming around cities buffing people, and somehow that makes everything ok? Also there's this thing called ragial which is obviously run by third party bot systems.

3) Lag issues and DDOS:
It's 2015 and this game is still constantly lagging and I am using 75mbps fiber optics internet. Also their servers keep crashing very often, and usually at the worst time of the day.

4) Immature game design decision:
For those who paid for VIP for leveling, the GM sometimes decide to change the turn in quests so impossibly difficult that only godly geared veterans can do them. So you're likely wasting 1 week of VIP time afking or slow grinding your level. Also good luck finding public parties to play with outside of the turn ins.

5) Slow customer support:
It literally takes them days weeks or months to answer ticket issues. Worst part is they will just ban you and give you no reason sometimes. So you have to open them a ticket just to find out that some of the items you bought may came from a cheater, causing you to have weeks of downtime.

6) Good luck finding players to play with.
Finally, good luck finding enough players to play with. It's a dying game, and most of the time you'll be spending time waiting for a party to setup (30min - 3 hours recruiting time just to setup 15 minute leveling session)

I'd say save your money folks. The old days of Ragnarok is loong gone.
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9.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 15 ноября
Ragnarok Online was for me the best MMORPG, but, it now confronts 4 issues, that could easily be fixed, but have caused the game to enter the state it is in now. I played it a lot back in the day, but couldn't keep doing it for the next reasons:

I. Cash Shop. The cash shop of Ragnarok Online offers a lot of powerful hats and items, that aren't available normally inside the game, of course, you can purchase some of those items with IGC if someone else is selling them at the market, but this has two issues: 1. A player can become rich in a short amount of time by purchasing items from the Cash Shop and then selling them for IGC. 2. The price of those items is so high, it demands a ridiculous amount of effort to acquire only one item, unless you buy it directly from Gravity. This could be solved by adding ways to acquire those items without having to pay absurd sums of ICG or money, like, I don't know, quests, tournaments, events, etc.

II. Bots. The game is plagued with them, and, it is sad to be the only one in a map, when all the other characters are just bots programmed to kill mob endlessly, that's not how an MMO should feel, in my opinion. There are many solutions to deal with bots, but, either, Gravity got tired of trying or just didn't try hard enough.

III. Lag. The server has lag peaks, not only on WoE time, but at any other time as well, it makes it horrible to play, even when alone. The problem must be either, the way the servers are distributed or their capacity, which is strange, considering there aren't that many active players.

IV. Rates. People grow and time decreases, the rates of experience and drop of the game are so demanding, that you either, are a school kid with a lot of time in your hands or you can just forget about playing this while studying a career or working, the game doesn't appeal to new players, and they didn't adapt it to its actual player base, causing a constant drop of players.

As you see, those problems could be easily fixed, but Gravity never seemed to care about them, that's why, if you still want to play Ragnarok Online, I'd highly suggest you a private server instead.

★★☆☆☆ | Disliked it
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