Guide Mairu through idyllic Cherry Tree Town as she makes new friends and endeavors to persuade them to join her high school comedy club.
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"Mid-quality waifus. Consider this an emergency game if you need a small dose of no GF feels and nothing else is available."

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Comedy fanatic and high school student Mairu Hibisu has decided to set up a comedy club in her school, but her nemesis and the head of the student council, Chitose Karasuyama, isn’t about to make things easy… The school rules require a minimum of 5 students to set up a new club and Mairu is 3 people short! Spring break has just started and Mairu has until the end of April to recruit the 3 new members she needs to start the club or Chitose will have the last laugh!

Guide Mairu through idyllic Cherry Tree Town as she makes new friends and endeavors to persuade them to join her high school comedy club in this anime-style comic adventure game.

Explore the town and level up Mairu’s repertoire of conversational topics by reading books, watching TV, etc. then apply them to persuade potential recruits to join your new club. Some topics require money to build up, so you will need to find part time work such as cleaning the local temple and making jewelry accessories.

Developer 773’s game features a host of quirky characters, catchy music, and is a must-play for fans of anime and manga. Laugh and the world laughs with you!

Key Features:

  • 6 characters to recruit and many more NPCs
  • 12 conversational topics to polish and upgrade, such as video games, romance, news, cooking, sports
  • All original, high quality graphics and catchy music
  • Fun dialogue and memorable characters
  • Colorful, warm anime-style tone and accessible game mechanics
  • Japanese setting AND westernized localizations available!
    * Trailer and screenshots above are from the westernized version


    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:Pentium 3 or better
    • Memory:128 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive:95 MB HD space
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Pentium 3 or better
    • Memory:128 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive:95 MB HD space
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I've never really played a "visual novel" style game like this before, but for my first time I really enjoyed the offerings. Cherry Tree High Comedy Club is a feel-good story about Mairu Hibisu, your typical 'I Wanna Be Hokage' type protagonist who dreams of becoming the next big international comedy senstation. Re-opening her school's defunct comedy club is the first stepping stone to her dreams; however, in order to form a club at CTH you need to have at least three members who want to sign up. And this is where the fun comes in!

CTHCC is essentially Persona Social Links The Game, but it puts its own cute little twist on things. You run around town discovering new students to harass and blackmail into joining your club hopefully recruit, and as you get to know each of the students you meet, you'll begin to level up your social standing with them. Get to know them well enough, and they'll eventually give in to your constant hounding join up.

One feature I really liked was how by talking to each character on a daily basis, you start picking up clues as to which converational topics they may or may not like. Some are made obvious, and some not so much. You also do better talking to students by increasing what you know about each of the conversation subjects. There are loads of ways to do this, from heading to the cinema or reading magazines in the library, to spending time at the arcade or listening to that weekend's guest speaker at the art gallery. There's genuinely loads to do all over town and many day/time specific events, which I personally enjoyed as it encourages you to get to know and care about the places & people you're interacting with.

One final thing I wanted to add is that I really loved the variety in each character's story, which starts to unfold as you level up your social standing with them. No story was similar and many were quite serious at times, but the sprites and character art remained adorable throughout, making it pretty hard not to find yourself endeared to everyone by the end. There's also a little re-playability value with the New Game+ mode (where you can start a new game with the stats you built up from your first game), but as this game is just a quick bit of cutesy fun, you probably won't be picking it back up once you're done with it unless you want to see the perfect ending. Would highly recommend this as a great introductory game to the visual novel genre.

Quick sidenote: if you're looking for pantsu, this really isn't it. There are absolutely zero romantic interactions with any character, which I was more than happy with but I understand would be a turn-off for some.
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It's a sidestep away from games like Persona where you have to balance school with battling monsters, which is refreshing. I do think that the timeframe is a little packed, but if you've got the strategy for getting recruits, then this game is very enjoyable to play.
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No idea how to play this at all. Tagged as a visual novel, but you actually do things in it.

"Mairu is Mai Waifu" was born from this game. Seriously, the girls in this game are actually cute and fun.

I couldn't figure out how to play this until I actually watched a walkthrough for it.

Was it fun? It wasn't bad, it's actually pretty fun to build harems of your own.

Recommended? Recommended.

Out of all seriousness though, you won't be able to understand what to do unless you did the same thing I did.
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this game is so funny ^^
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Dreadful. Literally every feature in the game is pointless as you only need to chit-chat at every opportunity to complete. Very repetitive.

Ravian was a qtpie. Haru best girl.

10/10 would play again.
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