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Ether Vapor Remaster is a cinematic 3D arcade shooter and visual treat from developer Edelweiss.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 27 de Sep, 2012

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Acerca del juego

All hope seems to be lost for the country of Lydia in their war against Caldea, which has a huge advantage in numbers and technology. Into the midst of this war flies an unknown pilot in a prototype fighter... His agenda and the secret to the his awesome firepower will be revealed as he takes on overwhelming numbers of enemy fighters and massive bosses to reach his final objective.

Ether Vapor Remaster is a cinematic 3D arcade shooter and visual treat from developer Edelweiss. Explosions, lasers, ships and backgrounds are breathtakingly rendered. The dynamic camera uses vertical, horizontal and cinematic chase cam views to switch up the action and highlight the drama. Use multi-lock-on to shoot tens of missiles at a time and even blow up an entire battleship in the challenging Bonus Zones.

Key Features:

  • Gorgeous 3D graphics, supporting up to 1600 x 1200 resolution and anaglyph 3D mode
  • Dynamic camera provides vertical, horizontal and cinematic chase gameplay
  • Destroy the enemies with Gatling, Winder and Lock-On weapons, each with a unique & powerful Charged Shot
  • Cinematic Bonus Zones with Multi-Lock-On mode
  • Online leaderboards

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS:Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor:Pentium4 3.0GHz
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:VGA with DirectX9 or later 3D functionality
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectSound compatible
    • OS:Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor:Pentium4 3.0GHz or better
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:VGA with DirectX9 or later 3D functionality
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Sound:DirectSound compatible
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Muy bueno el juego, graficos ,buen diseño ,buena jugabilidad. Me gusto xD
Publicado: 20 de Mayo
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Fácil... Te gusta el Anime? El juego tiene ese estilo... Te gustan los juegos de "navecitas"? El juego es eso...
Si viste Animes de navecitas en la que los bolidos aereos giran esquivando a último momento la infinidad de balas que zurcan el cielo, es esta la oportunidad de hacerlo vos, de ser vos quién con tu teclado o joystick el que maneje la navecita esquivando esa infinidad de balas...

Ósea, el juego tiene unos gráficos poligonales de Nintendo 64, flojos para los standares actuales, pero teniendo en cuenta su origen independiente son bastante correctos, no pidas mucho porque cumplen. Después acompañan unos gráficos CG estilo animero de esos que a nadie le gustan...
La música, típica de esta clases de juegos. La que acompaña cualquier opening de anime o jueguitos de navecitas "Bullet Hell".

Saliendo de lo técnico, la jugabilidad es muy buena, los controles responden correctamente y cada vez que te comás un balazo es por tu culpa (o porque no lo viste a pesar de esos colores brillantes).
La jugabilidad es simple, esquiva la balas, mata a los bichitos que aparecen y fin, pero juega con las diferentes perspectivas, ya que hay niveles que se juegan a lo R-Type, con la navecita a un costado de la pantalla; a lo Galaga, en donde está en la parte inferior; y por último una similar a un Star Fox. Tenés tres tipos de disparo: uno vertical en línea recta, otro que se exparse a nuestras diagonales y uno más debil auto-dirigido.

El juego es bueno, muy bueno. Y rinde mucho por su estilo dinámico que juega con la cámara. Es como jugar un Anime de naves. Si te gustan los jueguitos de naves probalo, no es innovador en mecánicas, pero si en la jugabilidad. Si te gusta el Anime probalo, no tiene nada que ver, pero ponele que si. Si te gustan los dos, es tu oportunidad tigre...
Publicado: 25 de Junio
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This is one of the most fantastic bullet hell games ever made. To some the constant changing point of view from horizontal, vertical, behind the craft, and even at an angle will take a while to get used to. Story is muddled and translated poorly in fact there is one section where the game tries to tell you background information while you are dodging bullets. (Who the hell thought this was a good idea is beyond me) The first two weapons cover front and side directions while the last is an auto locking missile launcher which is something more bullet hell games need since now you can focus on dodging. The overall gameplay is cinematic in a genre that only focuses on doing one thing in one direction. So far there is no other game that pulls in off available making this a must buy for bullet hell fans.
Publicado: 28 de Abril
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For what it is, a doujin shooter made by a tiny team of people, Ether Vapor Remaster has an amazingly broad scope. The small production cost and team show through in some rough edges but what it gets right it gets REALLY right.

The bad first. It has a hitbox that can’t decide what size it wants to be, some bullets have larger areas of effect than it shows, the 3D view means that shots can come from a different plane than you’re on and they can be very difficult to judge (particularly homing shots), and the game has an uneven difficulty shifting between painfully simple and blazingly difficult at times.

But its high points drown those low ones out quite handily. A very pretty aesthetic, an interesting (if underdeveloped) story which is exceedingly rare in this genre, good music, and extensive replayability via a host of unlockables.

It’s also easily accessible for players of all skill levels; I definitely think this will be my first recommendation to those new to the genre from now on. While other games might have tighter gameplay the fact that you can customize your game via additional credits and shields (unlocked through reaching certain scores, or beating the game) that mean anyone can beat the game through virtually unlimited continues making it perfect for introductory level players. Even for those of us who know the genre this is still a nice addition because it makes learning the later levels much easier since you aren’t immediately booted after making one slip-up as you are in other games. Allowing you to play through the hard parts to see and memorize all the patterns before coming back and beating it the “right” way.

In short it’s a great game despite a few missteps, and might well be the perfect game for those just coming to the genre that find some of the hardcore Shmups on Steam just a little too hardcore.
Publicado: 25 de Abril
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6/10, Ether Vapor is a pretty good little SHMUP that I still consider to be very enjoyable despite its problems.


The weapons are all basic, yet very useful. Each weapon also has a charge part to it. Making the weapon system a bit like a combination of R-type and Radiant Silvergun. The unlockable ships all have variations on the same weapon types but still manage to be useful. Movement feels great and bullets are abundant enough that you feel there's enough going on without being too overwelmed. In this regard the game isn't really considered a Bullet hell.


Unfortunately there are quite a few problems with the game as a whole. The scoring system is something that I think could have used some more work to make it more interesting for Super plays. And another problem is the graphics... No. The quality isn't bad. The issue stems from identifying bullets admist the chaos and knowing what can and can't hurt you. In most SHMUPs enemy bullets are on the highest layer and are typically a bright colour that you can identify easier. Some bullets that aren't of the pink ball variety tends to blend in with the explosions and your own bullets. Leading to moments where you question what just hit you. The story is there but nothing too special. I watched the cutscenes once then turned them off personally.
Publicado: 7 de Agosto
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