Set in a minimalistic stylized universe, Minimum features fast-paced combat with an elaborate blueprint crafting system that pits two teams against each other with their own gigantic robotic Titan. Collect materials from fallen foes and build damaging weapons to become deadlier as matches progress.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (1,947 reviews)
Release Date: Sep 10, 2014

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"A simple, but fun fast paced 3rd person shooter. Craft weapons, costumes, and take out robot titans! All in a beautiful minimalist environment."

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October 17

Minimum developer live stream today!

This week we're showing off some of the new stuff coming this month! You'll be tuning in for an internal playtest where we explore some of our updated maps and new features.

You can also chat with us about the game, ask us questions and give us your opinions! Join us on Twitch:

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October 16

Patch notes for weekly build 70404 now available.

Another series of bug fixes and stability improvements! We're still working toward our next big content update this month, so keep an eye on these announcements (and our dev blog) for more sneak peaks soon.

Patch notes:

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“I didn't expect giant robots or MOBA elements to play a front-and-center role. But Minimum incorporates them in a way that feels new and authentic”

“From the first moment I got to sit down with Minimum...I knew I was going to be in for a treat”

“Minimum's solid mechanics make it a fun shooter”

Just Updated

The end of Early Access has arrived! Update 4.0 ushers in Minimum's transition into a fully-fledged Steam title, and along with it come numerous new features and improvements. We've brought you a brand-new jungle themed TDM map, a brand-new game type called Horde Mode, support for Steam trading and trading cards, a shop where you can purchase armor and weapon skins, two new weapons, support for user-generated content and more!

If you've been with us through Early Access you have our sincerest gratitude - we could not have made Minimum what it is today without your help! If you're just checking us out for the first time let us assure you that this is the best version of Minimum yet. Join us on the battlefield and let's reduce blocks to smaller blocks together!

About This Game

Are you a fan of old-school twitch shooters like Unreal Tournament and Tribes? What about team focused MOBAs like DotA and League of Legends? Would you like to play a game that combines elements of both genres while adding crafting, customization, giant robots and a bold new art style to the mix?

Of course you would, and Minimum is just the game you've been searching for!

Minimum focuses on fast-paced shooting fun and a robust system of in-match crafting, team objectives and customizable roles to create a rich and rewarding PvP experience. You'll find a bunch of interesting weapons to collect and customize, armor sets to mix and match, a solid core game mode known at TITAN MODE and more all wrapped up in a unique, minimalist artistic style that's more than the sum of its parts. Some of our coolest features include:

Customizable Weapons

Craft dozens of lethal weapons with unique abilities and roles to best fit your personal playstyles. Each weapon has 5 power levels that are activate during kill streaks, increasing your power making you a force to be feared. Be careful though: weapon power levels are lost upon death, so with great power comes great risk!

Blueprint Crafting System

Gather materials from fallen foes and defeated objectives to craft and upgrade armor sets over the course of a match. Each set of armor has different benefits and weaknesses that can emphasize your favorite playstyle or counter what your enemies are trying to do.

Titan Mode

Battle in epic matches centered on the your team's Titan, a giant, destructive robot that confronts the enemy's Titan. Players can power up their Titan by performing tasks in-game, can defend their mammoth ally by killing enemy players, and can attack enemy Titans directly. The teams compete until one side's Titan reaches the enemy base and destroys it!

5v5 Competitive Gameplay

Create cunning strategies with your teammates and define your unique role on the team by combining different weapons, armor and devices. Support your teammates weapons that increase drop rates for materials and powerups, defend your Titan with armor that grants additional health and survivability, scout enemy positions with weapon and armor that increase speed and allow for double or triple jumps, or simply go glass cannon and dish out as much damage as you can!

A Player-Focused Development Team

We want Minimum to be the most player-focused game on Steam! Join us on our Steam community discussion forums to talk shop, weigh in on new features, report bugs and balance problems or just chat. Minimum is a game that will evolve with its community, both while in Early Access and beyond.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 32-bit SP1
    • Processor: 2.0GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DX10 compatible or better
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 1500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows-based sound card
    • Additional Notes: Service pack one is REQUIRED for Minimum.
    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit SP1
    • Processor: 2.0GHz multi-core
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB VRAM DX10 compatible
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 1500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows-based sound card
    • Additional Notes: Service pack one is REQUIRED for Minimum.
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Early Access Review
Not much has changed about the core game since May 2014, a whole bunch of bugs have been fixed, new maps and weapons have been added, and the netcode was slightly improved :P


Minimum is a twitch shooter with titans and creep farming.
So there's Quake III in here, there's UT3 in here, feels a lot like Warframe too, and the concept of momentum from MOBAs is in here too.
Run around, kill enemies and go on killstreaks to upgrade your weapons, watch two titans march down the middle (by themselves) and meet to engage in hand to hand combat in the middle, shoot titans in the legs, cry when both titans die, go farm slaughter creeps to make your titan even more powerful next time, and kill more enemies because you just got killed that god damn sniper is back again and you need to power your weapons up again.

Rinse and repeat, until your titan breaks smashes through the enemy walls like an angry baby and heroically punches (where applicable, existence of arm-like limbs not guaranteed) the enemy power core (or whatever the hell that thing is) and cause MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS, indicating your sweet sweet victory against the enemy team.

A total of over 20 weapons and over 15 craftable armour pieces makes your fighting style as confused as your grandmother with a Shake Weight TM customisable as can be.
Oh, didn't I mention it before?
When you kill enemies and creeps, you get crafting materials to craft armour to enhance your combat capabilities by boosting things like damage resistance, movement speed, and jumps, while at the same time (sometimes) lowering other stats like total health and movement speed.
So uh, we can throw Minecraft in there, right?
...Kinda. The crafting is more like how Terraria does it, you collect materials and choose something to craft, you won't be forced to lay out your resources on a 3x3 crafting grid during combat :P

The graphics are awesome too, what is lost in texture quality is more than made up for in particle effects with explosive plasma grenades, explosive sniper rounds, explosive explosives, and glowing swords.
You read this right, swords.
Glowing, particle trail active, slashy swords.
Which give you superpowers.
Then again, so do most of the weapons.
Jumping, dashing, vision enhancement, telekinesis, (you can redirect projectiles) the list goes on!

Words cannot do this game justice, and just by signing up you can get cool exclusive armour, too :P
Shameless referral link, please click me
Aaaand if you purcahse and play while the game is in Early Access, you get an exclusive reskin of the Inferno Katanas to play with :D

Quake + Unreal Tournament + Warframe + Dota + Terraria + Michael Bay
Lots of weapons, lots of armour
Buy now get extra swords
Go play it now.
Posted: May 9
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There are a lot of poor, bad reviews out there from people who didn't put very much time into the game to actually try it out, so i wanted to make this review for those who don't want to miss out on a great game for it's price now and a potentially even better game down the road.

I played this game for 7 hours yesterday 9/12/2014 after purchasing it for 5 dollars.
I have 20 years of gaming experience, playing from the OG Hexxen and Doom up to the new Unreals and Far crys and everything in between. So take some of my comments on tactics or ways to play, coming from bringing old game knowledge into a new game with old gameplay style.

TL:DR If you don't like fast paced, twitch based combat, with no bullet drop, no lead time, and point and click weapons ALA unreal, or OG CS. you'll hate this game, because it will punish you for being a bad player. if you like those things and have always been good at them, enjoy your 23/0 score (hint: BH+SSG+Grenade = gg). The game is not completely finished! but has really tight controls and movement, feels like a solid game, and has lots of potential! Support these guys, they have created a really great hybrid. Thanks alot devs :)

First off this game is SOOOO much fun! IF! you like twitch based shooters and MOBA esque gameplay smooshed together with a fun simplistic blocky style to it that keeps your attention focused on the action. <---- If that turns you off, DON'T BUY IT!

You don't need to aim ahead, there is no bullet drop, quick scoping is a thing, and if your a high speed mofo, who used to love playing insta gib on unreal, playing snipers in this game will be cake, and will net you ALOT of profit.

MAJOR DISCLAIMER: This game is JUST barely out of early access, it's basically a beta right now. Meaning, there are alot of coming soon, and not implemented yet, for different upgrades and such on weapons and armors and what not. It literally says the build is like 0.5#### right now.

that being said IMHO it is totally worth 5 dollars, hell i would pay ten (provided i have the information i have now after playing it).

Gameplay and Asethetics: The graphics are simple, yet convey quite well what's going on, with the glow of weapons giving off an idea of your opponents weapon levels, and armor being able to usually distinguish what someone is wearing, if your willing to get that close. The ability to mix and match armor sets, as well as choose your own loadouts is very satisfying, as you get to compliment your weapon build with your armor build, getting things like +20% or +15% damage. You get to earn resources and craft your gear from blue prints. The progression is very satisfying.

Titan Mode: It starts, you have enough resource to craft one piece of armor, of three that you can wear. Helmet, Chestpiece, Leggings. You have your two weapons, and a extra item, grenade or mini gun turret.
So you immiedieatly go out to find your opponents and shoot/stab them to death. Did i mention their is melee!? So much fun.
Your titans have also spawned and are marching to meet in the middle of the map, you want to go put as much damage on your opponents titan as possible as an early pressure can really hurt them if they are not paying attention. Usually though, if both teams are somewhat competent or decent, or just paying attention. Both titans die quite quickly, then it goes into creep farming phase. In this phase, you want to kill the wee little creeps for crystals (which add +1 to your titans strength) and give you resources to upgrade your armors! (+20% health? yes pelase! 15% MOAR damage?! yes please!). Keep an eye out for the GOLDEN CREEP! when it dies and drops it's ONE golden resource the team to secure this immiedieatly gets +10 strength to their titan. When the timer ends for this phase, then it's back to tians smashing eachother and your (or hopefully the enemy teams) walls and eventually base. That is the game currently.

Current Game Balance IMHO: The overall balance is solid, with only a few weapons seeming kind of meh, and everything else feeling strong to use. The two main starter weapons are easily the strongest in the game sans snipers. but that depends on your skill level. Melee is strong, but low skill entry low ceiling, easy to kite.
Posted: September 13
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Early Access Review
MINIMUM, first off, is really cool, with it's minimalistic style, smooth gameplay, good game modes, a great weapon upgrading system where the weapons gets better and changes its look every time you kill which is pretty awesome, and best thing of all it's really fun.

More info at:
Posted: May 8
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Early Access Review
Great game, needs pretty heavy optimization currently quite laggy. Active developers and support "desk" listen and replies relatively quickly compared to most games. Game is currently very early beta, so don't expect a perfectly polished game. I'd recommend you get a pretty powerful computer before enjoying this game however.

#First review :3
Posted: May 8
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Minimum in its concept is an interesting idea : a third person shooter where, during the match, you weapons evolve as you eliminate AI enemies and enemy players while protecting your own Titan and trying to bring down theirs so that you can smash into their base.

Sounds familiar? It is actually as it's a pretty good attempt at mixing the intensity of a shooter with the non-permanent progression found in MOBAs with a few key differences which I'll cover a bit later. It's a game about mobility since you have a melee weapon component which also evolves and armor you can craft that grants benefits while taking away from you at the same time (Want more melee protection? You become more vulnerable to firearm damage, etc.). This makes it so classes are dynamic in that you can mix and match armor parts so you can create a set that fits your playstyle or the current situation in the match.

Weapons usually evolves in 5 tiers, with the lowest tier being your 'basic ' weapon which usually does a pitiful amount of damage. With every player kill, your weapon changes forms and gains new attributes (higher fire rate, more projectiles, additionnal effects, etc.) which makes it perform better. Same with melee weapon, they grow larger, swing faster, are set on fire. Every time you get killed, that progression is lost and you are reset to the weapon's most basic form.

And here lies one of the glaring flaw in the game : momentum. A match's outcome is usually decided in the very first minute due to this system as the first team to have a player to do reasonably well will gain weapons that will make matching up to him nigh impossible. Once that player has a foothold, he can usually blast or hack away any enemy without difficulty and, by doing so, ready his armor faster than any other.

"Well, that's what happens in MOBA, right? You level up, gain better gear, kill more." Yes, except that in MOBAs, you aren't reset to level 1 each time you are killed. Add to that weapon balance which favors either very close range combat or extreme long range and weapons like an assault rifle becomes near useless in favor of people constantly running a shotgun, blades or a sniper rifle with the odd few which end up with launchers that will make any semblance of fair play tossed out of the window. A shotgun or blade user will rush you and can blast or cut you to pieces well before an assault rifle will deal enough damage to take them down and a sniper will likely one-shot you from range while your shots spread all over the place.

"But, your armor stays even when you die." It does, but like stated, it gives and takes at the same time; it only helps your playstyle, doesn't directly make you stronger whereas the weapons themselves are the factors that grants a direct power boost. If your armor does, for example, 40 damage and you are given a 15% boost due to armor, the guy which has the tier 5 variant of the same weapon which does 60 damage will still outclass you.

Don't get me wrong; this might actually appeal to people in that they find players who have tier 5 weapons during a match challenging to fight but the problem lies in that this becomes not a contest of skill past that minute but a constant David versus Goliath scenario where David gets constantly stomped unless Goliath flukes.

Level design-wise, the environnement are quite nicely presented, following the advertised style of having minimal detail. In fact, the style itself is perhaps one of the best point of the game as this simplistic approach makes level interestingly colorful and almost gives the impression of playing in different sport arenas, each with their own theme. This also means the landscape is clear cut and overall easy to navigate while still having enough Z-axis combat for variety.

Another downside is that despite its simplistic looks, the game tend to require rather capable hardware to run. Though it's possible to lessen the load by disabling a few graphic options, it feels at this point that the game might lack a bit on the optimisation side of things. It's surprising how even with an apparent low polycount for the environnement, the game seems to struggle that much to maintain a decent framerate.

Nevertheless, weighting both the pros and cons, I can't recommend this game unless you don't mind the inherent problem of momentum in the game; if that's the case, you might enjoy Minimum but otherwise, you'll find the experience to be frustatingly unfair due to the mechanical gaps created by the evolving weapons.
Posted: September 10
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