Take control of the Seven Deadly Sins as you forge your destiny on a quest to troll humanity.
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Data de lançamento: 13/dez/2012

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Ever had that itching desire to break out of hell and into the highest reaches of heaven? In Party of Sin, you take control of the Seven Deadly Sins in a coopetitive puzzle-platformer for 1-4 players.

Master a large, dynamic team of anti-heroes -- the Seven Deadly Sins -- as you forge your destiny on a quest to troll humanity. Envy, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony are all multi-dimensional with special powers useful in many situations.

Swap characters on the fly as you change tactics based on the situation: ALL the Sins are useful in combat, ALL the Sins aid in puzzle solving, and ALL the Sins have coop interactions, both Good and Evil.

Adventure: A full 6 to 8 hours of gameplay is provided, in both solo and coop modes. Play over 20 levels on your adventure through Hell, Purgatory, Earth and Heaven. Upgrade your Sins in the shop by collecting God's forbidden apples. Five bosses like the Demon Narwhal and the Airship Captain stand in your way.

Solo: Being alone requires more thought and planning as you make your escape from hell. Challenging puzzles and battles that will force you to combine powers in creative ways await you.

Coop: You are not alone! Play with up to 3 of your friends and combine the sin powers in new and sinister ways. You will discover that all your powers that work on enemies also work on other sins. Use them to help the team or punish bad behaviour.

Inspired by known classics: Super Smash Bros, Zelda, Super Mario. Party of Sin takes the best games of your youth and melts them down into a sinful super-game. Powers are adapted from classic mechanics like grappling hooks and time-shifting.

Religious Theme: Explore four biblical worlds as you make your way from the depths of Hell to the vaults of Heaven, one angel at a time. Fight enemies based in Christian mythology like demons, angels, cherubs and templars. Take the final fight to Saint-Michael himself!

Join a party of epic proportions that tests your ability to think from the other side of morality… Which Sin are you?

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS:Windows XP
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 10 compatible GPU
    • DirectX®:10
    • Hard Drive:250 MB HD space
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 10 compatible GPU
    • DirectX®:10
    • Hard Drive:250 MB HD space
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Publicada: 11 de abril
This game is a tricky one to review - I love the core ideas of the game, but not the execution in many ways. You control the 7 deadly sins in a 2D platformer most similar to Trine. In fact, you can argue that a lot of this game is inspired from Trine. Switching between heroes, combat, puzzles (sometimes usiing physics), and even the floaty controls are all reminiscent of Trine.

First of, I adore the concept of the game. All seven of the deadly sins look and feel like what they are representing and each of the powers of the sins fits in well, the perhaps the exception of Envy, who supermans it up and shoots a freaking laser from her eyes. I was not aware that was a thing with Envy. However, you can tell what each character represents well and, on top of that, the game introduces you to them one by one and allows you to use their powers.

I see this game as three different parts: the platforming part, the combat part, and the puzzle part. As a platformer, this game is decent. Its not terrible, but there are far better platforming games to play rather than this one. Honestly, its rather basic with not much experimentation. Nothing broken, but nothing amazing as well.

The combat part is really rough. Although each of the sins have a visually different basic attack, they all feel too similar to make in impact. In fact, I am not sure if there even was a difference. Combat is also affected by the sins; unique powers, but too often combat was too frantic to make meaningful options. I could use Sloth to slow them down, switch to Lust to charm the other, and dash in using Pride... or I can use Gluttony to one shot them and regain health, melee another while healing all the damage, and one shot the other. Why bother switching sins when Gluttony is so much better. This is the biggest issue with the game, unless I am forced to switch, I generally stuck to Gluttony for combat and Greed, with his huge hookshot, to platform and start fights. The rest waited their turn for their needed role in the puzzles spread throughout.

Which, by the way, is by far the best aspect of the game. The puzzles are well designed and tricky and had elements from across the board. Sometimes you ran across a physics puzzle, sometimes a simple mirror-reflection puzzle, sometimes a timing and precision puzzle. This is where the game shined, the sins need to work in tandem and that gave me the most satisfaction when playing.

As I said, this game is hard to review since this game is all over the place, however, given its price and inclusion in indie bundles, I will give it a recommendation. Play it if it is in your library, you can easily beat it in a play session or two.
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3 de 3 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
0.2 hrs registradas
Publicada: 1 de abril
I should have listened to the mixed reviews.

It plays like trine but instead of balancing 3 characters you juggle seven.

If I'm going to play a platformer the controls must be crips and precise and the combat must be engaging and dynamic. Instead I'm presented with levels that challenge me as far as switching to the appropriate character. What a headache.
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2 de 2 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
2.7 hrs registradas
Publicada: 25 de junho
Party of Sin is a puzzle platformer in which you play as the seven deadly sins battling demons to break out of hell. You can play single-player or 2-4 player local co-op.

Cool idea, poor execution. The game is a little too fast-paced for me (some of the puzzles I encountered gave only a very short window of time to perform a convoluted combination of maneuvers), some of the the enemies are way too overpowered (you're dead in 2 shots in almost entirely melee combat), and I found the bosses frustrating.
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5 de 5 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
6.6 hrs registradas
Publicada: 14 de julho de 2013
Divertido jogo de ação cooperativo e com certos puzzles no seu decorrer. Mesmo que se jogue sozinho existe uma boa cooperação entre os personagens. Se jogado com mais jogadores exige uma certa coordenação entre os jogadores para que ele flua melhor, pois é necessário certas habilidades de personagens específicos em diversos momentos.
Os gráficos deixam a desejar, há alguns bugs e a jogabilidade peca em alguns momentos (tanto no teclado quanto no gamepad), mas nada que atrapalhe a fluidez do jogo.

Tempo para concluir o jogo (Game Length): ±3 h

Arte: 2
Desafio: 3.5
Diversão: 4.5
Gameplay: 3.5
História: 2
Jogabilidade: 3.5
Trilha Sonora: 2.5
Geral: 3.5/5

Vontade de voltar a jogá-lo: baixa

Jogo obtido via: Groupees #17 - Be Mine Anniversary
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4 de 4 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
3.7 hrs registradas
Publicada: 24 de janeiro de 2014
Recomendo o jogo, porém, aí vão meus comentários e as muitas ressalvas:

História: 4.5/10
A história do jogo é bem "qualquer coisa", não te prende nem interessa realmente, serve pelo menos para contextualizar os ambientes e fases.

Mecânicas em geral: 6/10
A mecânica é bem interessante, simples, porém leva um tempo pra se acostumar ao principal pilar do jogo: a troca de personagens. Cada um dos personagens tem uma habilidade diferente, e cada habilidade desempenha um papel nos puzzles e nas batalhas. O jogo tem ainda um sistema de upgrade, que serve basicamente para melhorar os combos e conseguir algumas mudanças visuais. A compra de upgrade é com um item que fica mais escondido durante as fases, mas muitas vezes é bem simples de pegá-lo.

Combate: 4/10
O combate é bem simples, porém conta com as habilidades que cada personagem tem, algumas delas me pareceram muitas vezes bem desnecessárias nessa parte. O que acaba mudando isso um pouco são as partes mais avançadas do jogo onde certos inimigos precisam ser acertados por uma habilidade de um dos personagens para eliminar a barreira que o defende. Mesmo assim, o combate é muito fraco e repetitivo.

Puzzles: 6/10
Os puzzles fazem um uso bem melhor das habilidades dos personagens do que faz o combate. É sempre necessário trocar de personagem e usar um conjunto de habilidades para passar de um puzzle. Os puzzles não são lá muito inovadores, porém são interessantes e são apresentados em uma boa dosagem, entre uma batalha e outra. Acaba sendo o ponto forte do jogo.

Boss Battles: 5/10
As Boss Battles conseguem ser um pouco melhores que os combates normais, por terem um design mais trabalhado. A variação dos poucos chefes do jogo é interessante, as boss battles acabam sendo bem distintas, dando a opção de qual personagem usar para se livrar de um ataque do chefe. Apesar disso, não são nada incríveis as batalhas, muito menos algo memorável.

Comentários finais:
Vale a pena comprar se curte puzzles, não se importa com a história e encontrou numa boa promoção.
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