Embark on amazing adventures, build lasting friendships or even find romance in this unique social game, where a welcoming community with thousands of devoted players await! Whoever you are, or whatever your heart’s desire, come express it in Mabinogi and start living your fantasy life!
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"A fun longlasting anime stylized mmo by nexon."

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Welcome to Mabinogi! The world’s most expressive MMORPG, where you create a unique character and live your fantasy life.


Enter the mystical land of Erinn, where a century-old battle threatens the balance of the known world. Explore exotic locales, defeat mighty foes and follow the path to destiny.

With the unique Rebirth System, your character can be reborn and live their life over and over again, allowing you to try out all the talents, quests and skills you want without losing progress.


Shape your world and play on your own terms. Choose from dozens of talents ranging from tailors and musicians to archers and professional gunslingers.

Create an anime-inspired idol and customize your appearance with thousands of options, including clothing, hair styles and colors, facial features, expressions and much more.

You can even build and customize your own homestead!


Join millions of players in Mabinogi's energetic community. Participate in game events, join a guild or take to the forums and social media to share your passion with other players.

When you play Mabinogi, you're rewarded with a deep social experience, both in-game and out.


Mabinogi gives you complete freedom to live your fantasy life. Settle into your homestead and engage in the simple pleasures of a cook or merchant, or step into the boots of a heroic warrior or powerful mage and start an epic adventure.

Your hero, your adventure, your fantasy life!

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    • Hard Drive: 4 GB or more
    • Additional: Web Browser: IE8 / Firefox / Chrome

    Note: Windows XP will no longer receive security updates after April 8, 2014. However, Mabinogi should not experience issues on XP so long as reliable anti-virus software is installed and up to date.
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My name is Trigger, of the Ruairi server. I'm well known in the community, even across servers, for effectively codifying the proper use of Mabinogi's Magic skill set with a comprehensive guide that underwent many, many revisions over the years (and which is still referenced and quoted to this day). I played for over six years and sank countless thousands of dollars into the game. Mabinogi is my most-played video game of all time by a nigh-incomprehensibly-large margin (just not on the Steam version, which will explain the lack of hours logged here). I've shrugged off changes that have made similarly-tenured players quit. And as a relatively respected player whose advice carried significant weight with newbies and old-timers alike, I have one thing to say.

Do not play Mabinogi.

Mabinogi's combat was originally, at its core, a rock-paper-scissors system. Normal melee strikes are deflected by the Defense skill. Defense can be broken with Smash. Smash is not as fast as normal melee and will always be trumped by it. This, combined with many different enemy AI patterns, required players to be able to read the enemy's movements well in advance and react with appropriate timing, because all attacks carry some degree of stun and enough consecutive attacks will knock a player backward. In the original release and for some time thereafter, tanking was completely non-viable because player health was vastly outclassed by enemy damage potential, requiring every combatant to be adept at reading and reacting to enemy movements and encouraging the then-commonly-espoused battle philosophy of "don't get hit".

In the early game, this system is still mostly apparent and functions as intended. But a number of problems have cropped up over the years that make the game's overall combat functionality less strategic and as a result less unique (and if you've not played Mabinogi, yes, its original combat system literally has not been replicated anywhere else, despite its brilliance). I will attempt to outline what I view as the most egregious of these problems below.

Power creep is part of Mabinogi's story. There is an in-universe justification for the player's rise to near-godlike power, although I won't spoil it on the off chance you disregard my advice and play this game anyway. But despite power creep actually having a treasured position in the lore (and despite its being a damn good plot point), it has still negatively impacted the game in more ways than one. Nearly every subsequent flaw I list is in some way related to power creep.

The difficulty curve is a joke. The combat system underwent an overhaul back in the summer of 2012, which you may read my at-the-time opinion of here. It was an inherently good update, and I thought it would force Nexon to consider their poor handling of the difficulty curve more seriously. Sadly, they've done nothing but exacerbate the problem. More and more skills keep getting added to the game with absolutely no substantial increases in content breadth or depth to match. Since almost all skills grant permanent stats when upgraded, and since many skill sets rely on the same stats as other sets (allowing indirect upgrading of already-maxed skills), and since there are so many skills now, there will come a point at which a player is no longer challenged by anything the game has to offer. In a game whose combat was originally defined by strategy and skill, and wherein a properly skilled player could take out a far bigger and stronger monster with ease, "difficulty" is now represented by monsters with bigger health bars and higher damage output, and virtually all of them can be laughed at upon reaching a certain power threshold, completely removing all strategy requirements from combat and reducing it to mindless grinding.

Enemy AI is a hopeless shambles. It served its purpose well in the original release -- for instance, bears and goblins were both notorious for using deceptive tactics to bait players into reacting incorrectly. Most enemies can handle melee, magic, and archery attacks with relatively good reaction patterns. Attacking an enemy more than once with a bolt spell or a normal bow shot, for instance, will almost always cause the enemy to charge at you directly, reducing the effectiveness of spamming, especially in the cases of fast and ultra-fast monsters. Once alchemy was added to the game, the original AI crumbled and never recovered. Enemies have never once had their behavior patterns updated to handle new offensive techniques or new skill sets. They are still operating on their original AI, all of them. If you start out focusing on melee skills initially, you'll receive a decent portion of the game's original challenge level. If you choose something like Puppetry or Dual Guns, you will completely outsmart the AI merely by virtue of the weapons and skills you'll be using. It isn't a total slam dunk, as most skills start out with low damage and the AoEs all start with relatively small areas of effect, but the enemy AI will still have no idea how to handle them.

The early game has been nerfed to hell and back. This was unfortunately necessary, as the constant piling on of more and more skill sets left newcomers hopelessly behind the curve of the experienced players (and since this game has no level cap and no class system, there was no way for them to ever catch up). The changes to leveling speed have aided everyone, though, not just the newbies, and thus the problem remains unsolved, having merely shifted in a certain direction. Newcomers can attain a decent power level much more easily and with far less fuss than they could originally, but by the same token the old dogs can effortlessly blaze through new skill sets in a week or less, leaving anyone beyond a certain point utterly content-starved. The endgame has been killed thanks to poor design choices focused on making the early game easier.

In case you didn't catch this in one of the previous paragraphs, there are far too many skills in the game now. Most of the new skill sets have been added for very little reason other than bigger, badder, flashier attacks (going hand-in-hand with the attempt to shift the game's demographic from fantasy fans over to lovers of everything vapid, flashy, and hollow), and as already mentioned, enemies simply can't handle the newer stuff. Anything designed with previous content in mind is always outclassed by the next batch of skills.

That about wraps up my deconstruction of Mabinogi's many current flaws, all of which contributed to my leaving the game and none of which have thus far been addressed. I don't expect any of them to ever be addressed, either, because Nexon's Korean development team basically just develops for the Korean users, and the players on the North American servers get whatever Korea gets. If you play this game, know that you have absolutely no voice in the game's future direction. You will exist merely as a cash grab for Nexon.

There are other major gripes I could have laid at Nexon's feet here, including their horrendously overpriced cash shop, their habit of releasing a bundle of new outfits in gachapon and calling it a "content update", their poor community management, their childish and completely amateur banning practices (of which the linked blog post is hardly the only example), and much more besides. I tolerated all of the above for over six years because Mabinogi was once a giant among MMORPGs, schooling the rest with unique mechanics and satisfying gameplay. It's now a shadow of its former self, and it does not deserve your attention.
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Flirt with guys! Flirt with girls! Flirt with guys pretending to be girls! Flirt with girls pretending to be guys!

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*Live out your BL or Yuri FANTASY LIFE!*
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Kawaii waifu simulator.
10/10 its okay
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this ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ mother♥♥♥♥ing game will ♥♥♥♥ing ruin your mother♥♥♥♥ing life. it will rob you of every penny, every dime, every dollar you own. it will rip away at your existence. it will make you feel like the worst person on the planet because you end up spending over 500 hours on this ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ mother♥♥♥♥ing game. it will tear apart friendships. it will tear apart relationships. your friends and family will plead and beg you not to go on that ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ mother♥♥♥♥ing game and to spend time with them, and to go outside and appreciate life for what it is. but you will not. you will look at them, tears in your eyes, and tell them you /can't/ stop playing the game. you can't stop. because this... this ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ mother♥♥♥♥ing game is no longer ....a "game". it is a lifestyle. it is an addiction. an obsession.

you have become the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ mother ♥♥♥♥ing game.

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I do apologize for my lack of game time. I played Mabinogi directly from Nexon before it was released on Steam. Though it seems I have almost no time on the game, I guarentee I've spent at least 150+ hours on the game.
Now that that's out of the way...
This is quite possibly one of the best, if not the best, MMORPGs that I've ever played.
This game is far, FAR ahead of its time withs its massive variety of skills ranging from picking herbs to controlling puppets in combat, its INCREDIBLE organization of stats and abilities, its MASSIVE amount of customization and fashion (Hence the nickname "Fashionogi") and wonderful, active community.
Unlike other MMORPGs, where you choose a class and typically sit on it, making it stronger, creating your own skill sets, etc. Mabinogi has the unique feature in which you can be ANY CLASS. You can do anything...eventually. The game starts out fast so a new player can master one of the classes (For instance, mastering the Warrior class) and then it slows down quite a bit to increase the challenge of the game, demanding a bit more attention and dedication from the player.
Want to be a warrior? Sure.
Want to be a mage? Sure?
Want to be a ninja? Sure.
Want to be a magical ninja warrior? Sure. It'll just take more time.

However, power isn't everything. Tactics and pure skill can determine life or death as much as skills and raw power do in this game. Unlike most MMORPGs, where dungeons are scaled in a way that only players of a certain level or above can survive, Mabinogi changes the whole scene.
Going to try and clear a very difficult dungeon at a lower level? A lower level player can do it, provided he or she has the skill and appropriate knowledge of the game mechanics. But is it going to be easy? Not in the least.

Even skills that aren't combat related aren't useless in this game. As they level up, they provide increases for various stat points. No skill is totally useless, its all useful in some way whether the player uses the skill or not.
The music is simply wonderful, and the ever updating content and events are always there to keep things interesting.

My ONLY complaints in this game (And believe me, they were hard to find) is the occasional bug that comes with all MMOs and the fact that the combat system is a tad slower than I'd like it to be.
But these flaws are insignificant and downright redundant in comparison to this game's virtues.

My rating:
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