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Mabinogi offers a robust, online universe where people can experience all facets of fantasy life, from fighting monsters to harvesting fresh produce in the world of Erinn. It provides a new experience with a variety of gameplay, unique combat system, and orderly time element and age components.
Date de parution: 6 déc 2012
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À propos du jeu

Mabinogi offers a robust, online universe where people can experience all facets of fantasy life, from fighting monsters to harvesting fresh produce in the world of Erinn. It provides a new experience with a variety of gameplay, unique combat system, and orderly time element and age components.

From the tapestry of lustrous stars stretched high overhead, Eweca casts a pale glow on a group of travelers huddled around a smoldering campfire, singing songs and dining on rich stew. They sing and feast until the bright fingers of dawn extend from the horizon to purge darkness from the land. Birds chirp from the nearby trees, and the dew on the grass begins to evaporate as the travelers don their packs and weapons and continue on the road to Tir Chonaill, the town by the mountains. Erinn is a land of wonder, danger, and unlimited opportunity.

Key Features

  • Expansive Character Customization:

    Choose from a variety of hair, expression and clothing combinations to make your Characters as unique as you want them to be.
  • Unique Combat System:

    An original blend of real-time action and strategy
  • Immersive Environments:

    Explore Erinn’s vast plains, scorched deserts, towering forests and snow-capped cliffs.
  • Expansive Talent System:

    Learn the skills of any trade you wish by improving your talent in actions like Weaving, Carpentry, Wild Animal Taming, Puppeteering and many more.

Configuration requise

    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows® XP
    • Processeur : Mono-cœur 2.0 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 512 Mo de RAM
    • Carte graphique : GeForce FX5700, ATI Radeon 9500
    • DirectX® : 9.0c
    • Disque dur : 3 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Carte son 16 Bit
    • Autres : Connexion Internet haut débit
    • Additionnel : Navigateur Web : IE 8, Firefox, Chrome
    Recommandée :
    • Système d'exploitation :Windows® 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
    • Processeur :Dual Core ou supérieur
    • Mémoire vive :1 Go RAM
    • Affichage :GeForce 6600GT, ATI X800 ou supérieure
    • DirectX® :9.0c
    • Disque dur :4 Go HD space
    • Son :16 Bit Sound Card
    • Autres :haut débitInternet connection
    • Additional:Web Browser: IE 8, Firefox, Chrome
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[Edit 7/4/2014] Review has been slightly revised prior to the "New Beginnings" patch. The most noteworthy bits of information: Rebirths are now free and can be performed every day for newbies, and weekly for experienced players, and beginner benefits now extend till level 1000, thus making the game even better since all players don't have a huge waiting time to continue playing the game.


As someone who spent way more than 3,000 hours on this game, I feel as I have seen everything this game has to offer, and I still enjoy coming back to it. Although Mabinogi is a free-to-play game, don't let that label drive you away from trying this unique game out.

Mabinogi is about the story of a random Milletian (You) who was sent to the world of Erinn, one thing leads to another and you end up helping to save the world from one of many dangers. The graphics are cell-shaded and provide an anime-like feeling, the background and world is inspired from Celtic Mythology and fantasy titles, and for what it is, realistic looking graphics wouldn't make it look better. I should mention that the game has minimal optimization settings since it's a title from around 2003, but most computers should be able to run it and handle it smoothly.

The core gameplay of Mabinogi is the freedom to develop your Milletian to be anything and everything. Most of the skill sets are well balanced and influence other skill sets or play styles, giving players the ability to fight as stylish or brute-like as they please while being efficient and reliant on the player's actual observatory skill and reaction time. Skills aren't trained by just leveling up, you have to actually use them in specific ways to be able to train them, and at the end of that, you can advance them to a higher rank, which rewards more damage output and stat increases that carry over no matter what you decide to do next. Combat is also not just clicking and letting your character do all the work. Player input helps determine how the combat pans out, and goes in deeper than just mashing hotkeys. The game is tailored by "If something is bigger, than it is stronger than it as well." It's also a challenge to fend off more than two enemies at once at first glance. Once a player gets in the swing of things and understands what skills are effective and when, then yes it's easier to play and interpret what an enemy will do next, and what skills they should look into advancing.

If you are already pretty beefy, there are a plethera of life skills which people can work on that reward the ability to produce products of the sort and permanent stat bonuses. Most people only do this on their downtime or till after the point where they feel they are strong enough for what they run.

The other core function is the ability to "Rebirth." This resets your current player and exploration level to 1, giving you the chance to level-up as easily as you did back when you were level 1. Which in turn, gives you more AP to spend on skills. This means there are no character level caps, and you can keep going to learn new abilities and skill sets. Rebirths are available for free every day for players under total level 1,000, or every 6 days for players over that 1,000 level mark. Some people dedicate a rebirth and pool all the AP they recieve in that timeframe towards a certain skill to get that mastered.

Mabinogi has a social aspect as well. A large chunk of players in Mabinogi are either anime fans or people who just want to hang out, and most of these people actually play the game as well. There are various sub-groups people are "put in" based on what they do (PvPers kill each other, Fashionogi stand around flaunting their looks, Vendors/Sellers sell things or advertise, etc.) and a lot of people connect more based off that "system." The forums on the site are also well active, with many people who communicate amongst one another, including with some of the more well-known Nexon employees or community managers.

The premium shop has it's fair share of criticism since Mabinogi is a free-to-play game. However, in my personal experience, It's not that often where I will say something isn't worth the money. Ranging in the premium shops are pets and mounts which serve as inventory space or... obviously mounts to ride or fly from place-to-place with, the premium services (which isn't required to play the game in it's entirety), and various other goodies. It boils down to if you believe it's a reasonable price for the item and if you are willing to pay for it. Along with this, I'll get criticism for saying this as well, but Nexon is pretty generous with their premium content. A lot of events and even some in-game quests reward players with premium content, double training / AP events, and more content to fondle with.

Mabinogi is a truly unique game overflowing with content that you can choose to aspire to or not. When you sit down to the game and play it for the first short while, you will feel accomplished just starting out and getting the hang of combat and gathering. With that feeling, you'll want to get better at the game and pursue playing it more. At first, it's a steep learning curve, but don't let that concern you. With practice, experience, and time, you will be able to take on anything, and you will fully enjoy this game.

If you have any questions regarding features or anything else in the game, Feel free to note my in-game character, Aradefaktare of Alexina server.
Posté le : 2 mars 2014
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Absolutely Recommended!

I've played a few MMORPGs and Mabinogi really strikes me as a game that I've stayed around to progress in. The ability to experience a class-free character system is great! You build the character you want however you want. There's nothing saying you can't be a mage, warrior and alchemist all in one. The "class" you pick is up to you, you make your own character to your liking. There isn't a huge amount of customization but there's enough to let you feel unique, on top of that, there's a ton of clothing to choose from that you can also colour to your liking. I play as a full support character and can still manage to enjoy playing on my own. There's always people looking to have fun and run dungeons or missions, so no matter what role you play, there's always someone who'll need your help as well.

The community is growing larger each day, not all the people are desireable but I can say that the few people who are my friends on there have been helping me have a great time. One of the largest reasons to play, I found, is the fact it is F2P. There are premium and VIP features but there are NO restrictions besides a small amount of extra bag space and a free Advanced Item every day (such as a feather to revive a friend). Playing without the premium or VIP memberships is just as fun and has absolutely no negative impact on how you play. I sadly cannot say this for other games such as WoW, you don't pay, you don't play.

Reality of this game is that Mabinogi is a second life for you. Create the character you like, be an Elf, Human or even Giant. The ability to marry and have a family is also avaliable. Families have bonuses as well! If a family doesn't suit you, join a guild, play how YOU want, because all in all, the sky is the limit. I played a few years back and just recently got back in, and all I can say is I don't regret it one bit. Absolutely an addicting game, the possibilities are endless.


Want to play? Need a Bard or Healer? Add me.
Server : [Mari]
IGN : [Kylani]
Posté le : 7 mai 2014
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Mabinogi is a play as you want game. There is really not much you can't do in this game as far as picking how you want your character to look and feel. Outside of few race locked skills there is no ability you can't learn and master in this game if given enough time. Even for people who like to do nothing more than craft items and gear all day the game is set up not only to let you do that, but you to also level up while doing it. In this game what level you are doesn't really mater as much as the rank of the skills you use and how well you can use them. Even a person who is a total newbie can manage to kill bosses for as long as they got the timing of their skills right, know when you block and/or dodge, know what weapons work best for what you are doing. There is no such things as making a bad roll when creating or playing your character as part of the systems as well as story is "rebirthing". Letting to restart your character from lvl 1 and/or change your looks again. When rebirthing only your level is reset and you keep all your gear and skills. So over many life times you can build up your skills only focusing on what you want.

This updates often with events that are fun for new and old players alike. And the main story of the game is well thoughtout and deep. Besides being fun and well as challenging. People who are aware of real world history and mythology will notice and spot a lot of the hidden meaning behide a number of the people, places, and things within the game.
Posté le : 18 juin 2014
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I'd like to start and finish this review by saying: "This game is amazing, go play it" But, since this is a review, allow me to explain a bit of this masterpiece of a game. Also, despite having only a little over 100 hours on Steam I have played this game on my older computer as the non-Steam version.

Firstly, the story is superb. If you like games with a deep plot you'll love Mabinogi, as of writing there are 16 mainstream generations. The generations are pretty long. In fact, Mabinogi is a pretty long game, don't think you'll be beating the game in a week or two, this is a game that takes quite a bit of dedication. However, not once did I find myself without something to do or bored, and as mentioned, I found the story incredibly interesting and immersive. (there are even some feels ;_;).

Secondly, the music. My god the music. Is. Amazing. I still find myself listening to the music in this game, it's great, it really, really, is. Out of every single game I've played, which, is many, many, games, Mabinogi's music is my favorite. If you like listening to the music of a game you should already be downloading this. Aside from the music already in the game, the Bard class allows you to use your favorite songs in the game through the use of MML.

Now for the gameplay. admittedly, the game is pretty old, and it shows, the graphics can be a turn off at first but you'll get used to them eventually, in fact, if you like anime/manga you may even like the game's graphics right away. There are currently 18 talents you can choose from, each offers a different style of play. Now, what really sets Mabinogi apart from other MMOs is its Rebirthing system and combat, but we'll get to that later. The Rebirth system, in essence, allows you to reset your age, level, appearance, even your gender. As you get further in the story Rebirthing often is vital because you keep all your stats and items prior to rebirthing. So, in essence, a level 1 could be stronger than say, a level 20. Rebirthing also allows you to keep all your skills, too. So you could become an archer but still use skills from the gun talent. Moving on to the combat, which is also quite a bit different from other MMOs... The combat system requires strategy, simply button mashing will get you killed. You MUST master the counter, defence, and smash skills if you want to get anywhere in this game. Also, this game is by no means pay2win. Just thowing that out there, the only things you have to actually pay for are mounts, pets, and certain cosmetic options. But even then you still get free mounts just by playing the game.

Lastly, maybe you don't want to save the world. Maybe you just want to be a farmer, or a miner. Well, you can do that in this game. You get your own, expanding Homestead where you may place crops ore veins and other things of the sort.

tl;dr: this game is amazing, go play it.
Posté le : 7 juillet 2014
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While Mabinogi is pretty new to Steam. I played it when it first came out #hipster.

Mabi is a game that basically plays like a more awesome, anime version of Runescape. If I have to be honest. You can train talents and skills related to combat, tailoring, cooking, carpentry, fishing, etc. It's basically a virtual life simulator that happens to have weapons and monsters involved. There are marriages, familiies, and of course the classic guild.

The combat system is strategy based, with a heavy emphasis on stacking and planning out the use of your skills (Combo. If you will). Simply left clicking on an enemy is enough sometimes, but when you start diving into deeper dungeons, or the dark, deep wilderness - you're going to want to know how to run your dang combat skills.

Recent updates have made the game MUCH more accessible as far as talents and skills go. And with frequent. FREE updates coming constantly, there's no shortage of content available to keep even the "old school" players entertained.

The music is amazing, and the art style is a pleasant, cell shaded anime style that appeals to a great deal of players.

It's F2P, so the only thing you honestly have to lose is time. I would recommend Mabinogi to anyone into MMORPGs.
Posté le : 31 mars 2014
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Bravo pour cette gang de attardé, même pas capable de changer le émail dans le launcher en 2004 on fesait deja mieux merci pour la belle perte temps nexon !!!
Posté le : 30 janvier 2014
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