Cuando todos los villanos en el asilo Arkham se juntan y se escapan, sólo el dúo dinámico es lo suficientemente atrevido como para encargarse de ellos y salvar Gotham City. La diversión de LEGO, el drama de Batman y la singular combinación forman una cómica y excitante aventura en LEGO Batman: The Videogame.
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Acerca de este juego

Cuando todos los villanos en el asilo Arkham se juntan y se escapan, sólo el dúo dinámico es lo suficientemente atrevido como para encargarse de ellos y salvar Gotham City. La diversión de LEGO, el drama de Batman y la singular combinación forman una cómica y excitante aventura en LEGO Batman: The Videogame. Juega como Batman y su compañero Robin a medida que te abres paso construyendo, conduciendo, balanceándote y luchando a través de Gotham City y capturas a villanos fugados como el Joker, el Pingüino, el Espantapájaros y muchos más. ¡Después podrás pasarte al otro lado de la historia y jugar como uno de los enemigos de Batman! Disfruta del poder que posees y enfréntate a Batman mientras siembras el caos por toda la ciudad. No hay descanso para el bien (¡ni para el mal!).

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows Vista® / XP
    • Procesador: Intel® P3 a 1.5 GHz o AMD Athlon™ XP
    • Memoria: 256 MB de RAM, 512 MB de RAM necesarios para Windows Vista®
    • Gráficos: Gráfica con 128 MB y compatible con Shader Model 2.0 (Shader Model 3.0 recomendado)
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Publicado el 5 de febrero
Mi segundo lego que juego, Lego Marvel Súper Héroes fue el primero que jugué y como es un juego del 2013 dejo la valla bien alta.
El primer juego de la saga "LEGO BATMAN" salió en el 2008, así que hare el análisis basado a ese año.
Los gráficos buenos para eso año, además es un juego de LEGO, está muy bien así como esta, sus escenarios son diferentes en cada nivel y corresponde a cada villano, acompañado de la música adecuada, este juego cuenta una historia mediante gestos, ya que los personajes no hablan por lo cual debemos prestar atención a las escenas si queremos entender algo, la historia no es tan compleja así que es fácil deducirla, En la campaña tenemos 2 perspectivas diferente:
1. La vista de Batman y robin derrotando a los villanos que escaparon de Arkham Asylum.
2. La vista de los villanos y el procedimiento de como intentan destruir o conquistar gotham.
Cada uno consta de 3 capítulos de 5 niveles, a la cual debemos repetir mínimo 2 si queremos desbloquear todo.
Como este juego no es mundo abierto, nuestra base es la baticueva, y el Arkham Asylum. Donde hay 2 niveles secretos que descubrirán.
Para finalizar Lego Batman The videogame es un buen juego, no soy tan fan de DC como lo soy de marvel, pero este juego me ayuda a entender más sobre sus personajes.
Recomendado para todo fan de DC y Lego que aún no lo probó.

My second game Lego, Lego Marvel Super Heroes was the first I played as it is a game in 2013 left up high fence.
The first set of “LEGO Batman " series came out in 2008, so I’ll do that year based analysis.
Good graphics for that year, and it's a LEGO game, is fine as this, the scenarios are different in each level and corresponds to each villain, accompanied by the right music, this game tells a story through gestures, as the characters do not speak so we must pay attention to the scenes if we want to understand something, the story is not so complex so it is easy to deduce, in the campaign have 2 different perspectives:
1. The view of Batman and robin defeating the villains who escaped from Arkham Asylum.
2. The view of the villains and procedure as they try to destroy or conquer Gotham.
Each consists of 3 chapters 5 levels, which must be repeated at least 2 if you want to unlock everything.
As this game is not open world, our base is the Batcave and Arkham Asylum. Where there are 2 secret levels they discover.
Finally Lego Batman The videogame is a good game, I'm not such a fan of DC as I am of marvel, but this game helps me understand more about their characters.
Recommended for all fan of Lego DC and that have not yet proved .

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Publicado el 18 de julio
Faulty's scorecard :-

1) Essential purchase
2) Recommended purchase
3) Recommended purchase during a sale
4) Not recommended unless heavily discounted
5) Not even recommended for Steam game collectors

The Block Knight

While it is very easy to dismiss the LEGO games franchise that Traveler's Tales games have made a small fortune off as simple button mashing, block smashing exercises to keep the kids entertained for a few hours on end; as an adult gamer there is still plenty to enjoy from the manic local co-op to the mildly entertaining puzzles that litter the game world to what is LEGO games greatest strength - their sly humor that parodies the source material they are often based upon which is often laugh out loud funny. Most LEGO games I have had the pleasure of playing have contained many a belly-laugh moment and it's because of this humor that I have fostered a soft spot for these kinds of games even as over the years the formula may have become more refined but remained steadfastly the same. LEGO Batman: The Videogame is no different and plays out like every other LEGO game in the TT LEGO cannon.
LEGO Batman: The Videogame is also one of the last few games from the franchise where non of the actual characters in the storyline speak any recognizable language. Over the years this has changed to include full voice overs but there is a certain charm to hearing each LEGO digital figurine espouse dialog through a series of grunts, groans and squeaks that I find oddly enduring and far more funnier and entertaining than the voiced counterparts of the recent LEGO entries. LEGO Batman: The Videogame is also one of the few LEGO games that follows its own storyline not simply relying on the narrative of the famous films it mimicks to prop it up. While the game may not use the films as its inspiration it thankfully does include Danny Elfman's famous and wonderful Batman score that should evoke a nostalgia trip all on its own.

While the story may not be the biggest selling point here - its a simple story about how every villain known to Batman has absconded from Arkham Aslyum and it's the task of the worlds most famous detective and his super sidekick Robin to ensure that they all find their way back into the prison holding cells from which they escaped. The game world is broken up into three acts which each contain five episodes. Each one of those episodes usually ends in some sort of boss fight with one of Gotham's famous villains and most are colorful, creative and fun to engage with. The boss fights are not particularly hard but do require some thought when dealing with and most cannot simply be taken down my mashing the attack button often requiring the gamer to use the environment to his/her advantage which usually mean smashing everything in site around the enemy to see if there isn't some LEGO blocks hiding about that can be then used to build a device of some sort to aid you in your troubles.
As is with most LEGO games each level you encounter will be flush with areas and puzzles you won't be able to complete the first time around until you have unlocked the necessary character and completing the games story mode will only often see you through about 30% of the game. If you are a completionist you will need to return to these areas through an option called free-play that will allow you to switch characters in an out (once again - provided you have unlocked them), each with their own unique abilities to help solve the puzzles you couldn't solve the first time round. This feature does add a nice level of longevity to the games and its often a lot of fun trying to figure out which of the characters in your arsenal is the right man or woman for the job. If you decide to play solo then you are given the option to switch in and out with both Robin or Batman during the games story mode or any other unlocked character during free-play. During co-op its pretty much the same situation except you obviously can't inhabit the same character your current co-op partner is controlling.

LEOG Batman: The Videogame still comes with a few caveats though. Even after so many iterations there is still no online play to be found anywhere and this is a major oversight on TT games part. While couch co-op is great I would love to be able to enjoy a LEGO game with one of my many "eSTEAMed" friends. Also when it comes to platforming LEGO Batman: The Videogame is still very much on shaky ground. The platforming sections have improved greatly with the more recent titles but LEGO Batman: The Videogame, being one of the older LEGO games, still suffers from some terrible platforming mechanics which can sometimes be borderline frustrating.
LEGO Batman: The Videogame is a fantastic and fun LEGO game and is the perfect game to share with yourself and your kids. Its a formula that still works to this day (hence the deluge of LEGO games on the market at the moment and the many more to come) and it's simple and quick enough to pick up and enjoy in small bursts or longer playtime sessions. If you are a fan of the DC character then it's a definite recommend purchase for your library and if not simply grab it for the kids and then let the game win you over as you co-op it with them.

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Publicado el 28 de marzo
This is one of the best out of the LEGO series in my opinion.
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Publicado el 18 de mayo
Very good game :) but does drag abit not as good as lego starwars but its batman for crying out loud so buy it anyway
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What do i thik of lego batman well i think that allthough it is one of TT games first efforts at making a lego game the did a phenomenal job with a good amount of characters a good story and good looking graphics the part i did not like allthough they did include it in later games of theres is dialogue but even though there was no dialogue they made a fun and entertaining story none the less and i would rate 4 out of 5 stars
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