Splice est un casse-tête expérimental et artistique. Immergez vous dans son monde microbien et commencez à Splicer ! Chaque niveau ("Strand") consiste en un nombre de cellules que vous aurez besoin de réorganiser en une structure cible en plusieurs mouvements ("Splices").
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Date de parution: 13 juin 2012

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À propos de ce jeu

Splice est un casse-tête expérimental et artistique. Immergez vous dans son monde microbien et commencez à Splicer ! Chaque niveau ("Strand") consiste en un nombre de cellules que vous aurez besoin de réorganiser en une structure cible en plusieurs mouvements ("Splices"). L'exploration et l'expérimentation sont la clé pour déterminer comment les curieuses petites cellules réagissent entre elles. Re-séquencez, mutez, et Splicez votre chemin au travers de ce casse-tête qui vous procurera une expérience unique, et vous exercerez votre capacité à visualiser des séries séquentielles de formes au fil du temps. Réussissez chaque niveau jusqu'aux derniers et vous éprouverez le sentiment grisant d'un accomplissement mental.

Splice est le quatrième titre réalisé par Cipher Prime Studios, et a reçu le titre du Best Puzzle Game du concours Intel Level Up 2011

Caractéristiques principales :

  • Plus de 75 casse-têtes : Les séquences principales aident le joueur à comprendre les bases du jeu tandis que les séquences épilogues donnent du fil à retordre aux meilleurs joueurs.
  • Meilleures solutions : Chaque niveau est résolu en plusieurs mouvements. Relevez le défi et trouvez les meilleures solutions des casse-tête en complétant ceux-ci en effectuant moins de mouvements. Les joueurs débutants peuvent toujours progresser au travers du jeu en utilisant tous les mouvements autorisés.
  • Une géométrie unique : Explorez la structure d'un arbre binaire dans un espace radial.
  • Un environnement sonore immersif : Mettez votre casque audio et laissez-vous entraîner dans les magnifiques musiques de piano envoûtantes et cristallines que comporte Splice.
  • Des couleurs irrésistibles : Offrez à vos yeux cet environnement et cette ambiance aux effet visuels apaisants.

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP SP3 ou ultérieur
    • Processeur : 3.0GHz Pentium4 ou 1.2 GHz Core2 Duo
    • Mémoire vive : 2Go Ram
    • Disque dur Space: 250Mo
    • Carte graphique : Compatible Shader Model 3
    • Système d'exploitation : OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, ou plus récent.
    • Processeur : Intel 1.2 GHz Core2 Duo ou supérieur
    • Mémoire vive : 2Go RAM
    • Disque dur Space: 250Mo
    • Carte graphique : Compatible Shader Model 3
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
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Posté le : 27 janvier
Splice is an unconventional puzzle game that has you rearranging cells (pieces) to form branches in order to recreate the silhouette behind it. Similar to how you look at the box when assembling a picture puzzle. Only instead of pieces, you have long cells. Each end of these cells can have only one or two cells attached. Think of it like -- is one cell attached to another cell, while -< is one cell that has two cells attached to it. This is what makes your puzzle look like a an upside-down tree. The root cell cannot be moved. Every other cell can be clicked and dragged to reconnect onto another cell as long as it doesn't already have two cells attached. Its easy to do, but not as easy to explain.

Each puzzle is limited to how many splices (moves of cells) you can do, but there is no time limit. When you run out of splices, you need to restart or rewind the puzzle... even if you run out of splices as you finish the puzzle. The real downside is no replay value. The puzzles will always be the same.

Once you get a few puzzles in, the game will start throwing in three different types of special cells for you to master. That's where things get complicated. First up is what I'll call a dead cell marked with an X. Like every other cell you can move it, but when you click the root cell, it will remove the dead cell and everything after it. Next up is a pusher cell. When you click on the root cell, the next pusher cell down the line will push out, making a new cell attached to the pusher and turning the pusher cell into a normal cell.

The final special cell is the cloner cell, which will divide itself into two normal cells when you click the root cell. Everything following the cloner cell will be cloned as well. If there are two branches after the cloner, then there will be two exact copies. The cloner cell can be the only cell attached to the previous cell, because it splits in two. So it can only go at the end of the line. If you have multiple special cells and you click the root cell, the next special cell down the line will activate. So if you have a cloner cell 2nd in line on a left branch with a pusher cell on the right branch, that cloner cell will divide on the first click, the pusher will push out on the second.

When things get complicated with the special cells, the game can become trial and error. You'll end up memorizing what you did to get where you are and having to remember everything you did to fail the puzzle. By rolling the mouse wheel you can easily rewind time and try again from there. Its never frustrating because of the music and the atmosphere. There is a soothing, relaxing vibe in the game. You're looking at beautiful vivid colors while trying to solve a black tree of a puzzle. Soothing subtle piano plays to help keep out the real world from interrupting your puzzle. Even the menus fit the rich art style the game has. Nothing was able to break me out of the immersion.

The main game is divided into two halves. The first half is called Origin and its split up into 7 sequences for the main part of the game, each with 7 puzzles. These puzzles are fun, easy, but they do get challenging. Once you complete the Origin main game, the credits roll and the game unlocks 4 more sequences of 7 puzzles for the Epilogue half of the game. These puzzles are far more difficult.

For me, this was about 2 or so hours worth of 49 puzzles. They felt just challenging enough to get stumped on some of the later ones, but still overcome. The 28 after that were just too difficult for me, but that's me and not you. Perhaps if I enjoyed the game more I'd tough out the others. Replaying the game only went by faster. There's just no replay value once you're done. Splice could come out with puzzle packs for the the fans out there, its only 24 more puzzles until 101! I recommend the developer's other game Fractal much more than this.
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Posté le : 3 avril
tl;dr -> This game made me rage harder than microbiology class.

I own a handful of challenging puzzle games that I (foolishly) play to relieve stress, only to have it backfire when I reach difficult levels. A good friend gifted me this game, and I was excited to it out. I was very satisfied with my gameplay experience.

If you like challenging puzzle games, uplifting/relaxing music (especially piano scores), and microbiology, then you will enjoy Splice.

The aesthetics are simple, yet offer a nice presentation with vibrant colors. All of the microbial pieces are the same shape, however, the shape you have to make varies slightly per stage. The music is wonderful - the piano pieces are relaxing and very pleasant to listen to.

The controls are very easy to learn and only require the mouse - you will utilize the left/right clicks and the scroll wheel. There is a basic tutorial to teach you how to play, and the learning curve is minimal to moderate depending on your familiarity with puzzle games. The game has a very fair pace of gradually increasing the difficulty and adds new gameplay mechanics at appropriate intervals.

Gameplay consists of you taking pieces from a microbial and rearranging it to match a picture - the catch is you must do this within a set number of moves. "Angelic" stages signify the possibility of completing a level without using all of your allotted moves (this is indicated by an angelic portrait at the bottom left of the screen. These drive me crazy whenever I try to figure out the precise move you have to make. You can reset your level progress, or rewind/fast-forward time with the mouse scroll wheel.

As you progress through the stages, new mechanics are added to increase the difficulty. For example, one of the first new elements you will encounter is a "splitter" piece, which duplicates itself (including anything and everything attached below it) when you right-click. An "arrow" piece adds one more microbial piece beneath it when you right-click. Any right-click moves do not count as "action points," and you will actually have to do these first to solve a few of the puzzles. The latter levels add a very interesting mechanic - the ability to break off microbial pieces and leave it floating; all levels before this require you to reattach any microbial piece you remove to an actual spot on the main body.

Overall, the game is a very nice casual and relaxing puzzle game, and anyone interested in the genre will find enjoyment. Experienced and new puzzle enthusiasts should definitely give this game a try.


DJSF @DJSF's Rogue Reviews
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Posté le : 12 janvier
Splice is definitely a braintease of a game. It will require you to think hard about how to solve the strands presented, and if you want to really get to the full potential of the angelic strands, you'll have to think even more about it.

The biggest challenge about Splice is the way the strands change appearance by just changing one litte aspect. You'll have to watch out for how you will change the appearance of the strand, and how the special parts of the strand will change with a right click.

This is definitely a puzzle game with quite a bit of a challenge. I recommend getting this game if you're really into trying to find the optimal solution for every single puzzle encountered.
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4.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 20 mai
Awesome! This game has a really smooth combination of visuals, gameplay and soundtrack! Sometimes you get stuck in some puzzles, but nothing more than 10 minutes to think a way out (except the Epilogue levels, you'll spend A LOT of time there).

PS: I just LOVED the menu style, and the fact that you can see every page you visited before in the background.

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21.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 13 avril
Incredibly relaxing tunes + simple yet challenging puzzles...definitely recommend this game!
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