Cannon Fodder 3 is a tactical action game, which inherited the style and traditions of the original game. The war goes on and its scale is nearly the same as before. 500 conscripts are sent to meet their destiny. What awaits them? A general's stars or a bed of honor?
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Cannon Fodder 3 is a tactical action game, which inherited the style and traditions of the original game. The war goes on and its scale is nearly the same as before. 500 conscripts are sent to meet their destiny. What awaits them? A general's stars or a bed of honor?

These 21st century soldiers are equipped much better than their 1994 predecessors. They have 8 types of machinery, suitable for land, surface and airborne operations, as well as 17 types of weapon from assault rifles to the nuclear bomb.

Skirmishes take place all around the world and even in space! You'll fight throughout the day and night, in hot and cold weather, in snow and rain. The enemy is skilled - there're terrorists from all over the world and they have cutting-edge technologies at their disposal: teleportation and various mechanized combat systems. Our heroes will face great challenges - artillery strikes, insuperable force fields, automated turrets, suicide soldiers and giant humanoid robots.

Your savvy will come in handy: your actions aren't limited to slaughter and destruction. You'll have to capture enemy vehicles and bases, save hostages and rescue convicts, hold the line and shoot back from the turrets, search for data discs and spare parts, repair broken robots and bypass minefields. The high command carefully watches your operation’s progress: missions can be aborted because of major offence; minor misbehavior will be reprimanded, and great achievements will be rewarded with medals and promotions. In the end, the very best soldiers will receive the greatest reward: they will return to home camp where warm army barracks, hot army food, soft army bunks and a tender drill sergeant await them. Until the next time.

Key Features:

  • 8 types of controllable machinery
  • 17 types of weaponry, including tactical nuclear strikes and carpet bombings
  • Battles with unique bosses
  • Combat progress leads to new ranks
  • Special-purpose bonus items
  • Day and night missions, weather effects
  • Various locations: America, Asia, Russia, lunar and orbital bases



    • OS:Windows XP (SP2)
    • Processor:Pentium IV 2,4 GHz
    • Memory:1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics:GeForce 7800GTX/ATI RADEON X1800 XT
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:700 MB HD space
    • Additional:Correct work on laptops is not guaranteed, Correct work on integrated graphic cards is not guaranteed.


    • Processor:Core i3
    • Memory:2048 MB RAM
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:1024 MB HD space
    • Additional:Correct work on laptops is not guaranteed, Correct work on integrated graphic cards is not guaranteed.
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CF3 is not a bad game, but it's like someone covered a wonderful gourmet meal in tomato ketchup and then tipped it onto a cheap plastic plate.

The originals Cannon Fodder's subtleness, humour, irony, attention to detail, the varying level design, music, the incredible attachment to the survivors you painfully took through 20 levels, and cried when they died. Gone. The thought and love. Gone. All covered in an inch of ketchup. Somewhere under that ketchup you can feel parts of the original meal - but all you can taste the ketchup.

Note: Low hours = I played it long before Steam version came out.
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An awkward and ugly modern take on a fun old game. Somehow suffers from terrible load times on modern rigs. You're much better off tracking down the older versions.
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Direct your own little squad of troops and complete a series of campaigns with varying objectives. From securing a base, to acquiring a vehicle, you are in charge of your squad of soldiers in this top-down strategy game. I will admit I was surprised by just how much fun I had playing Cannon Fodder 3. Unlike games where you have to collect upgrades and survive waves, Cannon Fodder 3 allows you to travel around several different maps depending on the campaign you are playing, where you are given objectives to reach. The graphics are pretty basic, the music is on a loop, the dialogue is limited, and the AI seems fairly simple to beat. Overall this isn't a very challenging game, but I actually liked this game, so I'll give it a thumbs up.
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It's a nice game. Doesn't take too long to load (dunno what crazy folks r talking about). Controls are fine and the gameplay is overall ok (played for about an hour). There are games far worse than this, trust me.
Only thing that's strange is the price tag. IMO it should be about a quarter of that price.

P.S. I got it from Bundle Stars for about 5% of the price :)
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Having grown up with Cannon Fodder and Cannon Fodder 2 on the Amiga, I was a bit hesitant to buy this, bearing in mind the negative reviews about how "it wasn't good compared to the originals"

However, my friend gifted me this for my birthday and I have had a fun time with it, it has elements of the original games in it (however, remember these games were for a different time and times move on and nostalgia gives everything a rose tint!) the control system is either dual click with the mouse (left to move, right to shoot) like it used to be, or use the WASD keys to move and the mouse to shoot like some of the more modern top down shooters.

Not so sure its worth the full price but if its on sale, buy buy buy!
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Anyone who grew up in the 90's and had an Amiga will know how good the Cannon Fodder games were. If this applies to you then do yourself a favour and avoid this poorly realised cash in attempt. Honestly, you will regret it.
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I managed to get this for a dollar during a sale, and I regret even spending that much. The game is horribly optimized (un-ending loading screens, without progress bars to let you know how long you're going to sit and listen to the looping, faux-metal). Having played the original Cannon Fodder to death on an old 486 PC, I can barely believe the people that made this game have any clue what made the original so much fun. I poured hours into mastering the original's levels, so that I could make it through with my entire squad alive, taking Jools, Jops, et al as far as I could. Grenades and rockets were a valued commodity, and placing them just right on enemy buildings made combat an almost puzzle-like experience. None of that was present in what little portion of this game I was willing to suffer through before quitting. Originally excited to see that this was being made; then disappointed that I heard it wasn't good enough to spend $20 on; then excited to find it on sale for $1; and now, back to disappointed.
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I bought this game at a discount of over 90% and still feel ripped off.

Save your money, go to GOG.COM and buy the original cannon fodder. This one inexplicably takes forever to load the next level and then control just feels too loose.
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I have very fond memories of the original Cannon Fodder on the Commodore Amiga. In fact I still play it every now and then as there are many free fanbased campaigns released for it. But let's get back to Cannon Fodder 3 here and now ...

This game is a fun game. It adds a little difference to the original Series which was way more tactical than this one here. This one here is at heart a top down shooter and should be played with wasd controls AND mouse simultaneously to get the most out of it. If you can forgive this you will have a very good time with a humorous little game that can get very frustating at times but thats exactly what i love about it.

Though I must admit it instantly gets waaay more easy to accomplish if you don't play it like I play it ...

That's because I want to complete every mission without loosing one single recruit. If you play it the way it's supposed to, you get many checkpoints spreaded around each map of the game and enough cannonfodder (hence the name of the game) to replenish your squads strength. But you should keep in mind that your recruits get awarded if you play them well and they live long enough so they get better stats over time. And thats the key why I don't wanna waste 'em at all. Experienced soldiers can for e.g. shoot stronger, run faster or aim over a longer distance than greenbacks and enhance the gameplay to a great degree.

Another nice feature are the video sequences (though now I'm through with the campaign I have to say there is only the - very long - intro sequence ... I wish they'd done at least a nice end sequence to the campaign) and the overall humour of the game. It adds a fresh taste to the shooter genre and makes it much easier to consume than hardcore shooter games aiming to be most realistic. The video sequences in this very game here are even waaay better than the ones in the cd32 version (but there where many of them back in the days in comparison to only the intro in this game here).

I personally think that this latest installment of the Cannon Fodder experience is a very good try to bring the game to a modern level. If you wanna play the original there is nothing that holds you back either but some reviewers may simply just dust their Amigas off, run whdload and play their original disks if they can't get up with this modern take.

Believe me: War has never been so much fun!


Though if you're a real fan of Cannon Fooder you should know all parts of the series. (At least only then you will fully understand my latest sentence regarding fun and war ... ;)
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I spent a lot of time with Cannon Fodder 1 and 2 as a wee lad. The idea of playing the best parts of a military RTS without having to worry about a home base and resource management was right up my oh so narrow alley. So, naturally, when I saw Cannon Fodder 3 discounted during the Winter Sale, I scooped it. Despite a mouse/camera kink, it was exactly what I was looking for.

To see what else I have to say, and to help decided for yourself whether or not you'd like to play, check out the Cannon Fodder 3 episode of my show, Should I Play?! at
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Please do not buy Cannon Fodder 3.

Do not let nostalgia and a low price point con you into exchanging money for this fetid turd of a game. It is an embarrassment and a tragedy that such an awful game should even be released, let alone one intended to revive one of the greatest RTS series of the 90s.

Spend your money more wisely - grab the original Cannon Fodder on for $7, then spend the remaining $10 on chocolate milk and cookies.
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got a steam code from cjs cd-keys online, cost me £2.99 as was not prepared to go £14.99 on it.
Have had hours of fun so far, well worth it.
I was a great fan of the old Amiga Cannon Fodders, this takes some getting used to, but great little game.
The first time i played it I got the 2+mins loading screens on an i7, but subsequent loading times have dropped to a few seconds.
Give it a go!
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If Cannon Fodder 3 had been released a decade ago, it would have become a cult hit. Now, it's a decent old-school arcade game.

Prohibitive load times, I mean, c'mon...2+ minutes "loading" screen on an i7, SSD, 16 gb ram. Something is clearly wrong here. The game play is also perhaps a little to faithful to the originals, maybe some people will see that as a plus though.

Disappointing, but at the end of the day it is what it is, a third Cannon Fodder game with terrible loading.
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not as good as the originals but decent. Loading screen is a joke shouldn't be that long for the type of game this is. The music is really annoying. Controls are alright when it wants to swap weapons. would recommend if can get in a bundle cheap but other than that probably not worth it. find the originals imho
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Got this game in a sale for mere pence, thinking it's surely worth that, right? Wrong. If you've got any nostalgia for the original at all, you will be disappointed with this.

The low-rent intro sequence kicks things off and before you know it, you're awkardly shifting your troops around to an ill-concieved metal soundtrack while taking orders from a general who is clearly voiced by a British man sitting in a biscuit tin occasionally doing an American accent.

When he's not talking, all you hear are your soldier's footsteps that always sound like they are walking through hospital corridors no matter what the terrain. Even the misison script is written by someone who must've left school when they were 12. Example: "There are six mission crates hidden in the area! See if you can find it!"

Not to mention the multiplayer is Gamespy, which is no longer even active.

Cannon Fodder is easy to get right, but somehow these developers managed to get it so, so wrong. Presumably because they made it for a bag of chips, as that's the only excuse I can see for the poor production value. Making it in Flash would've been better.
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Well, Its what you Expect from Cannon Fodder ... Its great, amusing game of war. As their motto is War has never been so much fun.

But Beware.... Even as we are in 2014... Still the loading sequence between EACH LEVEL takes between 1-2 mins... Its STUPID LONG AND RIDICULOUS !!!
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It's fun,as i played part. I, II twenty years ago ! Laptop users ! Be aware, the grphics core is very demanded
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Utter garbage. Having played Cannon Fodder on the Amiga all those years ago, I was very disappointed.
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I don't even know why but this feels nothing like the past Cannon Fodder games.
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Controls are wonky, and got bored very quickly.
Not even worth a quarter of the price.
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