Little Cars, BIG Fun! Start your engines!
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Data di rilascio: 1 mag 2013

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Exclusive Tracks on Steam

Steam Workshop

Create and share your own tracks
Build your dream track with the in-game track editor, then share it with the world using Steam Workshop. You can also download tracks made by other users, and up-vote your favorites.

Informazioni sul gioco

Take your favorite childhood racer, pump it full of nitrous, then set it on fire and run like heck.” Welcome to the world of Mini Motor Racing EVO. A high-octane battle royal, Mini Motor Racing EVO has all the style of classic arcade racers combined with the explosive action of modern racing games. Whether you're earning cash to pimp out your cars, taking on the fiendish AI in the massive single player campaign, or just jumping online to humiliate friends and strangers, Mini Motor Racing EVO has the horsepower to deliver.

Based on the best-selling game on portable and enhanced for PC, Mini Motor Racing EVO delivers sweetened visuals, updated physics and turbo-boosted bonus content. Full steam integration allows for cloud saves, big picture, and leaderboards, while the custom Steam Workshop track editor lets you to design and share tracks with the world.

Mini Motor Racing EVO: the racing game for those of us who never bother to ask which button is brake.

Key Features

  • WIN RACES, WIN CARS! Win races throughout the game and you’ll find yourself behind the wheel of the sweetest rides around including Team Fortress & Portal 2 cars!
  • UPGRADE YOUR RIDE. Pump your hard earned winnings into several upgrades to help give you the edge
  • MANY RACE TYPES. Race on over 40 tracks, day and night, in varying weather conditions
  • ONLINE MULTIPLAYER. With up to Up to 4 players
  • STEAM ACHIEVEMENTS. Packed with Steam achievements to conquer
  • CUSTOM TRACK EDITOR WITH STEAM WORKSHOP SUPPORT. Create, share and play on your very own creations!

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS:Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
    • Processor:2GHz or equivalent processor
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:128mb video RAM with Shader Model 2.0 or higher
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:1500 MB HD space
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Pubblicata: 6 marzo
Voto: 7/10

Questo gioco mi ha ricordato micromachines e off-road. Mi piacevano molto da piccolo, quindi sono contento di aver potuto giocare qualcosa di simile ora. Peccato che le piste non sono fighe come quelle in micromachines, in cui si poteva correre sulla scrivania, in casa, eccetera.

Comunque il gioco mantiene quella sensazione di corse spensierate... non c'è nemmeno il pulsante per frenare! A dire il vero si può frenare smettendo di accelerare, visto che non c'è inerzia, e le macchinine non possono essere danneggiate, ma... il realismo non è qualcosa di cui preoccuparsi ;)

Se cerchi un gioco di corse divertente e spensierato, questo fa al caso tuo!

+ Divertente!
+ Grafica isometrica simpatica
+ Molte belle macchinine
+ Nostalgia di micromachines/offroad

- Sei costretto a giocare la stessa macchina a causa degli upgrade necessari (o fare grinding)
- Alcuni ostacoli/angoli sono più grandi di quel che sembrano
- A volte la telecamera lavora contro di te (specie nell'aeroporto!)
- Avrei preferito più piste
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Pubblicata: 26 marzo
It pains me to say this but I'm not going to recommend Mini Motor Racing EVO basically down to the game having really bad physics. Most of my play time was spent racing with a friend in 1v1 races which were generally decided by how the physics treated the player. In some occasions a vehicle could get flipped on its side seemingly randomly and on a lot of occasions an agressive side-swipe at my opponent would leave me in a worse off situation than him! There seemed to be no realism or accuracy in the physics therefore removing any type of skill factor in the driving and racing.

Now the game looks really nice and fun. It almost seems criminal to me to make a top-down racing game appear so nice and colorful to look at but then get let down by such a major game-breaking factor!

There's a large array of cars to choose from and an even more impressive track selection with day and night variants. I learned today that the game also has Steam Workshop for creating and sharing your own track designs!!

You have an option of two different systems to control your vehicle. The first type is the more conventional method of rotate/steer the car clockwise/anti-clockwise and the second type is to push in the direction you want to travel. Now the second method of pusing in the desired direction of travel sounds awful to me but I actually found it a more efficient way to play this game. You still have to accelerate and brake the same with both methods. It's worth testing them both out with an open mind and seeing which works best for you.

There is no local co-op feature but the online multiplayer works fine. I'm not sure about the playerbase but I managed to find my steam friend to play with without any problems and our games ran smoothly.

So many positive points about this game let down by a lack of fine-tuning in the physics. The game boasts "cross-platform multiplayer" so possibly the physics were acceptable on a mobile platform. I think on the PC platform we expect a bit more from our game.

If you can put up with the clunky physics and have a friend or three to play with then you could have some fun for sure. For me though, it removed almost all competiveness and thus removed the fun and motivation to race further.
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Pubblicata: 18 gennaio
Idk why this game on Mixed, this game is so FUN!!
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Pubblicata: 19 marzo
Fun little almost top down racer. Great little game.
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Pubblicata: 18 marzo
This game feels a lot like RC Pro-AM from the NES only with nowadays visual and the same retro gameplay as the 80s. The game is very charming aesthetically and it gives it a style on it's own. The tracks, cars and music are varied.
I definitely recommend Mini Motor Racing EVO if you're searching for that retro nostalgia.
Solid arcade game.

Verdict: 8.5/10
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