Dungeonbowl ups the danger of the American Football inspired sport by adding exploding chests, teleporters, lava and other traps in dangerous dungeons!
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リリース日: 2012年7月2日


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With Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition discover an exclusive way to play Blood Bowl®, the brutally funny mix between fantasy and American Football, already adapted as a video game by Cyanide.

Inspired by a famous tabletop game from Games Workshop, Dungeonbowl offers you a dangerous and crazy sport opposing two football teams, but also a deep tactical turn based game driven by dice. The key difference between Dungeonbowl and Blood Bowl as is rather obvious from the name, is that Dungeonbowl is played in a dungeon!

The game also introduces some subtle modifications to the standard Blood Bowl rules.
A match is still played between two teams, but each side is composed of three races. For example, the roster of a Rainbow Wizards team contains Wood Elves, Halflings and Humans. Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition features a total of 10 colleges of magic, which allows you to choose between a lot of different compositions!
The second difference is that the first team to score a touchdown wins the match. This task is made significantly more difficult by the fact that the ball is hidden in one of six treasure chests, five of which are booby-trapped with an explosive spell.
Last, but by no means least, movement within the dungeon is both facilitated and complicated by teleporter pads. These allow players to magically zap from one position to another; a mishap, however, can lead to a player being zapped out of the match.

Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition allows you to challenge other players online but also to play single player against each college of Magic managed by the computer AI, with different levels of difficulty!

Thanks to the in-game dungeon editor, you can build your own environment to play in. With Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition, you’ll be able to use a large variety of components including all the previous DLCs. Enjoy a myriad of maps and share your own dungeons with the whole community!
Prepare some epic games with the new Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition! If you enjoy tactical games, sport and heroic fantasy, try Dungeonbowl now!

Key Features:
  • Play Blood Bowl… in a Dungeon! Exploding chests, teleporters, rivers of boiling lava and various other traps all serve to spice-up the matches, making them even more dangerous…
  • NEW! Play against other players in competitives matches or against the computer AI.
  • Build your own pitches in the game's dungeon editor and share it with the community.
  • Use mixed teams made up of several races, from the Warhammer world.

For players who have already bought an edition of Dungeonbowl, their version have been updated automatically so that they receive the Knockout Edition at no additional cost.


    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor: Pentium 4 2.4Ghz / Athlon 2400+
    • Memory: 2GB
    • Graphics: 256 MB, DirectX 9 and Shaders Models 2 compatible
    • DirectX®:
    • Hard Drive: 2GB
    • Sound:
    • Internet: Game requires an internet connection.
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ほぼ不評 (53 件のレビュー)




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Blood Bowl のユニットを使い「ダンジョン捜索 → 宝箱からボール発見 → 相手陣地にタッチダウンした方が勝ち」というなんとも微妙なターン制ストラテジーです。

基本ルールや操作、キャラクター性能は Blood Bowl そのままなので、経験者なら特に悩むこと無くプレイできるとは思います。が、外れを引くと爆発する宝箱からボールを探し当てないといけなかったり、ランダムにテレポートするタイルがあったり、崖際でブロックするとマグマに落ちたりと、ランダム要素が多すぎて悩ましい運ゲーです。

これを買うなら、ストラテジーとしての完成度が高く、対戦相手に困ることもない Blood Bowl CE を強くお薦めします。ゲーム内容をご存じない方は Bloodbowl CE のレビュー もあわせてご覧下さい。


これから新たに始めるなら Blood Bowl 2 もお薦めです。

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