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Dungeonbowl setzt die Brisanz dieses vom American Football inspirierten Sport höher und bietet explodierende Truhen, Teleporter, Lava und andere Fallen in gefahrvollen Verliesen!
Veröffentlichung: 2 Juli 2012
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Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition is now available!!

17 Juni 2014

Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition is now available on Steam!!!

Play Blood Bowl… in a Dungeon! Exploding chests, teleporters, rivers of boiling lava and various other traps all serve to spice-up the matches, making them even more dangerous…!

Choose your favorite college ans play against other players in competitives matches or against the computer AI.

ALL the previous DLCs have been integrated in the Knockout Edition. All the Colleges of Magic are thus available, a total of 10 different teams compositions, mixing the most renowned Warhammer races! You also gain access to all existing environment kits for use in the Dungeon Editor. They will allow you to build unique and varied environments so that you can lead your opponents into the meanders of your evil designs!

For players who have already bought an edition of Dungeonbowl, their version have been updated automatically so that they receive the Knockout Edition at no additional cost.

Watch the trailer :

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Discover Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition, available in June!

21 Mai 2014

A lot of players have been asking for an AI in Dungeonbowl to be able to play whenever they want against a valuable opponent. Guess what ? The Knock Out Edition answer this demand with the brand new bots for every teams of the game and different difficulty modes available!

You can choose to play Online or Offline against the dreaded AI which will require all you skills to deserve victory, it have been trained by the best!
Enjoy epic matches versus other players or challenge the bots in merciless games!

With the Knockout edition, you’ll also be able to share your experience with the facebook connect system and the new Twitch streaming functionality. Stream your matches and use the Twitch chat directly ingame !

In addition to these new features, Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition will contain all the previous DLCs since the launch of the first edition of Dungeonbowl. So yes, you’ll be able to play with your favorite Magic College, and to build awesome new environments with the Dwarf Kit and the Outdoor Kit!

If you already bought the game don’t worry, it will be updated on the release date, and you’ll be able to enjoy all the new stuff (whatever the edition you already own)!

Prepare yourself and refine your strategies to jump into the melee! The Knockout Edition will be available in June!

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Über das Spiel

Dungeonbowl ist das nächste, spannende 'Blood Bowl' Online-Erlebnis in einer Fantasiewelt des 'American Football' von Cyanide. Die Hauptunterschiede zwischen Dungeonbowl und Blood Bowl bestehen neben dem offensichtlichen Namensunterschied darin, dass Dungeonbowl in gefährlichen Verliesen gespielt wird!

Die Zauberer haben Dungeonbowl erfunden, weil sie herausfinden wollten, welche Akademie der Magie die beste ist. Das Spiel zeichnet sich durch einige Modifikationen am Standardregelwerk von Blood Bowl aus. So wird ein Match zwar weiterhin zwischen zwei Mannschaften ausgetragen, aber jede Mannschaft besteht nun aus drei Rassen. Im Team der Regenbogenzauberer zum Beispiel gibt es Waldelfen, Halblinge und Menschen. Der zweite grundlegende Unterschied besteht darin, dass diejenige Mannschaft die Partie gewinnt, die den ersten Touchdown erzielt. Touchdowns sind jedoch deutlich schwieriger als in Blood Bowl, weil der Ball in einer von sechs Schatztruhen versteckt ist, von denen fünf zudem mit einem Sprengzauber versehen sind. Und last but not least wird das Fortbewegen im Dungeon durch Teleporter gleichermaßen erschwert wie erleichtert. Mit einem Teleporter kann sich ein Spieler in Sekundenbruchteilen von einer Stelle des Spielfelds an eine andere transportieren lassen. In seltenen Fällen kann es dabei aber auch leider vorkommen, dass ein Spieler ins Nirwana teleportiert wird! Wie schon Blood Bowl ist auch Dungeonbowl würfelbasiert und läuft in Runden ab.


  • Spielen Sie Blood Bowl®... in einem Kerker! Explodierende Truhen, Teleporter, heiße Lavaströme und zahllose andere Fallen geben den Matches den nötigen Pfiff und machen sie noch gefährlicher, als sie ohnehin schon sind…
  • Es gibt theoretisch sogar unendlich viele Spielfelder, da die Spieler mit dem eingebauten Dungeon-Editor ihre eigenen Dungeons erstellen können, und eure Werke online mit der Community teilen.
  • Wird ein Match zwar weiterhin zwischen zwei Mannschaften ausgetragen, aber jede Mannschaft besteht nun aus drei Rassen.


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP / Vista / 7
    • Prozessor: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz / Athlon 2400+
    • Speicher: 2 GB
    • Grafik: 256 MB, DirectX 9 und Shadermodel 2 kompatibel
    • DirectX®:
    • Festplatte: 2 GB
    • Sound:
    • Internet: Spiel setzt eine Internetverbindung voraus.
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31 Reviews
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The game comes with no in-game manual.
I hope you already know how to play Dungeonbowl!
Oh you don't?
Well you are out of luck then.

2 Years after release a 1 player mode was finally added. Hey, better late than never right?
And all the DLC is now included for free. What more could you ask for? Deserves a thumbs up right?


Dungeonbowl is a game about managing your team, customing your team and playing matches with your team.
So what we thought what we would do is, in 1 player mode you can't use your team and instead have to choose a pre-made team thus removing the WHOLE POINT OF MAKING YOUR OWN TEAM! Oh and no progress is saved for that pre-selected team either!

I just...

Verfasst: 2 April 2014
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20 von 24 Personen (83%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
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1 Review
111.0 Std. insgesamt
I am of the rare breed that prefers Dungeonbowl to Blood Bowl; after extensively playing and enjoying the tabletop game, I waited for this game to be on sale. Purchasing it I was initially impressed with the game play but frustrated with the difficulties in finding an opponent. I made teams to match my tabletop ones which won consistently but here this was not the case. I pressed on assuming that I did not have the skill and it took me time to get used to the interface. I eventually realized that my gameplay had little to do with it: the rules were subtlety different and at times broken, such as game duration limit and no blitzing off a teleport. The final blow for me was the Dwarven Deathroller which in my opinion is so broken that I have caught myself swearing at my monitor at least forty times. All other "big guys" have a detriment skill like take root, really dumb, etc. but not this beast. I calculated that teams I played against that did not have a Deathroller, I won >65% of games while if they did have one, I would win less than 20% of the time.

Why not make a team with a Deathroller, Trou? My answer: why not make a game that is at least reasonably balanced?

I am able to look passed a lot of this game's flaws that are stated here in these accurate reviews but combined together with this diarrhea on top, I would not recommend this game even if you love the table top version like I do.

Jepumk said it best: it is a poorly realized version of the table top game.
Verfasst: 1 Mai 2014
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13 von 19 Personen (68%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
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22 Reviews
0.8 Std. insgesamt
this is not a game, is a bad DLC for bloodbowl sold pretending it to be a full game. Which it is not.

this is a complete crap for many reasons.

1) It's an online-only game, no single player or AI of any sort, there's not even a tutorial, nothing. you sit in the lobby waiting for a player to show up for hours, and when it does, the connection is bugged and the challenge system doesn't work.

2) the game itself is just bloodbowl with walls. good? nope. because the nice and functional free camera that worked as a charm in bloodbowl, here is cramped and unfunctional. you will not understand a ♥♥♥♥ of what is going on in the match, because there will always be a wall in your way.

3) the game comes with a super-♥♥♥♥ty third-party DRM which gives you a total of 3 activations. this means that if you uninstall this game 3 times, the 4th time you can just throw it in the toilet, because it won't work.

Verfasst: 19 Februar 2014
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Another one of those small multiplayer only titles. So nobody plays. Making the game useless. It also has annoying online activation drm. Just avoid this crap.
Verfasst: 21 Mai 2014
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6 von 9 Personen (67%) fanden dieses Review hilfreich
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2 Reviews
0.6 Std. insgesamt
Lacking a single-player, customization of the game-length and options to continue, this shouldn't be held in any regard to any incarnation of Blood Bowl.
Save your money, get Blood Bowl and enjoy a completed game.
Verfasst: 17 Juni 2014
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