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Guns of Icarus Online is the premier airship combat game. With a good ship and the right crew, you can conquer the skies!
Release Date: Oct 29, 2012
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Patch 1.3.5 is live!

February 3rd, 2014

For a video overview of the notes:

- Main screen adjustments: Removal of Quick Join, renaming of Matches as Play (with the removal of Quick Join, the language of the UI needed to be made more direct)
- Match List rearrangement - listing of matches will now go as follows (from top to bottom): scrambled not yet started, unscrambled not yet started, scrambled in progress, unscrambled in progress.
- Ability to block/mute during match via crew screen (with tab key)
- Rank numerals displayed in match via crew screen (with tab key)
- Progression page adjustments - removal of Summary page, with relevant information displayed on Log page
- Adding sound for equipping and changing the zoom level of the Spyglass
- Switched crew signals (voice command) sound from 2D to 3D sound
- Adding sounds for 'miss hit' with the tools (for the extinguisher, chem spray)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed inability to rejoin a match you were just spectating
- Fixed a bug where going to spectator from crew slot right before match start, then leave match from spectator after match start causes leave count to go up.
- Fixed a bug where switching to spectate last second as a captain breaks the lobby and keeps people in the connecting window till they exit the game. People should no longer get a leave count.
- Fixed a bug where when someone is on the helm no engine noises are being played.
Fixed a bug where explosion spark was missing a material (showed as occasional pink squares in ship death effect)
- Fixed a bug where join match from friend list didn’t work
- Fixed a bug where the spot box became massively skewed when looking through heavy flak sights
- Fixed the snapping issues when trying to stand on guns/engines (most visible on Spire)
- Fixed a lighting glitch in ship customization
- Improved performance on ship transform hierarchy
- Fixed an issue where --resetToDefaults was not correctly applied at startup
- Fixed a bug that could cause no skills to be loaded on entering a match

- Refinery—Goals 600 from 650 points, Capture Time: 25s from 30s
- Labyrinth—Goals: 525 from 600 points, Capture Time: 20s from 35s
- Scrap—Goals: 600 from 800 points, Capture Time: 20s from 25s
- Anglean—Goals: 550 from 675 points, Capture Time: 25s from 35s
- Flayed—Capture Time: 30s from 40s

- Artemis— Muzzle Speed reduced to 575m/s from 700m/s (Shell Life adjusted to maintain ~1330m range), Project Expansion (where the bullet hitbox expands as it travels) Reduced by 30%, AoE Burst Size Reduced to 2.5m from 3.5m, Yaw Speed decreased to 25 degrees/s from 30 d/s

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Scheduled Downtime February 3rd

February 2nd, 2014

Hi everyone!

We'll be going down for some scheduled maintenance the morning of February 3rd; downtime will start around 8AM EST and should finish by 11AM EST. This will include the release of the 1.3.5 patch.

(that's UTC/GMT 1PM-4PM)

Release notes to follow.

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“This indie gem is in fact funking awesome.”

“Those looking for a team-based challenge will find plenty to love with Guns of Icarus Online.”
Penny Arcade

“Guns of Icarus Online scratches a certain itch that few other games can reach.”

v1.3.5 is Live!

Check our Swallow's video about what we updated!


Community Events

Here are a list of ongoing and upcoming community events hosted by players and Muse Games!


  • Fireside Chat with Devs on Fridays at 3pm EST (http://www.twitch.tv/gunsoficarus)
  • Fight the Devs Hour! In game on Tuesday and Thursdays at 1pm EST (watch global chat for password and win cosmetic items if you beat the devs!)
  • Leviathan Seasonal Battles every weekend (sign up on the forums http://bit.ly/LeviathanSeasonal)
  • Sunday Rumble on Sundays at 3pm EST (sign up on the forums and look for latest Sunday Rumble thread http://bit.ly/GunsForumCommunity)

  • Support Your Local Aerodome! Tournament starting Feb 8 (sign ups here http://bit.ly/SupportAerodome)

About the Game

Hop aboard a steampunk airship with friends and play as Gunner, Engineer, or Pilot. Gun down dirigibles, repair your way out of danger, pilot the ship into combat. Are you a decisive Captain or dutiful Crew? Teamwork is required to survive the skies of the premier airship combat game: GUNS OF ICARUS ONLINE!

Raising the stakes on team-based PvP combat with an emphasis on strategic competition and truly cooperative play, Guns of Icarus Online is the best airship-to-airship combat game that’s all about teamwork, tactics, and fast-paced action. With a good ship and the right crew, you can conquer the skies!

Key Features

  • Richly crafted steampunk/dieselpunk-inspired world
  • Genre-busting gameplay with strategy, navigation, shooter, and time-management elements
  • Pick a role to suit your play style: Pilot, Gunner, or Engineer
  • Choose your airship and its weaponry to execute the perfect strategy as a Captain
  • Form a group with up to 3 other friends and crew a ship together
  • Integrated voice chat keeps you in constant contact with your teammates
  • Diverse ship classes and tons of weapons to choose from with realistic flight and projectile physics
  • Massive air battles with up to 32 players in a match
  • Multiple game modes including Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Crazy King
  • Rise in the ranks! Earn titles and cosmetic items as you progress
  • Achievement system fully integrated with Steam achievements
  • Balanced, competitive matches reward strategic, skillful play, not level grinding
  • Show off your style with a wide range of costumes and cosmetic options in the in-game store with an amazing dye system
  • 1st person and 3rd person camera modes
  • Custom games with spectator mode for streaming and tournament play

PC System Requirements

    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:2 GHz processor
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Intel HD3000, Nvidia GeForce GT8600 or equivalent
    • DirectX®:dx90c
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection

Mac System Requirements

    • OS:Mac OS X 10.6
    • Processor:2 GHz processor
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Intel HD3000, Nvidia GeForce GT8600 or equivalent
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection

Linux System Requirements

    • OS:Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 32-bit (Linux machine configuration not supported)
    • Processor:Dual-core 2 GHz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Intel HD3000, Nvidia GeForce GT8600 or equivalent, supporting Shader Model 3 equivalent
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
Helpful customer reviews
645 of 811 people (80%) found this review helpful
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1 review
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*EDIT* I'm very sorry this is not really a review, but more of a purrsonal experience.

Especially as female gamer in a voice chat centered game, I was scared ♥♥♥♥less.
I usually played games where I could avoid being identified as a woman, obviously, because video games are still a very hostile environment for a female identified creature.
Guns of Icarus surprised me.
Maybe because it's a team effort game.
Maybe because valuable exchange of information and getting along is the only way to make any progress at in GoIO all.
Maybe because the developers are actively engaging with us constantly.
Or maybe because it's hard to single people out, since everything stays a group effort or a collective failure.
This game has been proven over and over again, to be about teamwork and helping each other out.
Never have I seen a community welcome beginners so warmly, teaching newcomers is almost exciting to us. I have seen experienced players leave a full lobby, just to show a new player the ropes in the Practice Match (called Sandbox), and I am very proud to admit to be one of them.
If you are gonna start this game you are gonna make a lot of friends.
That's not a warning. That's a treat!

*EDIT* Please don't add me randomly. I am more than happy to help you ingame, but I use my steam for Clan contacts and friends only.
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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325 of 401 people (81%) found this review helpful
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1 review
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Hello there! This is Eric (awkm), one of the developers for Guns of Icarus Online. I'm the game designer and mainly take interest in maintaining the game's balance (which is great, btw).

Ask any player in our game, us devs are always interacting with the community. As the master of balance, I take all of your feedback into account when I try to make the game better. Everything is done to make the players', including you, experience a truly unique one.

If you're into high-octane vehicle combat, this is the game for you. If you have a bunch of friends and love to play cooperatively, this is the game for you. If you want to join a clan and spar in tournaments that take place over the post-apocalyptic ruins in steampunk airships, this game is for you.

Muse Games is about making awesome games but also offering the best service. Feel free to ping us at any time and we'll be happy to answer your questions!
Posted: November 25th, 2013
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120 of 133 people (90%) found this review helpful
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2 reviews
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The most teamwork oriented game ever created, fly, fix, or fight, your way to victory aboard several varied airships as a Pilot, Engineer, or Gunner class. Each with their own uses but all needed working in synergy to win. Not to mention the outstanding community and the fact that the Devs take an active part in things also.

Pretty much Mic required, since good communication is a must.
Posted: October 21st, 2013
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80 of 90 people (89%) found this review helpful
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1 review
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This game.

Just, this game.

I saw one of my favorite YouTubers do a let's play/review of this game, and I figured my friends and I would get a 4 pack.

It was on sale, so we all pitched in 2 measly dollars (with me throwing in the extra 2), and we entered the world of Guns of Icarus as James T. Kirk, M. Scotty, Chekov, and Mr. Spock for a weekend of fun (and cheaper than going to see a movie, at that).

As you can tell by my hours in-game, I've spent a bit more than a weekend playing "GoIO."

I'm not going to lie to you guys, it's a little difficult to get a grasp on how EXACTLY to play when you first hop in at the moment, but I know for a fact that better tutorials are in the works.

But you have an even better resource available to you: the players.

Pretty much anyone who's played for more than a few hours can tell you that the playerbase is incredible. I'm here to tell you that this is 100% true. If you ever have any questions on what to do, you can ask in 'Global chat.' Chances are they will be quickly seen and answered by any random player.

You'll also notice that there are a fair number of players in-game with yellow names. These people VOLUNTEERED to help out new people, so if you ever see one and have a question, give him or her a shout.

This is also the only game I know of where you can actually play with the developers regularly.
I'm just a random player, and I've gotten to know a few of them on a first name basis.

Once you get good at the game, it should be mentioned that the competitive scene is easy to get into.
Most clans are openly recruiting, and a few even have 100% acceptance rates.
Just be aware, while some clans are on a play-to-win basis, other clans are a little wackier, one even has few other goals than to burn everything.
And we still see them come back week after week.

If you can collect 7 people to fly with you, you're more than welcome to join the big-dogs in almost any competitive event.

The game's also a hell of a lot of fun.

Thanks for sticking with me through this long winded, scatter-brained review; there's just so much to say, and so little space to say it.

I hope you seriously consider buying this game.
-James T. Kirk
Posted: December 2nd, 2013
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85 of 106 people (80%) found this review helpful
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2 reviews
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OK. im not even going to try and explain why this is good. just look at it. LOOK AT IT. multiplier team death match in four player controlled air ships. ♥♥♥♥ing air ships. this game is one of the most enjoyable multiplier games i have ever played. if you think you can just pick it up and go with out having to really talk to any one, good luck with that. this game takes a lot of communication but the community is so good that it doesn't even matter. so pick this game up, grab some friends, and rule the sky's. also the single player is coming and when its here, this may be one of my favorite games on steam.
Posted: November 8th, 2013
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