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Arena Wars 2 es la secuela de la galardonada saga Arena Wars y combina revolucionarios combates RTS con elementos de RPG.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 12 Oct 2012
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Acerca del juego

Arena Wars 2 es la secuela de la premiada saga Arena Wars y combina un revolucionario combate RTS (estrategia en tiempo real) con elementos RPG (juegos de rol). Únete al campo de batalla del futuro y mejora tus habilidades en frenéticos combates multijugador, al igual que contra la avanzada inteligencia artificial. Mapas increíbles, unidades altamente detalladas, poderosas mejoras y habilidades, así como una jugabilidad muy equilibrada que ofrece intensas batallas en un espectacular escenario de ciencia ficción. Gracias a una fácil accesibilidad y los diferentes niveles de inteligencia artificial, Arena Wars 2 es el juego RTS perfecto para todo tipo de jugadores.

Principales características

  • Jugabilidad equilibrada a la perfección: una combinación galardonada de RTS y "Captura la bandera"
  • Frenéticos combates en mapas desafiantes
  • Los mejores gráficos de última generación gracias al poderoso motor Delta Engine
  • Unidades fantásticas equipadas con sistemas armamentísticos modernos y espectaculares habilidades
  • La impresionante e íntegra inteligencia artificial, disponible en 5 niveles de dificultad diferentes, supondrá un desafío para todos los jugadores
  • Las mejoras de unidades, potenciadores y objetos suponen posibilidades infinitas para la "mejor estrategia"
  • La intuitiva y completa función de repeticiones te permite seguir y guardar emocionantes combates para compartir tus momentos más espectaculares con toda la comunidad
  • Modos de juego variados: un solo jugador, entrenamiento, y multijugador/cooperativo (uno contra uno/dos contra dos)
  • Logros variados disponibles a través de los campos de batalla

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: 2.0+GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphic ships with shader 3.0 support
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 600 MB HD space
    • Sound: Direct X 9.0c compatible
    • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection
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Pegarle cabezazos a la pared hasta quedarte inconsciente es más divertido que este juego.

Publicado: 15 diciembre 2013
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If you've done your research (as in actually watched some gameplay before throwing money at it, unlike some people here), you'll know what to expect, just don't expect much other than what's on the surface. It lasted me about 6 hours before i 100%'d it against all AI types on all maps.

For the price it's worth it. If you're expecting Command and Conquer or Starcraft you're not gonna find it here.
Publicado: 9 diciembre 2013
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I saw this on sale for 99 cents and when a game is that cheap, unless the offends your ancestors in some deep and unforgivable way, you buy it. I, like many others on steam, bought this simply because it's this cheap. The 90% off sale is the "we're not making any more money from this" sale last ditch attempt to produce some revenue from a title. Considering I haven't heard of this rather generic looking, what appears to be some sort of RTS game, I wasn't expecting much and I wasn't surprised in so many ways.

Arena Wars 2 is a top down real-time strategy game that pits you against a player or an AI component in what is essentially a match of capture the flag. This is a "first-impression" review as I am honestly unwilling to put more than the hour and 20 minutes I put into this game. The gameplay is very mediocre and the units in the game are fairly uninspired. The game seems to be a "rock paper scissors" game in the sense that one unit is clearly designed to defeat another particular unit. Unfortunately this concept I felt was implented poorly as one unit will do more damage to another unit seemingly abritrarily and it lacks the thougthfulness of a mature RTS game.

There is no tutorial or any intro missions to introduce each of the mechanics so the player is thrown in to engage in a trail and error process of figuring everything out.

To this game's merit, I do like the idea. This game is designed to get he player in the action right away and matches will end quickly whereas a full RTS game might include 2 hours of base-building prior to any combat. A match or two of this game could be played on a lunch break.

This game is an online game but seeing how this game doesn't have a consistent playerbase this is effectively a single player game. There are several difficulty levels and in my first hour and 20 minutes it took getting to the hardest difficulty level to experience any sort of challenge. One very annoying aspect is that these difficulty levels need to be unlocked *per level* and there are five of them. This means that for each level I want to play on, I need to suffer through four matches of boring before I get to the very average gameplay.

I noticed a bug where an area-of-effect ability hits the wreck of a tower it will register damage and repeat "Turret destroyed" - there may be more bugs but finding this so readily underlines this game's overall lack of polish.

The idea has some merit but I cannot recommend this title for any price. The real cost of a game your own freetime anyway.
Score 4/10
Publicado: 9 diciembre 2013
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Great game.... (IF)... you have friends... and (IF) it's on sale....otherwise it gets really boring playing against bots.. so if you get this game on sale.. buy two copies and gift one =D just a bit of extra money for so much more fun (applies to all games)... sometimes buying a game you already have, to gift to a good friend, can be more fun than buying a new game for yourself =D.

i have to admit tho that it's system for playing with friends is a bit querky, you can't create a match for 1v1 and invite your friend. you join a queue like a quickmatch and not many people play the game like that so you should be matched to your friend.... but you can inv your friend to a 2v2 quick match queue to play with him against 2 other people.. if more than 2 people actually join queue at one time.
Publicado: 14 diciembre 2013
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While the singleplayer side of things seems dim and underdeveloped the multiplayer with friends is a huge blast. 1v1 can bring 2 hour wars of attrition or quick sweeps with rush builds that either get crushed with well-thought defense placements or heavy investment for the countering unit(s). Many people are bashing this game for the lack of depth and while the game certainly does lack depth, it can teach a deep appreciation for rts games with it's handful of interesting mechanics to even someone like me who has never touched many rts. If a single dollar can teach me the basics of an rts and build appreciation for more polished games like Starcraft and Red Alert, I'd say that's a dollar damn well spent.
Publicado: 13 enero 2014
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