Un gioco d'avventura ricco d'umorismo realizzato dai creatori dell Machinarium.
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Data di rilascio: 7 mag 2012

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"An adventure game unlike any other adventure game with an a striking and unique visual style and soundtrack."


* Un'incredibile e commovente avventura. 90% su IGN
* Botanicula ha di gran lunga superato le mie aspettative e si qualifica come una delle più toccanti avventure punta-e-clicca di tutti i tempi. - OneClickMac
* Botanicula è talmente incredibile che probabilmente non finirà neanche su Metacritic. - Kotaku

Riguardo questo gioco

Botanicula è un gioco d'avventura ricco d'umorismo realizzato dai creatori dell'acclamato Machinarium, ovvero lo studio Amanita Design e la band cecoslovacca alternativa DVA. Cinque amici - piccole creature arboree - intraprendono un viaggio per salvare l'ultimo seme del loro albero madre, che è infestato da un malefico parassita.

  • Gioco rilassato perfetto sia per giocatori estremi, che per un pubblico occasionale o più pacato.
  • Olte150 ambientazioni da esplorare.
  • Centinaia di divertenti animazioni.
  • Un incredibile numero di bonus nascosti.
  • Pregiata colonna sonora dei Dva.

Requisiti di sistema

Mac OS X
    • OS:Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7
    • Processor:1.6 Ghz Processor
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • DirectX®:5.0
    • Hard Drive:700 MB HD space
    • OS:Snow Leopard or later.
    • Processor:Intel Mac
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive:700 MB HD space
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Pubblicata: 18 marzo
Botanicula is a point & click adventure set into a strange microcosmic world. I got the game during a Steam sale due to the enticing visuals. And after watching the intro, I got immediately hooked into the storyline. Amazing that this game was created by such a small development team. Botanicula will not appeal to everyone, but if you like a creative adventure/puzzle game with a decent plot, this is highly recommended! An enjoyable experience!

+ appealing visuals
+ nice story
+ good mix of easy/average/difficult puzzles to solve
+ mood setting music
- finished after +/- 4 hours
- lack of replayability
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Pubblicata: 23 giugno
Botanicula is an incredibly charming, short-and-sweet game which is frequently described as having a “happy” identity. It is a point-and-click style, casual adventure game that takes you on a wondrous ride through a microcosmic fantasy world inhabited by bugs and critters. Any fan of point-and-click, adventure-puzzle games will likely enjoy the experience.

The best feature of this game is the overall charm inherent in its delivery. The art style and the soundscape together create the alluring atmosphere of the game. The simple story is told through animations and emotion-filled sounds rather than through text and dialogue. Despite the simple storytelling mechanics, all the characters you play and those you meet are uniquely interesting and charming.

The actual gameplay requires you to progress the story by solving puzzles via interaction with the world around you. It will be mostly trial and error; but nothing is too daunting. I felt the puzzles were a good balance of tricky and sensible; but they are not all necessarily logical. You will have to think about the puzzles in terms of the wacky game-world dynamics.

The game is rather short, even shorter if you rush through the main objectives. It is more enjoyable (and still somewhat short) if you take the time to interact with everything and see what you can discover. There are plenty of hidden “Easter eggs” and collectibles scattered throughout the game to cater to those who enjoy treasure hunts and achievements.

Botanicula is definitely a well-designed game that was created with love and care. I recommend that any point-and-click, adventure-puzzle gamer considering trying it. Its charm will cater to fans of the genre both young and old.

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Pubblicata: 20 febbraio
A stunning point-and-click tale of death and rebirth, told through the eyes of 5 adorable botanical critters. A group of spiders, hell-bent on sucking every last drop of energy from Mother Tree, attack your home. Using the simple, yet innovated powers of your little band of clorophyll clansmen, you will wage war against the dangers of the changing environment by solving a variety of challenging, inquisitive puzzles, as well as solving the mysteries of the tree with the help of local prophets. A beautiful world and soundtrack will accompany you through this journey, and I hope that you, like me, will find this game to be inspiring, heart-warming, and even hilarious. Botanicula is a unique gaming experience that is worth every cent.
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Pubblicata: 1 agosto
As a look into the not-tainted children's souls.
Great animation and musical subtext!
Another amazing Czech game :)
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Pubblicata: 27 giugno
I love this game it reminds me alot of the childrens books when I was little and the cutesy style of it all is just great.
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