The human powers-that-be called for the purification of mankind and the eradication of vampires and ‘deviants bloodlines’ - those born of a mix of human and vampire. And so began massive purges of the deviants that were reminiscent of the 'witch hunts' of centuries earlier.
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Informazioni sul gioco

The human powers-that-be called for the purification of mankind and the eradication of vampires and ‘deviants bloodlines’ - those born of a mix of human and vampire. And so began massive purges of the deviants that were reminiscent of the 'witch hunts' of centuries earlier. Leading the genocide was the exorcist corps the 'Gun Bullet Children'.

As the overwhelmingly large human armies began to obliterate every vampire and deviant community across the world, the opposing deviant armies sought to gather allies and rally back. Ria File is a half-human, half-vampire girl fighting on the side of the deviants as they embark upon a turnaround strategy, the 'Siege on the Holy Land'. Their plan: to lay siege upon the humans’ 'Holy Land' and to destroy the Holy Lady Anhel who was the source of the human military power. This is a battle in which defeat is an option for neither army.

Featuring an addictive dual-polarity gameplay system, this amazing vertical shmup is sure to please any shooter fan. The polarity and color of your character can be changed to absorb enemy bullets of the same polarity while charging the special weapon in the process and doing double damage to enemies of the opposite polarity. Every bullet absorbed charges your special weapon for total destruction. With awesome music, beautiful art, and challenging stages, this game that put the eXceed series on the map and has everything you would want from a shmup.

Key Features:

  • Dual-polarity gameplay system
  • 8 frenetic stages
  • Dynamic difficult balancing, depending on the player’s skill
  • Chain bonus scoring system
  • Cutscene-driven story-telling

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS:Windows Vista®/XP, Windows 7
    • Processor:Pentium 1.0GHz or better
    • Memory:128 MB RAM
    • Graphics:NDIVIA Geforce 5200 or better, AMD(ATI) Radeon 9600 or better, Intel 915(900) or better
    • DirectX®:8.0
    • Hard Drive:781 MB HD space
    • Sound:Standard
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Pubblicata: 14 dicembre 2015
A fun bullet hell arcade shooter that will make onlookers think you have superpowers
+ cute anime girls
+ very fast paced / action-packed
+ Interesting mechanic where you switch between blue and red to absorb enemy fire which charges your super ability (if you are the wrong color you take damage) Someone watching you will probably be amazed that you are "dodging" barrages of unescapable fire, but in reality you are absorbing most of it. haha
+ Bosses are unique and challenging

- Very low resolution options
- The entire screen gets covered in bullets causing you to lose track of what's happening
- A pretty poor text-driven story (unless you happen to know Japanese)
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Pubblicata: 9 aprile
Ikaruga: Anime Edition

Ah! Shoot-em-ups, bullet hell games, space shooters... One of the most beloved and hated video game genres of all time. For me shoot-em-ups have been quite close to my heart since they were pretty much the only games my old Pentium II PC could run. I still remember the insane amounts of enemy projectiles, enemies that were bullet sponges and... flying anime chicks?

For Touhou fans flying anime chicks may not be a thing they'd be weirded about. For others it may seem a bit weird and might send off potential buyers away. Do not let the anime theme push you away from this game though. eXceed 2nd - Vampire REX is a fun, fast, easy to learn bullet hell/shoot-em-up game that is very, oh so very, similar to Ikaruga. A lot of western people liked Ikaruga so you might give this one a try. Right?

Yes. I personally liked the game even though I'm not really a fan of anime nor manga. The main gameplay element was enough to keep me interested, not really the graphical style or the extremely generic anime voice acting. It's not about the theme. It's about the gameplay. eXceed 2nd borrows the gameplay from Ikaruga which is about shooting enemies and dodging bullets as well as touching them. Yes. You heard me right. You have two modes, light and dark, which will make you spew out different colored bullets and also let you absord the projectiles that are the same color as you have chosen at time. This is the main element of the game which makes it stand out from other bullet hell games in a nice fresh way. The game will build up more and more challenge the more you advance which will make the mechanics feel fresh in every new playthrough.

What I do have to mention about the game are the very bland graphics and short lenght. The graphics are very repetitive which makes the game a little less pleasant to the eye. If you can get over the voice acting, bland graphics and the very short, yet really challenging "Story Mode" you are in treat for a very fun and smooth bullet hell game.

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Pubblicata: 1 dicembre 2015
This turned out to be my kind of game after all. The first game gun bullet children didnt work on my pc, i htink because it wasnt suppoorted but i still dont think i missed much. Though, this game was pretty fun. Compared to other BH games, i found this one to be very smooth, i just enjoyed myself. I beat it on easy and ill probably go back and try medium. I wouldnt have minded it having a deeper story, but whaterver.All in all, theres no reason to dislike this game unless you suck at it. :P
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Pubblicata: 21 gennaio 2014
I very enjoyed this game.Unlike the first chapter, it has only one character (Ria File)but, despite this, its funnier than the first game (IMO).Graphic has improved and it was introduced the new bullet draining system, that let you absorb purple or blue bullets as you play in dark or light way (you can change your way to play the game by simply pressing "c" on your keyboard).Draining a good enough number of bullets, will guarantee you a bomb that you can use to deal more damage and have some seconds of invulnerability, useful to break the sometimes frantic rhytm of the game and catch some breath.Maybe bullet hell fan wont be happy of this system, but at eXceed difficult level, its essential to use it to get through the levels, and beside this, some section are planned to be overcome by using this ability even on lower difficulty levels.
Though its a hard game, its very short too:only 7 stages to beat,even if you will probabily need sometime to learn all the bullet pattern to defeat bosses, since you cant afford to lose for futile reasons your lifes.Anyway,the game will reward you with an extra life when you will gain a certain number of points, that can be check on the "eXceed" bar in the right down corner.
Last but not for importance, the ost.Stunning, a mix of eletronic,metal and guitar music, createad by the skilled composer S.S.H. well known for his numerous remix of old school games, such Castlevania, Final Fantasy and Guilty Gear, just to make some examples.
SUMMARIZE.If you wanna approciate the Bullet Hell games, eXceed 2nd its probabily the game for you.Its not so hard like other BH game out there, so it wont be so frustating for newcomer gamers.Remember that its still a niche kind of game, so dont except an easy run.
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Pubblicata: 30 giugno 2014
A person basically combined Touhou and Ikaruga.

This is because that person hates you.
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