The human powers-that-be called for the purification of mankind and the eradication of vampires and ‘deviants bloodlines’ - those born of a mix of human and vampire. And so began massive purges of the deviants that were reminiscent of the 'witch hunts' of centuries earlier.
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リリース日: 2012年8月2日


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"An effective fusion of Touhou and Ikaruga, '2nd' gives fans of this flavor of shooter what they like despite a lack of originality and Steam features."


The human powers-that-be called for the purification of mankind and the eradication of vampires and ‘deviants bloodlines’ - those born of a mix of human and vampire. And so began massive purges of the deviants that were reminiscent of the 'witch hunts' of centuries earlier. Leading the genocide was the exorcist corps the 'Gun Bullet Children'.

As the overwhelmingly large human armies began to obliterate every vampire and deviant community across the world, the opposing deviant armies sought to gather allies and rally back. Ria File is a half-human, half-vampire girl fighting on the side of the deviants as they embark upon a turnaround strategy, the 'Siege on the Holy Land'. Their plan: to lay siege upon the humans’ 'Holy Land' and to destroy the Holy Lady Anhel who was the source of the human military power. This is a battle in which defeat is an option for neither army.

Featuring an addictive dual-polarity gameplay system, this amazing vertical shmup is sure to please any shooter fan. The polarity and color of your character can be changed to absorb enemy bullets of the same polarity while charging the special weapon in the process and doing double damage to enemies of the opposite polarity. Every bullet absorbed charges your special weapon for total destruction. With awesome music, beautiful art, and challenging stages, this game that put the eXceed series on the map and has everything you would want from a shmup.

Key Features:

  • Dual-polarity gameplay system
  • 8 frenetic stages
  • Dynamic difficult balancing, depending on the player’s skill
  • Chain bonus scoring system
  • Cutscene-driven story-telling


    • OS:Windows Vista®/XP, Windows 7
    • Processor:Pentium 1.0GHz or better
    • Memory:128 MB RAM
    • Graphics:NDIVIA Geforce 5200 or better, AMD(ATI) Radeon 9600 or better, Intel 915(900) or better
    • DirectX®:8.0
    • Hard Drive:781 MB HD space
    • Sound:Standard
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投稿日: 2014年8月12日
すごいゲーム、東方プロジェクトとは異なり 簡単です。
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投稿日: 2014年11月9日
This game is pretty fun to play and I highly recommend this version out of 3 exceed series.
The gameplay is a bit different here. The game uses dual-polarity system.
You can match your polarity with enemy's projectile to absorb their projectile and
fill your bomb gauge. If you shoot different polarity bullet, it will deal critical damage.
This game also has a good BGM.
And don't forget the awesome voice acting that many other danmaku games don't have.
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投稿日: 2014年11月4日
Very nice danmaku. I like the idea of the switching modes, when you chose what kind of bullets you are invincible for, i believe it's pretty novel. The sound is awesome. The graphics is reasonably good, though nothing special.
IZI MODO is decent; there are enough lifes and credits to finish the game after a bit of learning. I am not sure I like the 'rank' system, when the game complexity increases if you do not lose life for a while, but I do not have any problems with that.
The game might use some touhou-ish polish, indeed, but otherwise it is a very good, solid game. I'd give it may be 8.5/10.
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投稿日: 2014年12月23日
Keep pressing the button z and change the character using c to absorb the same colour bullet from enemy...but still fun :3
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投稿日: 2014年12月30日
It's like a cross between Ikaruga and Touhou. Though the dialogue isn't as well written as Touhou. If you're a fan of shmups and animu, you might want to pick it up!
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投稿日: 2014年11月23日
My favorite of the eXceed series, because of the mechanics with the colors. Plus it has some cool profile backgrounds
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投稿日: 2014年8月16日
Ok, this one ties into the first one (obviously) except you're playing VS. the original cast of gun bullet children.
VERY WELL DONE. Fixed fps, smooth gameplay, very tricky
(no spoilers, but this one's a bit unique!)
decent storyline, very fun!
good soundtrack, good graphics (for this type)
I'm 100% impressed by this for a bullet hell.
(plus, being able to whomp the good guys from the first one is a nice spin)
excellent sequel.
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投稿日: 2014年12月21日
its ok
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投稿日: 2014年5月21日
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投稿日: 2014年5月27日
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投稿日: 2013年10月20日
eXceed 3rdとはシステムがかなり異なっている
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投稿日: 2014年6月30日
A person basically combined Touhou and Ikaruga.

This is because that person hates you.
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記録時間: 9.0 時間
投稿日: 2014年7月14日
This game is amazing! To me, it's a combination of my old favorite vertical scrolling games like Touhou, Raiden, and Gradius (I know this ain't exactly vertical scrolling). On the hardest mode ever, it is still pretty punishing for me, but there is a storyline as you fight through levels and I know I will be playing this game a lot when I have the time to. If you are into the three games I mentioned above, this game is worth a try.

Bad parts of the game? Of course...
-This game runs 30 fps but is intended to run 60! Running the game at 30 fps makes all the bullets move slowly... There are fixes to fix this issue permanently. Players will have to find a fix and apply it to the game so the game runs with bullets as intended.

Verdict: 9.5/10. Players should not have to go through the trouble to fix the game they just bought. Other than that, this game is very awesome.
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記録時間: 1.4 時間
投稿日: 2013年10月31日
While I wasn't the least bit impressed with the first eXceed, Vampire REX is on a whole other level, so much as to completely eclipse its predecessor! Borrowing Ikaruga's color swapping mechanic, eXceed 2nd is a much more strategic and engaging game full of intricate bullet patterns and impressive boss battles, that demands concentration and forces you to use all your abilities in quick succession if you want to survive.

Even though it lacks anything truly original (besides the nonsensical and thankfully entirely optional dialog), and the frame rate is still liable to fluctuate at times, eXceed 2nd has greatly improved on all fronts and is a great bullet-hell shooter in its own right. Tight controls, crazy amounts of action, a hefty challenge, and an incredible soundtrack; there's little more I could ask for, which makes Vampire REX an easy recommendation for any fan of the genre!
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投稿日: 2013年11月26日
Exceed 2nd is a bullet hell shooter that lifts its main gameplay mechanic from Ikaruga. All bullets/enemies come in two colors, and you can switch your own color to absorb same colored bullets (which recharges your invulnerable laser) while being vulnerable to opposite colored bullets. You also do more damage to opposite colored enemies, though it's often riskier to do so.

Exceed 2nd is more of a traditional twitch/reflex game than the puzzle shooter Ikaruga though. You can still apply strategy to the stages and bullet patterns to get better at them, but it has a lot more flexibility and room for improvisation.

The game also has a lot of aggression. You're encouraged to get close to enemies to melee them, and use your laser as soon as it recharges to kill bosses faster. It gives a great sense of risk/reward to the boss fights, since you can choose whether to try and kill them as soon as possible, or save your laser to protect you later. Combine this with how you damage bosses faster by staying close with the opposite color, and you have a very aggressive, up-close-and-personal game.

The level designs and bullet patterns are really solid, though maybe not as intricate or perfect as a Cave shooter. But they are fast paced and have a lot of intense moments. Overall the game is really, really fun, and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys shmups. It's the best Exceed game imo, and probably one of the best shmups on Steam if not the best as of this writing.
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記録時間: 9.7 時間
投稿日: 2013年12月15日
Definitely better than the first game.

A fun game that you should play.
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投稿日: 2013年8月30日
I may be misrepresenting some systems in this game - blame the fact that as I try to play it, the PDF manual for it has vanished from Steam's servers.

If Ikaruga were not a puzzle game/memorization exercise, it would probably play like this. You have a dual-color system where you absorb some bullets and die from others in a convenient black-red and blue-white system. Also I guess you're a vampire or a part-vampire or something. That has nothing to do with gameplay but it seemed relevant given the title. It's playable but nothing standout for the genre?

Also I have no idea what the ♥♥♥♥ it is with these games, I'm just going to blame the rather unimpressive work I've seen from all Nyu Media-localized titles, but the resolution constantly seems off or stretched, despite the fact that you can only use specific ones the game itself allows you. It will grate on you anytime you see text or the game UI. It's ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

Purchase only if you really, really need more shooters and have run through EVERYTHING ELSE ON STEAM (save Razor2, that thing blows). This is the highlight of the eXceed trilogy, grab it if you only take one.
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投稿日: 2014年2月20日
eXceed 2nd - Vampire REX, the sequel to Gun Bullet Children, has everything that the 1st one lacked: Astonishing graphics, a soundtrack you'll want to own, and tight gameplay.

The game is story-wise a sequel to Gun Bullet Children, but this time you'll side with the vampires against the Church and their Gun Bullet Children. You play as Ria File, a half-human, half-vampire (aka a deviant bloodline). She has the ability to shift polarity: switch elements to absorb bullets of the same element while the other type becomes fatal. This is a mechanic that shouldn't be unknown to Ikaruga players. The game also has a dynamic difficulty implemented, whereas long survival and scoring gets you in a higher difficulty while playing, and dying reduces the difficulty. The overal difficulty of the game is okay. It might be tricky at first for newer people, but you'll get the hang of it quickly.

Although there isn't much to the story in most danmaku shooters, this one had a story i liked. The game references characters from the previous game as well. Just like the previous game, the characters have voicing in Japanese, and unlike Gun Bullet Children, this one has an official translation in the game.

The soundtrack was made by Saitama Saishu Heiki and Shibayan, well known names in the doujin world, and this soundtrack delivers, just like their other works. The boss music fits rather well with the bosses' personalities or significance in the story, whereas the stage music either takes it a bit easier or just gets really tense to prepare you for your next big challenge.

This game is just fantastic and is among my favourite danmaku shooters now. They really outdid Gun Bullet children by far. You can get it for 6 EUR, but i'd be willing to pay double price for this game.

Also, i didn't find the OST on Steam, but you can purchase it from the tennen-sozai site.
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投稿日: 2013年4月13日
The second in the eXceed series, Vampire REX (the updated version of Vampire) is a bullet hell shooter brought to us by FLAT/Tennen-Sozai. What makes this game "unique" is its mechanic of swapping polarities to absorb either blue or red bullets. If this sounds familiar that's because it is - this is the same mechanic that Ikaruga used famously to great effect. The series as a whole was created by a dōjin circle, similar to the Touhou project and, while not as good in my oppinion, eXceed is still a lot of fun and definitely gets your heart pounding. I beat the first game, but it was pretty generic and I would not recommend it; however, the second - Vampire REX - is a lot of fun and worth playing if you like these types of games. While Ikaruga is hands down the better game, Vampire REX is short, fast, fun, and really scratches the bullet-hell itch I've had for awhile. It doesn't have a lot of fancy options like leaderboard support but it does have minimal controller support, replays, high scores, and an arcade mode to skip dialogue. The story isn't very good, but that's to be expected, and the all important soundtrack is enjoyable and varies from Gothic choir music to hard techno - each boss even has its own theme. It was pretty easy after you figure out the mechanics of the game: collect one type of bullet to build your "bomb" and dodge the other color, you do double damage to the unit opposite your current polarity (the difficulty also increases while you play if you're doing well, which was cool), and while not the be-all-end all of bullet-hell shooters, eXceed is a worthwhile series to play and you're not going to find much like it on Steam, so I recommend this title, but not the first. We'll see if the third is as enjoyable as Vampire REX.


Bullet-hell action!
Swapping polarities (see Ikaruga)
Replay support
Solid mechanics
Great soundtrack
Controller support
Difficulty increases while you play if you don't die


Not much to unlock, only trying to beat your old high-score

This is a pretty "pure" shooter, it's fun, challenging, and short. Great for pick-up-and-play action, but not very deep. I'd recommend it over the first in the series as it's a little more polished and the polarity swapping mechanic is a lot of fun to play with. It's not the best shooter and is more of a niche title since it's a bullet-hell dōjin game, but if you like this style then you're hard pressed to find something like it on Steam. B+
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投稿日: 2014年6月27日
its like ikaruga but with lolis
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