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De mensheid vecht een oorlog tegen vampiers en afwijkelingen. De laatste verdedigingslinie van de mensheid een groep kinderen die getraind is in het gebruik van krachtige magie die de demonische hordes kan tegenhouden, maar ten koste van hun eigen levensduur.
Releasedatum: 2 aug 2012

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Info over het spel

De mensheid vecht een oorlog tegen vampiers en afwijkelingen. De laatste verdedigingslinie van de mensheid een groep kinderen die getraind is in het gebruik van krachtige magie die de demonische hordes kan tegenhouden, maar ten koste van hun eigen levensduur. Omdat ze vergeleken worden met de kogels van een geweer, staan ze bekend als de ‘Gun Bullet Children’.

De tijd is NU! Een vampier-invasieteam is gesignaleerd in het luchtruim boven Tokyo Portal 5. Vroegtijdige verslagen geven meer dan 500 vampiers vergezeld door Killings Dolls aan, met versterkende hordes van afwijkende mensen. De eerste verdedigingslinie is vernietigd en de Gun Bullet Children worden verzameld om een tegenaanval te lanceren en de invasie tegen te houden.

Belangrijkste onderdelen:

  • 3 speelbare karakters met individuele verhaallijnen
  • 5 levels aan bullet hell en baasgevechten
  • Vertragingsfunctie voor precies manoeuvreren
  • Graze-systeem dat je zenuwen op de proef stelt en je superwapen oplaadt
  • Originele Japanese importversie met Engelstalige handleiding
LET OP: De Japanse tekst in het spel zal niet correct worden weergegeven tenzij de taal van het besturingssysteem staat ingesteld op 'Japans'.


    • OS:Windows Vista®, XP, Windows 7
    • Processor:Pentium 1.0GHz or better
    • Memory:128 MB RAM
    • Graphics:Intel 915(900) or better
    • DirectX®:8.0
    • Hard Drive:172 MB HD space
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Poor man's Touhou.
Geplaatst: 27 juni 2014
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Ok guys, this recommendation is more like guideline, so im going to tell my opinion about this game right now, if you are new on this game, just bought it or something, check out the text down there, it might help you out. But now to the game itself:

+ Really good few hour gaming experience
+ If you are new to bullethell or you want to try it, add this to your cart when the next sales comes (Or download touhou), its so much fun.
+ The trading cards are worth about 0,20€ each.

- No proper instructions
- Pretty expensive compared to the length of game (If on summer sales or winter sales, totally worth it)
- Pressing ESC will shut down the game (Not pausing)
- Needs English sub patch if you dont want to see random symbols

And now my guide for the starters of this game:

Okay, first thing I'd like to let you know about this game is that THERE IS NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES UNLESS YOU DOWNLOAD THE PATCH FROM THE INTERNET. There is really simple Guide by hum79 that can help you get that thing done.

Now to the game. In the beginning, you select options with arrow keys. To select, you need to press Z. Also you might want to try the PRACTISE MODE before you try the MISSION mode, just to try the characters. Also if you are new to bullethell games, my advice is to change the mode from NORMAL to EASY from options (Unless it already on EASY).

Now lets move to the gameplay, which might feel a little weird at the start of the game. You shoot from Z, Slow by holding X and use your BOMB pressing C. You also have this bar on your left which will fill when killing enemies. When its full, release Z (Shoot) and press it again to do decent damage blast. At the start you have 3 lives and 3 BOMBS, but you can collect these blue crystal-like pieces from enemies. When you collect them you can gain extra life. The enmies also drop Purple crystals that are called "Reinforcement". When you collect the amount that the bar on your right side shows, you get the reinforcement and start shooting more bullets and much faster.

Well thats pretty much it I hope this recommendation helped someone, if not, im terribly sorry. Have a nice time playing this game!
Geplaatst: 17 juli 2014
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Fun side scroller. If you like side scroller than this is the game for you. I belive it has come down in price since I bought it (from £4.99 to £1.99). Unfortunatly there is a clear lack of instructions so its worth going online before-hand and searching controlls.
Graphics look old school arcade type. All around a fun game for a hour or two but with a distinct lack of save options you habve to play the game all the way through to finish it in one go.

7/10 Fun but not something you'll play for hours every day
Geplaatst: 21 april 2014
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This is a bullet hell game.
You use the arrow keys to move.
My up arrow is broke.

RIP Lozze 2014-2014
couldn't figure out how to go forwards
Geplaatst: 1 september 2014
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Okay, lets get one thing out of the way first... "Gun Bullet Children" is an amazing title for a game, sadly when it comes down to it this one is not worth it.

This is the first eXceed game in a Bullet Hell series, meaning the screen becomes littered with bullets and you must dodge them while shooting, that spans three games, it is also the cheapest and for good reason, this is about as bare bones as you can get with a shooter of this kind, and in many ways it is very lifeless.

The graphics are sub-par even for the kind of game it is, backgrounds are shotty, once more the word "Lifeless" comes to mind, bullets are nothing but red dots and arrows, enemy design is lackluster and repeated, and overall there is not a single thing this game does that could be called unique, even the story is cliche, though insane as all Bullet Hell games seem to be when it comes to the plot, and speaking on that the game is not at all translated, I had to download a english patch and even then it was full of grammatical errors/

You can play as one of three characters, each with their own kind of shooting mechanics and bombs, play in a few gameplay modes, but overall nothing about Gun Bullet Children is worth the price of admission.
Geplaatst: 14 april 2014
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