An Action RPG driven by fast-paced combat and paired with an intricate puzzle-filled world
User reviews: Very Positive (435 reviews)
Release Date: Mar 19, 2012

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"A fun hack and slash with rpg elements...The combat is tight and the controls are great, progression is at a good pace aswell."

About This Game

When redheaded thrill-seeker Adol Christin and his eternal blue-haired companion Dogi make an unannounced visit to Dogi's homeland of Felghana after an eight-year absence, it quickly becomes apparent that things have changed dramatically. Hordes of violent monsters roam the outskirts of town, a long-dormant volcano has suddenly sprung back to life and the new lord of the land has begun mercilessly and inexplicably extorting money from its long-suffering citizens. While Dogi seeks out his former combat master for answers, Adol tends to the townsfolk -- and finds himself embroiled in a world of political conspiracies, ancient legacies and unthinkable taboos.

A complete 3D reimagining of the 16-bit console classic "Ys III: Wanderers From Ys," Ys: The Oath in Felghana is a fast-paced action role-playing game with tight controls, Metroidvania-style exploration elements, intense combat with epic screen-filling boss battles, and a thrashing, percussive arranged soundtrack that's been heralded by many as one of the best of all time. Based on the original 2005 PC release, this classic is finally officially available in English with added Steamworks features such as achievements and cloud saving.

Come see why Falcom fans the world over regard this game as "Ys, Perfected"!

Key Features:

  • Six difficulty levels ranging from "Very Easy" for casual players to "Inferno" for true old-school gaming masters.
  • Unlockable "Time Attack" and "Boss Rush" modes for anyone looking to show off his/her boss-taming abilities.
  • Over 30 unique Steam Achievements as well as Steam Cloud support.
  • Adjustable high-resolution PC graphics with original blood effects intact.
  • Gamepad support in addition to standard keyboard and mouse controls.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 32 MB VRAM, 3D accelerator compatible w/ DirectX 9.0c
    • DirectX®: 8.0
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB HD space
    • Sound: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c
    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processor: Pentium III 1 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 32 MB VRAM, 3D accelerator compatible w/ DirectX 9.0c
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB HD space
    • Sound: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c
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58.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 17
Adol Christin has wandered back into our living rooms with a familiar tale: The Oath in Felghana is a full-fledged remake of Wanderers From Ys. And, when I say "full-fledged," I really mean it. From the storyline, sound, gameplay and graphics, every aspect of the original game has been completely enhanced. The result is an experience far more ambitious than Wanderers From Ys, the most commonly criticized installment of the series, would have ever dreamed of becoming.

In terms of storyline, Wanderers From Ys was relatively simple and straight-forward. After the complete liberation of Esteria and Ys (as observed in Ys Books I and II), Adol and Dogi decide to visit the Town of Redmont, Dogi’s hometown. Upon their arrival, they realize that, gasp, the land has been overrun by monsters. The two heroes meet up with Elena Stoddart, a childhood friend, who eagerly explains the recent events. To further complicate the situation, the local mayor has been kidnapped, and Elena’s brother, Chester Stoddart, has abandoned the town. Since becoming knighted in the service of King McGuire and Valestine Castle, his demeanor has changed, and the general public suspects that he’s become involved in something sinister. And, naturally, what could be more sinister than the resurrection of an ancient god of destruction? Thankfully, The Oath in Felghana completely expands upon this old storyline, fleshing out each of the classic characters, adding new ones, and seamlessly weaving each into the tale.

As expected, The Oath in Felghana shines in the gameplay department. Those who have played Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim will easily recognize similarities. Adol hacks and slashes a bloody swath through countless monsters, always with speed and precision. Oath, however, introduces a new 'combo meter' which serves as an experience multiplier; for each successful hit, the meter rises and an experience bonus is granted. This bonus can climb as high as 1.99x the original experience granted from defeating an enemy, resulting in nearly double experience. If the chain breaks, however, the bonus is reset to 1.00x. Interestingly, Adol is no longer able to use/stock healing items; rather, enemies drop them in battle and provide instant recovery. In addition to healing items, enemies also drop Strength, Defense, and Magic Potions which provide temporary enhancements to the respective traits. Similar to the combo meter, these have a timer attached, so defeating enemies quickly is the key to maximizing their benefits. Adol also has a "Boost" feature at his disposal; after having dispatched a certain number of enemies, he will be granted the ability to Boost, which provides a temporary increase in attack speed. As you can see, speed and accuracy are the keys to success.

Aside from combat, Wanderers From Ys' equipment system has been subject to revisions as well. The infamous 'Five Magic Rings' have been replaced with 'Three Magic Bracelets.' Each bracelet grants an elemental power, one of Fire, Wind, or Earth. In addition to being useful in battle, utilizing the power of these bracelets becomes simply indispensable when searching for many of the game’s secrets. The Fire Bracelet allows our hero to light torches and melt ice. The Wind Bracelet allows him to whirlwind over large gaps, and otherwise impossible jumps. The Earth Bracelet allows him to break walls and other natural barriers. You can also switch between these abilities on the fly; it becomes an essential element of success in many of the game’s more challenging boss battles. Aside from bracelets, Adol is also able to purchase new swords, armors, and shields. These can be statistically enhanced by delivering them to Adonis, the town blacksmith, who will customize them using rare crystals known as Ravals. Early in the game, Ravals are fairly hard to come by, but enemies drop them semi-frequently in the last two dungeons.

But, does it have replay value? Tons of it. How about two unlockable difficulty modes, Hard and Nightmare? How about Boss Rush? Those who have completed Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim will be quite familiar with this time attack mode, which allows the player to consecutively battle against all of the game's bosses. And how about the countless side quests and hidden items, such as the War God’s Talisman and the Augite Brooch? There’s always something to do, especially for completionists, who will be hard-pressed to unearth every secret on their first time through.

Finally, in case it wasn’t obvious: Sound - 100%. That’s right, absolute perfection. Ys: The Oath in Felghana has, quite possibly, the most amazing soundtrack in the history of video games. There are no audio issues or ‘filler tracks’ to speak of. They’ve managed to take an already superb soundtrack and make it even more awesome. Each track, exceptionally remixed from the original compositions in Wanderers From Ys, simply rocks. In particular, "Valestine Castle" stands out among the crowd. In true Soundteam JDK fashion, it is exceptionally heavy on the electric guitars and more-than-competently weave in the perfect amount of synth. Speaking directly to fellow fans of their music, I never would have thought that any version of Valestine Castle could overcome/surpass JDK Band 1... I was sorely mistaken. In fact, it’s difficult for me to navigate through the castle at times; when the solo at 2:02 kicks in, I can’t seem to avoid setting the controller down, closing my eyes, and allowing myself to become entranced by the music. It’s that good.

Ys: The Oath in Felghana is a remarkable remake which never cuts corners. It’s the best remake ever produced. It’s (debatably) the best installment of the Ys Series ever produced. And it receives my absolute highest recommendation.

10/10 Very Highly Recommended!

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13.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 15
Ahh yes.... they dont make good rpg's like these anymore.

Ys is one of my most favorite Rpg series, because of many reasons, that it sticks with the story and with the same RPG elements and graphics and artwork.
i dont really know what more i can say this game pretty much speaks for itself through screenshots and videos but if maybe you are unfamiliar with it and have your doubts then.

Know that this game is a very good Action/Rpg ( no its not turn based its action )
The story is really good and emotional to some sort.
The Fight style is good, switching between spells and jumping and stuff, If you may know ( Alundra ps1) This is very like it.
The game is fairly long and going to secrets and leveling up and boss fights will just make the game longer and longer
Nightmare mode is pure hell you WILL replay every single boss at least 10 times ^^ it is for hardcore gamers everything is extremely hard in it and i like it lol.

Edit :
Finished the game, very satisfied with the ending kinda bummed out my hero did not get to bang that hot chick altho i saved her life like 95 times .... well...

The ending was quite good and ( feels ) Took me a while to Get all the achievements i have about maybe 23+ hours in this game but mostly offline so its not recorded
altho i have to say this

If you're not a Fan of the YS Series or just want to play one and not ( 1 , 2 , 3 )
Play YS origins that is by far my most favorite, because you can choose between 3 characters, each is different with the story and ending and the gameplay and spells and attacks and everything

each has its own unique story and purpose so YS origins is the best one so far i guess
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21.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 12
It's like Dark Souls had a child with his Cute Anime senpai.
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17.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 19
Wow, what a game! As much my thirteen year old self would hate to hear this, I'm not the gamer that I used to be. Fifteen years later, now an adult with a full time job, I don't have the devotion for gaming as much as I used to have. This game though allowed me to relive my experience of those days where I would stay up to the early hours of the morning, not at all concerned with sleep or the work that I had to be at in a few hours time.

I had recently picked this up on a sale. As it looked intriguing and was 75% off, I figured that I would give it a go. Going from its Metacritic store, I figured that it would be a 'Meh' kind of game. How wrong was I. This was easily the most enjoyment I've gotten out of a game this year.

Enough rambling, on with the review.

This is an action-RPG with a very satisfying combat system. Within minutes of starting, you're quickly thrown into it. Although the game has a story, a fairly good one at that, you won't be clicking through endless amounts of dull dialogue before you get to the action.

It's great fun as you run from screen to screen cutting down the monsters that face you. Although there is no way to heal on demand, when I first started playing, I didn't find this to be very challenging even on the normal difficulty, but it was still very satisfying.

When I reached the game's first boss, I got my ♥♥♥♥ handed to me, several times over. Here I initially thought that the game wasn't balanced properly. After a character level and learning the boss's patterns, I was finally able to get pass it, barely.

This is where that game's core challenge comes from; boss battles. Difficult but I wouldn't call them unfair. Once you're able to defeat them, you're bound to be able to repeat it. The game doesn't factor in luck much. It's a very rewarding experience to get through them.

In terms of playtime, it took me a little under 14.5 hours. I'm a gamer who tries to I try to find everything I can so it could probably be finished a lot quicker. In fact, there's an achievement to finish it in five hours or less. Could be completed over a weekend, or two in my case. To me, the length was just right, not too long nor too short.

Once completed, a boss battle mode is unlocked, and the game has five difficulty levels so it has some replayability. There's a number of side quests as well, some of which I somehow had missed so I'll be replaying it.

The game has a great soundtrack. Normally I'm not one to even notice this unless it's really good which I'm pleased to state is the case here.

I found the story to be better then the average JRPG. This is helped greatly with the range of characters, none of which are nameless or a palette swap of another, which are great contrasts to each other. The weakest would be protagonist who doesn't utter a word, with only a narrator describing his actions.

It's worth mentioning that for those who buy this, take a look at the forums as someone was able to extract the voices, which are only found in the PSP version of the game, working on this version which greatly adds to the game's atmosphere. It would be good if they're included by default though. Hopefully they'll be patched in in future.

With all the praise, it's not without its flaws though. This may not apply to the easy difficulty levels but I did spend a bit of time grinding. While cutting down monsters is fun, much more then a turn based RPG, when your EXP bar is rising very slowly, it can become repetitive.

You're bound to die a number of times on bosses. Mostly while trying to figure out their patterns and then some more after that. At times, I needed to take a break from this as it was becoming frustrating. On the other hand though, once you do get through them, it's very gratifying.

It's flaws are minor compared to the overall enjoyment I got from it though. I highly recommend this game.
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77.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 28
An excellent action-RPG that will grind the meat off your bones make you love every moment of it.

This game is a remake and expansion of the Sega Master System's Ys III: Wanderers from Ys. Combat is fast-paced and difficult, and boss fights are complex and brutally unforgiving -- but in (almost) every case it's readily apparent what you're doing wrong, and you feel like such a badass when you eventually make that one clean run and come out on top.

There are a few notable flaws, mostly on the highest difficulties. Certain boss mechanics (Chester's teleport spam, or Gyalva's tile flipping on Nightmare) can randomly screw you and there's not always any clear difference between a failed run and a flawless one. These are very rare, however, and a solid battle plan and execution will get you through almost everything all the way through the highest difficulties.

For those less adept at the genre, don't be afraid to start out on Easy. Ys is a series rooted in the 8-bit era of difficulty, and this game's idea of Easy is right about where most other franchises would place Normal.
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26.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 10
Ys Felghana plays very similarly to Ys Origin, so if you played and enjoyed that already you're sure to like this one too. If not, you're looking at a solid, fast-paced (but always manageable) 8-12 hour action RPG, perhaps most easily compared to games like Kingdom Hearts.

Although Oath is technically the third game in the Ys series, newcomers can feel comfortable jumping at this point- the game barely references the previous games at all, in fact the only carryover are the two protagonists and all you need to know about them is readily apparent. The story won't shake your world but it's serviceable enough to give Adol an excuse to rampage through the world destroying the entire population of monsters in fluid and satisfying melee combat.

It's an Ys game, so of course the soundtrack is superb. Lots of noisy high-tempo epic-metal to roll around to, but it never gets obnoxious. Personal favourite is the Valestine Castle theme.

Speaking personally I preferred Ys Origin and would recommend that one above this, but the truth is they're both solidly built games and it probably just comes down to which you play first is the one you prefer. Many who played both feel Origin bogs itself down with story while Oath is a lot less story-centric and thus more replayable. It depends what you want from your RPG, but you can't go wrong with any of XSEED's superb localisations of Falcom's Ys titles.
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Posted: July 13
Died ten times trying to proceed through the first section of the second dungeon on hard and ragequit 10/10 will play again
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9.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 10
Great game. Support Xseed on steam so we can get even more games!!

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6.0 hrs on record
Posted: September 22
Seen an action-RPG lately that features a combo meter for experience points? Welcome to Adol Christin’s world. The long running Ys (“EEEs”) RPG dynasty has not been well-known outside Japan until recent years. Plucky import specialist XSEED is changing that by bringing the original PC games to the west.

A remake of the 16-bit era Ys III: Wanderers From Ys, Oath in Felghana is as close to a 16-bit action adventure game in 3D as you’re going to get. While humble in technology, Oath nails the character of a Mega Drive game to the wall. Wandering hero-dude Adol lives only to find new lands, people in trouble, and murder what’s troubling them. It’s pretty much expected of him. Here, he glides through hoards of monsters and demons, leaving a literal shower of fragments in his wake. Experience racks up, multiplied by keeping your kill count up. Dungeons are simplistic until the last third of the game, but offer satisfying platforming action to offset the killing. Bosses are huge, with patterns right out of an old school arcade game.

Sharp controls and a driving electronic orchestra finishes off the package. It acts as both nostalgic trip, and introduction to a simply satisfying franchise that’s been pushed by fans for a reason. But a quality gamepad is prerequisite - you are warned.
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Posted: November 25
This is the first Ys game i have ever played, and i do not regret bying it at all, the graphics are good and the music is phanamonal i deffenitly recommend it if your like me and havent played a Ys game yet i say pick this up and give it a try i garentee you wont regret it.
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Posted: August 3
A great challenging JRPG. The music is excellent, and I hope Falcom will release every Ys game on Steam. This is a remake of Ys 3 that was originally on the Snes.
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Posted: August 17
Generic plot, modest graphics, but solid gameplay.
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Posted: July 3
This game is very fun. The story is really not all that exciting but that really isn't the main focus of the game anyways. It is very challenging so if you don't have the patience then this game won't be for you.
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17.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 17
Technically this would be the third time I'm playing this, since I've played the original on genesis as a kid and the psp version of this one, so I should assume I know what I'm talking about.

Anyway lets get started.

This is widely considered to be the best Ys game out there by many. In my opinion that can be debated (Ys IV - Dawn of Ys on PC-Engine remains the best one for me), but this is an amazing game nonetheless.

Essentially it's a total remake of Ys III. It ditches the side scrolling nature of the original and replaces it with the gameplay and engine of Ys VI on PS2, though vastly improved.

Story wise it's the same as Ys III: It takes place after Ys IV, Adol and Dogi visit Dogi's homeland,shit goes down etc. etc. Don't expect anything groundbreaking. That's not what Ys is about. They have however fleshed out the characters a lot more this time around and Adol is once more a silent protagonist (like he should be).

Gameplay wise is where the game truly shines. Similar to the older games you move in a 3d environment. However unlike I, II and IV now you can jump, do various attacks and cast spells once you get certain items. Technically Ys III already had that, but this particular style of gameplay started with Ys V. Combat is fast paced and extremely satisfying, enemies drop gold and items that give you temporary bonuses when you pick them up. You can upgrade your equipment using a specific ore, but despite what an NPC tells you, you won't be finding it anywhere but in chests up until late in the game, so you are encourged to explore everywhere, there are plenty of goodies for you to find. Boss battles are hard, but not frustrating like some people will tell you (you can't #YOLOSWAG it through the game unless you're playing on the lowest difficulty in which case go jump infront of a train, you filthy sсrub).

Graphics wise it uses the same engine as The Ark of Napishtim, though characters are once again sprites instead of 3d models.
Regardless it looks and runs great even on a toaster so you won't have any issues running it.

Ys III, despite being an oddball game had some amazing music, arguably some of the best in the series. They completely re-arranged the soundtrack here using real instruments and trust me on this one: the result is mindblowing.

Some might ask what the difference between the PSP and PC versions of the game is.
Well like I said before: The PC version looks and runs great at constant 60fps even on a toaster. The PSP is locked at 30 and obviously has a lower resolution (though the camera has been zoomed out to compensate for it). The PSP version however has a slightly better translation, voice acting (which varies from decent to terrible), a double burst ability which makes Adol even more powerful and allows him to regenerate health when attacking enemies, and the option to choose between 3 different soundtracks (regular, PC-88 or the X68000 version), it however lacks the PC-Engine music which is a damn shame since it's amazing.
Overall I'd stick to PC, though if you've got to have the game on the go have at it.

All in all its an amazing game, with a fun story, great gameplay, pretty visuals and amazing music.
I recommend it to any Ys fan or anyone who likes proper action-RPGs.
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19.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 21
Uhhh it's Ys, it's really good and full of action RPGing. Why aren't you playing this and the other Falcom games you dummy?
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23.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 5
This game is my kind of game, it doesn't cater to the casuals and doesn't make it easy for you (and reward you for doing practically nothing like a king).

Not even 20 minutes in the game I am faced by the first boss and BAM, I'm stuck for longer than it took me to get there.
This is A-MA-ZING, it tries to give you a hard time whenever it can, although I do admit some of the later bosses are pretty easy.

If you're in for a game that is genuinely hard and has a nice combat system, then this is a game for you.
If you're a fan of the dark souls series, then this is also a game for you.
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24.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 22
Best adaptation of A Fistful of Dollars I've ever played.
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4.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 5
Soundtrack is unreal, spent 3+ hours looking for the sheet music to the first song.
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Posted: October 3
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Posted: July 14
I hate video games and I still play this.
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