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ArcheBlade is a free to play 3D multiplayer fighting game that captures the essence of combo-based fighting games combined with unique game modes. Play as one of many characters and master your skills to become the best fighter.
Release Date: Apr 25, 2014
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[Quick Patch] Gear Up Save Issue

May 27

Hi guys,

There will be a quick patch soon to fix the issue that resets your gears when you log out and log back in.

Sorry about the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation in advance.
Codebrush Games

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Patch Note and regarding additional compensation

May 22

Hi guys,

Here are the details of our latest patch, which is probably going to be our last.

Patch Note
- The player number requirement for each team is adjusted to 1.
- All items now have Meceta price.
- Removed stats from all gears. (Weapons, Armor, Accessories)
- Unlocked all content for the players who own any DLC. (Early Access Basic/Premium/Starter Pack)
- Current DLC “Starter Pack” is changed to “All Access” pack which unlocks all content available.

Also please read the followings if you have spent more than $20 (or $19.99) in the game. We will send you additional key for every extra $20 you spent on the game. So for example, if you have spent $40, you will get one more all access key, and if you have spent $60, you will get two more keys in addition to the key you already received.

Total Amount Spent $25 -> You get 1 key in total (Already sent)
Total Amount Spent $40 -> You get 2 keys in total (Will send one more key.)
Total Amount Spent $60 -> You get 3 keys in total (Will send two more keys.)

It maybe annoying to send email again but it would be great if you could send us an email detailing the total amount you’ve spent. (You can send us all purchase confirmation numbers or a screenshot of your steam/game transaction of your account showing your steam account ID.)

Lastly to Indiegogo contributors who can claim Indiegogo Exclusive Skin and Artbook (Double Kill or higher), we are aware of your frustration about the fact that Indiegogo exclusive skin was given to non-Indiegogo contributors, and the reason we had to do this was because of the way our coding was written. The permanent key unlocks all content available instead of unlocking particular items, and since we had to let our programmers go, we are unable to change this at the moment. We apologize for this.

What we’re going to do is send you the following items.
1. Image assets from our art team. (It maybe work-in-progress artworks, concept arts, and so on)
2. MP3 file of the title music of ArcheBlade. (This one)

We will share those files on Goolge Drive by giving access to the email you used when you made donation on Indiegogo. We will upload the files before May 30th. (Will send you a separate email once they're up.)

Thank you for your time, and take care.
Codebrush Games

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“...'ArcheBlade’ Not Your Average Beat Em Up”
IGM(Indie Game Magazine)

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About the Game

  • 3D Fighting Game
    Influenced by fighting games such as Street Fighter and Tekken, the game brings more variety by adding MOBA and FPS type game modes.
  • 14 Unique Characters
    Each with unique combos and rage skills, and designed in semi-anime style, the characters in ArcheBlade are the highlights of the game. Try different characters and find the one that matches your style.
  • PvP Multiplayer
    Playing with your friends or other players online makes a fighting game twice as fun. Whether to be a team-player or a lone wolf is all up to you.
  • Maps with different game modes
    Free for all, Capture the flag, Team Deathmatch are all here. Each map has its own unique game type. Watch your surroundings as you may get hit by a train, or lose a step and fall off a bridge.
  • Rage Skills
    Each character has two distinctive rage skills. Use them in one-on-one or team situations smartly to really turn the tide of battle!
  • Gear Up your character
    Gear up to prepare yourself for battle. By gearing up, you can customize the look of your character as well as add stat boosts. There are over 500 customizations available, try them all!
  • Free to Play
    It’s free to download the game so hop in and join the game! Don’t forget to invite your friends. Playing with your friends is a good way to get yourself ready for other more skillful players online.

Please scroll down if you want to know more about the game. Also join our social networking sites to get updated on the game

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Codebrush
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Archeblade
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CodeBrush
Google+: ArcheBlade Google+ Page

Get ready for ArcheBlade:

Based on a Korean Fantasy Novel, ArcheBlade is a free-to-play PvP-based multiplayer action game in which users can either take sides and fight against the other team or fight for themselves depending on the map. Players choose one of several characters, each with their own unique fighting style and action combos.

ArcheBlade captures the essence of combo-based fighting games like Street Fighter or Tekken combined with online multiplayer match system. Rather than pressing shortcut keys mindlessly to use skills, players need to pay close attention to their character and their opponents’ moves in order to perform combos as well as block and avoid attacks all happening in real-time. Do you like fighting games? Do you enjoy non-stop action? Are you competitive? Then this game is for you.

Select a fighter of your style! Each with unique combos and fighting style, each character brings different game to the table. Find a character that matches your style in Training and perfect your skills. Please stay tuned as we’re adding more characters in the future.

With more than 500 items available, you can customize your character to your preference. People will definitely notice you when you have items on.

From Team Deathmatch and Capture the Base to Free for All and Team Last Man Standing, each game mode has a different goal to accomplish. One more thing to remember. Always watch your surroundings when you play in a map as you may get hit by a train, or lose a step and fall off the bridge. More game modes will be added in the future so please stay tuned.

Capture the Base
Work as a team and defeat the opposing side by capturing the bases scattered around in the map. Protect your bases or teammates when they’re capturing. Be on the lookout as you are capturing, there may be someone to interrupt you right at the end.

Team Last Man Standing
The team with the most round wins will prevail. Be careful as there are no respawns during rounds. There’s nothing like being the last survivor and deliver a win for your teammates at the end while they’re all watching you.

Free for All
No more friendship, just killing. Are you the type that prefers being a lone wolf? This is just for you. The rule is simple. The one who gets the most kills wins the match. Careful though as there are wolves lurking in the shadow ready to steal your kill.

Team Deathmatch
A team with more kills wins the match. To get a kill is the biggest contribution you can make to your team here. Be a support or that guy who’s always at the very front of battle. Whatever gets kills is good for the team.

System Requirements

    • OS:Windows XP 32bit
    • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 X2 2GHz
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:ATI HD3850, GTX250
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:1500 MB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Windows 7 32/64bit
    • Processor:Intel Core i3 3GHz, AMD Phenom II X2 3GHz
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:ATI HD4870, GTX460
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:1500 MB HD space
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
Helpful customer reviews
102 of 137 people (74%) found this review helpful
92.2 hrs on record
Let me start by saying: THIS IS NOT A P2W GAME.

Now that's done, this game is a really fun and addicting fighting game based on your actual skill. The store items, wich can be bought with real or in-game money dont ad that many stats, so there is not an item that will make you OP, making the game a skill based game.

-Good Music.
-Good Graphics (Anime art style).
-Easy to learn.
-Every character is different from any other character and every single one of them has a unique role in team gameplay.
-Wide range of matches, from 1 vs 1 to 7 vs 7 (including Deathmatch, TDM, Capture point and Round Match)
-Includes a Host Server exe so you can play with your friends in private.

-There is no match making. You simply enter a server and if you're lucky its almost full.
-You need to stay in the lobby and wait for everyone to be "locked" wich means that in a 5 vs 5 match you need to wait for 5 people in both teams to be ready and actually start playing.
-Servers lag a lot. Even the server with lower ping have lag spikes from time to time.
-Every character needs to be bought for you to play with. They give you 3000 game money, enough to buy 2 characters (1400 each).
-There is very few maps and two of them are actually bugged.
-There is a character called Renoah (sniper) that has a unfair and OP ultimate that takes almost half the amount of hp every enemie has.

Rate: 7/10 The server and match making need to be improved a lot.
Posted: April 27
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61 of 80 people (76%) found this review helpful
519.6 hrs on record
This game is pretty great if you like 3d action fighters, mixed with some MOBA aspects. One thing to note, this game is about timing and skill, not level nor equipment. And no, it is not a P2W game.
Posted: April 27
Was this review helpful? Yes No
52 of 79 people (66%) found this review helpful
47.4 hrs on record
I've been playing this game quite a bit. It takes alot of practice to get the hang of things but once you do its lots of fun. Spaming your moves is only good agains new players, seasoned players will tear you apart (you might want to start blocking lol).

Currently my favorite map is the Bridge, which is basically a capture the point type map. Valle is my current favorite character. I would recomend this to anyone looking for a skill based arena fighter. Also like Ridika but I am horrible with her lol
Posted: April 27
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17 of 19 people (89%) found this review helpful
110.9 hrs on record
Gameplay is pretty good, slight learning curve for each character, looks great too
Posted: April 27
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25 of 35 people (71%) found this review helpful
27.2 hrs on record
Fun game with some neat characters. Block and strifing is huge. Some character are better in groups. I think character are not that unbalanced. Only thing I don't like is some of items are bought with cash only, so its p2w later but some you can out skill those people still and game does need support it self. The prices seem bit high also. Takes bit to earn enough to buy new characters also.
Posted: April 27
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