AirMech is fast paced Action RTS that can be played like Dota or Starcraft--you can battle on the ground or command from the skies! Practice solo, or jump into coop or even pvp modes. 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 plus the army you build to fight alongside you.
User reviews: Very Positive (5,945 reviews) - 91% of the 5,945 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Nov 8, 2012

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Play for free, keep your stuff! No resets at the end of Beta!

All purchases and unlocks are permanent. We call it Beta because we're still adding some pretty big features, but so far we have:

- Training and Solo play - for learning how to play, or casual fun
- Coop and PvP Matchmaking - quickly get matched against others
- Custom games and rules - when you want total control
- Player driven economy - didn't need that drop? Sell it to other players!
- Quests with ingame rewards - like Achievements, but better
- Leveling, progression, unlocks - level yourself, your AirMechs, expand your army
- NOT "pay2win" at all - check our reviews or ask players ingame
- Global chat, Factions, parties - integrated directly into the core UI
- Crafting system - added due to player demands
- VIP/Premium for LIFE with any purchase - because we're cool like that

Carbon Games is a small indie developer that is funded by YOU the players. That's why we are very reactive to giving players what they want to help the game grow in a positive direction. Learn more about Carbon here:
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Jump right into the action with AirMech Prime to gain instant access to the all AirMech classes, a huge selection of Units, and a host of other goodies!


Recommended By Curators

"An interesting mix of DOTA-style and strategy games with arcade "Desert Strike" style action. Fair f2p model."
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November 6

Update #222 - New Networking Model and Menu Tutorials

We've been doing a lot of work on the network code and are ready to try out a new model. Give it a try in multiplayer and be sure to let us know if it plays any smoother for you. Feedback is always appreciated. Discuss at

New players will now be greeted upon exiting the Challenges and given a brief tutorial for the Basecamp and some pointers to help them out in the menus. A Comms Mk1 structure will now be required to view chat, and they'll be prompted to get a blueprint from the Shop. Existing players will also need to build a Comms Mk1 before they can access chat!

The Nanoforge has finally broken loose from the Info tab and is now a floating window with it's own chat channel and redesigned UI.

General Updates:

  • moved the Nanoforge out of the Info tab and into its own window
  • group selected units will now continue to their capture target even if it is captured before they arrive
  • new Basecamp and menu tutorials for new players
  • a Comms Mk1 structure is now required to use chat
  • improvements and optimizations to network code
  • Ultimate Parts for Helix added to the Shop: Ultimate Helix Engine, Ultimate Missile Ammo, Ultimate Helix Missile Launcher, and Ultimate Helix Armor

Bug Fixes:
  • fix for clicking Basecamp tiles through other menus
  • fix for blurry chat badges
  • fixed arm not appearing on Neo
  • fixed some detached fins on Striker skins
  • fix for units in cargo being given the capture command after dropping an infantry unit
  • fix for maps not saving correctly

Balance Changes:
  • new stats for Satellite Item

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October 30

Update #221 - Happy Halloween!

We made it just in time for Halloween, and made a special Name Your Price bundle to help you celebrate with some new flair! The Halloween Bundle includes 4500 diamonds and 10,000 kudos for whatever price you want. If you beat the current average price, you'll also receive a Ghost Gigi and Halloween Crate (Key included).

This update isn't just about Halloween. We've got many big changes you'll notice as soon as you jump into a match. For starters, your AirMech abilities will no longer be built and picked up at structures. You'll be able to upgrade them instantly with ability points earned with each level-up. We're also raising the in-game level cap from 15 to 20! This will allow you to fully upgrade most of your abilities at max level, but not all of them. Choose wisely!

What does this mean for Guardians? Since Guardians can be destroyed or lost, we've added an automatic respawn timer to rebuild them. When your AirMech is destroyed or a Guardian is shot down, it will take 30 seconds for each Guardian you've unlocked.

To top things off, we're throwing a new skin into the Fall Crate --the Raptor Neo. Don't forget to the Shop to find the Ultimate Boxer, as well as all your favorite Halloween event items for a limited time!

ːairmechː General Updates:

  • abilities are now upgraded instantly, one ability point per level and no build time/cost
  • AirMechs can now reach level 20 in-game
  • Guardians now have a respawn time and will rebuild automatically after being destroyed
  • improving spacing of infantry in squads
  • tips will now appear for players with empty loadout slots
  • new minimap icons for AirMechs and structures
  • click the minimap to ping teammates at that location
  • many fixes improvements to AI AirMechs
  • made Trainer and Basic AI a bit less aggressive
  • new Ultimate Unit: Ultimate Boxer

ːairmechː Bug Fixes:
  • fixing a crash which occurred when loading a map with no sample map
  • fixing a crash which could occur with custom maps
  • fixed shadow display when zoomed out in the Map Editor
  • fixed controller input getting stuck after closing chat while spectating
  • fix for login UI getting stuck using an existing account with Steam
  • fixed not being able to select map from "Player Maps List"
  • fixed an issue on Duel that caused units to clump against an outpost when given an order
  • fixed an issue that prevented units from accepting orders
  • fix for AI AirMechs trying to chase down carried units
  • fixed an issue with AI AirMechs trying to issue mass commands to player owned units
  • fixed Nexus Saucer not using team-colored assets
  • fixed trail and teeth on the blades of Steampunk Bomber
  • fixed right wing not displaying correctly on Super Helix
  • fix for player status turning ready before clicking Ready button
  • fixed some outdated text regarding Generator functions
  • no longer display the content suggestion dialog at endgame when replaying or spectating a match
  • fixed game message and upkeep scripting commands for custom maps
  • fixed some floating props on Twin Peaks
  • fix for unresponsive Quest button
  • fixed missing eyes on Beppo Probe
  • fixed being able to drop units in some props on Salt
  • fix for Missile Lifespan stat not updating properly from livebalance data

ːairmechː Balance Changes:
  • Fixer build cost decreased from 1200 to 1000
  • Fixer build time decreased from 2.6 to 2.2
  • Fixer healing range decreased from 7.5 to 5.5
  • Patcher healing range decreased from 7.5 to 6
  • Honeypot healing range off-socket increased from 6 to 9
  • Honeypot healing range on-socket increased from 12.5 to 13.5
  • reduced level up bonuses from 5% to 4% for levels 1-15
  • Bucky armor piercing increased from 40 to 50
  • Bucky fire delay increased from 1.5 to 2 (overall DPS from 117 to 88)
  • Bucky missile speed decreased from 15 to 11 ːbuckyː

ːairmechː Known Issues:
  • Saucer's Teleport description updated before ability changes went in

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Steam Exclusive Offer

Two Portal themed items are now available to all Steam players:

Companion Cube - Found in the ruins of a long abandoned facility, there's something about this utilitarian cube that compels you to keep it at your side. It follows your AirMech in battle acting as a faithful companion Pet until the end! Can be equipped in a Flair slot on any AirMech.

Sentry Turret - Blueprints for this turret were found in a large underground facility in use before the War. They seem to have been designed for use against humans, so this version is equipped with armor piercing rounds to make it more viable against the robot armies used in battle today. They are light and cheap, only effective against weaker units, but you can build a lot quickly to make them useful.

About This Game

AirMech is fast paced Action RTS that can be played like Dota or Starcraft--you can battle on the ground or command from the skies! Practice solo, or jump into coop or even pvp modes. 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 plus the army you build to fight alongside you. Either command from above, dogfight with other players, or wreck things on the ground in mech mode. Level up ingame similar to Dota style games, build your army as if you were playing an RTS, or anything in between! Team play means every player can play a role while still helping their side win.


In the future, the last survivors of the Great War continue their fight with the ultimate war machine: the AirMech®. Created using lost technology, Pilots have found, salvaged, or stolen AirMechs that they use to protect the weak, or to pillage. Which side do you fight for?

AirMech® is a fast paced Action-RTS game that can be played online competitively or cooperatively. Earn Kudos and Experience in battle and unlock a wide collection of AirMechs, Pilots, Units and Items to customize your army to suit your own strategy.

Key Features:

  • Action-RTS Transformed: DotA-style gameplay with transforming robots each with their own unique stats and abilities. Fast paced action and shorter game lengths keep the battle intense!
  • Customize Your Army: Choose your AirMech and your Units to take into battle and help your team claim victory. Also unlock custom Variant AirMechs (skins) to have a unique look ingame.
  • Different Game Modes: Play PvP from 1v1 to 3v3, or play Coop vs AI. Survival mode puts up to 4 players working together to fight off incoming hordes of enemies. Challenge modes let you test your skills in time trials.
  • Control Options: Supports both mouse/keyboard and Xbox 360 gamepad. Controls can also be completely customized for personal preference.

System Requirements

    • OS:Windows Vista
    • Processor:Intel i3
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:8800 GT
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:1 GB HD space
    • Sound:Yes
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • OS:Windows 7/8/10
    • Processor:Intel i5 (quad core or better)
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:GTX 660 or Radeon 7970
    • DirectX®:11.0
    • Hard Drive:2 GB HD space
    • Sound:Yes
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
Helpful customer reviews
21 of 24 people (88%) found this review helpful
1,364.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 14
Early Access Review
I've played this game for a little over a year now, I must say, it has been quite worth it to partake in this amazing game. This game is F2P absolutely, and those who say otherwise are ones who are sorely misinformed and don't spend enough time in the community to properly understand. Give this game a chance, reserve your judgements till after you have experienced everything there is to experience, and don't be too quick to give up.
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22 of 29 people (76%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
34.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 20
Early Access Review
I did a review for this back in 2014, although I deleted it due to fan boys simply assaulting me for being "too hard on indie devs" and that my "concerns are invalid" because I'm simply too stupid to understand Airmech. Now I'm back with 2 years worth of experience (note, that I play this game off of Steam.) And within those two years I have seen this game throw itself in the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

Airmech at first was a good game, it showed promise and had a chance to transform into something unique. But after some "balancing" updates and this Farmville ♥♥♥♥ they placed in the main menu, I have completely lost faith in Carbon's abilities to finish the job they have started.
They are literally holding the chat hostage until you buy shovels to dig a hole in the ground to build a ♥♥♥♥ing radio tower. And what does Carbon have to say about it? They said that "chat is a distraction to new players" and "makes them less effective online" which is complete dogshit on a stick! The fanboys might believe it, but I refuse to go along with this.

A lot of people placed faith in these chuckle heads, myself included. We bought tons of cosmetics to support them and ensure that the game would exit Early Access. Instead they have decided to just sit on it as an excuse if anyone questions the quality of the game.

My final verdict for Airmech (currently) is a 2/10. Years of beta? Worthless cosmetics and less updates? I've seen modders do more within a week than this joke. And I want everyone to know clearly that I loved this game, it's the reason I'm so ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off to see it in this state (especially when there aren't very many mech games on Steam) For now I'm done with Airmech. It has made me look like a fool among my friends after suggesting this to them, and it has stabbed me in the back when I thought this would be the one F2P game that couldn't ♥♥♥♥ up.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
5 of 6 people (83%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
10.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 9
Early Access Review
This took my childhood joy (Transformers) and mixed it with my current misery (DOTA 2) to make a fine blend.
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5 of 8 people (63%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
37.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 6
Early Access Review
great game grapic,fun,it good, i want to play more game are like this
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
162.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 21
Early Access Review
TL;DR: The game is unlike any RTS/MOBA that you can get, and it's free to try, so there's nothing to lose. If you like it, you can unlock all meaningful content for a cheap $20 USD.

As a player who loved Herzog and Herzog Zwei in the early 90's, I cannot help being drawn to Airmech, which is the spiritual equivalent of the third game in the series.

It is important to note that when Herzog was released, the genres of RTS and MOBA did not properly exist. Nobody had yet got this idea ossified in their skulls that such games should be one or the other. The game helped create both genres, and as a result, the playstyle it displays falls somewhere between the two. Playerd can choose focus on directly engaging the enemy. Alternately, they can focus on manufacturing, deploying and commanding troops. This means the game can alternately feel like an RTS or a MOBA to the modern player, who is used to the labels.

  • In-play UI. I abhor games with bad UI design. The UI inside matches is intuitive and efficient, and manages to make both controller and keyboard/mouse play useful, rather than supporting one fully and half-assing the other.
  • Different. While the game basically duplicates the experience of its forerunners, it's quite different from any other modern game you can find. MOBAs make me cry, yet I love this game, which has MOBA elements. It's hard to describe, but since the game is free to try, just see for yourself.
  • Carbon. The company that makes the game is practically down the street from me here where I live. I don't know the devs personally, but they have a good reputation for giving their players some much-needed love in a world of devs that don't listen.
  • Value. This game is a rare example of in-game purchases done correctly, which is akin to sighting a unicorn in today's market. If you buy the basic package for about $20, you get everything you need to experience all game content. Forever. All you miss out on are cosmetics, and you can buy those or not as you choose. Many people do choose to buy the cosmetics, which supports the game. Win-win.

  • Graphics. Dated but still very nice. It won't tax your video hardware, but I suspect it was designed not to. If you want something special from the visuals, then graphics are going to be a "con" for you.

  • Menu/lobby UI. Clunky and confusing UI outside of an actual match.
  • AI. I can't actually think of an RTS/MOBA that has a good AI, but I will continue to list it as a con. I would like to play against an AI with friends. PvP is less appealing to me for various reasons.
  • Small community. This is only a problem because it makes matchmaking very hard - a small problem that can destroy a good game. It also goes along with lack of a challenging AI, which could substitute for PvP opponents. It's technically not a "con" for the game's design, but I think it would be wrong of me not to mention it for those who feel strongly.
  • Changes. The game is technically still a beta, and I feel like the devs are just never going to decide whether it's done. Meanwhile, they change the mechanics a lot from time to time, making it hard to develop strategies that work over time. It's fun to come back and see what they've done, but frustrating to lose again and again because the strategies have changed completely since you last played a month ago.

I'm out of room, so I'll leave it there!
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