Tag, grind en trick op de maat in de kaskraker Jet Set Radio van SEGA.
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Releasedatum: 19 sep 2012

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Jet Set Radio kopen


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"30fps lock"

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Tag, grind en trick op de maat in de kaskraker Jet Set Radio van SEGA.

Vecht om de heerschappij over Tokyo-to, markeer je terrein met graffiti, en tag muren, billboards en zelfs rivaliserende bendeleden! Voer tricks en salto's uit op magnetisch aangedreven in-line skates, maar pas op voor de plaatselijke politie!

Belangrijkste onderdelen:

  • Heritage Collection-behandeling:
    Nu beschikbaar als digitale download op de PC maakt Jet Set Radio deel uit van Sega’s Heritage Collection-serie en bevat het nu weelderige HD-graphics, ontwikkelaarsinterviews, en prachtige, door fans gemaakte graffiti.
  • Klassieke beats:
    Skate met de coole muziek van Pirate Radio! Jet Set Radio heeft nog steeds 29 van de 30 tracks uit de originele Dreamcast-versie.
  • Uit jezelf:
    Kies uit een gigantische catalogus van klassieke en nieuwe graffiti of maak je eigen graffiti en gebruik het om muren, reclameborden, auto's, en zelfs rivaliserende bendeleden te taggen!
  • De hele bende is er:
    Recruteer meer dan 10 speelbare karakters naar je bende, elk met hun eigen unieke graffiti!



    • OS:Windows XP SP2 or newer
    • Processor:Pentium 4 or Athlon CPU > 1Ghz or newer
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:256Mb video RAM or more (256Mb video RAM or more)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
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Geplaatst: 30 mei
Sprayed some grafitti downtown
Rolled down faster than the speed of sound
Police and SWAT came after me
Couldn't catch up to my blades and sick tricks
Got away and back in my garage
Fired up the pc, and played this game
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I bloody loved Jet Set Radio, back in the days of the Dreamcast. Stylistically, it is still a striking product, with an art style distinct enough that it transcends the need to keep up with technological improvements in gaming. This means that graphically, it is still likely to impress, even though the cel-shading technique it pioneered is now ubiquitous and about as surprising to see in a game as a henchman crouched next to an explosive barrel.

The gameplay, however, just doesn't stand up to scrutiny anymore, mainly lending to a control scheme so incredibly archaic and clunky it makes my grandma look like a futuristic ninja. I would liken the controls in this game to trying to pull a pallet of bricks around on sheet ice with a bungee cord. The characters seem to want to deliberately cause rage-induced aneurisms in its players, and repeatedly I swore at my screen as the once-charming little punk skaters fell from bulldings as the ADHD camera spun in circles, desperately indecisive as to what to lock onto. I don't remember it being like this when it came out, but then again we were more patient gamers back then.

And storywise, it's not anything remarkable, but the charm exuding from every pore in this game is enough to make you want to see it through. A typically Japanese touch sees a racially stereotypical dreadlocked black DJ introducing each story beat, but more importantly the incredible soundtrack. The tunes in this game are probably now its main selling point, and well worth the admission price alone if you're into your chunky beats and late 90's sampling. It certainly takes the edge off when you're trying to wrestle the player characters into doing even one thing you've asked them to.

I feel like I've been very negative about this game, but I still love it. The rose tint of nostalgia will certainly help if you've played previously, but I think theres still enough going for this game that it's worth a go for new players looking to take down the Japanese government with inline skates and spray cans.
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Geplaatst: 16 maart
I'm going to say yes to this because it is a good game, although I just can't get into it. The time limit....the mother ♥♥♥♥ing time limit ruins the entire game for me. It should have had NO time limit like jet set radio future, I know this came first but still....♥♥♥♥ the time limit.
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Jet Set Radio can't melt steel beams
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So, Jet Set Radio is an amazing game that looks pretty well , the controls are fine, you can even change them yourself, the thing is turning back or doing some extreme curve, it might get a bit annoying on those parts but as much as you play this game you'll get used to it, the graffiti system is nice, but as i dont have a gamepad i cant do most of the graffiti technices that you have to apply such as moving the joystick in a circle shape or half a circle, so i just have to spam the key to graffiti and the moves that i can perform with the keyboard, or do the graffiti till i reach the joystick part then spam the key again, this little issue doesnt let you play pretty well with Yo-Yo as his graffiti technique is his flaw and it requires more ''Joystick action'' but you can still use them to explore and wander around, even finish challenges with those characters but graffiti?, dont mind it much.

How do i explain, HOW AMAZING THE SOUNDTRACK IS?...So anyways, the game is full of secret places and stuff to explore, so sometime you might want to explore every single corner of Tokyo-to, the graphics are fantastic but sometimes you can see unloaded parts of the map from some distance, not everytime, it has a few bugs but they arent game breaking or annoying so you might want to find them yourself.

Another issue i kinda had was the camera, there are 2 ways to control the camera, 1 using the mouse, which might get pretty annoying as you play and you'd rather just move around not using the camera and just letting the game adjust itself and its kind of impossible to play with one hand on the mouse and the other on the keyboard, 2 is using the keyboard, it feels way more comfortable than the mouse and would've been perfect exept for 1...thing.. As you move the camera the character moves a bit with it so sometimes if you move the camera with the keyboard you might fall off or something.

As young me played Jet Set Radio Future on the Xbox witouth knowing that wasnt the first jet set radio i wanted to check this out

I really enjoyed it and you should get this game

Also seeing the difference between characters on the future version and this version i can understand why they changed some... *Looks at Combo* as you play the game you'll notice why im saying this...

My rating is 8/10 TOTALLY WORTH TRYING OUT....

The last graffiti you make on story mode is on the big bald head of the ''baddiest of baddies''
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