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该内容需要在 Steam 拥有基础游戏 Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition 才能运行。

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The times are changing and the island nation of Tropico is evolving. The Internet, a New World Order, terrorists, global financial markets and space exploration are on the rise and pose new challenges to El Presidente and his regime.

Old buildings and structures are becoming obsolete and need to be upgraded or even replaced by their modern counterparts. Cars and transportation need modernization to meet the needs of a changing economy; and now El Presidente can even send people to the International Space Station! El Presidente and his ministers must now join the war against terror and control Internet regulation and freedom of speech on Tropico.

Key Features:

  • Make Tropico fit for the 21st century: Evolve the island from the Cold War era to modern times and even into the future
  • 30 new buildings become available as time progresses, including condos, skyscrapers, Organic Ranches and Biofarms. Replace obsolete buildings with these modern and inspiring designs
  • Upgrade old buildings to new variants – modernized apartment buildings, banks, museums and much more
  • 10 new edicts allow even more control over your citizens’ lives. Block or limit citizens’ Internet use, create a police state or be a “good guy” and launch the Festival of Love edict
  • New single player campaign comprised of 12 comprehensive scenario missions. Protect Tropico from unseen and sinister forces


Mac OS X
    • 操作系统:Windows XP SP3 (32 位)
    • 处理器:2 GHz 双核处理器
    • 内存:2 GB 内存
    • 图形显卡:着色器模型 3.0 (Geforce 6600, Radeon X1600),256 MB 显存,DirectX 9.0c
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • 硬盘:5 GB 硬盘空间
    • 声卡:DirectX 兼容
    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:2 GHz Quad Core CPU
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:Shader Model 3.0 (Geforce 8800, Radeon HD4000), 512 MB, DirectX 9.0c
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:5 GB HD space
    • Sound:DirectX compatible
    • OS: 10.8.5
    • Processor: 2.0GHz
    • Memory: 4GB Memory
    • Graphics: 256MB*
    • Hard Drive:6GB HD space
    • Other Requirements: The following graphics cards are not supported: ATI X1xxx series, ATI HD2xxx series, Intel GMA series, NVIDIA 7xxx series and NVIDIA 8xxx series.

      The following cards require you to have 8GB of system RAM: Intel HD3000, NVIDIA 9400, Intel HD4000 and NVIDIA 320M.
    • OS: 10.9.4
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz
    • Memory: 8GB Memory
    • Graphics: 512GB*
    • Hard Drive: 6GB HD space
    • Other Requirements: The following graphics cards are not supported: ATI X1xxx series, ATI HD2xxx series, Intel GMA series, NVIDIA 7xxx series and NVIDIA 8xxx series.

      The following cards require you to have 8GB of system RAM: Intel HD3000, NVIDIA 9400, Intel HD4000 and NVIDIA 320M.
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The capaign is great, and the possibility of modernizing older buildings adds A new layer of depth to your economic plan.


once you unlock a modern building, it replaces an old one on the building menu. Normally this would be fine, but modern buildings are bigger and more expensive than old ones.

Doesn't stop the whole thing from being good, but it's a bit of a nuisance
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If you like Tropico 4 then it's definitely worth the money as it adds an entire new campaign and the new buildings and edicts really do add a lot to sandbox mode. Some of the new buildings and edicts make the original campaign a bit too easy though especially if you have some of the other DLC.

Basically Tropico 4 is a very fun city builder that does not take itself seriously at all and if you enjoyed it I highly reccomend the expansion. If you're not into city builders then I don't think this will change your mind about the game either.
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Mixed opinion. While the updated buildings are neat features (they generally are higher quality/capacity), after you unlock the upgrade (based on year/timeline), you no longer are able to build the older (cheaper) versions. New Campaign is a nice feature though.
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Modern times is an expansion pack to Tropico 4, that adds a new campaign and a whole set of new buildings and a new edict tab. The new buildings are not had all at once- this time the date actually means something, and over the course of a mission, new buildings will be unlocked for you as you hit certain dates. They nearly all replace old buildings, and you get things like a giant pyramid house, a skyscraper office building, a car factory, and more. The missions are well done but the difficulty is kind of lacking- the new structures are really "overpowered", like a farm that grows all kinds of crops and a borehole mine that will mine a thousand minerals each month. You end up with gobs of money really fast, and so you mostly just go through the motions. Worth picking up if you liked Tropico 4's campaign.
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These expansion change everything you knew in Tropico 4. It's bring main game to nearly perfection. 9/10 from me :)
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If you own Tropico 4 then you have to get this DLC. The additional content is awesome and the new 12-mission campaign is wonderful.
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This is a must have for Tropico 4
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I really liked the base game a lot. Tropico 4 had a plethora of options and variety in managing your island.
Modern Times... falls flat. The majority of the new buildings are just "super" versions of previous buildings, to the point that they actually replace them. The Bio Farm replaces the Farm and is just a super farm. The Borehole Mine replaces the Mine and is just a super mine. The Modern Condominium replaces the condominium, Water Treatment Plant replaces Garbage Dump, Organic Ranch replaces Ranch... and so on. Sometimes this even creates problems. The Borehole Mine is physically larger than the mine. I found myself playing a game where the event in which the Borehole Mine had replaced the Mine had already triggered. I couldn't build a mine on a gold deposit I wanted to exploit because the Borehole was too large. A classic mine would have fit just fine. The new content had actually inhibited my ability to play the game!

Some of the new content is cool, like a Car Factory or Electronics Factory. These add some variety to the kinds of economies you can create. The Space Shuttle quest was cute, allowing you to build a deathstar to kill the revbels. However, they come along with a host of other content that's simply rehashed and sometimes even makes the game less playable. The Campaign in the expansion is less interesting than the DLC missions.
Althogether... this expansion is a dissapointment.

Tropico 4 is a good game and some of the DLC for it was pretty clever. This expansion is neither. Avoid.
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I love this DLC!! More thing you can do,more edifices, if you want a complete experience of Tropico 4,you have to buy this!Piratate CD's is the best thing you can do! Bad relactionships with America? NO PROBLEM! You have the swat,and the space program,but you need money,but you can have those things too! And without Cheat Engine!Ah,remember,if you need money,don't accept american's requests. And kill the USA's agent,who want to kill tourists(or who whant to destroy industrial things) sad because no Vodka industries;there is the Cosmic Pin,but there isn't the Valve offices.It needs it. end.
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I will vote for El Presidente next elections!
Tropico, oh island paradise! You have clean water and blue skies. Night and day I toil away, building up the perfect tropical society, without a hint of problems or anxiety. There under Presidente's watchful eye, we live our lives until we die!

A must buy game!, Simply luv it!, will reach 70/70 achievement next week :P
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i like the new buildings. some missions seem rushed and easy while other seem difficult and timeless

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