The epitome of massively multiplayer gaming - the ultimate blend of deep features, heritage, and community.
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Very Positive (16 reviews) - 81% of the 16 user reviews in the last 30 days are positive.
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Release Date: Dec 7, 2011

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Play EverQuest® II Free-To-Play. Your Way.™

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About This Game

EverQuest® II is the epitome of massively multiplayer gaming - the ultimate blend of deep features, heritage, and community.
Explore an enormous online world where friends come together for adventure and community. Immerse yourself in the game's exciting locales, mysterious lands, intense battles, exciting quests and amazing achievements. Featuring breathtaking graphics and a vast, beautiful and dangerous game world to explore, EverQuest II sets the standard for MMORPG online gaming. Now, you can experience EverQuest II Free to Play. Your Way!™*

Your character, your story, your adventure!

  • 90 Levels of unparalleled gameplay
  • Strong heritage and lore with game content spanning 7 years and 6 expansions
  • A thriving, friendly community with thousands of guilds
  • Over 5,000 creatures to battle and more than 8,000 quests to complete Hundreds of gorgeous, expansive and dangerous environments to explore
  • Independently leveled tradeskill system with deep quest lines
  • Full support of different play styles from Solo, Groups, Raids and PVP
  • Our Dungeon Finder system helps you join groups
  • Unique and robust housing system, with dozens of styles, thousands of items and a House Rating System
  • Exciting seasonal and holiday events to spice up the year
  • An expansive in-game marketplace containing potions, weapons, armor, classes, races, mounts and more!
*Optional content available for purchase.

System Requirements

    Minimum System Specifications
    • Operating System: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4400/AMD Athlon x2 4050e
    • Ram: 3GB RAM
    • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800/AMD Radeon HD 2600 XT
    • DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 17 GB of Free Disk Space
    • Broadband Internet connection
    Recommended System Specifications
    • Operating System: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850/AMD Phenom II x2
    • Ram: 4GB RAM
    • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 260/AMD Radeon HD 4870
    • DirectX 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 17 GB of Free Disk Space
    • Broadband Internet connection
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
204.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 9
Everquest 2 is the biggest mmo ever made. The amount of content in this game is overwhelming. You can play for hundreds of hours and barely scratch the surface of all the different things that you can do, see and achieve.

Of course there is the stright-line play, go from lvl 1 to 100 as fast as possible then do raids for great gear and accumulate riches that will allow you to play as a subscriber without paying real money, thats a perfectly viable playstyle, but there is an ocean of content that you will miss.

There is a lot of easily available filler content, mostly aimed for fast leveling or casual fast play, but there are also tonns of hidden stuff and elaborate quests for the players that are more curious, and who like exploring and investing more effort.
More often than not, the rewards for pursuing some of the strange questlines found in remote areas are quite surprising.

Playing Everquest 2 is like getting lost in a jungle. No matter where you decide to go and what you decide to do, you will find adventure....or adventure will find you as the case may be.

This game offers lots of content for every taste.
You want to solo from start to finish and still get great gear and do dungeons? No problem, game offers plenty of ways to do just that.
You like direction and hand-holding, gps quests and casual stuff? Lots of that in the game.
You like to break your head with difficult quests that require some inquisitive thinking, time and dedication? Hundreds of hours worth of this kind of content.
You like crafting? You'll be overwhelmed, crafting is insane in this game, its more content in the EQ2 crafting sphere alone than in the whole worlds of other mmos.

The character progression has no equal. Just the alternate achievement skill-trees alone are way and beyond the whole progression system of other games. You decide how you divide the experience gained between the character leveling and the AA (alternate achievement) level. Personally i like to channel all the exp into AA, that way i get quite overpowered at low levels, which for me is quite satisfying.

This game was never very appealing to the younger players, nor to the ones that only come to talk random stuff in world chat as is the case in other games.
As a result the game seems quiet and tranquil, which for me is a good thing. I dont need a lot of players jumping around aimlessly in the start areas and talking smack ( i call them cheerleaders cuz thats what they really do in these games).
Sadly there are a lot of players who need these cheerleaders to consider the game as being "alive" and not "dead".

There is a lot of poison thrown around on the internet regarding this game, and its a shame because many players will miss out one of the best mmos ever made and definitely the biggest one.

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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
1,610.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 3
I have many thousands of hours more in this game than is on my Steam record, and I have played a wide variety of other MMORPGs including WoW, Rift, AoC, Eve, LOTRO and TESO. None of which are a patch on EQ2 (LOTRO does come close though).

I have been playing since 2004 (a month after release) and had 3 years out in 2010 due to work, so I have seen the game evolution, the server merges and all the other schizzle that has been going down over the course of its life.

You will have read about the gameplay in many other reviews so I wont duplicate what has already been written except to say a few things:

- Free to play is ok to try out, but dont judge the game from a F2P perspective. I agree with other reviewers that to take the game seriously you will need to subscribe. For the price of a couple of pints a month though, it is worth it in my mind.

- Join a guild as soon as you can. You will not get the same out of the game if you dont. The guild system is player based, easy to follow and use and can help a new player enormously. Look for guilds which have a reputation for helping new players.

- To compare EQ2 to WoW (and I have played both), EQ2 is a much more grown up world. The people are friendlier, more helpful and more adult.

The Negatives:

- Some of the best zones are in the lower levels which, after this amount of time, are empty. There are mercenaries available and the levelling system is much quicker than it used to be so getting to level cap is not so much of a slog. With agnostic dungeons being available now for lower level characters to run with other higher level characters (all player levels are "normalised") there is opportunity for lower levels to experience groups and dungeons.

- The game, at high end, can be a bit "rinse and repeat". Running the same dungeons over and over to get the good gear. Raids and levelling new characters mixes things up a bit though.

There are many, many more things going on in this game (its HUGE!!!) than any one person can write in a review like this. This is the game I keep coming back to having tried a lot of the other MMOs that are out there and if you like the genre, you will like this.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
171.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 8
This is one of my favorite RPG MMO's, In all the other ones I have played. I have played this game for quite a long time, and I say it's worth a try.
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
119.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 8
I say yes I would recomend this game but not as a free to play. If you plan on playing it because its free to play DON'T if anything treat it as a trial and get a membership or quit because if you don't you won't go anywhere in this game. As for the game itself it's a good game. It's huge with plenty of skills ,crafting and fighting for you to enjoy. They have a good balance on fighting and leveling. Also it has a interative crafting system and alot of crafting guilds if that's you thing. All in all i like this game and would recomend it.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
389.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 10
This game is very very fun it keeps you busy in a good way , very easy on the eyes, very colorful, has good event's i give this game a 9.5 out of 10 just to show you im not ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ting i screen shotted on my account please be honest like me this game is very good.. super fun.... and gloryful to be on...
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1 of 3 people (33%) found this review helpful
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529.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 3
Been Playing for 4 years. If you like MMORPS before the crap that is World of warcraft. this is that game. it is very good and i love it and i reccomend it to all.
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2 of 9 people (22%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
7.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 27
Everquest II seems to be Free To TRY, NOT free to play.
Try as I might, I can't get the Daybreak membership system to send me the confirmation e-mail.
That's why I don't recommend it.
(Daybreak is the parent company)
The gameplay was good, starts at an even understandable pace and doesn't bombard you with something new every second like a few other MMO RPG's.
(Tera comes to mind where after a short while you're going "Leave me alone, I just want to play the game!" and "What is all this junk for that's overflowing my inventory?")
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
127 of 151 people (84%) found this review helpful
6 people found this review funny
175.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 1
This review is a bit old, and doesn't represent my writing skills accurately. I write honest, unbiased reviews for any game, as long as the game is provided. To contact me, email me at

This games is amazing. Ill start with the cons, then lighten up with the pros


Ads pop up every 30-60 mins.
Real-money purchase prices are stupid
($17.50 for a flying mount and $7.50 for a ground mount) *to be fair, u can earn them
Aggrevating limits for non-All Access users, such as:

^No General chat, your forced to use the newbie chat. This means you have to type /tellchannel newbie before every message; and no one ever uses this chat.
^Some servers are off limits
^Some purchases are off limits
^Limited guild functions
^Please reffer to the EQ2 membership web page for more info on All-Access.

Unlimited gameplay
- I am never running around aimlessly, trying to find somthing to do. There is ALWAYS somthing to do.
Amazing community
- The community has helped me with the most newbiest of questions and, what seemed to me, the hardest dungeons around. Basiclly, all I had to do was say the word, and I had help :D
Beutiful enviroment
- The world of Norrath is amazing for its age(12) and every zone is always so much different than the last!
Its basicly crack on a computer screen
- Thats a good thing, right?
Character creation
- I was overwhelmed with all the choices and variations I had to choose from. I finally ended up making a bland ol' human assassin :3
- The crafting is amazing. Its so in depth and well thought out. You just have to try it yourself
Free 2 Play
- This isn't quite true.... If you get as hooked as I am, you will catch your hand reaching for your credit card without you even knowing it. Seriously, it is completely possible to enjoy this game with a F2P account.

Fixed minor errors, Rewrote all points due to having more experiance
If you find that this review is not helpful, please comment why, so that I can correct it based on your help. If it was helpful, however, please take the time to "thumbs up"!
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83 of 96 people (86%) found this review helpful
6 people found this review funny
118.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 25, 2014
Everquest 2 remains a staple of MMO's in which it is a market dominated by new and better hype. In my opinion Everquest 2 is the underdog and a sleeper hit never at the forefront but also never to be underestimated. If WoW is not your type of MMO then I would reccomend Everquest 2 if only for completely different vibe then what is on the market today.
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316 of 448 people (71%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
383.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 6, 2015
Not free to play. Cannot do much without subscription. And if you do get good gear while under subscription they take it away till you get a subscription again. So it is not free to play. Free to try out.
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Recently Posted
5.0 hrs
Posted: October 27
Been playing for over 10 years, it is still a great game.
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19.6 hrs
Posted: October 26
you have to waist way too much money on this game.even thoe it's free
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633.6 hrs
Posted: October 23
I have been playing Everquest 2 for a few months. I really enjot this game, even though some of the featues in the free to play environment are not available until you purchase into the game, but you can still play. Irs really fun.
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49.7 hrs
Posted: October 20
Seemless rpg without the time-wasting cutscenes.. amazing lore and stays interesting for longer than the others. Community is friendly and helpful. Overall, 95/100.
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the Weeknd
18.3 hrs
Posted: October 16
Awesome game!
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