Run, jump, shoot, fly and explore your way through a massive action-adventure reminiscent of classic 8- and 16-bit games.
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Overwhelmingly Positive (3,807 reviews) - 96% of the 3,807 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Nov 22, 2011

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“All in all, Cave Story is an incredible game that I'm sure I will be playing again and again for the rest of my life. It succeeds at telling a great story, providing fantastic run-and-gun gameplay, and a huge world to explore, and it does so with a style and technique all its own.”
95/100 –

“It's a must-play masterpiece for anyone who like classic action games -- or any kind of action game, really. The only real question is which will amaze you more: That this is the work of a single man, or that they actually do make 'em like this anymore.”
100/100 –

“If this game had been released on the NES 20 years ago, it would be recalled by a generation of players as a high point of the 8-bit era.”
90/100 – Eurogamer

About This Game

Arguably the most well-known indie game of all time, Cave Story features a completely original storyline wrapped with personality, mystery and hours of fast-paced fun. Cave Story is an action-adventure game from the critically acclaimed independent designer, Daisuke Amaya--or Pixel to his fans. Overflowing with unmatched charm and character, Cave Story takes you into a rare world where a curious race of innocent rabbit-like creatures, called Mimigas, run free.

You wake up in a dark cave with no memory of who you are, where you came from or why you're in such a place. Uncovering Mimiga Village you discover that the once-carefree Mimigas are in danger at the hands of a maniacal scientist. The Mimigas’ only hope rest squarely on the shoulders of a quiet, amnesiac boy who can't remember his own name.

Run, jump, shoot, fly and explore your way through a massive action-adventure reminiscent of classic 8- and 16-bit games. Take control and learn the origins of this world’s power, stop the delusional villain and save the Mimiga!

Key Features:

  • Original (320x240) graphics and upgraded “HD” graphics
  • Remastered music as well as the original soundtrack
  • Mix-and-match new/old artwork and music!
  • Six new play modes (including Wind Fortress, Boss Rush and more!)
  • Over 20 epic boss battles through Mimiga Island
  • 15 levels to explore in the vast world
  • 10 unique weapons to find and upgrade
  • USB controller compatibility
  • Four unique endings
  • Future content updates

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux


    • OS:Windows XP
    • Processor:Intel Core Solo
    • Memory:128 MB RAM
    • Graphics:64MB RAM
    • Hard Drive:200 MB HD space


    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Intel Core Duo 2.0 Ghz and above
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:256MB RAM, non-integrated
    • Hard Drive:200 MB HD space


    • OS:OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
    • Processor:Intel only, Power PC not supported
    • Memory:128 MB RAM
    • Graphics:64MB RAM


    • Processor:Intel Core Duo 2.0 Ghz and above
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:256MB RAM


    • OS:Ubuntu 10.04 and Newer
    • Processor:Intel Core Solo
    • Memory:128 MB RAM
    • Graphics:64MB RAM
    • Hard Drive:200 MB HD space


    • OS:Ubuntu 10.04 and Newer
    • Processor:Intel Core Duo 2.0 Ghz and above
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:256MB RAM, non-integrated
    • Hard Drive:200 MB HD space
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: December 29, 2015
When it comes to a straight honest opinion of Cave Story, I would consider this game the pinnacle of indie games; everything that makes them fantastic and sticks out from the crowd. I go as far to say how easily they can surpass major blockbuster games both in sales, ratings and of course, the fans that cherish it so.

I will not spoil much about this game, other than the fact it plays out as a retro sidescrolling, platform-adventure game; very reminiscent of the early-mid 90's and the plethora of game titles of that time, such as Mega Man and Super Metroid for the SNES. To top this all off the graphics, programming, story and overall direction was made by one man.

To the newcomers of Cave Story, take my advice and play this game slowly at a steady pace and try not to ask for any outside help, as you may experience the intriguing creativity of this game for yourself and the other first timers who have stumbled upon this game for the first time also. I've only played a couple of hours of this, and countless hours on the freeware version so trust me when I say this wonderful indie, platform-adventure game is far beyond perfection.
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17 of 19 people (89%) found this review helpful
16.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 19, 2015
Best Indie Game Ever
Because good story line,good gameplay,good soundtrack and have other ways to finish this game

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13 of 13 people (100%) found this review helpful
10.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 11, 2015
One of the best games ever made... No questions asked. This is more than a game: it is the reason why we have games such as Super Meat Boy, To The Moon, The Binding of Isaac and many more great indie games. This game alone created the indie gaming market. If this game didn't exist: the industry would be so much different.

The first thing that you will notice about Cave Story is the retro-like style with the fantastic 8 bit like visuals and music (it is more refined than that as the game looks better than an NES game). Speaking of which, the soundtrack in this game is simply beautiful. So many tracks are flowing with emotion such as Moonsong and Geothermal, to name two. These are some of the best songs I have ever heard: I am not even joking. And most importantly, the gameplay is very good and refined.

In its heart, Cave Story is an amazing platformer shooter action game with a great story. And, the story is just fantastic. You play as a robot who wakes up in a cave. He cannot remember anything, so he finds a pistol and discovers a place called Mimiga Village. In here, he discovers the war that the cute rabbit-dog like creatures are going through currently; and you have to help.

I don't want to spoil anything, but let's just say the story gets REALLY good as it hits the narrative hook. The story, the visuals, the gameplay and the music is the reason why you will come back for more Cave Story. In fact, I am on my third playthrough at the moment! With multiple endings, difficulties and another mode, Cave Story is worth all of the money in the world. What is even better than a cheap $10 price point? The original game is free... That is right: the game is actually freeware and can be downloaded from Cave Story+ brings more things to the table, but the game is worth paying for.

Trust me and all of the other die-hard Cave Story fans.... Get the game now. It is just unethical to not try the original freeware game that has changed the gaming industry forever.
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29 of 43 people (67%) found this review helpful
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25.1 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2015
One of the best FREE indie games, produced by a single man. It's like top 2 after touhou.
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8 of 9 people (89%) found this review helpful
6.7 hrs on record
Posted: March 5
Cave Story+ is an overall good metroidvania experience with some memorable tunes and a bit of humor. It provides around 6 hours of fun for a single playthrough and some light frustration. I tried using a guide to access the best ending, but uh… more on that later. I should also note that this version of Cave Story looks much better than the original, but you can choose to play with the classic graphics and music should you want to check those out.

You will do plenty of jumping, shooting, and exploring. Every weapon you have at your disposal will have 3 levels with each one acting or performing differently. The Machine Gun, for example, will plink away rapidly at enemies at level 1, but at level 3, you can fire downwards to hover or gain height. The Missile Launcher will fire a single missile at level 1 and 3 missiles at level 3. Be aware that weapons can lose their experience whenever you take damage. This encourages learning how to avoid or destroy enemies effectively while collecting the valuable experience to keep you powerful. I definitely did everything I could to make sure my weapons would stay at max level in preparation for the many boss fights that the game has to offer.

The platforming aspect remains fairly simple until you acquire either the Machine Gun or a booster which opens up directional air dashing (up down left right). Before acquiring those kind of items, you’ll mostly be using your basic jump to navigate the levels and the obstacles within. Some areas of the game can require very precise jumps and movement. Failing to play well can result in instant death depending on the area. Some areas have instant death spikes, instant death crushing, or falling to your death. It’s very unpleasant to run into one of those deaths and having to go through the section again from the last save point used. Keep in mind, there are no checkpoints.

Exploration yields different benefits as you can collect health power-ups, missile launcher max ammo upgrades, find side-quests, and locate hidden items. The map is fully revealed with only hidden areas not being completely obvious.
Now I’ll bring up my issue with the best ending route. It results in one of the last areas of the normal game having a huge difficulty spike, especially for someone like me that hates instant death. It changes the area to have more spikes/obstacles and all weapons will be reset to level 1. I was able to get through eventually, but that did require more than a handful of attempts. Then you’ll need to take on an additional and very difficult dungeon that resets your weapon levels again which was completely beyond me. So if you’re around my skill level, you’d better be content with getting the good/bad endings and watching the best ending on Youtube.

Story and Other Stuff
The story is simple, sad, and peppered with some odd, funny moments. The game starts you off with amnesia. From that point on, you’ll meet weird people, find weird items, discover what the heck is going on with all the bunny people (Mimigas), and unlock achievements that like to make the jokes. To know the full story, the best ending route needs to be pursued/watched since there are some important plot points and some surprises.

There are two additional modes. ?????’s Story lets you play as another character through the same game, but with additional dialog (the default protagonist is silent). You do have to find a hidden item to unlock that mode. The second one provides different challenges with different weapons. They are timed and feel like obstacle courses. I only did one. I didn’t care much for it.
That’s it. I’ve nothing more to say. Don’t touch the big spikes. Don’t ever touch them.
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