Este contenido requiere el juego base Batman: Arkham City en Steam para poder jugar.

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Fecha de lanzamiento: 31 mayo 2012

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Este contenido requiere el juego base Batman: Arkham City en Steam para poder jugar.


Acerca de este contenido

A medida que las aguas vuelven a su cauce en Gotham, Batman es arrastrado de nuevo a Arkham City por la última supervillana en activo: Harley Quinn. Más peligrosa que nunca y acompañada de su propia banda de asesinos, está resuelta a llevar a cabo su venganza contra el Caballero Oscuro.

El DLC Batman: Arkham City 'Harley Quinn's Revenge' enviará de nuevo a los jugadores a la mega-prisión de Gotham para enfrentarlos a un último desafío. Jugando como Batman o Robin, los jugadores tendrán que utilizar las habilidades de combate e investigación exclusivas de cada héroe para descubrir qué trama Harley para llevar a cabo su venganza y poner fin a las actividades criminales en Arkham City para siempre.

Características principales:

  • Controla a los dos héroes de Gotham: descubre el desenlace de esta historia en la que tanto está en juego poniéndote en la piel tanto de Batman como de Robin
  • Enfréntate a los nuevos enemigos pertenecientes a esta nueva banda criminal
  • Desenvuélvete por los nuevos escenarios utilizando las habilidades únicas de Robin
  • Desbloquea diez nuevos logros
  • Más de dos horas de contenido exclusivo

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Procesador: Intel Core 2 Duo a 2.4 GHz o AMD Athlon X2 4800+
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Disco Duro: 17 GB de espacio libre
    • Gráficos: ATI 3850HD con 512 MB de VRAM o nVidia GeForce 8800 GT con 512 MB de VRAM
    • Versión de DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Otros Requisitos: Para jugar online es necesario iniciar sesión en Games For Windows – Live
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Publicado el 28 de octubre

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Publicado el 22 de julio de 2012
Playing as Robin is cool. Let's get that out in the open. I'm no fan of Robin, I actually hate his red and green outfit, but Rocksteady has managed to finally create a cool version of Robin. Anyway, the story switches between Robin and Batman and is amusing, but short. It will take you about 2-2,5 hours max I think. I can tell you that there are some sweet, hard battles in this DLC. But apart from the DLC story you can't do anything else with Robin. He's not avaiable for the rest of the game. It's good DLC and if you can get it cheap (€9,99 is too much, even if you're a die hard fan), grab it.

[Rating: 70/100]
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Publicado el 20 de julio de 2012
Here I expected definitely more - a lot more! 2 new bigger location in the Steel Mill and the shortest story ever? Not good enough! 2 hours of gameplay weren't really sufficient at all. 6/10
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Publicado el 6 de junio de 2012
While quite short, it is an excellent addition to the actual game. Very interesting to play, and worth the 10er.
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Publicado el 24 de febrero de 2013
Recommending getting this DLC or not becomes a moot point when it is not bundled in with the GOTY Edition of the game, and is showing, as I write this, at £7 for the whole bloody lot. Since my recommendation is to definitely get the main game, you'll end up getting this anyway.

Now as for my experience, well, I bought the full game early on, so I got suckered in to getting this as DLC for a fiver (I think it was on offer at the time, fortunately), and what do you get for a fiver? Not a lot, really. The DLC mission took me all of 2 hours to complete (and that's including a break or two and an extended "I'll just leave Harley hanging there for a few minutes because it entertains me" moment of madness), and barring missing a few balloons to pop here and there, there isn't really any reason for me to go back and play it again, and I'll emphasize this part here, because when you complete it there's no going back to get the remaining missing items like the main game, you have to start the campaign from the beginning.

The brevity, in a way, is welcome to a certain degree thanks to Robin's cumbersome controls. Yes, you play as Robin instead of Batman or Catwoman or Bob, and while he has a couple of unique abilitiies, his overall combat controlling is not as smooth as the remaining characters. Combos break all the time (which for someone like me is normally unsurprising, but I'm not THAT bad, for crying out loud... this made me look like a complete novice at the game!), the snap flash bang whallop, or whatever it is called, did not get used once, which is lucky 'cause I couldn't figure out how to use the damned thing anyway, and the hollow "clunk" of the stick just isn't as satisfying as the meaty "thud" of fist against thug.

The voice acting isn't up to scratch compared to the main campaign either. One particular note-worthy line from Batman: "The code, give it me." Really? REALLY?

Were it still a separate item, would I get it having seen it? No. Should you play it if you get it as part of the GOTY? Yes, it's worth it for that. Don't go in expecting any significant plot additions, or any hints at a sequel, though.
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