Oil Rush is a naval strategy game that takes place in a world where nuclear war has melted the ice caps, changing the face of the planet forever. Oil Rush offers unique gameplay, avoiding micromanagement of every single unit, while still providing full control over all important aspects of strategy and economy.
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Mixed (291 reviews) - 50% of the 291 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jan 25, 2012

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“Oil Rush isn't just a joy to behold in action, but manages to make an old genre feel fresh while looking the part.”
80/100 – Destructoid

About This Game

Oil Rush is a naval strategy game that takes place in a world where nuclear war has melted the ice caps, changing the face of the planet forever. Oil Rush offers unique gameplay, avoiding micromanagement of every single unit, while still providing full control over all important aspects of strategy and economy.

Capture, upgrade, and defend floating production platforms and oil rigs. Discover new technologies and send squads of naval and air units into the battle!

Key Features:

  • State-of-the-art visuals powered by UNIGINE engine
  • Dynamic and fun gameplay – furious enemies, massive battles, rampant attacks!
  • 16 missions of single-player campaign, from the half-flooded jungles to northern seas
  • 15 maps for multiplayer battles, each with multiple winning strategies
  • Multiplayer over LAN and Internet

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: XP
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA 9600 256 MB or Intel HD 4000
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB HD space
    • OS: 7
    • Processor: 2.5 GHz dual-core (Intel)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 460 512 MB
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.8 (stable functioning is not guaranteed on Mac OS X 10.9)
    • Processor: 2 GHz (Intel)
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA 9600 256 MB or Intel HD 4000
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB HD space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.8 (stable functioning is not guaranteed on Mac OS X 10.9)
    • Processor: 2.5 GHz dual-core (Intel)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GT 650M 1 GB
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection
    • OS: Linux 2.6 or higher
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA 9600 256 MB
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements: Proprietary AMD or NVIDIA video drivers
    • OS: Linux 2.6 or higher
    • Processor: 2.5 GHz dual-core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 460 512 MB
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB HD space
    • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection, proprietary AMD or NVIDIA video drivers
Customer reviews
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Mixed (291 reviews)
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0.7 hrs
Posted: July 30
Remember those Cell War flash games where you just launched half of a cell's 'number' against another cell in an attempt to capture it? Yeah, it's basically just that.
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1.6 hrs
Posted: July 7
At the start of the game if you just jump right into a quick match against the computer AI, you don't really know what to do. You can't highlight (like in most RTS games) over your vehicles/fleet that you control, it's mostly a right click RTS game (via the mini-map). You right click to send your vehicles somewhere to take over a base, production line, etc then you right click again to move them to a different area. You can of course put these vehicles into groups so that you can control them better, but that is still hard to do when you can't highlight over the vehicles as I stated. Once you get past the whole right click, the game is actually fun to play.

Gameplay/graphics wise, the game runs and looks great for a 2012 published game. For those who want more out of the game, there is a single player campaign in which you can dive deeper in the storyline (which I haven't). If you play a quick match against the AI in gamemodes like Sabotage, the computer will always have nukes. The nuke has a huge blast radius in which it can destroy your whole fleet of vehicles if it's in that area (even out of the red circle vehicles can get damaged). Having the AI with the nuke 24/7 makes the gamemodes kinda boring, but more or less kinda intense since you always have to predict where the AI will put the nuke down. If you have enough skill points, you as well can get the skill trait of using nuke but that will take some time.

For $8, it's a fun game to waste time.
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1.3 hrs
Posted: June 29
After playing starcraft this feels like you have no control. The units move very slow and the strategy is simplistic. Just make sure you have some units around each base so they don't take it behind you. I just moved from one point to the next with plenty of units to take the node. If you don't have enough just wait and then send more over. Maybe I was supposed to send units to the nodes behind the enemy lines but it seemed like all the nodes were equally covered.

The voice acting is not great and it doesn't match up with what is on the screen. The UI leaves a lot to be desired because you it allows you to take 25%, 50%, or 100% of the selected units but it feels kind of clunky. The upgrade tree is also very basic and I didn't seem to need any of the abilities to win.

I applaud the effort but it's really missing the polish.
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0.1 hrs
Posted: June 19
Another attempt at a familiar genre, sadly not to my tastes. Boring, bland.
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7.6 hrs
Posted: June 16
I remember this being released in a blaze of glory and very much looked forward to it. When I finally got to play it I was impressed with the graphics and assumed that the gameplay would be deep and complex. After playing it for a while I was scratching my head and wondering if I was missing something, surely there was more to it than this? Then there was a long gap until I recently played it again to refresh my memory with the intention of writing this review but I was still baffled.

So I arrived here and read a few other reviews before writing mine and the light has now dawned. There really is nothing more to it. I now feel cheated somehow.
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109.3 hrs
Posted: June 15
The premise of the game and the story are great, but the execution falls behind by a great deal. While the first missions are engaging and fun, the game becomes more and more repetitive. The AI is cheating most of the time very obviously and bad KI is tried to be hidden by giving the AI an overwhelming advantage at the start of each map. Multiplayer is also lacking.
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11.2 hrs
Posted: June 13
good strategy game, I recomend
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1.2 hrs
Posted: June 11
Oil Rush is a bland and repetitive RTS game where you do not actually control individual units, but control groups of units that are produced from pre-placed production buildings which both sides are fighting for. All you do is fight for control points that either create units or produces oil for towers or upgrades. With this simplistic approach, strategy options are lacking and become frustrating because units are difficult to control and give orders. You can only command 25%, 50% or 100% of units around a certain control point and then you send them from control point A to B. It becomes a huge chore trying to command different units to defend or attack multiple areas; after a few levels the game really shows how shallow and repetitive it is with no real options of giving the player to use strategy.
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6.8 hrs
Posted: May 12
No. No, no no no. It's basically a android game converted to PC. You can't micro your units and the strategy revolves around massing up your units and funneling them into your enemy...

I got it from a humble bundle and I regret this game.
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14.0 hrs
Posted: April 25
After watching Totalbiscuit's quick look at Oil Rush the development descisions start to make more sense. Check out his video on youtube for an accurate description of what the game is like.

- Great graphics
- Interesting mix of strategy and tower defense

- Cheesy, imbalanced, repetitive campaign
- Not much variety, one race/set of units for everyone


So Oil Rush is a game created by a Russian company called Unigine Corp specifically to promote their engine coinsidentally named Unigine. Promote the engine it certainly does as it's a beautiful game to look at. As for the gameplay, Oil Rush is lacking.

First some things I did like about the game. The graphics I already mentioned are great. The water effects and texture detail stand out as being very good for a smaller engine like this. The music is decently catchy but the quality is poor.

Probably the best part of the game is the interesting mix of strategy and tower defense in an uncommon way. In Oil Rush you don't base build, you capture bases (zones, if you will) that spawn specific types of units or provide you with resources. You also don't control your units individually but rather as a group and send them off to attack and capture. Killing enemies also gets you command points you can use on upgrades. They're all very straightforward but they again add just a bit of variety to make the game more interesting. You use the resources you collect to surround your bases with towers preventing an easy capture when your forces are away or on some of the command point powers.

At first this all looked straightforward and a bit boring to me but after playing with the mechanics for a few hours against a hard AI, the system actually does provide for some very tense fights and strategy in which bases you fight harder over to get the units you want and how you split the forces you do have to cover several sides of the map. After awhile you're thankful you don't need to control individual units so you can focus on the map as a whole. This isn't an entirely new idea for a game, building up forces until you have superior numbers and capturing nodes I've seen before but Oil Rush does do it with just a little bit of spice to keep it interesting.


Now for some of the bad parts of the game. It's cheesy and it shows, especially in the terribly voice acted campaign. I couldn't actually test the multiplayer since of course the game is deader than dead by now so I was restricted to the campaign and AI skirmishes. The campaign follows a very linear story arc, which is fine for a strategy game if the missions were fun but in this case they're really not. Several of the missions are artificially difficult with enemy units 'magically' appearing out of the side of the map and attacking your weakest base the very second you leave it.

Other missions mix up the game completely and turn it entirely into a tower defense game with you controlling platforms that only allow turrets to be built while you watch enemies slowly move along a set path through them. If these levels were good it'd be a welcome addition to mix up the pace but they're not. There's none of the tenseness of a tower defense, none of the mayhem or strategy, you can literally spam any tower you want and win these levels UNTIL the last wave or so when they throw super enemies at you which you aren't ready for since the last 19 waves had nothing like that. That's the kind of stuff that makes those levels more frustrating than fun. Overall it's not an entirely terrible campaign, just tedious and uninteresting enough that I certainly wouldn't want to play it more than once.

Also to note is there's only one race and set of units in the game with a select few only being accessable in the campaign. This makes sense in the context of the gameplay since bases can only spawn one type of unit for everyone but it doesn't help the variety of the game. It's not a terrible design overall it just offers little in replaybility and makes the game much simpler and shorter than it could be.


I was torn on recommending this game or not for awhile since it's really not terrible, just not memorable. My final verdict for Oil Rush is NOT recommended. There are much better games out there that do all this game does and more and does it better. For a similar but superior game check out Divinity: Dragon Commander.
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7.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 17, 2014
It seems (from other reviews - either "recommended" or "not-recommended") that players really don't get the concept of the game. Let me get this clear.

If you happen to know the game called "State of war" you just know how "Oil rush" would be played. Sort of...

What is the difference between this and other RTS?

You don't build anything, you capture the pre-set buildings on the map. Enemy does the same. Buldings can be recaptured infinitely.
Every building (factory) you have under control produces specific unit (for that factory) once at the given time (ie. 1 scout unit every 10 seconds). More factories of the same type = higher maximum limit of specific unit + making of the unit on more places -> faster.
Factories can be defended by turrets.
Turrets are made from oil.
You get oil from oil wells which you have to capture just like factory. Oil well can be recaptured too and cannot be defended by turrets.

So far it looks almost like State of war. Here come the changes:

You can't control every single unit. You can control only groups of units - be it the same type of unit or multiple unit types. Group like this can be sent ONLY to platform (factory, oil well, ...) of yours/of your enemy/neutral one. You cannot move units around the map the way you are used to from "normal" RTS.
If sent on your platform: Units circle around and defend the platform. You prepare attack/invasion this way -> get more units on one place before launching attack.
If sent on enemy platform: Units try to kill enemy (units and turrets) and then start to recapture platform.
If sent on neutral: just like enemy (neutral units may be present that defend the platform)

There are some upgrades and special abilities and so on...

This is not ordinary RTS and many "players" don't get it. This game really reminds me of State od war which is probably totally forgotten these days. But it was just like this - something new.

I still have to go through the whole game and try multiplayer (and get PWNED), but I would recommend this game. You have to be prepared for it though. It is fast-paced, challenging, doesn't give you any rest when you play it.

And just like with other reviews from me - guess what? :-) It runs on Linux without any single problem.
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Not Recommended
5.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 6, 2015
This game is quite pretty with very nice graphics. Unfortunately, the graphics and building defensive turrets around the bases is all the main screen is used for. Gameplay itself is pretty much restricted to moving units from one base to another via the mini-map. All you can do is select 25%, 50%, or 100% of a base's units or select individual kinds of units rather than individual units themselves, limiting your tactical options. No sending sentries or guards in the middle of a channel. Additionally, each base only constructs one kind of unit. If you lose the one base that makes the cheap anti-unit guys, you are SOL. And no constructing your own bases either, you're stuck with the ones already on the map.
One of the biggest irritations is that units don't engage enemy units en-route unless they sail right on top of the unit, and even then they don't chase them. So a massive enemy force can sail right by your front-line bases with only a couple shots exchanged. So much for a defensive line.
The story is amusing if only because of its ridiculousness. Definitely not worth playing it for.
In the end, the game is just a grind of sending units forward, watching them die, building more units, sending them forward, and then back to retake a base, then forward again. Much better RTSs out there. (Also, for those saying it includes TD elements, sure if a couple pot shots as the enemy drives by counts as defense...)
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Not Recommended
1.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 13, 2013
From the tutorial missions this seems like a pretty simple yet good RTS, but then you start the real missions and you find out that this game is terrible. For one thing it seems the only way to move units around is after they have reached their destination so if you send a unit on a long trip you will not have control of that unit until it is done moving. Secondly defensive lines mean nothing. If you try to set-up a defensive line the enemy AI will just roll right through it and start grabbing a territory behind your defensive line. Or better yet the enemies will just simply spawn at the very edge of the map way past your defensive lines and grab the last territory they would logically go after. The whole thing is just an absolute mess. This game gave me a headache and only deserves 1 speedboat out of 5.
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Not Recommended
4.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2013
This game suffers from very uninspired gameplay. The team that creating it seems to have spent more time making the game pretty than actually making it fun to play. The campaign is also uninteresting and features particularly bad writing.

Eufloria is a much better version of a similar idea.
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Not Recommended
5.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 23, 2013
Could have been decent, but the cheating AI and annoying difficulty make it tedious and frustrating.

Every time you attack an enemy base the enemy will do the same and attack one of yours. By the time you've gotten back to defend that base the enemy will already be attacking you on the other side of the map. This constant cat-and-mouse goes on forever making missions very tedious.

It's not enough to defend the borders of your territory since the enemy can sail right past those and go straight for your undefended bases in the middle.

Taking over enemy factories doesn't matter since the AI will cheat and spawn new units at the edge of the map. The enemy also sees through the fog-of-war, attacking bases as soon as you move your fleet away.

The graphics are fine, but that doesn't matter since you spend 90% of the time looking at the mini-map.
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10.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2014
A decent simple strategy game with an interesting premise/setting but bad voice acting and dead multiplayer. Perhaps worth it on sale and definitely as part of a cheap bundle
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Not Recommended
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 10, 2015
I own this because of Humble Bundle 8.

Incredibly simplified RTS. You can tell it was designed for mobile and just adapted to PC. You don't control individual units, you just send units to a station, and then from that station you can decide to send 25%, 50%, or 100% to another station. Attempt to capture all the stations from the enemy. Certain stations generate resources, others may generate units, and you can build defenses on stations. That seems to be about the entirety of the gameplay. It's a mash up of RTS and tower defense, leaning more towards tower defense.

The campaign is 15 missions. I did about 4 of them in half an hour and really found no reason to continue.

I could probably see this being fun on a phone or a tablet if I had nothing better to play, but I do, so...
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17.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 17, 2015
TLDR – Oil Rush is a graphics intensive version of what I would call a “virus game” similar to the Galcon series. Technically it’s real time strategy, but it’s all about moving your troops between map “nodes,” protecting your own while capturing your enemy’s when his troops are away. The game maker took a simple gameplay concept and prettied it up with modern graphics and a campaign story. 7.5/10

The game takes place after global warming has flooded the Earth and left humanity living on ships and small floating towns in the middle of the ocean. The most precious commodity is now oil, used not only for keeping the navy ships moving but for producing electricity and other necessities. You play a young navy commander named Kevin who is fresh out of school and ready to kick raider ♥♥♥ to protect your people (and grab oil supplies while you’re at it).

Game play is simple in Oil Rush. You usually start with a factory that automatically builds units until a limit is reached. You can send these units to any other “node” such as another factory or oil derrick. If the node belongs to an enemy a fight breaks out and whoever has more units will win and gain/keep control of the node. You cannot send your units into the middle of nowhere, they can only be sent to another node. And since the max limit of units is pretty small, the action is pretty fast paced (it’s hard to build up a massive army and crush the enemy because they’ll probably have the same size army as you). The more factories you control, the higher your unit limit is, so if you strike fast and capture factories early you’ll probably win the round.

There are a number different types of factories since every factory can only build a single type of unit. Additionally, there’s a tower defense element to the game because your factories can be “upgraded” to have automated defense bunkers to back up whatever units are there to defend. If your factory is heavily defended with bunkers you can feel safer sending all your troops out to attack. Oil derricks function as nodes on the map (you can send troops to them) but they cannot be defended with bunkers and they only produce oil, which is kind of like mana for your special powers. The special powers aren’t especially awesome but they can turn the tide if you have almost enough units to conquer an enemy node.

+Simple gameplay where you’re really limited in what you can do. Don’t go in thinking it’s a real time strategy game like Starcraft, this game is all about capturing and holding map nodes.
+The graphics are very good for an indie game. My video card fan was spun up the whole time.
+Unlike the Galcon games that I’ve played, Oil rush has an actual story campaign. You follow Kevin’s progress through hardships and an increasing number of enemy factions.

-The simple gameplay may turn some people off. As you progress in the campaign you get access to a lot more units and more special powers, but the core gameplay remains the same. Capture and hold as many factories as you can until you reach your unit max, then send them to attack an enemy node.
-The gameplay may be simple (moving troops around), but the game itself can be extremely difficult. Even on easy mode, some of the campaign missions are against overwhelming numbers of enemies.

Overall, if you like virus type games you should enjoy Oil Rush. It’s like playing Tic Tac Toe with high end graphics on a bigger board. A simple concept framed with modern technology.
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8 of 9 people (89%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
2.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 11, 2013
Oil Rush at its heart is a simplified RTS similar to Z series, in that the resources are gathered automatically by "capturing" oil wells, and there are fixed "factories" for unit production that you or the enemy can capture. All that is done in a post-apocalyptic naval warfare backstory where the the nuclear war had melted the polar ice caps, flooding almost everything and the massive loss of technology lead to battles between factions that fight over oil derricks (that are always captured, rather than destroyed). With light, medium, heavy, and air units, each with different types of weapons good against certain types of targets, and ability to place up to 5 defense towers around each platform, this RTS aims to look different and simplify things to faster action, There's no research other than some extra perks you can activate in battle depending your kills thus far. And those are almost too tedius to deploy as they are usually speed bonuses like "speed up construction" or "make this unit go faster" and so on.

Graphics are quite good though frame rate could be better.

All in all, Oil Rush is not a bad RTS, the background is interesting, and its simplified RTS has certain levels of charm to it, but but it's a bit of MOTS (more of the same).
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9 of 11 people (82%) found this review helpful
36.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 7, 2014
Interesting gameplay & setting, great graphics: It's no standard rts but a real cool game! Good Linux support, also no problem with AMD Radeon here (7850, using proprietary drivers). Also very funny in multiplayer! :-)
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