Worms™ Revolution is the latest game in the classic turn-based strategy series to come to the PC.
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Release Date: Oct 10, 2012

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August 24

Worms W.M.D is Out Now!

We're Mighty Dangerous!

The worms are back in their most destructive game yet. With a gorgeous, hand-drawn 2D look, brand new weapons, the introduction of crafting, vehicles and buildings plus the return of some much-loved classic weapons and gameplay, Worms W.M.D is the best worms experience ever.

Work your way through 30 campaign levels of increasing difficulty using the huge arsenal of new and classic weapons at your disposal. Use new vehicles to cause chaos amongst the enemy ranks and use buildings to gain the tactical advantage as you try to dominate the battlefield!

Take on up to five opponents in hilarious all-out tactical worm warfare with up to eight worms each, either in local or online multiplayer, including ranked play. Flatten your opponents with the Concrete Donkey. Turn them into chunks of worm meat with the Holy Hand Grenade. Rain down hell from above in helicopters or pound them into oblivion with the tank. With 80 weapons and utilities at your fingertips, this is Worms at its chaotic best!


Watch the Worms W.M.D Launch Trailer!


Thank you to everyone that has followed Worms W.M.D since we announced it last year. Your support and enthusiasm has been simply amazing. We really hope that you enjoy the game!

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August 9

Worms W.M.D - Mechanized Mayhem Trailer!

The Worms have unleashed mechanized mayhem in Worms W.M.D!

Shoot, slam, smash, blast and spray the enemy with a variety of devastating vehicles from the tried and tested Tank to the agile yet deadly Helicopter.

Watch the new trailer:
There’s still time to Pre-order Worms W.M.D to join the All-Stars!

This Pre-Order Edition of Worms W.M.D includes the Worms W.M.D All-Stars Pack, featuring an army of guest stars from some of the hottest games around!
What do you think of the new trailer? Let us know in the comments below! And stop by the Worms W.M.D forums to talk to us about the game!

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About This Game

Worms™ Revolution is the latest game in the classic turn-based strategy series to come to the PC,  featuring exciting new features and beautiful 3D graphics whilst retaining the classic 2D gameplay that fans love. Choose to play the extensive single player mode which features both campaign and puzzle missions or dive straight into multiplayer warfare via online or local play. For the first time ever see the inclusion of dynamic water, physics objects and worm classes! Customise your experience by choosing what classes you play with, what they look like and even how they speak!
Worms™ Revolution sticks an exploding sheep under worm-on-worm conflict and blasts it squarely into the 21st century.

Key Features

  • Class Acts! Choose from 4 different classes: Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy. Players can unlock a total of 16 worms (4 of each class) to form their teams. It’s possible to take any combination of classes into a match.
  • Customize Your Worms! Customize your worms using a variety of hats, glasses, moustaches, gravestones, victory dances, soundbanks, and for the first time ever, trinkets!
  • Extensive Single Player Mode. Battle your way through 32 single player campaign missions. Fancy exercising your brain as well as your brawn? There are 20 puzzle missions waiting for you!
  • Includes a Level Editor. Create new environments for you worms to battle in and destroy.
  • Stunning New Landscapes. Fight to the death across 4 unique environments: Beach, Sewer, Farmyard and Spooky.
  • Multiplayer Battles! Experience local or online battles with up to 4 players. Choose from 3 different game modes: Deathmatch, Forts or Classic mode.
  • Dynamic Water. Dynamic water features in an array of new weapons and utilities and it can also appear already on the landscape in matches.
  • Exploding Physics Objects! Physics objects are destructible items that possess devastating effects as some have different properties when they explode. Watch out as they release fire, poison and water!
  • New Weapons. Wash those worms away using the new water weapons: Water Bomb, Water Pistol and Water Strike. Dynamic water can be drained away with the addition of the new Plug Hole utility. There’s also Stick Up, which is used to steal from your opponent’s inventory and the Wrench, which can repair damaged Sentry Guns and physics objects.
  • Hilarious Script and Voice Over Talent.  Worms™ Revolution brings together two comedy legends, who between them bring alive the humorous world of Worms. Multi-BAFTA award winning writer Dean Wilkinson provides the script, which is hilariously brought to life by the accomplished Matt Berry as the unseen narrator of the game, Don Keystone, a wildlife documentary maker.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT (256 MB), Intel HD3000 or Radeon HD 3650 (512 MB)
    • Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection

    Note: In some instances, systems may require model specific drivers. If your system manufacturers no longer support hardware under this category, it may not be possible to run this title. Should this be the case, we are unable to assist you and recommend that you pursue support from your respective system manufacturer. This issue is most common in laptops and is prevalent with select products from most leading manufacturers.
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Posted: October 3
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Not Recommended
2.0 hrs on record
Posted: September 24
dla ♥♥♥♥♥ merde esti si ta rien a faire ben achete le mem pas paske tu va te retrouver avec des vers de terre dans ton ♥♥♥♥ pou rien. la caliss de ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t esti sa va po le cout nn plu. des ptit cons ki sautent avec des baton de baseball a leur main??? wtf esti c ben ♥♥♥♥er chu tanner pdv

Kelke droits doteur partiellement reservers, sinon vou pouvez me baiser a temps partiel
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
90 of 107 people (84%) found this review helpful
102 people found this review funny
70.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 18, 2015
if you play with your friends you might lose them.
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92 of 110 people (84%) found this review helpful
100 people found this review funny
9.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 26, 2015
space isn't jump.
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88 of 108 people (81%) found this review helpful
91 people found this review funny
18.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 30, 2015
The Space bar is not the jump button, 10/10
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70 of 85 people (82%) found this review helpful
54 people found this review funny
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 18, 2014
What kind of person sits down one day and thinks, "I'm gonna pitch an idea to the developers... a team of worms face off against another team of worms and kill each other in hilariouis turn based fashion."?

A genious, that's who.

10/10 would use holy grenade again.
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138 of 190 people (73%) found this review helpful
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85 of 110 people (77%) found this review helpful
98 people found this review funny
2.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 21, 2015
Want to ruin your friendships? Play this, not Monopoly
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43 of 46 people (93%) found this review helpful
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19.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 11, 2014
It's a 2D Worms game but with a 3D engine, unlike previous Worm games in the past ,objects you see sticking out of the terrain in a map now have physics properties, they can bounc around,crush other worms,explodes,emit poison gas or even throw water around and there's now a seperate water in the game that also has some very nice looking physics to it when it moves around, this water doesn't instant kill your worms like the regular water at the bottom of the map but instead drains 1-3 HP per turn if a worm is submerged in it and everything in it moves slower (both worms and projectiles).
There's also now classes in the game, Scout,Heavy and Scientists (+ the normal worm).
Heavy is the slowest but can take the most abuse
Scout is the fastest,has the highest jumps and can perform some crazy maneuvers while walking thru terrain buuut has the lowest HP and dies the fastest
The Scientist is pretty much a healer, each turn he heals 5hp and that's about it.

However if you don't wanna play with these new classes you can just simply play the Classic mode where every worm is a regular worm like in the older games.

That's pretty much it, everything else is the same, It's the Worms game we all know and love since the 90's.
Only major complaint i have, there's a big lack of enviroments, all you have is Beach,Sewers,Horror and a 4th one which i can't remember the name of atm, while in older Worms games you usully had at least 6 to 10 (sometimes more) enviroments for a map to keep things abit more esteticly different each time.

Bottom line, it's still Worms but with a new makeover and some new fun things added it. Totally worth picking up during a nice sale and playing a few matches with your friends either via the internet or on a single computer.
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50 of 60 people (83%) found this review helpful
13 people found this review funny
27.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 25, 2015
I need to start from history to figure out if its a good game or not.
Im a big fun of worms since WORMS 1

- WORMS 1 & 2
The first and Armageddon was crazy fun! You never can predict what will going on. Those tiny little worms , stuck in pixels and dies like a water drops. With a dozen fun weapons.
ps: there was also a upgraded version of Armageddon ITS FUN!

- WORMS 3D (all other versions)
Its was something new, still fun but not in the same way. (if it was in 2015 , it would be a good game after years of polishing). For me it was special, not like before... but i played it cause i like worms. I loved a big big high platforms and unpredictable shooting.

- WORMS Revolution
They tried to restore a Armageddon fun and they kinda made it! Thanks TEAM17

- Cool polished graphics
- If you pass a single mode, you are the master.
- Fun
- Challenges
- Every time i play worms with friend, even with skills you never know who will win.

- THE TIME of calculation of a AI is too LONG!
- THE AI is too predictable and really mathematically aiming (that is not fun)
- The water is not a water; its gelatin
- Many weapons are gone
- Not a full destructible area (in old worms it was something that i loved to do , hit a Aliluia grenade and it will blow a half of the level with several mini impacts, but here is not the same)
- No one never is online, poor multi player.
- Cant play single player maps with my friends..

If you need a challenge try WORMS
if you love UNPREDICTABLE moments, try WORMS.
If you never played WORMS, you must try WORMS.
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10.7 hrs
Posted: October 20
Product received for free
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8.0 hrs
Posted: October 18
You shoot things, and shooting things is fun 10/10
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11.7 hrs
Posted: October 17
Waow. Worms. Cool.
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11.5 hrs
Posted: October 14
action pack game where you click on enemy gamers hard enough to make them kill themself
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22.4 hrs
Posted: October 14
somehow i can write review to this great game ,even if i dont have it
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30.2 hrs
Posted: October 10
Well, This game is great. It's super fun and I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun game to play with friends. But if you get focused in this game by your friends, be prepared to be the most saltiest kid in the world. Other than that, game is great and reccomend it to anyone wanting to play:)
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† Aldwynenar †
22.9 hrs
Posted: October 8
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2.3 hrs
Posted: October 6
i dont own this game
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Sword Master
24.2 hrs
Posted: September 30
Hey peeps. I to am looking for someone to play with me on this wonderous game of cute-ish violence. If you haven't downloaded this yet, you should and you could either invite me in to your game, or I can somehow invite you in to mine.
Please enjoy. Remember: If you DO want to play, my character name is mushroomkid78.
- 8/10 -
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