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Raven Shield:Command an elite multinational squad of special operatives against hidden terrorist forces. In Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, the third installment to the wildly popular Rainbow Six series, Team Rainbow faces the hidden global forces of a new and secretive foe.
Data lansării: 18 Mar 2003
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Despre joc

Raven Shield:
Command an elite multinational squad of special operatives against hidden terrorist forces. In Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, the third installment to the wildly popular Rainbow Six series, Team Rainbow faces the hidden global forces of a new and secretive foe. Command Rainbow in a race against time - in locations including England, Norway, the Caribbean islands, and Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval - to stop a madman and his doomsday plot.

Athena Sword:
Command the world's most elite force of multinational counter-terrorist operatives in their latest mission. Track the desperate remnants of the international terror network from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® 3: Raven Shield™ into the exotic regions of the Mediterranean and prevent their mad agenda of international anarchy and devastation.

Rainbow Six 3 Gold Download Features

  • Pick your team members, assembled from the best counter-terrorism and military units from around the world. Then outfit them with the right armor, weapons, and high-technology equipment for the mission at hand.
  • After equipping your team, plot out the assault of the target area on the map interface. Lay out a plan for each squad to maximize surprise, stealth, and safety.
  • After all the planning - execute! In first-person mode, lead one squad or control all three through different radio commands and signals. Enter and clear a room of terrorists, rescue hostages, defuse bombs, and recover vital intelligence to help you in later missions.
  • All-new eight-mission campaign in locations from Italy and Croatia to Greece.
  • Five new multiplayer levels (Chemical Factory, Ferry Boat, University, Italian Alleys, and Jungle).
  • Three new multiplayer game modes (Adversarial Terrorist Hunt, Adversarial Scattered Hunt, and Capture the Enemy).
  • Seven additional real-world weapons (for a total of 64) with sound effects from the team that worked on the blockbuster movie The Matrix.
  • Three bonus classic missions from the original Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® and Tom Clancy's Rogue Spear®, updated with the latest graphics and technology.

Cerinţe de sistem


    • Supported OS: Windows® /2000/XP (only)
    • Processor: 800 MHz Pentium® III, AMD Athlon™, or equivalent (1.3 GHz Pentium 4, AMD Athlon, or equivalent recommended)
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM (XP users: 256 MB RAM required)
    • Graphics: 32 MB DirectX® 8-compliant 3D video card with hardware T&L
    • DirectX Version: DirectX 8.1 or higher (DX9 included)
    • Sound: DirectX 8.1-compliant sound card
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB minimum hard drive space
    • Multiplayer: You must create an Ubi.com account prior to attempting multiplayer, the in-game link to account creation no longer works, please use this URL.
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In my opinion, this is one of the greatest multiplayer tactical FPS titles on PC. I use this game as my point of reference when comparing with newer tactical FPS titles.


- Huge arsenal of weapons and gadgets
- Large selection of maps containing varied environments
- Great gameplay with tight gun control, multiple stances (including a unique "fluid" leaning system) and good damage modeling
- The graphics still hold up to this day, and you can run it on just about any rig configuration
- Immersive sound effects (authentic gun sounds, enemy chatter, ambient noises, player character movement sounds, etc.)
- Complete multiplayer suite featuring customizable game settings
- Unpredictable AI that will flank, patrol and call for backup
- You can still find several populated servers online, and the modding scene is still active


- Requires a ubi.com account to access multiplayer functionality
- Can be brutally difficult at times due to the aforementioned unpredictable AI
- Lacks in-game VOIP
Postat: 27 noiembrie 2013
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170 din 230 oameni (74%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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Alright let me be real clear and real honest right here right now for you potential buyers, you don't deserve to buy this game. That's right, you don't DESERVE to buy it. You are laying your eyes upon history, one of the greatest creations of mankind. A testament to the fire that once burned in the hearts of developers that has since long been extinguished. What is Rainbow Six 3? Who is Rainbow Six 3? I ask you today, who are you?

What is the purpose of this game? What is the purpose of life? Food? Water? What does it all mean. It means nothing, absolutely nothing when compared to this virtual battlefield called Rainbow Six 3 Gold Edition. This game, is life. It is the judge, the teacher, the principle, the homeless man, the DMV, the doctor, it is all in one, ever so beautiful.

But yea this is a badass game, one of the best man. I’m telling you boy, you best pick it up right now it’s so good. MAN I’m going to go play now!
Postat: 25 noiembrie 2013
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31 din 33 oameni (94%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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One of the last and best tactical FPS games available. Multiplayer is still active to this day. Get it while it's on sale.
Postat: 29 decembrie 2013
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25 din 26 oameni (96%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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Simply put the best Rainbow Six game avaible on steam.
Postat: 26 noiembrie 2013
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25 din 28 oameni (89%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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Rating: 9/10

Rainbow Six III is a squad-based tactical shooter set in the beginning of the 21st Century. You lead a counter-terrorism unit called RAINBOW, assembled from elite soldiers from NATO countries. As can be expected from the Tom Clancy universe, the story and missions essentially boil down to there are 'bad guys' going 'bad stuff' and you have to stop them. There's a lot of nostalgia surrounding the reputation of this game, particularly around it's depiction of realistic squad operations in tight environments. From a realism perspective there are significant issues with the game, but from a gameplay perspective this is one of the finest tactical shooters ever made. Most engagements occur at less than 30 metres, and enemy fire is accurate, responsive and highly lethal, so the margin of error is small. It's essential that you use proper positioning, team tactics, and the appropriate tactical aids to suit the environment.

In reality, special operations are meticulously planned down to the smallest detail. Typically, the environment is reconstructed in a training ground, missions are planned by the second, and the mission is practised for hundreds of hours before the real mission ever takes place. If an event demands an urgent response, with no time for practice, special operations still still require an extremely detailed mission plan. This aspect of special operations is realistically modelled in the game using pre-mission planning tools. You are given a map of the entire grounds and can set a sequence of way points, go-codes, and special actions (e.g. throw flashbang, face direction). You can choose to have the AI play out the entire mission, where you will only be issuing go-codes from the command centre. Alternatively, you can play as a single operative and command the squad in person. You can switch between squad members, queue orders across several squads, and issue a single go-code to activate all orders at once (e.g. breach and clear a room from three different entrances at once).

Friendly AI is fairly limited in the unmodified game to either following the planning sequences or following the player controlled operative. Planning ensures that team members will follow precise instructions, but they'll be unable to do anything else. Without pre-mission planning, friendly AI is limited to following the player and firing at visible enemies; they will not face to cover the player's side and rear flanks. Enemy AI is limited to three behaviours: (1) Patrol; (2) Stand and shoot; and (3) Walk towards the sound of gun fire. Raven Shield 2.0 (ModDB) is a graphics and AI improvement mod which dramatically alters friendly and enemy AI. However, enemy AI will still have difficulty hearing gunshots from afar, and can't work in groups or use tactical positioning.

The equipment available is fairly standard to shooters, including a variety of standard primary (e.g. M16A2 assault rifle) and secondary firearms (e.g. M92 pistol), as well as tactical aids in the form of grenades (e.g. flashbang, concussion, fragmentation, smoke). Given the limited range of engagements there is virtually no bullet drop, and small arms accuracy is depicted realistically. Weapons damage is also depicted realistically, but only for unarmoured opponents.

Armour protection is not modelled realistically. Armour gives users a maximum of 2 hit points, which affects the entire body. Regardless of where targets are shot, they will no longer be able to run. The US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) classifies levels of armour protection for police officers. Level III armour consists of two solid metal plates covering the front and back of the torso. In reality, Level III armour stops virtually an unlimited number of pistol calibre rounds and at least half a dozen 5.56x45mm NATO rounds, with very little backface signature (i.e. deformation of the inside of the armour plate). However, in the game a single 5.56x45mm NATO round, or three 9x19mm Parabellum rounds, will incapacitate the target.

Fragmentation grenades are not modelled realistically. Confusingly, frag grenades have their real world effects split between frag and concussion grenades in the game. Frag grenades only do damage within a blast radius. Concussion grenades will kill everyone in a small room through the concussive wave reflecting off the walls, floor and ceiling, but are completely ineffective outside of small rooms. Conspicuously absent from the equipment are wide angle night vision goggles (NVG), though this may be because the technology was not developed or publicly known when the game was being developed.
Postat: 11 decembrie 2013
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