Persiga ou seja perseguido. Nunca antes pensou que tudo poderia acabar assim — uma perseguição sem tréguas, em que você é a presa. E o caçador. Chegou o momento em que terá que se sentar ao volante e arriscar tudo para se infiltrar num sindicato internacional do crime para o derrubar.
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Data de lançamento: 18 Nov, 2008

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Acerca deste jogo

Persiga ou seja perseguido.

Nunca antes pensou que tudo poderia acabar assim — uma perseguição sem tréguas, em que você é a presa. E o caçador. Chegou o momento em que terá que se sentar ao volante e arriscar tudo para se infiltrar num sindicato internacional do crime para o derrubar. O homem que quer apanhar é um maníaco atrás do volante, que conduz como se a sua vida dependesse disso... o que talvez corresponda à verdade. Ele possui todas as respostas de que está à procura; como tal, terá de o apanhar. Escusado será dizer que aquela frota de carros da polícia no seu retrovisor não lhe vai facilitar a vida. Terá que recorrer a toda a sua experiência — e a todos os seus recursos — para fugir à polícia, derrubar o inimigo e desvendar a verdade que colocará um fim definitivo a esta perseguição.

  • Infiltre-se - Entre numa história repleta de acção, perseguições e traições. Aceite trabalhos e compita em corridas para construir uma reputação, na tentativa de se infiltrar e derrubar um sindicato internacional do crime.

  • Batalha na auto-estrada - Afaste a polícia e os demais condutores enquanto dá caça à sua presa em perseguições com múltiplos carros, a alta velocidade e de grande perigo. O jogo dispõe de um novo sistema de Inteligência Artificial significativamente melhorado: a polícia é mais agressiva e inteligente na sua missão de o parar da forma mais rápida possível e utilizando quaisquer meios necessários.

  • Seja o rei deste mundo aberto - Percorra o enorme sistema de auto-estradas e descubra o mundo aberto da área Gulf Coast Tri-Cities, com três cidades ligadas por um extenso sistema de auto-estradas.

  • Motor de condução heróico - Um motor de jogo totalmente novo permite-lhe fazer manobras espectaculares para que possa sair vencedor dos desafios ao volante.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • Sistemas operativos suportados: Microsoft Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista

    • Processador: Intel Pentium 4 ou equivalente a 3,0 GHz ou superior

    • Memória: XP: 512 MB de RAM / Vista: 1 GB de RAM

    • Placa gráfica: 128 MB de memória ou superior, NVIDIA GeForce (6600 ou superior); ATI Radeon (9500 ou superior); chipset Intel G45 Express

    • Controladores: DirectX 9.0c (incluído) e os controladores mais recentes para a placa gráfica

    • Disco rígido: 6,0 GB de espaço livre

    • Som: placa de som compatível com DirectX 9.0c
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8.5 hrs em registo
Publicada: 27 de Dezembro de 2015
The undercover, one of my childhood games.. how do i start..

The game isn"t bad at all from a game made on 2008

Nice story
Probably a good map, more complete than PS2 Version, idk
Cars, i like them, more complete than PS2 Version
Have escape, tracks and much more!

Its a very easy game, very easy, i was hope this would be hard, more challeging, but nah..
The sun is glitchy i guess

I recommend to play to remember your childhood.

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13 de 13 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
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10.8 hrs em registo
Publicada: 5 Fevereiro
It does what any good arcade racing game does best. Amazing picture perfect graphics which take very little power to run, has free roam and a ton of awesome cars to choose from. The story mode is just what you need it to be,crazy chases, wrecks or just good old racing with long tracks spanning miles on end. The physics aren't as realistic but this is an arcade game, a great one at that.
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10 de 11 pessoas (91%) acharam esta análise útil
6.4 hrs em registo
Publicada: 1 de Dezembro de 2015
alright arcade racer. nothing comes close to how awesome need for speed games were backin the day though.
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8 de 8 pessoas (100%) acharam esta análise útil
4 pessoas acharam esta análise engraçada
15.0 hrs em registo
Publicada: 14 de Novembro de 2015
There's a good bit of variety and a fair story to go along withe driving, even if it is a bit short. You can choose to drive from race to race, which I find one of the best aspects of these games.

Graphics are smooth and, because of its age, it will probably work on even cheap modern hardware.
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Publicada: 18 Janeiro
Need For Speed Undercover. Intended to be a true successor to Most Wanted (The 2005 version...not Burnout Paradise 2), this game has received its fair share of hate and throughout all of these years, i never understood why to be perfectly honest. After the less then stellar Pro Street, i was extremely hyped for this game at the time and when i played it, initially i thought it was an absolute blast and lived up to Most Wanted in every way.

But again, that was in 2008. How does the game hold up to today's standards?

Well. Suprisingly well id say. Its not even close to how good i thought it was back in the day (Bare in mind, this was back when i loved racing games and i was a Total NFS fanboy) but its still a pretty exciting racer and the hate it received wasnt exactly what it deserved. It truly was the last TRUE Need For Speed, before the series would become Burnout (Hot Pursuit was basically Takedown, MW2012 is Paradise 2, as stated). That being said, lets get a few things out of the way. If your expecting a truly engaging story with memorable characters, unexpected plot twists and perfect pacing with pitch perfect acting...then just stop, like seriously. The story is completely disjointed and random. Stuff happens for no reason and characters come and go without any rhyme or reason. And the god...the dialogue is without a doubt completely unbearable. Most Wanted and Carbon were cheesy, but in a way that gave it style. Here, it just feels forced...that or these people cant write or act at all. A particular character, Rose, is without a doubt the worst. Her dialogue is just the worst ive heard in awhile. Suffice to say, im sad that the story failed. The idea of being deep undercover of some kind of crime syndicate always intrigued me and EA couldve really did something here.

Anywho, enough of the story. The racing and cop chases are where this game strive off of and i feel that while its not at the heights of Most Wanted, its still good enough that you can see yourself having allot of fun with this game. The sense of speed is crazy, and the car handling is less torpedo like and allows you to casually cut corners like a pro, which goes really far into making you feel like a real bad ♥♥♥! The courses are layered out with plenty of ways to overcome other racers and you always feel like you have a chance even if the race isnt going good. Then the police chases, which is one of my personal favorite mission types, are just pure intensity, particularly when your Wheelman level goes up and the odds against you get higher and higher. Also, i love the small touch of being able to press a single button to hop into another race on the spot. It allows you to simply hop into a match without surfing into map screens and i for one love the small touch. The game is extremely easy to run too. Throwing it on max settings shouldnt be too difficult and 60FPS isnt going to be far from reach either.

This might be a preference thing, but the keyboard controls are Meh at best. You can totally work with it, as i found it atleast playable...but if you have a 360 Remote laying about, or any other form of Gamepad, id highly reccomend using it. The game feels much more slick this way and it really pays off.

Now for the things i didnt like. The AI is inconsistent to say the least. In races, expect to always see the opponents lag MILES behind you. Even towards the end of the game, this happens pretty often. Im under the assumption that you could EASILY beat this game with the starter vehicle, which is kindda sad. Then theres the "Master Races" which is the perfect showcaser of why the series frequent use of Rubber Banding is a joke. You literally have to ensure you make NO mistakes...yet even when your doing perfect, someone will be glued to your ♥♥♥ like a Magnet and side swipe you when your close to victory. You can try to rear end them but they stay glued to the road as you plumet to the side of the road in shame. At these moments, i really wish we had the progression of Need For Speed Most Wanted, where the game got more and more difficult as you made your way down the blacklist. Hell, even Carbon with its Rubbery AI had a feeling of progession. As for the cop chases...they have issues too. Dont get me wrong, they are still fun, but the Police are just too forgiving. Cops often stand back, allowing you to easily out run them, and even in the higher intervals, they give you space to escape being boxed in. Also for whatever reason, they eventually call off all their units after awhile, abruptly ending a chase. The only thing that really gets you off guard is the Spike Strips, but thats only because you never even really see them.

In the end, the game is definetly flawed. But id say its worth it. Especially now that its cheap and easily attainable through Steam. The racing is fun, and the chases can be a blast. The awful story and Inconsistent difficulty drag it down but nowhere near to the levels of a bad game. Its a solid racer and if your looking for something to play, look no further. PERSONALLY though, if you still have a Playstation 2 or a Nintendo Wii (Or a Wii U even), id reccomend hunting down a copy of Need For Speed Undercover on one of those consoles. It may not be the prettiest versions, but the AI is much better and consistent, the cars feel and handle better, the cop chases are a challenge and it just overall just feels more like a Most Wanted sequel then this version does.
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