Cazador o Presa. Nunca pensaste que la cosa se complicaría de esta manera—una caza formidable donde tú eres la presa. Y el cazador. Ahora debes ir sobre ruedas y arriesgarlo todo para infiltrarte en una implacable organización mafiosa y derrotarla.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 18 nov. 2008

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Acerca de este juego

Cazador o Presa.
Nunca pensaste que la cosa se complicaría de esta manera—una caza formidable donde tú eres la presa. Y el cazador. Ahora debes ir sobre ruedas y arriesgarlo todo para infiltrarte en una implacable organización mafiosa y derrotarla. El hombre al que persigues es un loco sobre ruedas, y conduce como si su vida dependiera de la huida, y probablemente es así. Es el que tiene todas las respuestas que necesitas y tendrás que encontrarlo. Obviamente, todos esos coches de policía en tu espejo retrovisor no facilitarán las cosas. Necesitarás toda tu destreza —y todas tus habilidades—para huir de la ley, derrotar al enemigo, y desvelar la verdad que termine esta caza de una vez por todas.
  • Anda de Incógnito - Corre en una historia llena de persecuciones y traiciones. Haz misiones y compite según vayas infiltrándote en una organización mafiosa internacional para derrotarla.
  • Batalla en la Autopista - Pelea con los polis y los demás según vayas persiguiendo a la presa a gran velocidad, en una persecución de varios coches. Nueva y enormemente mejorada mecánica de IA supone policías más agresivos e inteligentes cuyo objetivo será echarte rápidamente y de cualquier manera de la carretera.
  • Apodérate del Mundo Abierto - ve a toda velocidad a través de masivas autovías y descubre el mundo abierto de Gulf Coast Tri-Cities area, con tres ciudades únicas conectadas mediante un extenso sistema de autovías.
  • Nuevo Motor de Conducción Heroica - el innovador motor de juego te permite tirar de increíbles y nuevos movimientos de conducción extrema.

Requisitos del sistema

    • Sistemas Operativos: Microsoft Windows® Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista
    • Procesador: Intel Pentium® 4 o equivalente, 3.0 GHz o más rápido
    • Memoria: 5XP: 512 MB de memoria RAM / Vista: 1 GB de memoria RAM
    • Tarjetas Gráficas: 128 MB o más, NVIDIA GeForce (6600 o mejor); ATI Radeon (9500 o mejor); Intel G45 Express Chipset
    • Drivers: DirectX® 9.0c (included) o drivers video más actualizados
    • Disco Duro: 6.0 GB de espacio libre
    • Sonido: DirectX 9.0c compatible con la tarjeta de sonido
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Publicado el 20 de diciembre de 2015
Todo excelente, sólo que tiende a ser un poco problemática la configuración gráfica si no te logueas con EA. De igual manera, si no hace esto no permanece tu avance en el juego.
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Publicado el 16 de octubre de 2015
Where do I start with this.

Need for Speed Undercover has been bashed, beaten & overall just despised by the entire Need for Speed community, often described as "one of the absolute worst Need for Speed games ever made". But, judging you see that giant blue thumbs up, you obviously can tell that I don't think that way.

Now, those of you who really hate long reviews (because there's gonna be quite a lengthy one ahead), here's a short pros-n'-cons review to not waste your time:

+Can run on a toaster
+Great soundtrack
+Huge car selection
+Easy-to-follow story
+Simple controls that are even very playable on a keyboard
+Visuals are passable
+Gameplay is rather fun

-Story is inconsistent and highly forgettable
-Visual glitches regarding the sky & the sun (sun flies from one part of the screen to the other while the sky spins in a nauseating fashion)
-Horrible racer & cop AI
-No "Perfect Start" (a prominent feature in Most Wanted, Carbon & World)
-Steam Overlay (unfortunately) does not work with Undercover, due to EA not patching out the old, outdated Steam Overlay DLLs in the game's files

Do I recommend?
If you just want a racing game where you could really care less for story & want one that can run on your toaster computer, then yes, NFS Undercover should fill that niche for you quite nicely & I recommend the game for the price it's asking.

Now then, short review done. Let's get on with the long review!

The Story & The Characters:
I'm not gonna bother with a brief synopsis of the story, since that's what the store page basically tells you. But what I will give will be my thoughts on the story. So. I think the story in Undercover is garbage. It's very sloppily put together. Some characters come & go without a proper explanation, some characters are given NO INTRODUCTION and just sort of...appear, other characters for some reason or another just swap roles mid-story, eh, you get the point. I get that it's to be expected that a racing game will have a terrible story, but back when this game was announced & being promoted like the next best thing, it tried to take itself seriously, with all the trailers & promotional videos. So, yes, the story is trash, introduces characters & gets rid of characters periodically & tries to take itself way too seriously, which is why I don't like it & find it very forgettable. It shouldn't take you more than 10 hours to beat the entire story, I, for one, beat the single player campaign in around 8 hours & now am doing my second runthrough on the Steam version of this game, just for the sake of adding in more gameplay hours.

The Visuals & Audio:
Before I move on to the meat of the review, being the gameplay, I wanna briefly go over the game's visuals. They look...passable. Now, I've had the pleasure of experiencing this game both in 1080p Ultra Settings & 360p Very Low Settings, and generally - I am impressed with the framerate. The game (for the most part) is very consistent with the framerate on newer hardware & back when my good PC was still alive & played this game for the 8 hours it took to complete the single player campaign, the framerate was crazy-stable at 60 FPS, with sometimes dropping below when there were too many cops at once, which is understandable. As for the visuals themselves, everything in the game world, including the road you drive on & the water beyond the shores looks "alright" at best. Yes, Black Box has done MUCH better in terms of visuals in Carbon & even Most Wanted, but I don't think the game looks ugly by any means, but certainly doesn't live up to the 2008 year it came out on. And the audio? The car sounds are remarkably pleasant to listen to, giving off the feeling that the car you drive FEELS like an actual car and not a freaking go-kart. The soundtrack is picked rather well & there are a handful of songs I don't like, sure, I like most of the soundtrack.

The Gameplay:
And now, we move on to the meat of the review - the gameplay. Need for Speed Undercover's gameplay tries to emulate the critically-acclaimed gameplay of Most Wanted & Carbon while trying to introduce enough new things to stand on its own. First of all - the controls are great. Every car feels very responsive & turning even with the slowest of muscle cars while using a keyboard, not a controller or wheel, felt super reliable & the car showed no signs of delayed turns or any kind of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t some racing games usually have, which is great, as great control is what makes the game great. There are, however, a few things I really don't like about the gameplay. Gone from Most Wanted & Carbon are perfect starts, which require to get your speedometer stick on a certain part of the actual speedometer when it changes color to give your car a bit of a necessary boost when you start, unless you want to drag on for about 30 seconds, trying to catch up to your opponents. Thankfully though, Undercover's AI is built around the lack of perfect start, so it's not like they'll speed up instantly, no, they'll generally start out at pretty much the same pace as you do. NFS Undercover has a multitude of game modes, with a few brand new game modes, never-before-seen in any previous Need for Speed game, or even any sub-sequent games - Jobs & Highway Battles. Briefly about the other game modes - they're standard fare what you'd find in other Need for Speed games - you got Circuit, Sprint, Checkpoint, Outrun (making a return from Underground 2) & Police Events. About those "exclusive" game modes, as it were. First - Jobs. Jobs are essentially your character stealing a car & then driving said car to a drop-off point, meanwhile cops are after your ♥♥♥ and your goal is to escape the cops & get to the drop off point. This game mode doesn't have a time limit of any sorts, so you can breathe in relief, however - some jobs do have damage meters, which are rather easy to deplete. Highway Battles are sort of glorified high-speed canyon events from Need for Speed Carbon, just with ♥♥♥♥-tons of traffic & only 1 stage. The goal in Highway Battle is to get ahead of your opponent & lead by 300 m (or 1000 ft if you're using the Imperial system) whilist trying to not wreck your car with the insane amounts of traffic around you. These 2 exclusive game modes are generally executed very well, with the opponent AI sometimes being crafty enough to try and block your path by purposefully pushing traffic cars into you & they take advantage of every opportunity to overtake you and make your day horrible, should you ♥♥♥♥ up midway in the race. Making a return from Need for Speed ProStreet is domination, but this time - instead of completing an entire area to "dominate", dominations are handed out if you can manage to beat the developer time for each race in the game, not counting Jobs. Early game, beating the developer "domination" time is quite easy, but later down the road - it gets more & more difficult. For Customization - if you've played ProStreet & seen that game's insanely expansive customization system, then Undercover will bring nothing new and you can jump straight in. But for the new guys? I'll throw it out there right now - customizing your car (other than its performance) does nothing and won't give you any benefits like in ProStreet. They're just there if you want your car to look nicer, but be warned - if you will ever decide to play online (which will happen only if you have someone who plays this game after 7 years), your vinyls that you apply to your car will not be shown. Why? Who the hell knows, but they disabled it. I haven't spent much time in the customization menu myself, so I really can't comment on anything here.

Final Verdict & Score:
Due to the Steam Review Character limit, the rest of this review is in screenshot format.
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Publicado el 3 de octubre de 2015
It's like Fast & Furious, but without Paul Walk(er).
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Publicado el 5 de febrero
It does what any good arcade racing game does best. Amazing picture perfect graphics which take very little power to run, has free roam and a ton of awesome cars to choose from. The story mode is just what you need it to be,crazy chases, wrecks or just good old racing with long tracks spanning miles on end. The physics aren't as realistic but this is an arcade game, a great one at that.
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Publicado el 24 de agosto de 2015
Is a good Racing game making chases through the open world is more fun :D
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