Sei lo Straniero, un misterioso cacciatore di taglie alla ricerca della preda più ambita. I soldi della taglia ti servono disperatamente, dato che hai problemi di salute e, per guarire, devi sottoporti a una costosa operazione. La natura della tua malattia resta segreta e, come scoprirai durante il gioco, a buona ragione.
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Data di rilascio: 20 dic 2010

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We're delighted to announce that Stranger's Wrath HD is 75% off this week on Steam in a week long deal - offer ends 11 April.

We hope you enjoy Stranger's bounty-hunting antics!


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Informazioni sul gioco

Sei lo Straniero, un misterioso cacciatore di taglie alla ricerca della preda più ambita. I soldi della taglia ti servono disperatamente, dato che hai problemi di salute e, per guarire, devi sottoporti a una costosa operazione. La natura della tua malattia resta segreta e, come scoprirai durante il gioco, a buona ragione.

Gli insediamenti delle regioni selvagge nell'area occidentale di Mudos sono assediati dai banditi. Ad aiutare i litigiosi abitanti arriva lo Straniero, un cacciatore di taglie alto ed enigmatico, con una missione: catturare piantagrane e furfanti e consegnarli alle autorità cittadine.
Ma lo Straniero ha un segreto: per sopravvivere ha bisogno di una costosa operazione. Alla disperata ricerca di Moolah, lo Straniero accetta una missione per conto del padrone del fiume Mongo; all'improvviso, la sua avventura prende una piega imprevista...

Caratteristiche Principali:

  • Cinque tipi di munizioni viventi! Lancia le bestiole contro i nemici. Distraili con gli scoiattoli, intrappolali con la tela delle bolamiti o distruggili con le api o con i pipistrelli esplosivi.
  • Accetta le missioni dall'ufficio taglie e parla con gli abitanti della città per scoprire dove trovare i ricercati.
  • Visuale in prima o in terza persona.
  • Easter egg.
  • Contenuti sbloccabili.
  • 35 Achievement.
  • Tre difficoltà di gioco.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2+
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Graphics: nVidia 6600 or better or ATI x1600 or better (256 MB+)
    • DirectX®: 9
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB
    • Sound: Any DirectX 9 compatible Sound Card
    • Other: OpenGL2.0
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Pubblicata: 9 gennaio
Stranger's Wrath is a really mindblowing and innovating game. Being 11 years old it still hold gameplay and mechanics, that are solid to this day. This game was so far ahead of its time.
As a player you will get a huge amount of content, a huge variety of ammo and loads of different ways to complete the levels. You play as a bounty hunter and you are equipped with a crossbow, that uses ammo in forms of critters that you hunt. That means you shoot down bad guys with spiders, fuzzles or even bats! You choose yourself how you will deploy this ammo, as they all has their own purpose; wrap them in web, deploy as a living mine or shoot a living skunk that makes the enemy throw up. The games really leaves you with a whole lot of choices. You even get to decide if you want to kill the bandits, or catch them alive for a bigger bounty.

The enviroment is great and I don't usually like deserts, but I found this one fun and exciting. It was in no way empty. As the game progress you are taken from the desert to the forest, temples, jungles and even more places, so the scenery constantly changes, with a lot of lore and detail, which keeps the player constantly occupied. Together with a lot of content and challenges, this really wraps up a good experience. I found to have ZERO problems playing this game and had no crashes at all. I was even surprised of how well and good the control and camera were. I felt it was made for PC. I did experience only getting the 'Easy'-achievement, even though I finished it on 'Hard'. All other achivements worked and I am sure this is not a common thing. The Achievements are fun and interesting to complete. They are realistic, but hard, so I would recommend doing them. Fun and a good challenge.

For people who played the previous Oddworld games: You are in for a treat! Even though Abe and Munch is far away and not present, the keen eye will spot references and items from RuptureFarms and such. Even some of the wildlife that lives in these parts, also exists in Abe's part of Oddworld. The two are woven good together and the old-school fan will surely feel some nostalgia when noticing those things. The story is as always extremely good and really reflects on things from our real world. The game has a great message that is delivered with an awesome storytelling and interesting gameplay.

This game's mechanics and content easily beats todays big games. They have always been very creative, the guys behind these games. The game is also very re-playable, which games rarely are.

*Would have been 10 if the Hard-achievement had worked for me.
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0.5 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 20 gennaio
One of my most favorite games of my childhood that sadly never had a sequel. I would re-play this games several times before getting bored of it.. Now that I have a higher quality computer I am hoping to get back into it with hopes of a sequel. If only I could get the game to load on windows 10
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Pubblicata: 12 novembre 2015
This game is a tough-as-nails FPS. And I couldn't love it anymore!

The nostalgia factor of this game is off the charts, and I must say it lives up to the hype I had when getting it; Oddworld games are some of the best games out there, and this is no exception.
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Pubblicata: 22 gennaio
One of my all time favourite games ever, the story is awesome in my opinion, the gameplay is fantastic, and is just a wonderful game. The secret in this game is also amazing, you can find these special barrels that have Mudokon pops in them, thats a refference from Abe's Oddysee the other game made by OddWorld Inhabitans, which was so cool to find out. Trying to complete this game 100% is very hard unless you look up some easy ways to glitch the system to get them, so you can spend a lot of time on that. You can switch from a 3rd person view to a 1rst person view, the platforming can be a bit glitchy some times but otherwise good. I recommend this game to everyone, even if you dont like these kind of games, try it out and I bet you will fall in love with it. 9/10 game.
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Pubblicata: 24 febbraio
Played it on the original Xbox, the PS3, and last time it came on sale, here.

Fantastic game. Especially considering it`s age. Really wish they`d make something like this again.
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